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Chapter 43 – Yan Xuanjing felt that his mind was blessed, and a new way of thinking was opened up for him.

Di Xiu was a little stunned.

He looked at Lin Mu, who was shrouded in sun essence, and little by little, his eyes became brighter and gentler.

This child really was like his mother.

Di Xiu thought.

This was the exact thing that happened when they first met. Lin Xueji had looked at his face and said the same words.

Di Xiu raised his hand, brought Lin Mu into a virtual hug, and nuzzled his treasure.

Yan Xuanjing looked at the father and son pair, turned around and saw that the little monsters who realised the atmosphere was a little wrong and hid away in the greenhouse. They were also desperately pulling the tail of Dragon Vein whose eyes were shining and didn’t let him come out. He also didn’t plan to disturb this father and son first formal meeting and went into the house.

Now, Di Xiu’s current form was a relatively solid-looking virtual image, which was still quite a long distance away from a full human form.

But that was enough.

Lin Mu was in a trance for a long time, until sun essence gradually dispersed, and the night fell. He looked up at the virtual image of Di Xiu, and finally had a real sense that his father had returned.

Although before the little wooden man from before was very cute — but Lin Mu found it difficult to acknowledge that he was an actual person, or his father.

How was he supposed to acknowledge?

Although it seemed a little arrogant, but in Lin Mu’s heart, even if a dog could talk, without turning into a human shape, he could not treat the dog as an equal.

Lin Mu took back two steps, then looked Di Xiu up and down very carefully, and also cricled Di Xiu twice.

With his hands behind his back, he pinched his hidden hands anxiously, and was a different kind of nervous compared to he first held the little wooden man.

Di Xiu was a little distressed. He was aware of his child’s unusual attitude towards him, and when he thought about it, he guessed that it was probably because he didn’t have a human form.

After all, who could actually feel for an ugly little wooden man? This was understandable.

Every time Di Xiu thought of this, he couldn’t help but complain about Di Wu a little in his heart.

This was why he didn’t want to look like that when he came to see Lin Mu, on one hand, he was ugly, on the other hand, not having a human form would make him hard to get along with — after all, his child had lived as a human being for more than 20 years.

And his wife kept the secret very well.

If it wasn’t for the accident that assigned Lin Mu to work at Qingyao Subdistrict Office, then even Di Wu wouldn’t be able to see Lin Mu’s blood at a glance.

If he stared to death, then maybe he could see that Lin Mu was a half-monster.

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There were probably monsters as interviewers during the Civil Service interview, Di Xiu thought.At that time, he also wanted to settle down in human society, get a marriage certificate with Lin Xueji, and then test himself as a civil servant or something.

By then, the monster’s household registration system had been well implemented, and Di Xiu felt that with his talents, his interpersonal relations wouldn’t be that bad.

As a result, before he could even settle down, he was brutally cut off.

Di Xiu looked at the nervous Lin Mu, and didn’t know what kind of expression he should have on his face.

It’s just that even with an expressionless face, he had something that reassured others.

Lin Mu looked very similar to him, and even when they smiled, the two shallow dimples at the side of their mouths were exactly the same.

Lin Mu had never thought that he was ugly, but after so many years of looking at his face, he was already bored, and didn’t think that it was that good looking.

But his father was very good looking, better than him, and better than Yan Xuanjing.

He if didn’t use any filter, his father was about 1.2 times as good looking as Yan Xuanjing.

With a filter on, he was about twice as good looking as Yan Xuanjing.

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Lin Mu pursed his lips nervously at looked at Di Xiu who was looking at him, and couldn’t help but squint his eyes and crook the corner of his mouth up.

Di Xiu looked at the two small dimples at the side of Lin Mu’s mouth, and his mood suddenly softened.

He could not help but bend his eyebrows, and the grass and trees in the courtyard leaped with joy, trying their best to show their most beautiful posture.

Di Xiu stood on the carpet of flowers and emerald green grass, and said in a soft voice, “I’m back.”

Di Wu answered, a little angrily.

His voice was as gentle as the first drop of water that fell after spring melted the ice.

“He has a bad hand and always loses while playing cards.”

Lin Mu was slightly startled, and his hands behind his back clenched suddenly, his shallow fingernails almost scratching himself.

Other Dragon Veins had a group of small friends to play with, only he didn’t, so he seemed very out of place.

< He pursed his lips, and felt like something that scraped lightly on a scar deep in his chest, and unbearable soreness and the freshness of new life gushed out, surging across all four limbs, flooding towards his head. "You're back." Lin Mu sniffled, opening his eyes wide in an attempt to stop the sadness and dampness from welling up, only to find that it was no use.

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So he just simply lowered his head and mumbled, “you came back so late, Dad.”

Di Xiu leaned down slightly and faced Lin Mu’s lowered head, and said softly, “I’m sorry.”


Lin Mu looked at him, pursed his lips, and repeated “so late.”

“Sorry, it is my fault.”

“Forget it.” Lin Mu took back his line of sight and drooped his eyes again, “I forgive you.”

Di Xiu raised his hand and hesitantly landed it on Lin Mu’s head.

They couldn’t touch each other for the time being, but Lin Mu noticed Di Xiu’s movement, and still lightly nuzzled against the virtual image of his palm in response.

Di Xiu looked at Lin Mu tenderly, and after a long time, when Lin Mu’s breathing stabilised, he asked softly, “would you want to listen to a bedtime story?”

Lin Mu looked up, “what bedtime story?”

“Your mother liked to listen to them.” Di Xiu said, “she said that my voice was very pleasant, so she always liked it when I read bedtime stories to her.”

Yan Xuanjing squatted in a diginified manner in front of Lin Mu and said in calm voice, “play with you.”

Then he paused and added, “I agreed before.”

Lin Mu found it a little funny, “you agreed before that you’ll call like a fox in the future.”

Yan Xuanjing went silent for a while, looked up and Lin Mu slightly, hesitated, then went ‘yip’.

Lin Mu leaned ove to take his father and kissed him, then placed him on the little Ginseng’s head again. As he pushed the small electric scooter into the yard, he said, “there a guest coming today, and he’ll probably stay here for a while.”


The little Ginseng stuck his small head out of the yard gate, and looked at Qin Chuan, who was behind Lin Mu and still standing outside the gate.

Qin Chuan looked at the small Ginseng Baby, and at the little wooden man on the little Ginseng’s head that had the same aura as Lin Mu, and his eyes were blazing with emotions.

“Just……” Qin Chuan sat on the back seat and whispered, “did Di Wu tell you anything else?”

However, Di Wu fell silent for two seconds, thought about Di Wu’s really bad luck, and reminded Lin Mu, “he pesters people too much, so don’t let him know where I am, but remember to take him back.”


The moon was high in the sky.

Yan Xuanjing noticed that Lin Mu hadn’t returned to the house to sleep, so he frowned slightly and walked out of the house.

The only one awake in the courtyard was Di Xiu’s virtual image.

He was in a completely different state compared to the little wooden man that could barely absorb two moon essence before he couldn’t take it, the current Di Xiu had received all the gifts from heaven and earth, and his branches and leaves became sturdy and lush at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Di Xiu sat in the shadow of his own original body, noticed the movement from Yan Xuanjing’s side, slightly turned his head, then raised a finger and made a ‘quiet’ gesture at him.

Yan Xuanjing gaze turned to the place he was looking at. Lin Mu was already asleep, but he didn’t seem to be too peaceful, and was hugging Qin Chuan tightly. Qin Chuan’s head was hidden within his arms. If it wasn’t for the fact that his dragon tail was held by Lin Mu, he probably would have curled directly into a ball. At the side, the little Ginseng was holding onto Lin Mu’s arms, and gripping onto Qin Chuan’s dragon’s bread.

Both mimosas and the little potato had turned into their original form and were hiding between the little Ginseng and Lin Mu, and weren’t moving at all.

Yan Xuanjing walked over, looking at Lin Mu’s brows that were furrowed while he was sleeping, and sent Di Xiu a questioning look.

“Told a few bedtime stories.” Di Xiu whispered.

Yan Xuanjing looked at the sleeping brats, and lowered his voice and asked, “what story?”

Di Xiu said innocently, “an ordinary ghost story.”

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Yan Xuanjing fell silent for two seconds, and looked at the faces of Lin Mu and the others, and didn’t understand what was there to be afraid about ghost stories.

“Do you want to hear it too?” Di Xiu asked in a gentle manner.

Yan Xuanjing turned his head and looked towards the west.

Di Xiu followed his actions and also looked in that direction, “there’s no need to hurry to deal with those two humans.”

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t surprised that Di Xiu would know about this matter.

He was planning to take the chance while Lin Mu was asleep to deal with those two humans.

The rumors of Qin Chuan’s terrible luck were indeed reliable.

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It hadn’t been long before he stayed here, and there were already humans coming over. Moreover, Yan Xuanjing was a hundred percent sure that it was Qin Chuan’s own luck that caused as such a mishap.

Because the Qingyao Mountain God knew very well what was happening in the mountains, and recently, the monsters in the mountains hadn’t had much contact with the outside world. These little monsters also had nothing to do with the human world, let alone technologies like mobile phones, they were simply shunned anything to do with humans.

Just thinking about it made Qin Chuan feel very bitter.

Qin Chuan had bad luck, and the second time he ran to the mountains, he ran into a human who discovered that the Qingyao Mountains had a surge in spiritual energy recently and came over to investigate the situation.
p style=”color:transparent; height: 1px; margin: 0; padding: 0; overflow: hidden;”>He finally managed to nab a Di Wu, and because Di Wu’s soul was seperated, he could only faintly sense the other party’s thoughts for thousands of years.

It was the mountain god that told Yan Xuanjing when he had resolved the first group of humans that came over. It wasn’t a wonder why this Dragon Vein wasn’t famous as the birthplace of Chinese civilisation, but instead, was renowned for his bad luck.

Lin Mu patted the little Ginseng on the head and told him that Qin Chuan wasn’t a bad person, then pushed the small eletric scooter into the house to charge it.

This was already the fourth group of humans within these few weeks.

Why don’t you monsters learn some good things, instead of learning all kinds of weird things.

As early as when Qin Chuan came, Yan Xuanjing had once modified with the spell obscuring Lin Mu’s yard, and no matter how hard the humans searched, they could only see a common farmhouse.

So everytime Qin Chuan went out to play, Yan Xuanjing followed along.

After all, in order to draw away the attention of those humans, couldn’t they just give them an aim?

Qin Chuan, this dim little idiot, couldn’t be more suitable as bait.

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Anyways, Yan Xuanjing was always trailing behind him, so nothing would happen.

But Yan Xuanjing’s feelings were different from Di Xiu, and he felt that not only should things be done as early as possible, but the roots should be eliminated without leaving a single trace.

Of course, the roots of these humans couldn’t be exterminated in such a short period of time.

Yan Xuanjing shook his head, and as soon as he prepared to get up, he heard Di Xiu’s resigned whisper, “wait a little longer.”

“En?” Yan Xuanjing looked at him.

“These humans could find Qin Chuan, which means that they must have a way to find Wandering Veins, Di Wu……”

“Di Wu!” In the midst of his dream, Qin Chuan heard the key word and like a spring, jumped up and down.

The several little monsters who had just fallen asleep where shocked awake by him, opened their eyes in a state of bewilderment, and looked at Yan Xuanjing and Di Xiu.

Qin Chuan broke free from Lin Mu’s and the little Ginseng’s grasps, and his whole dragon hung on Di Xiu, happily nuzzling, but started to whimper the minute he opened his mouth, “wuwuwu Di Wu? Where’s my Di Wu!”

“There’s no Di Wu.” Di Xiu comforted the Dragon Vein hanging for him in a familiar manner.

He was really used to this.

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After all, a few of the great monsters who looked after him also had the habit of hanging themselves all over or in between his branches.

“I heard you guys say Di Wu!”

Qin Chuan’s mouth was extremely loyal to Di Wu, but his body was very honestly straightened out by Di Xiu, and his whole entire dragon softened into a puddle of water. His dragon’s tail fluttered leisurely, and even his reverse scale1spot on a dragon that nobody should touch if not the dragon would go on a rampage opened up in a relaxed manner.

“It’s about Di Wu.” Di Xiu explained in a good-tempered manner, “we’re just trying to help Di Wu by getting the method to find Wandering Veins out of the humans that came today.”

Qin Chuan paused. He knew the reason Di Wu had ran out, and his tail wilted down as he sighed.

Lin Mu looked at Qin Chuan, then looked at Yan Xuanjing, “humans? What humans?”

Yan Xuanjing nodded, “they followed Qin Chuan. I trapped them in the mountains this afternoon. This is the fourth batch.”

Lin Mu was dumbfounded, he opened his mouth mumbled, “you’ve always been…… protecting us?”

Yan Xuanjing really felt that this couldn’t be called protection.

It was no trouble at all.

Lin Mu lowered his eyes, “why aren’t you saying anything?”

Yan Xuanjing opened his mouth and was about to speak.

“If you’re planning to say that it’s because I’m weak, then don’t say anything.” Lin Mu cut him off.

Lin Mu rode on the small eletric scooter and stopped next to him, “what are you circling around for?”


Qin Chuan was shorter than Lin Mu and followed behind him. When Lin Mu got off the train to pick up his small electric scooter, he stood outside the carport and went around in circles, like a golden retriever chasing his tail.

So Yan Xuanjing obediently closed his mouth.

Probably because it was autumn, the bunch of ginseng seeds became more and more beautiful under the setting sun.

Lin Mu looked at the fox spirit that closed his mouth and widened his eyes.

You really thought so?!

Although it was the truth.

But could just slightly, just slightly, bend a little bit!

Yan Xuanjing met Lin Mu’s line of sight, fell silent for a long time, and suddenly felt that his mind was blessed, and a new way of thinking was opened up for him.

He straightened his face and said to Lin Mu in a very serious manner, “you’re still young.”


Lin Mu felt that in this life, he could never expect Yan Xuanjing to understand how to tactfully comfort someone, and how the weak also had rights.

He thought so, with no expression on his face.

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