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Chapter 48 – Di Xiu’s mind was ringing.

Lin Mu didn’t go to the cemetery very often, that is, he went only once per quarter.

Usually, Grandpa Liu, who was responsible for guarding the tombs, would help to take care of these tombstones, but in the end, he wouldn’t be particularly meticulous at all.

Every time Lin Mu came, he would clean it up carefully.

As he cleaned, he would ramble on about the matters that had piled up in his heart.

Ever since he graduated last year, Lin Mu had always been alone when he was at home, so there wasn’t much that he could talk about. Thinking back a little, in the past year, apart from occasionally going out to sign bills with new customers and going to the flower and bird market, he hadn’t really verbally communicated with anyone else.

Nothing significant had happened when he stayed in his own house, so when he came to see his mother, he became silent and didn’t know what to say.

Thinking about it like this, no wonder he wanted a dog to accompany him when he saw the picture his mother had left.

“I originally wanted to get a dog, but I don’t need one now.”

Lin Mu wiped away the moss growing at the base, thought about the group of monsters at home, sighed softly, and his tone became lighter, “at home, there’s a nine-tailed fox, a dragon, ginseng, mimosas, and potatoes. And a Dad. Raising them is much livelier than raising a dog.”

“It’s just that it’s a pity that you can’t see them.”

Lin Mu murmured, and Di Xiu’s virtual image stood behind him with his head slightly lowered. His eyes were gentle as they focused at the picture on the tombstone.

He hadn’t seen this picture in the album. It wasn’t a serious and formal portrait, but instead, a photo that looked like a selfie that was taken from an angle.

The woman in the photo had a bright smile, and her eyes were curved when she smiled. Her eyelashes were long and thick, and the light that fell on them made it look like there was gold crushed all over it. It was bright and glittering, and others couldn’t help but be happy when they saw it.

This appearance, was the woman that Di Xiu was familiar with.

He looked at the photo quietly and listened to Lin Mu ramble on, starting from when he had gotten the job, half complaining and half happy as he recounted what happened, one by one, with endless details.

Lin Mu kept talking from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon, and in the end, he would slowly stop and needed to think for a moment before he could continue.

Lin Mu spoke until he was tired, then turned to Di Xiu and asked, “what happened back then?”

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Di Xiu answered quietly, “en?”

“What happened before I was born,” Lin Mu explained, “if you don’t want to say it, it’s okay.”

Di Xiu didn’t think that there was anything he couldn’t say.

“It’s a very common matter, I met some greedy people and for a moment, didn’t notice……”

It’s just that even with an expressionless face, he had something that reassured others.

So everytime Qin Chuan went out to play, Yan Xuanjing followed along.

After all, in order to draw away the attention of those humans, couldn’t they just give them an aim?


Qin Chuan, this dim little idiot, couldn’t be more suitable as bait.

Anyways, Yan Xuanjing was always trailing behind him, so nothing would happen.

Lin Mu looked at the fox spirit that closed his mouth and widened his eyes.

You really thought so?!

Although it was the truth.

But could just slightly, just slightly, bend a little bit!

What happened wasn’t that long ago, and Di Xiu remembered it quite clearly.

Due to a reason that everybody knew, he wasn’t good at recognising the way, so every time he followed Lin Xueji into the city, he didn’t even move a single step away from her.

Di Xiu didn’t like being noticed by too many people, so he was always careful to hide himself away from others, and only showed himself to Lin Xueji.

As a result, it was then moment when Lin Xueji went to the bathroom that Di Xiu was seen by a human cultivator in the crowd.

His appearance was really exceptional, and at that time, what he was wearing was incompatible with the Central Plains.

Along with the fact that he hadn’t met any human with special talents and abilities in the past two years when he came out with Lin Xueji, so Di Xiu himself also relaxed, and he ended up getting followed, with some people coming to his door to look for him.

Unfortunately, Lin Xueji was pregnant at that time, so Di Xiu made the decisive decision, and before the others could detect the existence of his wife and child, spent a lot of energy to cover up the existence of his wife and Lin Mu in her belly. Then, he turned and led the people far away from the city where the mother and child were located.

To cover the heaven’s design, he had used a lot of energy, and after killing a few humans that were chasing him, he fell into the hands of several well-prepared humans, and the result was that both sides suffered huge losses.

These kind of matters were an almost everyday occurrence in the Great Wilderness, and even if Di Xiu hadn’t experienced it before in person, when Yan Gui and the others ran to the valley to talk to him, they would often take these things as examples for him to be more careful.

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That was why when Di Xiu noticed that something was wrong, he moved so swiftly and removed himself so simply.

“I wasn’t in a good condition at that time, and had some premonition that something was probably going to happen.” Di Xiu raised his hand and touched his heart, “I gave this fruit to your mother very early…… and as long as she ate it, she would forget me.”

But Lin Xueji didn’t eat it.

Not only did she not eat it, but she also clenched her teeth and kept that secret for eighteen years, not telling anyone, including Lin Mu, one of the ones involved.

Clearly, she had decided to let her child live this life as a human.

However, many things do not follow the will of humans.

“Later, I was caught, and things progressed really fast.” Di Xiu thought about it and said, “my body was split into five parts, but my soul was a little better, and just needed a small bit before it would be whole.”

Now, they wanted to compensate Lin Mu, and it was fine even if it was for their peace of mind.

Lin Mu stared at Di Xiu, and after a while, muttered, “it must have hurt.”

Father Lin didn’t take this matter too seriously, until both brothers got a lawyer and said that they wanted to notarise the property and split everything up, only then did he become anxious and called them unfaithful ingrates.

Di Xiu froze, and wanted to raise his hand and cover Lin Mu’s eyes, but realised that he couldn’t cover anything in his current state.

“But why are you unhappy……”

He gave a slight sigh, lowered his hand and shook his head, “it didn’t hurt.”

However, this kind of urban planning and development was done part by part. Many people in the village were waiting for the demolition to start and to move into the city.

Lin Mu slightly looked up at him and knew that these words were false. He retracted his line of sight and lowered his eyes, and asked, “don’t you have anything you want to say to Mum?”

“No.” Di Xiu turned to look at the picture with the bright smile on the tombstone and gently shook his head.

“You don’t need to be shy.”

Lin Mu felt that Di Xiu probably found it too embarrassing to say something romantic in front of him, so packed his things up and said, “my colleague said that if you convey your thoughts today, Mum would be able to receive them. You can slowly talk to Mum, I’ll go back first.”

Di Xiu turned his head as Lin Mu walked away holding the bucket, sighed softly, and his eyes fell on the tombstone.

From his point of view, this place was empty, and there was no spirit of Lin Xueji left.

She was gone.

Saying that something could be conveyed was also a lie.

Every reincarnation of each soul was strictly separated, and it was impossible to find their reincarnation. This was the common knowledge that all monsters had.

There was only one possibility for those lucky enough to reincarnate and continue on with their predestined relationships. It meant that in their past life, they had accumulated great merits or great injustice, and when the reward was given to them in the afterlife, they would be given such a fate again.

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Lin Xueji did not meet this standard.

For this human that had belong to Di Xiu, any spirit belonging to her was completely gone, and couldn’t be found.

Di Xiu squatted down, looked at the two bouquets of daisies placed in front of the tombstone, watched as the wind passed over and shook the petals, then slowly returned to his senses.

It was a good thing.

His son had a good-hearted and gentle colleague.

Di Xiu spent some time quietly in a daze in front the tombstone, until someone else came, and his faint image disappeared with the wind. The thin branch in front of the tombstone suddenly couldn’t take the burden anymore and turned into ashes.

Lin Mu was a little helpless. Actually, he probably knew why Milky was unhappy, and it was likely because he wasn’t happy that he had patted a cat.

Lin Mu froze. He was somewhat surprised by their actions, and found it a little regretful yet funny.

They should have separated long ago, Lin Mu thought.


However, each family had their own difficulties and everybody’s thoughts and concerns were different. He had no intention of exposing himself to this thing.

What if these two had no other choice?

After all, the world was very different, and there were all sorts of strange things.

Lin Mu went to the management office, returned the bucket and rag to Grandpa Liu and washed his hands. As soon as he came out, he saw a confrontation between Blossom and Milky.

To be exact, it was a one-sided confrontation.

The Li Hua cat was extremely bold, and it’s fur was standing on it’s ends staring at the big and white fluffy pile. It’s tail was straight and upright, as it hissed at the unfamiliar dog.

Yan Xuanjing was lazily lying there in a dignified manner, and didn’t even give Blossom a glance. It wasn’t until he heard Lin Mu’s footsteps did his ears shook as he stood up to look up at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu felt somewhat helpless as he took off the leash attached to the door, and said goodbye to Grandpa Liu who was still reading the newspaper.

Milky followed behind Lin Mu, jumped onto the back of the little electric scooter after it was unlocked, and lifted his head to aid Lin Mu in removing the leash from his neck.

Lin Mu looked towards the Li Hua cat that came up behind them and said, “Blossom is really quite bold.”

“This cat had gained spiritual wisdom.” Yan Xuanjing glanced at the cat that had approached them.

It’s just that even with an expressionless face, he had something that reassured others.

It was probably because it had followed humans for some time, or had some other opportunity.

But his father was very good looking, better than him, and better than Yan Xuanjing.

“Ay?” Lin Mu slightly widened his eyes, “then will it attain spiritual awareness?”

He if doesn’t use any filter, his father was about 1.2 times as good looking as Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at the extremely bold cat again and shook his head, “most probably not.”

Father Lin’s life had been smooth sailing from the start and he had never experienced such anger, so on the stop, he said that he would drive Lin Hongsheng out of the house.

This was one of the good points about the Central Plains. After staying with humans for a long time, ordinary animals were capable of gaining spiritual wisdom, and didn’t need to cultivate or go through some other experiences.

Although their gained spiritual wisdom would be wasted because it was too peaceful and comfortable, but their chances were much higher compared to the Great Wilderness.

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Unlike the Great Wilderness where all of them were monsters, and one more being that attained spiritual awareness would be one more competitor. Generally speaking, the first thing that animals and plants that gained spiritual wisdom would do was to find somewhere to hide where nobody could find them.

If not, they would become a very nourishing meal.

If this cat was in the Great Wilderness, it would have long died without a whole body.

But being this stupid in the Central Plains, meant that it probably wouldn’t have a good end.

It dared to provoke him, if this wasn’t being stupid, then what was?

Yan Xuanjing squatted on the back seat of the scooter, and looked down with a condescending and cold gaze at the cat that was hiding behind the pillar and watching them quietly. He squinted, and just as he was about to let out the might that belonged to the future young leader of the Qingqiu Country, Lin Mu patted his head.

“Don’t bully the small little kitty.” Lin Mu sat on the scooter and said, “I’m not going to pick up Blossom to raise.”

There were a bunch of noisy little fellas at home, and his father who would create several immersive holographic films every day, Lin Mu thought that even if it was a cat that had awakened it’s spiritual wisdom, it would be frightened to death.

Yan Xuanjing heard what Lin Mu said, simply looked away, sat upright behind Lin Mu, and went home with the wind blowing against him in a majestic manner.

Lin Mu held the leash and looked around, and just as he was planning to tie it to the door handle of the management office, he saw his two uncles coming out of the room.

Both sides were stunned.


There were still some differences between looking through a camera and at the real person, especially the two people looked particularly haggard at the moment.

Both uncles were the well-maintained types. They still had plenty of hair and was without a trace of baldness despite their age. They were dressed in a suit that looked like it had been specially prepared and were well organised, as even their hair had been specially arranged.

Yan Xuanjing frowned, but didn’t speak because there were other humans around.

He thought it had nothing to do with whether he was a pet or not, he simply didn’t feel happy — was he worse than a cat?

Lin Mu saw his yard from a distance, sped up and scooted home, and said hello to his father’s original body from across the fence, “I’m back……”

His words suddenly came to an abrupt end.

He saw that on a branch that was covered by Di Xiu’s trunk, there were two men with white faces and frightened eyes suspended on the air, as if they were extremely terrified.

Right below them was an eerie well. The courtyard is no longer a courtyard, and the scene was a dim bathroom, with a tap that was dripping water down.

The little Ginseng and the other small monsters in the yard had probably been mistreated to the point of being numb, and didn’t react to the change of scenery in the yard. Each one of them had stuck up their butts and were fiddling with the new spiritual medication planted in the yard.

But from Lin Mu’s point of view, they looked very strange on the bathroom floor.

Lin Mu took a few steps back, reached back and grabbed Milky’s tail, and shouted very nervously, “Dad!”

Di Xiu, who was watching a ghost move, heard his son’s voice and looked over. The dark and gloomy atmosphere in the yard instantly disappeared, exposing the original sky.

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The little Ginseng looked up, saw Lin Mu, and his eyes lit up, “Lin Mu, you’re back!”

He pattered over to the two humans with his small plastic shovel, raised the shovel and poked the two men in the sole, and was particularly proud, “I caught them!”

Di Xiu nodded along with a face full of praise, and explained to Lin Mu, “they followed Qin Chuan here.”

After Lin Xueji’s mother passed, he didn’t place Lin Xueji in his eyes.</p
Lin Mu looked up at the two men, and realised that they should be the ones they had wanted to find, the ones who had the abilities to find Wandering Veins.

The people who grew up in the villages during that era, sending away or selling their daughters was a common thing, and even if they were killed, it wasn’t an unusual matter.

Di Xiu naturally knew that his son had no experience with interrogation, and this sort of things could be done faster with either him or Yan Xuanjing.

The middle child in the family was the most easily ignored one, not to mention when the middle child was a girl. With an elder brother and a younger brother, Lin Xueji was like an invisible person in the Lin family.

He thought so, then turned to glance at Yan Xuanjing, only to realise that the little fox’s attention wasn’t on the two humans who had found their way over, but was looking at his tail that had been caught by Lin Mu, and yawned.

Lin Mu held the leash and looked around, and just as he was planning to tie it to the door handle of the management office, he saw his two uncles coming out of the room.

Di Xiu was somewhat surprised.

Nine-tailed foxes rarely let anyone touch their tails, and even if it was between husband and wife, they would also take each other’s feelings into account and not touch them.

Di Xiu had followed Yan Gui for so long, yet rarely had the opportunity to touch those nine large tails.

Most of the times came when Yan Gui was laying on his body being a layabout and swishing his tails about, and occasionally, the tails would swish across his body, then he would be able to feel the soft fox tail.

“Mumu,1Nickname for Lin Mu” Di Xiu called his baby son, and pointed to the tail in his hand, “that’s too impolite.”

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Lin Mu looked down at the place Di Xiu was pointing, and released his hand without understanding why as he asked in confusion, “what’s wrong?”

“The tails of the nine-tailed fox are formed of and signifies their strength and weakness, don’t……”

Di Xiu’s stopped his words halfway, and he realised that Yan Xuanjing didn’t seem to mind this at all.

Di Xiu turned his gaze and looked at Yan Xuanjing.

He was completely indifferent, and did not reveal the explosive emotions that Yan Gui had when his tail was touched, as if he was used to it.

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Di Xiu was in a trance as he recalled what this son of his friend said the first time they met, about how Lin Mu liked him, and felt that his mind becoming blank.


Di Xiu’s mind was ringing.

After ringing for a long time, he returned to his senses and his first reaction was — fortunately, the position of Qingqiu Country’s head wasn’t hereditary.

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