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Chapter 47 – Today, our family of three is finally reunited.

Lin Mu rubbed Milky’s dog head, and heard Blossom moew as it’s fur stood on it’s ends.

He returned to his senses and his eyes fell on Yan Xuanjing, who pushed the cat further away with his tail, and after a while he asked, “why are you bullying the little cat for?”

Yan Xuanjing heard his words, raised his eyebrows and looked at Lin Mu, then slowly turned his head to look at the Li Hua cat who was meowing in an aggrieved manner.

With his look, Blossom instantly disappeared.

Okay, there weren’t any bullied little cats anymore.

Yan Xuanjing took back his line of sight with satisfaction and looked at Lin Mu again.



What are you doing?

What’s going on with you?!

Lin Mu was very shocked. He thought for a while, then tentatively asked, “are you unhappy?”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t intend to hide anything at all and simply nodded.

“But why are you unhappy……”

Lin Mu was a little helpless. Actually, he probably knew why Milky was unhappy, and it was likely because he wasn’t happy that he had patted a cat.

Lin Mu sighed, “you’re not a real pet dog.”

Yan Xuanjing frowned, but didn’t speak because there were other humans around.

He thought it had nothing to do with whether he was a pet or not, he simply didn’t feel happy — was he worse than a cat?

Expect for acting coquettish, what else could this cat do?

Could it help Lin Mu watch the house?

Could it accompany Lin Mu to sleep?

Could it have nine tails?

Could it let Lin Mu bury himself in fluff?

It couldn’t, it didn’t have.

No matter which part, it was worse than him. So how could it have the same treatment as him?

This was certainly not possible.

Yan Xuanjing thought so.

Lin Mu didn’t know what was going on in Yan Xuanjing’s mind again, He raised his hand and rubbed Milky’s head again, then reached out and pulled the leash dragged by him over and patted the dust off it.

Dogs were required to be leashed while they were out, and although the route that Lin Mu was on was from a sparsely populated suburb to another sparsely populated suburb, he still followed the rules and leashed Milky.

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Yan Xuanjing didn’t mind.

Because these sort of rope was useless against him.

Lin Mu held the leash and looked around, and just as he was planning to tie it to the door handle of the management office, he saw his two uncles coming out of the room.

Both sides were stunned.

There were still some differences between looking through a camera and at the real person, especially the two people looked particularly haggard at the moment.

Both uncles were the well-maintained types. They still had plenty of hair and was without a trace of baldness despite their age. They were dressed in a suit that looked like it had been specially prepared and were well organised, as even their hair had been specially arranged.

Vaguely, one could see some contours that were similar with Lin Xueji.

Lin Mu opened his mouth and didn’t know what to call them.

Although it was easy to say the word ‘Uncle’ behind their back, but when he saw them face to face, he couldn’t pronounce those two simple syllables.

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So he simply skipped over the question of address, nodded to them in greeting, hooked the leash onto the door handle next to him, then took one of the two pots on the table and said, “my thank you gift.”

For a moment, the two men were stunned and had some stage fright.

Lin Mu was unaffected, “Thank you for taking care of me all these years. I don’t have any other skills. I can only play with some flowers and plants, and couldn’t come up with anything impressive……”

“No,” Lin Hongkuo, the older one, pursed his lips and added, “you’re fine.”

Lin Mu heard his words and smiled slightly, “that you, are you guys planning leaving?”

Lin Hongkuo nodded.

“Then I’ll help carry this to the car.” Lin Mu said, and easily picked up two potted plants.

Di Xiu followed his actions and also looked in that direction, “there’s no need to hurry to deal with those two humans.”

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t surprised that Di Xiu would know about this matter.

He was planning to take the chance while Lin Mu was asleep to deal with those two humans.


This child was really like his mother.

After all, who could actually feel for an ugly little wooden man? This was understandable.

Every time Di Xiu thought of this, he couldn’t help but complain about Di Wu a little in his heart.

Neither Lin Hongsheng nor Lin Hongkuo knew what to say.

They knew that Lin Mu would definitely come to see Lin Xueji today, but when they were with  Lin Mu, he would never mention his mother’s affairs, so they didn’t know how to start.

So they walked in front of him, led Lin Mu to their car, opened the trunk, and watched this unfamiliar little nephew placed the two potted plants into the trunk, and then planned to say goodbye to them. Lin Hongsheng stood to the side and said, “we…… separated from your grandfather.”

Lin Mu froze. He was somewhat surprised by their actions, and found it a little regretful yet funny.

They should have separated long ago, Lin Mu thought.

However, each family had their own difficulties and everybody’s thoughts and concerns were different. He had no intention of exposing himself to this thing.

What if these two had no other choice?

After all, the world was very different, and there were all sorts of strange things.

Lin Mu glanced at his second uncle, and felt that the other party probably wanted to chat with him or something.

He thought for a bit, and answered, “why did you suddenly separate?”

Seeing that Lin Mu didn’t just turn around and leave, both uncles felt slightly relieved, “because that old man still wanted to get involved with his grandchildren.”

At their age, it was too late if they wanted to make up for some matters. They had worked hard for most of their lives, and had some status, a high status. If somebody wanted them to lose some face, then they had some pride that they couldn’t just abandon.

Lin Mu was clearly a sensible person.

Lin Xueji had taught him very well — or perhaps life had taught him very well.

Lin Hongkuo thought of this, compared him to his little brat at home, and couldn’t help but lower his head and reach for his cigarette case. Just as he took one out and prepared to light it, he looked up at Lin Mu again.

Lin Mu gave him a smile, “I don’t mind.”

So Lin Hongkuo lit up a cigarette and took in a deep breath.

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Once there was a start, a lot of things that needed to be said would come out much smoother.

“Our old man climbed up from the bottom riding the winds of the revolution, and in this life, all he wanted to bring honour upon his ancestors.” As the eldest, Lin Hongkuo was probably the one who had the most say.

When Lin Hongkuo was born, Father Lin was on the rise, was flushed with success, and everything went as he wished.

Naturally, as the first child, the eldest son, Father Lin took it for granted that his son would be what he wished for.

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t surprised that Di Xiu would know about this matter.

He must be obedient and have the same goals as he did.

Di Xiu followed his actions and also looked in that direction, “there’s no need to hurry to deal with those two humans.”

For example, bringing glory to their ancestors.

He was planning to take the chance while Lin Mu was asleep to deal with those two humans.

While he was still a farmer facing and land with his back to the sky, he was lucky enough to marry a wife who had studied. Along with her, he also learned how to read and study, his mind became more flexible. Then, he rode the winds of the reforms and revolutions, he became a new entrepreneur in City A.

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t surprised that Di Xiu would know about this matter.

It’s said that if one wanted to change their status class, they had to work hard for at least three generations. Father Lin had no change in his thoughts, and his greatest wish was always to honour his ancestors, so that after his death, he would have the face to meet them.

So he didn’t allow his children to go out of his control.

Out of the three children of the Lin family, the daughter that ran away didn’t really mean much to Father Lin.

The people who grew up in the villages during that era, sending away or selling their daughters was a common thing, and even if they were killed, it wasn’t an unusual matter.

After Lin Xueji’s mother passed, he didn’t place Lin Xueji in his eyes.

The middle child in the family was the most easily ignored one, not to mention when the middle child was a girl. With an elder brother and a younger brother, Lin Xueji was like an invisible person in the Lin family.

She still had some sense of presence before her mother passed, but after she did, other than her older brother and younger brother, nobody bothered with her anymore.

Lin Xueji existence had always been of little significance to Father Lin, and when she was unmarried yet pregnant with the child of an unknown man, it instantly became a source of shame.

Father Lin didn’t accept this shame, so he didn’t allow his family to accept this shame either.

He had simply isolated all news about Lin Xueji, and after Lin Xueji died, if it wasn’t because the matter had been sent to the media by gossipers, and he realised that he had a grandson outside, he hadn’t wanted to go at all.

Lin Hongkuo and Lin Hongsheng, his two sons, seldom disobeyed him their whole lives. Now, when his grandchildren were adults, he begun to forcibly interfere with his grandchildren’s future.

Lin Hongkuo and Lin Hongsheng admitted that they were somewhat cowardly, but as cowardly as they were, they still had some bottom line.

Some accidents in their childhood left them with too deep of an impression and some trauma, until the point that they didn’t want their children to follow in their or Lin Xueji’s footsteps.

As a lone individual, their own future should be decided by them.

If the children within the family were confused and had no opinions, it was understandable if a road was arranged for them to walk. However, the grandchildren of the Lin family had their own ideas, so naturally, they didn’t need this option.

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Lin Hongkuo and Lin Hongsheng were reluctant to let their old man interfere with their little family.

In the past, it was okay because their old man was busy with his career and couldn’t see them all day long. But now, he was retired, and had a lot of free time, and would quarrel with them daily. Adding on the fact that when Lin Hongsheng saw Lin Mu some time ago and had his paintings thrown by their father, and he had also dreamed about his sister who died alone at night. He couldn’t bear it anymore and exploded.

Father Lin’s life had been smooth sailing from the start and he had never experienced such anger, so on the stop, he said that he would drive Lin Hongsheng out of the house.

Lin Hongkuo was originally persuading them not to fight, but he had been in the business for so many years, and what senses that he should have he did, and his temper had also been cultivated. Thus, when he heard his father say those words, he followed his younger brother and also exploded.

Father Lin didn’t take this matter too seriously, until both brothers got a lawyer and said that they wanted to notarise the property and split everything up, only then did he become anxious and called them unfaithful ingrates.

Di Xiu thought.

But Lin Hongkuo and Lin Hongsheng had hardened their heart and was planning to put an end to everything. Even if they suffered some losses, they definitely must complete this set of procedures.

This child was really like his mother.

If Lin Mu paid more attention to the local news, he would have realised that the Lin Family’s matters were in a mess.

After all, who could actually feel for an ugly little wooden man? This was understandable.

But Lin Mu didn’t pay attention to such matters, and even if he knew about it, he wouldn’t have thought that it had anything to do with him.

Every time Di Xiu thought of this, he couldn’t help but complain about Di Wu a little in his heart.

Lin Mu listened to his two uncles quietly, but after thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t figure out what to say.

He didn’t even know what industry the Lin family was in.

After a while, he hesitatingly said, “then…… congratulations?”

The two men were slightly stunned, and Lin Hongkuo smacked his lips with a cigarette in his mouth and said, “that is…… If you have any problems in the future, you can directly come to us for help.”

It was only then that Lin Mu understood what he meant. Just as he wanted to shake his head, he remembered what Uncle De had said about the demolition before.

However, he probably could deal with his matter himself. After all, if he wanted humans to bypass his small yard, monsters had a bunch of means.

However, this kind of urban planning and development was done part by part. Many people in the village were waiting for the demolition to start and to move into the city.

Not mentioning others, but Uncle De’s whole family was looking forward to it.

Lin Mu couldn’t drag the whole village down just because of his own matters.

And the two elders in front of him were obviously different from the one who could be indifferent even after his own daughter died.

Although they seemed tired and haggard because of recent events, it could be seen that they were in a good mood, as if they had left behind some heavy burden, and their whole being opened up.

Now, they wanted to compensate Lin Mu, and it was fine even if it was for their peace of mind.

If it was in the past, Lin Mu really didn’t want to have any involvement or communication with these two uncles who were gripped by the necks by his grandfather and afraid to struggle, but what they did really surprised Lin Mu.

Di Xiu raised his hand, brought Lin Mu into a virtual hug, and nuzzled his treasure.

Lin Mu hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.

This was the same thing that happened when they first met. Lin Xueji had looked at his face and said the exact same thing.

“It’s not that there isn’t.” He said, “about Qingyao Village being demolished, I wish they could go around my house.”

Di Xiu looked at the nervous Lin Mu, and didn’t know what kind of expression he should have on his face.

Even if he went to the Great Wilderness in the future, Lin Mu also wanted to dig three feet into the ground and bring away even the grass in the yard.

It was the only thing that Lin Mu had that could leave behind the memories he had with his mother.

And it was the only place that he could stay and tell his father about what happened in it in the past.

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Nobody was allowed to touch it.

The small branch lying quietly in Lin Mu’s pocket trembled slightly, and gave a soft sigh.


After sending away the two men, Lin Mu took the bunch of daisies and asked Grandpa Liu, who was guarding the tombs, to watch Milky as well as borrowed a bucket and rags.

There was already a bunch of flowers in front of Lin Xueji’s tombstone.

Like the ones in Lin Mu’s hands, it was a bunch of blooming white daisies.

Lin Mu placed the flowers in his hand next to the other bouquet then took out the branch in his pocket.

Di Xiu’s extremely faint shadow floated out the branch and stopped quietly beside him, staring at the tombstone.

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Lin Mu moistened the rag in his hand, wiped the dusty tombstone that had some moss, bent down and looked at the picture embedded in the tombstone.

“I heard Da Hei say that when talking to you during the anniversary of your death, it could become a dream that would be entrusted to your reincarnation. Sorry to bother you, Mum.”

Lin Mu finished speaking, wrung out the rag in his hand and stared at the photo for a long while.

After some time, he returned to his senses, slowly opened his mouth, and said softly “Mum, Dad’s back, although he’s a bit late.”

“But today, our family of three is finally reunited.”

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