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Chapter 45 – Want me to sleep with you?

Lin Mu felt that he shouldn’t take this throb to heart.

Otherwise, sooner or later, Yan Xuanjing would anger him to death.

After all, for something like a serious confession, just thinking about it made Lin Mu’s scalp feel numb.

He wasn’t surprised by the fact that he ended up liking the same gender. After all, face-obsessed; men or women, it didn’t matter, as long as they’re good looking — of course, if he had to say it, he himself felt that it was more likely he would like boys compared to girls.

Wasn’t there a saying that described it quite well?

What you lacked is what you want.

From young, Lin Mu didn’t have a brother or a father. When he read some psychology books, he felt that his sexuality wouldn’t be a standard one.

So when he found out that the one who could make him feel excited was a man, Lin Mu wasn’t that surprised.

He had long been prepared for this possibility.

However, he wasn’t prepared at all for Yan Xuanjing. Against this fox spirit whose brain circuit was like a paramecium, he wasn’t prepared at all.

But to say that Yan Xuanjing’s brain circuit was short and straight like a paramecium, he could still open his mouth and say such touching words.

Something like “anywhere you want to go, I’ll accompany you,” these sort of words……

Lin Mu’s skull was ringing.

What was the matter with this fox spirit?

Lin Mu took a deep breath, rubbed his face that was gradually cooled down, and stood up.

Yan Xuanjing stared at him unblinkingly, looked at the layered hair that fell with Lin Mu’s movements and covered the tips of his ears which were as red as blood jade, and looked at the back of his neck which had also gotten covered by his collar.

The fox spirit paused, lightly clicked his tongue, and a hint of regret emerged in his heart.

Lin Mu didn’t notice the change in Yan Xuanjing’s, and his emotions had always come and gone like the wind. It was only because he continued to stay next to Yan Xuanjing that he was a little distracted.

He turned his head to meet Yan Xuanjing’s line of sight and said, “I’m going to dig up some Morning Dusk.”

Yan Xuanjing slightly paused, “for?’

“To prepare as gifts,” Lin Mu answered, and turned to head down the stairs.

When he left, he found out that Yan Xuanjing had followed him.

“What are you following me for?” Lin Mu asked doubtfully

Yan Xuanjing answered like it was something logical, “you seem to be sick.”


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So you would take care of the patient?

You’re really great, fox spirit.

Lin Mu wanted to jump up and smack Yan Xuanjing on the head, “I’m not sick, you can continue to keep standing on guard.”

Yan Xuanjing was vaguely aware of Lin Mu’s abnormal emotions, and he looked at Lin Mu’s back as he aggressively thumped down the stairs, thought for a bit, but still kept up with him.

Lin Mu seemed to be a little angry, but as for the reason why he would be angry, Yan Xuanjing couldn’t understand at all.

But it seemed that he was the one who made Lin Mu angry.

The fox spirit followed behind Lin Mu, watched him take a small spade, a small trailer, and a few empty flower pots out of the house.

Di Xiu was reading a bedtime story to the Dragon Vein and the little monsters, and his original body was moving without any wind, causing his branches and leaves to collide which made rustling sounds. It was quite scary in the middle of the night.

Yan Xuanjing watched Lin Mu who was walking in front of him, glanced across the many mechanisms and the dark and cramped dark areas that areas that appeared because of Di Xiu’s power, raised his hand, and before Lin Mu could step into the illusion weaved by Di Xiu, cut off all contact between Lin Mu and Di Xiu’s power.

The sound of Di Xiu reading the story paused, and he looked over.

He saw the nine-tailed fox who nodded to him in greeting, and then continued to follow behind the trailer Lin Mu was pulling with slow and steady steps.

Lin Mu’s arms were full of things, and he was even dragging a small trailer. Even if he had great strength, it was still a little difficult for him to walk.

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Yan Xuanjing also didn’t realise it and just felt that Lin Mu was walking a little slowly. He had to let him take two steps before he could follow along the clanging little trailer.

Di Xiu looked at Yan Xuanjing, and looked at his own son, and was puzzled by their current circumstances.

Lin Mu was oblivious, and stuck the small trailer between the courtyard gate, went out with an empty flower pot in his arms and bent down to dig up the Morning Dusk.

Yan Xuanjing went around the small trailer and watched him reach down with a shovel, and just as he wanted to say something, he saw that the Morning Dusk touched by the shovel had withered away.

“The Morning Dusk needs to be dug by hand.” Yan Xuanjing said.

It was possible to loosen the soil with tools, but to dig it out depended on one’s own hands, just like the spiritual medication.

The fox spirit rolled up his sleeves and tied them, then squatted down beside Lin Mu, “how many do you want to dig up?”

Lin Mu used the shovel to loosen the soil and thought for a bit, “how about six, to protect six ways from Sunday.”1original text has 六六大顺. Which means for everything to go smoothly. 六 means six.

if you see this, this is a scrambled version on a aggregator site. please check out the actual site for footnotes and explanations.

Yan Xuanjing nodded, and his long beautiful fingers suddenly became as sharp as a knife, and he dug up a whole part of the soil with two Morning Dusk just as easily as he would rip apart a piece of paper.

He placed the flowers and the soil into the empty pot beside him and asked, “who is it for?”

Lin Mu hesitated for a moment and said, “I…… have two uncles. ”

Yan Xuanjing’s actions paused.


— At least from the poker table’s point of view, Qin Chuan hadn’t had much good luck.

That would mean Lin Mu’s human relatives on his mother’s side.

After all, he was an unlucky little fella that would be caught by taking a stroll outside to contain the overflowing Yellow River in his hometown.

“I haven’t heard you mention them before.” Yan Xuanjing said.

Di Wu felt that the level of unluckiness Qin Chuan, this little idiot, had, if he was left outside own his own for too long, soon, they probably wouldn’t know where to find him anymore.

“There wasn’t any need to mention them, I still have a grandfather.” Lin Mu watched as Yan Xuanjing quickly dug up the six Morning Dusk and placed them into the empty pot, and after that, the fox spirit slowly stand down on the floor and looked very attentive.

“I don’t know what they’re thinking either.” Lin Mu said softly, “except for the times I saw them on the news or television, I’ve only seen my grandfather once in my life, my second uncle once, and I’ve never seen my first uncle before.”

And the only time he saw his grandfather, he had a very bad impression of him.

After five years, Lin Mu still remembered his condescending appearance.

“Actually, even if he didn’t have that attitude, I wouldn’t have minded either way.” Just remembering that time made Lin Mu a little angry, “for so many years, he had never asked about my mother and I, and after my mother left, I never had any intention of finding him, or to even go and claim kinship. I just wanted to peacefully send my mother away, but he came, and didn’t even give my mother a single glance.”

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Lin Mu really couldn’t understand.

Although one part of his childhood parents was missing, his childhood didn’t lack love.

His mother loved him very much, and also showed a lot of affection for him. Even if he didn’t have a fatherly role in his childhood, he never felt as if he was lacking anything in his life.

So Lin Mu really couldn’t understand why there would be relatives that got along like this.

Even if it was the way Yan Xuanjing and Yan Gui mutually tried to trip each other, one could also see the tacit understanding and closeness between them.

But from his grandfather, Lin Mu couldn’t see the slightest bit at all.

What warmth and understanding between relatives, there wasn’t any at all.

“Neither one of my Uncles came.” Lin Mu looked at the pots of Morning Dusk and pursed his lips, “but they seemed to have been helping me secretly.”

Since he had actually received this favour, then he would certainly repay it.

But if one wanted to call it being close, it really couldn’t be called that at all.

How could it be considered close? Lin Mu didn’t even have a way to contact them, and in terms of familiarity, they weren’t even as familiar with him as Di Wu was, and he only knew him for three months.

“When my mother and I first came here, I didn’t know much yet, and my mother suffered a lot, but nobody came out to help.” Lin Mu supported his cheek.

At that time, this village wasn’t even considered a suburb of A City, transportation wasn’t convenient, and it was a backwater place.

People living in backwater areas didn’t have a high education, and it was impossible to reason with them.

Lin Mu was taught by his mother to be reasonable from young, and violence was the last resort. However, from the years he remembered when he was a kid, those words didn’t work at all.

Your safety is the most important and remember to bring your father along when you run, understand?”

Here, strength was king, and daring to scold, kick someone out, and fight them until they were all bloodied and bruised; such violence was the truth.

Lin Mu felt that the contradition in Di Wu’s words were kind of awkward.

Later, he cleaned up the area and beat up the mad dogs around him, and the life of their mother and child pair became calm.

Di Wu was still uneasy, and told Lin Mu, “Qin Chuan’s situation is a little strange, you watch him and keep a close eye on him. Pay attention to your own safety, and Yan Xuanjing first.

Afterwards, when he went to junior high in the city, did then Lin Mu realise that his mother was right when she said that it was best to use reason.

But Di Wu knew how bad Qin Chuan’s, this Dragon Vein, luck was.

And ever after that, Lin Mu became a highschooler in an important high school, and his position in this village where nobody studied was suddenly different. Only, Lin Mu and his mother were to lazy to deal with these people, and met it all with a bland attitude, but their life was still quite comfortable.

When he was a child and needed the most help, and after when he needed help to prepare for his mother’s funeral, wasn’t he the only one who gritted his teeth and got through it?

“They probably want to make it up to you. Your uncles.”

Yan Xuanjing said.

It’s just that Lin Mu was the type that could stand up strong without any help.

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Children of monsters were born with an innate ability to fight and fall, because aggression and violence were carved into their bones, and they were born to be aggressive. Even if it was Di Xiu, if he actually fought, he wouldn’t be someone that could be easily dealt with.

From their natural talent brought by their spirit and soul, there were many things that they could do.

Even those plant-based monsters who only wanted to bask in the sun everyday would fight of a piece of land filled with spiritual energy, after all, in the Great Wilderness, lands filled with spiritual energy were quite popular, and some really couldn’t be bought with money.

What if there was somebody who couldn’t compete for it?

They could either snatch it away, or directly kill all their competitors.

If one thought about it this way, Lin Mu’s mother had really taught Lin Mu very well.

He was almost a perfectly normal human being.

“Of course I know they want to compensate me.” Lin Mu muttered, “I thought about it before, it was because of what Dad and I was that my mother protected news about her very tightly, but they’ve always been developing in A City, so if they really wanted to find us, they could.”

Of course, Lin Mu’s biggest complaint was that these relatives could simply decided not to step into his life at all or leave an impression on him, but they had to jump out and bounce around.

Since they had already broken off their relationship with his mother, then they should have simply and cleanly severed it.

After his mother had left, they had to run out and show their existence and disgust him, what kind of thought process was that?

Compared to his grandfather’s machination, Lin Mu felt that his silent uncles who only dared to secretly help him become cuter.

Lin Mu thought angrily.

“Forget about them, it’s all a small problem, and we’re not going to have any connection with them anyway.”

Even two potted plants that were ready to be sent out, Lin Mu was also planning to give them to Uncle Zhao, and ask him to hand it over to his two uncles.

After all, he didn’t have their contact information, and also didn’t really want to meet them.

Qin Chuan’s eyes brightened, and he jumped up, “is Di Wu at your place?”

According to what Uncle Zhao told him before, if the three of them met, his two uncles might end up being beaten by his retired grandfather who kept an eye on them everyday.

“No.” Lin Mu shook his head

Just thinking about it was enough to feel aggrieved.

“Let’s go.” Lin Mu stood up, “Di Wu asked me to bring you back.”

Lin Mu stood up, jumped in place to loosened his limbs, picked up the small shovel and said, “I’m going to work on the potted plants, place the Morning Dusk in, and bring them with me tomorrow.”

Qin Chuan didn’t seem to mind at all, he happily followed behind Lin Mu, showing his teeth in all directions.

Yan Xuanjing watched Lin Mu carry the pot to the car, dragged the little trailer and prepared to go back to the house. As soon as he looked up, he saw Di Xiu floating above the fence.

Di Xiu had heard most of their conversation, and when he thought that Lin Mu had such experiences because of his absence, his thin lips pursed, and his eyes were gentle, yet held some repressed guilt.

Lin Mu never expected that his father would have heard these emotional complaints, and was somewhat at a loss.

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He looked around and had nowhere to hide, so he could only hold the handle of the trailer tightly and gave a somewhat dry greeting to his father.

Di Xiu tentatively drifted forward, and seeing that Lin Mu didn’t react, he bent down slightly and said softly, “I…… From the beginning, was looking forward to your birth.”

“Your name, Lin Mu, was given by me. I took part of your mother’s surname and part of the Xiu from Di Xiu2Di Xiu’s Xiu is 休, Lin Mu’s Mu is 木. At that time, your mother laughed and said I was illiterate, but in the end, she gave you that name.”

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“When you were a child, you were very naughty in your mother’s belly, just as fierce and aggressive as other half-monsters.”

“…… I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the best beginning, and I’m sorry couldn’t give my wife the best ending.” Di Xiu squatted down and looked up towards Lin Mu who was looking down, “but your mother and I love you very much. This is beyond doubt.”

“I want to make up to my son as a father who neglected his job.”

Lin Mu pursed his lips and whispered, “then you have to work hard.”

Di Xiu’s expression bent into a subtle smile, en?”

“At least you need a human form to touch and hug.” Lin Mu said.

The smile on Di Xiu’s face became more obvious, “okay.”

“Good children go to bed early. Want to listen to a bedtime……”

“No need.” Lin Mu resolutely rejected Di Xiu, and pulled his little trailer along as he rushed into the house.

“I still don’t know your name?”

— At least from the poker table’s point of view, Qin Chuan hadn’t had much good luck.

Di Wu felt that the level of unluckiness Qin Chuan, this little idiot, had, if he was left outside own his own for too long, soon, they probably wouldn’t know where to find him anymore.


After all, he was an unlucky little fella that would be caught by taking a stroll outside to contain the overflowing Yellow River in his hometown.

Di Wu was still uneasy, and told Lin Mu, “Qin Chuan’s situation is a little strange, you watch him and keep a close eye on him. Pay attention to your own safety, and Yan Xuanjing first. Your safety is the most important and remember to bring your father along when you run, understand?”

Yan Xuanjing, who was being extremely quiet, looked at Di Xiu’s original body in the yard, and realised that after being encouraged by his son, Di Xiu, who had been slowly and naturally expanding out suddenly accelerated his speed of absorbing the moon essence, and directly took in all the moon essence in the yard.

The fox spirit who realised that he probably couldn’t get enough moon essence in the yard paused, changed back to his original form, took a dog bed to the door of Lin Mu’s room, raised his paw and knocked.

Lin Mu dragged his slippers and opened the door, and met eyes with Milky who was crouching at his door.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu’s slightly reddish eyes, paused, and hesitatingly asked, “……would you like to kiss?”

Lin Mu was stunned, and it took a long time for him to react and understand where Yan Xuanjing’s brain circuit had connected to.

It was probably the same as last time, and he wanted to kiss his forehead to comfort him.

Lin Mu stared blankly at the dog with the dog bed in front of him, sniffled and said, “No.”

Yan Xuanjing was silent for two seconds, thought of the moon essence that was being swept away in the yard, pondered for a moment and asked, “then do you want me to sleep with you?”

Lin Mu’s whole body jumped: “???”

Yan Xuanjing laid on the ground, looked up at Lin Mu who was in a state of shock, and added, “my human form or my original form, which do you like?”

Lin Mu stuttered, “what, what do you mean which do I like?”

“Don’t you like me?” Yan Xuanjing said calmly, “do you like my human form more or my original form more? Do you like one tail or nine tails? I’m alright with any.”

Lin Mu’s entire face was impassive, “…… what are you doing?”

“Sleep with you.” Yan Xuanjing brought his words back to his original point, looked at Lin Mu’s expression, and suddenly added, “couldn’t get any moon essence from Di Xiu, so I came over……”

Before the fox spirit could finish his words, he saw the door in front of him mercilessly close, and with a ‘click’, it was locked.

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