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Chapter 49 – “My relationship with the nine-tailed fox could be considered not bad.”

Before, Di Xiu had asked Yan Gui in a puzzled manner as to why the position of Qingqiu Country’s head wasn’t hereditary.

At that time, Yan Gui had explained it to Di Xiu very simply.

According to the rules of Qingqiu Kingdom, the position of the head was to be decided internally within the nine-tailed foxes’ clan. This decision was generally done through a combination of voluntary will and means of force. As for methods and concepts of ruling the country, what they had was time to learn slowly.

But before, this was not the case.

Two generations before Yan Gui became the ruler, the position of Qingqiu Country’s leader was still hereditary, until the previous, previous generation of leader, who was a nine-tailed fox in the charm faction.

This nine-tailed fox was the restless type. Relying on strong charm and talent in cultivation, steadily stepped on about a dozen boats for hundreds of years without overturning. The field of carnage between the dozens of lovers turned the entire Great Wilderness into a reign of terror without a peaceful place in sight.

As a result, that ruler accidentally provoked someone that shouldn’t be provoked, and simply cleaned up all personal belongings and ran away.

There were no offspring, no relatives, and no intention of passing the seat on.

But a kingdom couldn’t be without a ruler, and the blame couldn’t be shouldered by no one, so the group of nine-tailed foxes came together and all decided that since they nobody wanted to pick up this hot potato, they would simply have a group fight and the loser would be thrown to be the ruler.

That was Yan Gui’s previous ruler.

The previous generation was so angry, so the first thing that was undertaken after obtaining office was settle all private vendettas and remove the old hereditary system. After that, he named Yan Gui, who was the second best fighter at that time as his successor.

Why not name the first?

Because the first was a famous fiery beauty amongst the nine-tailed foxes, gorgeous, fierce, very strong, with a pure fur coat, and a glance that could conveniently reveal all sorts of feelings and affections; an extremely dangerous and enticing being.

This great beauty was the dream fox of all the young male foxes within this generation of nine-tailed foxes.

On the hand, the previous not daring to name her was because he was afraid of being beaten, and on the other hand, was because this dream fox — had been won over by Yan Gui.

After cleaning up the mess left by the previous generation, the previous ruler had simply stepped down, threw to blame position of leader that had been forcibly given, and as a result, was forced to go for classes for hundreds of years by Yan Gui.

After Yan Gui had taken the seat, he felt that he couldn’t be the only unlucky one, so with a wave of his hand, he simply stated that in the future, the main strength of Qingqiu Country’s leader would be from the clan of nine-tailed foxes.

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Of course, his wife didn’t count.

There was no objection to this, after all, in the Great Wilderness, the most important thing was to have strength, and as a nation’s leader being able to protect the peace was the most basic thing.

And unfortunately, Yan Xuanjing, Yan Gui’s son, was the best in fighting amongst this generation of nine-tailed foxes.

Especially after Yan Xuanjing had returned to the clan after training. He seemed to be naturally born without the skill of charm — he couldn’t even get the most basic transformation down, and no matter how much he practiced, he couldn’t do it at all. Also, he liked to daydream in this class. On the contrary, once it was about fighting, he would make rapid progress, leaping miles ahead each time.

Probably because he was beaten by his father and his father’s friends when he was a kid, and in addition, when he was very young, he was thrown by his parents to the most chaotic part of the Great Wilderness to stumble, he ended up devoting all of himself to this aspect.

After all, in that kind of place, what use did charm have?

At that time, when Di Xiu heard Yan Gui’s speech, he just felt that it was very amazing.

After all, amongst the books that Yan Gui brought to him, there were many about secret fights within the country and the city in order to reach the top.

However, it didn’t seem to have much use when applied to Qingqiu Country.

Yan Gui said that there actually was, but it wasn’t the internal struggles of the nine-tailed foxes’ clan, but instead, it was other monsters that wanted to do something, and Yan Xuanjing had suffered from this not long after he was born.

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This was mainly because most nine-tailed foxes preferred a free and comfortable life, and his son’s sense of responsibility was genetic mutation.

However, the land that Qingqiu Country sat on was the birthplace of their clan and their roots, so they would definitely not give up the position of leader.

After all, the world was very different, and there were all sorts of strange things.

Lin Mu glanced at his second uncle, and felt that the other party probably wanted to chat with him or something.

He thought for a bit, and answered, “why did you suddenly separate?”

Lin Mu sighed, “you’re not a real pet dog.”

So he didn’t allow his children to go out of his control.


Out of the three children of the Lin family, the daughter that ran away didn’t really mean much to Father Lin.

She still had some sense of presence before her mother passed, but after she did, other than her older brother and younger brother, nobody bothered with her anymore.

“It’s just that it’s a pity that you can’t see them.”

Lin Mu murmured, and Di Xiu’s virtual image stood behind him with his head slightly lowered. His eyes were gentle as they focused at the picture on the tombstone.

He hadn’t seen this picture in the album. It wasn’t a serious and formal portrait, but instead, a photo that looked like a selfie that was taken from an angle.

Di Xiu watched Lin Mu push the small electric scooter into the house, and he was followed by a ginseng and two mimosas, and Qin Chuan, who was hiding in the house showed a small bit of his dragon’s bread whilst probing around.

Then, he turned his head to look at Yan Xuanjing, who had jumped off the small electric scooter and sat in the ground, looking up to where the two humans were hanging.

Fortunately, Qingqiu Country no longer followed a hereditary system, so there was no need to worry about successors.

But to be honest, judging by the way the nine-tailed foxes did as they pleased, even if it was hereditary, when Yan Xuanjing really took up the seat and got together with Lin Mu, he would most probably remove the hereditary system.

After all, he was a nine-tailed fox that couldn’t be reasoned with using common sense.

Di Xiu looked away, then looked up at the two humans, and said, “I asked before. They came with the people you trapped in the mountains two days ago.”

Yan Xuanjing gave a light snort after hearing those words, and wasn’t surprised.

Because of their inherently weak strength, humans were always accustomed to grouping together, and although there wasn’t much trust between them, even with temporary cooperation, they could do unbelievable things.

Just looked at Di Wu who crashed and burned.

He was the currently typical negative example used to educate one’s children in the Great Wilderness.

As long as it was to teach their children to not belittle and take their enemy lightly, Di Wu’s matter would be taken out for a walk.

“Their aim?” Yan Xuanjing asked.

Di Xiu replied, “it’s Qin Chuan. They said that quite a few people already knew that there’s a Wandering Vein in the vicinity.”

The reason behind this was due to the increasing amounts of monsters that came over from the Great Wilderness recently. Due to that, quite a lot of monsters and cultivators that had been hiding in the Central Plains also came over.

Thousands of years ago, when spiritual energy was still abundant, there wouldn’t have been so many people coming, because their personal strength was enough, and they needed to think if they would be stopped or directly killed by others, and those that were weak wouldn’t come at all.

But it was different now.

Now, everybody was equally bad, and it was a common matter to group up.

In this day and age, the amount of monsters that could be found was very little, and if monsters found other monsters, they could eat them to increase their strength. Let alone if it was humans who found monsters, they had countless of ways to use them.

In addition, when they heard that there was a Wandering Vein in the area, more and more people came.

Cultivators and monsters were beyond the scope of ordinary human laws, and they had another set of rules, and also had those who managed them. Lin Mu’s sub-district office was one of the official systems that managed the relationship between monsters and these special humans.

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But this couldn’t stop those that ignored the rules with an ‘I do what I want’ attitude.

At least during the period when Lin Mu went to work alone, he had never received any reports of human beings coming here.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Yan Xuanjing and talked about this matter with Di Xiu, he wouldn’t even know that there were quite a number of people who came to Qingyao Mountain to look into this matter.

Yan Xuanjing said, “during this time, Qin Chuan can’t go out.”

Di Xiu nodded, “he’s not allowed to go out anymore.”

“I’ll ask again.” Yan Xuanjing said, turned into his human form and glanced at Di Xiu.

Di Xiu understood, turned and floated towards the house, used his abilities to close the doors and windows of the house, and entered the house to coax his son.

Anyways, Yan Xuanjing was always trailing behind him, so nothing would happen.

Although Yan Xuanjing looked upright and dignified, in the end, he was still a monster.

After all, in order to draw away the attention of those humans, couldn’t they just give them an aim?

Lin Mu had never seen what monsters would look like when they used a forceful method.

So everytime Qin Chuan went out to play, Yan Xuanjing followed along.

Di Xiu held the tablet, clicked open a dessert video of that the little Ginseng had used to study before, and said that Yan Xuanjing wanted to eat ice cream puffs.

Qin Chuan, this dim little idiot, couldn’t be more suitable as bait.

The little Ginseng was quite cooperative. He grabbed onto Lin Mu’s clothes, used a spoiled, childish tone, and said that he wanted to make it with Lin Mu.

“Lin Mu, you haven’t played with me recently, play with me.”

Lin Mu wanted to say that making deserts couldn’t be considered playing, but looking at the little Ginseng’s eager eyes, he still nodded.

When Yan Xuanjing got rid of all the traces and went back into the house, Lin Mu had just finished filling the puffs. When he saw that Yan Xuanjing had returned, he simply gave him a plate.

The fox spirit paused and was still somewhat dazed as he naturally took one and ate it.

“Is it nice?” Lin Mu asked.

Yan Xuanjing thought of the tools that Lin Mu had just placed down, and nodded.

“That’s good.” Lin Mu let out a sigh of relief and ate one himself, and asked in a vague manner, “did you manage to get something out of them?”

The several monsters in the house all froze.

Lin Mu sighed, “do you guys really think that I’m stupid, and couldn’t even tell?”

Di Xiu looked down somewhat embarrassedly, and the little Ginseng gave two silly laughs.

“They said that they were individuals, and bypassed several big families to come here.” Yan Xuanjing said, and took out a ladle compass with a dragon’s head1Something like this:

This is called a sinan, one of the first inventions of a magnetic compass. Although, at that time, it wasn’t used for navigation, but instead, geomancy and fortune telling. The one in the story probably is using a ladle like this.  
, and watched at the ladle twirled around in his hand, “this is something to detect Wandering Veins.”

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However, because Di Xiu and Yan Gui threw down quite a lot of concealing and misleading protective arrays, the ladle compass wasn’t that useful.

Additionally, although Wandering Veins couldn’t cross the whole world in a day, they had no problem in travelling at thousands of kilometres in a day, so the possibility of them being caught was actually quite low.

With the exception of dim little idiots with bad luck like Qin Chuan.

If he hadn’t been seen when he went out to the mountains to play, he wouldn’t have attracted so many people. But if it wasn’t for the fact that there was a lot of things happening in the Great Wilderness lately, the monsters in the Great Wilderness wouldn’t have migrated on a large scale, which increased the monstrous energy in the Qingyao Mountain, which originally attracted the humans who first discovered Qin Chuan.

In short, Qin Chuan had bad luck, really, really bad luck.

When Di Wu came, they could simply pass this ladle compass to him.

Although Di Wu’s current strength had been greatly reduced, he could still catch up with the Wandering Veins.

Lin Mu was biting into a puff, heard his father and Yan Xuanjing talk one after the other, and after listening for a while, he knew that things were going well, so he simply stopped listening.

As for the ending of those humans, Lin Mu was lazy to ask, lest he made himself uncomfortable.

He took a few puffs and went upstairs, and called Di Wu as he went up, but Di Wu’s phone was turned off.

Qin Chuan, in the form of a dragon, was lying on the second floor’s balcony like a salted fish2salted fish could mean lazily, without any ambitions, etc. But it could also be literal, because the process to make salted fish includes hanging them on a rope and sun-drying them, and when he realised that Lin Mu had arrived, he shook his tail and asked in an expectant manner, “since the thing that can find Wandering Veins was found, will Di Wu come?”

Lin Mu fed him a puff and nodded, “I’ve sent a message to Di Wu.”

Qin Chuan heard his words and gave two silly laughs while biting the puff, then he drooped his head down, “but he won’t take me away, because I’m more of a living target than he is.”

Lin Mu thought about it and felt that it really the case.

The whereabouts of the Di Wu still depended on the Old Turtle’s divination, but Qin Chuan, as a Wandering Vein, had been studied very thoroughly, and any humans with a little ability could find him.

“It should be fine once he collects all of his soul and body.” Lin Mu said, uncertain.

“That would be the best.” Qin Chuan happily swished his tail after he heard what Lin Mu said.

And the two elders in front of him were obviously different from the one who could be indifferent even after his own daughter died.

Although they seemed tired and haggard because of recent events, it could be seen that they were in a good mood, as if they had left behind some heavy burden, and their whole being opened up.

Lin Mu was a little helpless. Actually, he probably knew why Milky was unhappy, and it was likely because he wasn’t happy that he had patted a cat.

Lin Mu froze. He was somewhat surprised by their actions, and found it a little regretful yet funny.


They should have separated long ago, Lin Mu thought.

However, each family had their own difficulties and everybody’s thoughts and concerns were different. He had no intention of exposing himself to this thing.

What if these two had no other choice?

After all, the world was very different, and there were all sorts of strange things.

Lin Mu glanced at his second uncle, and felt that the other party probably wanted to chat with him or something.

He thought for a bit, and answered, “why did you suddenly separate?”

When Lin Mu to work the next day, he found a few humans facing off against Da Hei in the office.

After listening for a while, he found out from Da Hei’s words that those humans were the ones in charge of monsters and cultivators in the Central Plains.

They were here today due to the recent increase in the number of monsters around Qingyao Mountain.

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The main thing they wanted to do was to appeal for the monsters to control the number of households within the Central Plains.

After all, the greater the number of monsters, the greater the amount of variables, and more accidents could happen.

Da Hei rolled his eyes and argued with them, “if something goes wrong in the Great Wilderness, there’s nothing we can do okay? The passageway is there; can you stop the monsters over there?”

You really thought so?!

Although it was the truth.

“Moreover, the things happening in the Great Wilderness isn’t that simple, and they’ve already sent a nine-tailed fox over here to watch over here, how could there even be a monster bold enough to cause trouble?”

But could just slightly, just slightly, bend a little bit!

The other party was also helpless, “the nine-tailed fox is obviously more dangerous.”

Lin Mu looked at the fox spirit that closed his mouth and widened his eyes.

Da Hei was a little angry, “if it’s not a nine-tailed fox, who could control those monsters? You guys? Let me tell you, amongst the humans that have been running to Qingyao Mountain recently, other than a few large families, none of them followed the formal procedures, and I haven’t found trouble with them yet! If they offended the nine-tailed fox, all of us are finished, don’t even think of running away!”

Lin Mu looked very similar to him, and even when they smiled, the two shallow dimples at the side of their mouths were exactly the same.

Lin Mu pulled the stool over and sat next to Da Hei, and flipped through the information beside him.

Recorded were a few large families that submitted an application.

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Lin Mu flipped through the information and felt his phone shake twice, then he glanced at it and found out that it was a message from Di Wu.

There was a long list of names in the message, all of which Lin Mu had just seen in the information.

He doubtfully pulled down the long message and saw the last sentence.

Di Wu said — Those people went to Qingyao Mountain, don’t let them leave, a part of Di Xiu’s body and soul is in their hands.

Lin Mu clenched his fists and accidentally pierced through the stack of files.

He heard Da Hei and these humans argue back and forth, and even if they died the passage can’t be closed, both the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains were places that could be each other’s refuges, and now that Great Wilderness faced difficulties, they couldn’t force the monsters in the Great Wilderness to die.

Lin Mu smoothed the pile of documents, gave a dry smile, and found out that it was really hard to laugh, so his smiling face dimmed little by little, and in the end, he interjected very calmly, “if we can’t close the passageway, then just close the mountain.”

“Qingyao Mountain covers such a large area. There’s sixteen mountains, enough to hold a lot of monsters. There’s probably many ways to seal the mountains, and to allow them to enter but not exit. If they need to go out, they could just go to both sides and report to us to get a stamp, and that should be enough.”

The few humans over there paused and looked at Lin Mu, who had been silent all the while, and asked, “you are …”

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“My colleague, Lin Mu.” Da Hei introduced, thought about Lin Mu’s words and felt that they were feasible, “I think it’s okay to seal the mountain. I have a lot of arrays left by the Old Turtle here, and when they’re released, it’ll be stable and secure.”

The several humans discussed and felt that it was a solution.

They were worried, “but you also said that there was a nine-tailed fox in the Qingyao Mountains, will sealing the mountains……”

When Da Hei heard them, he turned to look at Lin Mu.

All over Lin Mu’s body was the aura of the nine-tailed fox, which almost suppressed his own aura.

Da Hei clicked his tongue.

This obviously wasn’t something the braided bracelet on Lin Mu’s wrist could do, and it should be because he’d been very close with Yan Xuanjing recently.

“About the nine-tailed fox, it’ll be fine if I do it.” Lin Mu lowered his eyes, and his voice was abnormally peaceful, “my relationship with him is…… could be considered not bad.”

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Lin Mu: I’m ashamed, I only did a little work.

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