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Chapter 42.2 – Dad, you’re really handsome

Lin Mu brought along the old and young in his family and went into the mountains.

The little Ginseng walked ahead, nervously grabbing at his dudou, “several humans came into the mountains the other day and dug out a Begonia, and we don’t know if she’ll survive at all.”

This topic was a little heavy.

The several serious monsters didn’t say anything at all.

It was Lin Mu who had more of a say in this matter.

“If she was dug out, the problem shouldn’t be big.” Lin Mu said, “begonias that were dug out with the roots whole are basically transplanted elsewhere, and plants that have spiritual wisdom would have a better survival rate compared to ordinary plants.”

And if she was growing well, then she might be taken to the flower market.

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There are many gardening and flower enthusiasts who went to the market every day, and if she was lucky, her life from then on might be more comfortable compared to staying in the mountains.

Of course, what would happen if she was unfortunate wasn’t mentioned, and Lin Mu didn’t think that it was necessary to mention it.

The Ginseng Baby smoothly found a few of his weaker and delicate friends, and all of them were small flowers and plants like him.

He explained his intentions to his friends, then carefully moved them to the pot that Lin Mu had brought.

Yan Xuanjing was at the back of the team. His footsteps paused for a moment, then he looked back at where they came from.

The wind blew through the bushes, making a rustling sound.

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The nine-tailed fox’s fingertips that were hidden under his big sleeves moved slightly, there was a flash of light, and a sudden burst of mist surrounded the forest.

The big and small monsters in front of him who were talking and walking like it was a spring outing didn’t notice the mist, and only Di Xiu, who was sitting on Lin Mu’s shoulder, looked back.

Through layers of mist, Yan Xuanjing could see two human beings wandering around in circles. He slowly took back his gaze that had fallen behind, and followed Lin Mu back home.

They came back at a good time, and far away on the cement road outside the yard stood a man in a suit.

Lin Mu’s footstops stopped.

Di Xiu, who was on his shoulder, stood up.

It’s just that Lin Mu was a precocious little child, and after seeing his mother work hard once or twice, he took the initiative to learn, and afterwards, his mother handed over all the things that had to be done at home to him.

“Mr. Lin Mu?” The man didn’t approach, and just asked from afar.

There were differences in humans and monsters when they ate a Relaxed Emperor’s fruit.

Lin Mu nodded.

The monsters eat it to forget things that couldn’t be forgetten using their own power, and if the fruit fell into the hands of powerful monsters, even its strength would not be enough to sooth their restless spirit.

“Boss…… Boss Di Wu told me to send something here.” The man said, and took out two small fabric bags, “I can’t get close to your yard, so I only can wait here.”

The thing that was stopping him was probably be the Morning Dusk, Lin Mu looked at the distance he was standing at, and made this judgement.

He had seen the two little fabric bags before.

Yan Xuanjing also had such a fabric bag, and it was also embroidered with the fox pattern from Qingqiu Country.

“Di Wu?!” Qin Chuan leapt out from behind, but was stopped by Lin Mu’s hand, “where is Di Wu?”

The man shook his head, “apologies, I do not know.”

Qin Chuan lowered his head and answered with a dull voice.

Lin Mu turned and looked at Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at both fabric pouches, “it’s Yan…… it’s my father’s Bag of Holding.”1Qiankun Pouch. That magic item pouch that can carry a lot of things, is much bigger on the inside than the outside. Used bag of holding because it’s a much more common term, and item box could work, but this isn’t a box.

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Lin Mu thought for a bit, then raised his legs to approach that man.

Yan Xuanjing stopped him and went over by himself.

Di Xiu jumped from Lin Mu’s shoulder to Yan Xuanjing’s, and when Yan Xuanjing accepted both fabric bags, he reached out for one of them and hugged it, and was unwilling to let it go.

Yan Xuanjing looked at him and went back to the yard.

Over at the side, Qin Chuan and the several little monsters went to the greenhouse to set up their new buddies, but Lin Mu and Yan Xuanjing stopped, then turned to look at the two fabric bags.

“Di Wu didn’t send me any message.” Lin Mu took out his phone and muttered, “what did he send?”

At least, if his mother had eaten this fruit, she would have passed her remaining years, even if she was not well, as brightly and lively as the memories he had seen before, just like a child.

Di Xiu looked left and right from the area where they stood, then jumped off Yan Xuanjing’s shoulder and stumbled over with his small legs to the open space beside the swing in the yard, then opened the fabric bag.

Just as the sun peeked out, Di Xiu rolled with the fruit, got up in a bit of a stupor and looked at Lin Mu.

A plank rolled out of the fabric bag, and it rapidly grew, quickly occupying the spare corner of the yard.

Lin Mu squatted down beside the little wooden man, reached for his cell phone and took a picture. Then, he carefully held the sleeping Di Xiu and climbed onto the roof.

It was huge and thick, and just by looking at it, it was much bigger than Yan Xuanjing’s human form. It was almost enough to reach the second-floor bedroom, and took up quite a big area. There wasn’t much space left in the yard, after it was occupied by this wooden board. Even the door was blocked.

Lin Mu was very familiar with the aura that this wooden board was giving off, and he immediately understood what it was.

It was Di Xiu.

A wooden board made from a Relaxed Emperor.

“It’s Di Xiu’s original body.” Yan Xuanjing confirmed his idea. He raised his head to meet eyes with the little wooden man who was sitting on top of the wooden board and looking down at then, then glanced at the red stains on the wood.

It was blood.

And it was still fresh.

It seemed that Di Wu hadn’t been idle these past few days.

“How is Elder planning to use these parts of your original body?” Yan Xuanjing asked.

Di Xiu gestured a bit.

Lin Mu and Yan Xuanjing looked up, and didn’t understand.

Di Xiu put away his original body again, and Yan Xuanjing took the other fabric bag in his hand and said, “this should be the soil you2polite you used to stay in?”

Di Xiu nodded.

Then, what Di Wu meant was clearly expressed.

Yan Xuanjing thought.

He wanted Di Xiu to plant himself directly into the soil, cultivate and rest, and not to use his original body to force himself into a human form, just to run about and settle the matter of karma.

After all, their situation wasn’t quite the same.

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It’s just that what Di Xiu wanted to do wasn’t clear.

in fact, Di Xiu did not plan to reject Di Wu’s good intentions.

He went upstairs to the second floor, and took out his precious fruit.

Then, he carried the two fabric bags and circled around the yard several times, before finally selecting the empty space next to the swing.

Di Xiu opened the two fabric bags.

But for humans, one fruit was enough to turn them a happy little fool.

The soil and wooden board fell out, but didn’t occupy the whole courtyard like before, but instead, turned into a clear green light and wrapped up the little wooden man.

Except for some plants that would drift out with the wind when they seeded, those were the types that when they gained spiritual awareness, they would be able to go across using the skies and the land.

The little wooden man who was wrapped in light hugged the fruit, and his body was wrapped in layers and layers of wood. Roots grew out of his feet into the soil, his body filled with power, and at a speed visible to the naked eye, grew out five branches.

“Not enough strength?” Lin Mu asked.

Layers and layers of wood coated him, hiding him deep within the trunk, and gradually, the shape of the wooden doll couldn’t be seen at all.

Di Xiu had been rooted into the ground fron the beginnig. He had tried learning how to fly before, but couldn’t learn how to.

“What about the fruit?” Lin Mu tilted his head and asked.

Yan Xuanjing pointed at his heart, “Elder has turned it into his Tree’s core.”

Lin Mu was slightly confused, “what is his Tree’s core?”

Yan Xuanjing thought about it and replied, “in general, it’s the only weakness of plants that gain spiritual awareness. Just like how the tails of a nine-tailed fox is known to be their weakness, cut off a tail, and their strength would be reduced — something similar to this concept.”

Lin Mu didn’t know much about these sort of things, and he watched as Di Xiu’s branches unfolded and brought along slight green colours, and little by little, the whole tree became lush.

The green tree wasn’t as big as the one in his dream, but it was still thriving, green and fresh.

The sun essence, which was gradually disappeared under the setting sun, suddenly increased, joyfully rejoicing as they rushed towards the re-grown Relaxed Emperor.

Amidst the misty golden glow of the mist, a human figure fell from the branches of the trees.

He was dressed in a dark green robe embroidered with golden leaves, and his long hair fell down along with the wind.

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He opened his eyes and looked at the dazed Lin Mu in the courtyard.

Lin Mu bathed in the flourishing sun essence, was stunned for a long time, then took a deep breath, “Dad, you’re really handsome.”

Better looking than Yan Xuanjing.

The nine-tailed fox standing next to him sneezed a little.

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Yan Xuanjing, a beauty measurement unit: ShowedADog-LikeVigilance.jpg.

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Daddy’s here~ again.

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