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Chapter 50 – Milky frowned, and felt that things weren’t that simple.

Lin Mu’s words had caused both Da Hei, who was in the know, and the humans, who weren’t in the know, feel a little unexpected.

Da Hei was thinking about the fact that Lin Mu hadn’t been killed despite keep a great monster like Yan Xuanjing as a pet, and felt that this really couldn’t be explained with a single ‘not bad’.

In addition, the Old Turtle had hinted to him that Lin Mu’s bloodline wasn’t simple, and Da Hei didn’t make any real sense of it yet. Now, after placing Lin Mu and the nine-tailed fox as equals, he felt that it was a little amazing.

He could treat a nine-tailed fox like this — and this nine-tailed fox was still the next young leader of Qingqiu Country, without anything happening to him. No matter how Da Hei thought about it, it must be because ofsome exceptional bloodline or background.

And connecting it with Lin Mu’s blank parentage and initial confusion about everything, the only answer was that his bloodline was something exceptional.

The human side had thought more about it.

They had a cooperative relationship with the sub-district office, after all, they were all in the same civil service system, and their salary also came down from the top, so naturally, they had in their hands Lin Mu’s information.

However, they didn’t really care too much about Lin Mu, because Lin Mu’s information and resume looked really ordinary, and he was still a half-monster. Also, he hadn’t taken part in the previous mission to hunt down Di Wu, so he probably was just a common salaryman.

In the end, this salaryman could say that his relationship with the nine-tailed fox wasn’t bad!

The few humans looked at each other, and were still in a state of disbelief.

This demon looked really young and tender, similar to an ordinary human, and didn’t seem that strong when one looked at his combat effectiveness and aggressiveness, so how could he be friends with the nine-tailed fox?

But a book couldn’t be judged by its cover, they still understood this fact.

The human who was capable of making the decision sighed, and asked, “if you go and ask, by when would you be able to get a reply?”

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Lin Mu heard his words, pursed his lips, smiled, then took out his phone, “I can do it now.”

The few humans became dumbfounded.

Da Hei waved his hand, “then you should go and ask quickly, Lin Xiaomu.”

“Okay.” Lin Mu went out and called Yan Xuanjing.

Most of the times came when Yan Gui was laying on his body being a layabout and swishing his tails about, and occasionally, the tails would swish across his body, then he would be able to feel the soft fox tail.

Lin Mu looked down at the place Di Xiu was pointing, and released his hand without understanding why as he asked in confusion, “what’s wrong?”


“The tail of the nine-tailed fox are formed of and signifies their strength and weakness, don’t……”

Di Xiu didn’t think that there was anything he couldn’t say.

“It’s a very common matter, I met some greedy people and for a moment, didn’t notice……”

That was why when Di Xiu noticed that something was wrong, he moved so swiftly and removed himself so simply.

When Yan Xuanjing received the call, he was picking up a letter in the main mountain of the Qingyao Mountains.

The passage between the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness was in the middle of the mountain, and for monsters, it wasn’t difficult to enter into the mountain.

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The Great Wilderness had sent Yan Xuanjing a letter again, and this time, it wasn’t Yan Gui who sent the letter. Because Yan Gui’s investigation was going smoothly, he had simply stayed in the Central Plains to protect Di Wu.

This letter came from Yan Xuanjing’s mother.

The letter in his hand carried a bewitching aroma, and just as Yan Xuanjing prepared to open the letter, his mobile phone vibrated.

The only one who would dial this number was Lin Mu.

Yan Xuanjing held the letter in his hand and answered the phone.

Lin Mu stood on the side of the street as the watched sporadic cars and pedestrians passed by, then whispered, “could I ask you for a favour, Milky?”

His voice was low, and slightly hoarse, and it was obvious that he was in low spirits.

Yan Xuanjing frowned slightly.

A few rabbits with families had just exited the passageway, and with a raise of their heads, saw a great monster in low spirits. They were so frightened that they retreated and hid in the passageway again.

Yan Xuanjing glanced over in that direction, lifted his foot and went out of the mountain, then asked, “what happened?”

Lin Mu had never thought that he was ugly, but after so many years of looking at his face, he was already bored, and didn’t think that it was that good looking.

Lin Mu opened his mouth, and just as he wanted to say what happened, he looked around him and changed his words.

Lin Hongkuo was originally persuading them not to fight, but he had been in the business for so many years, and what senses that he should have he did, and his temper had also been cultivated. Thus, when he heard his father say those words, he followed his younger brother and also exploded.

“I’ll tell you the specifics when I reach home. It’s just that there’s some humans that came to our office, and said that recently, there’s too many monsters coming from the Great Wilderness, and they’re afraid something would happen. I proposed that we seal the mountains, and they all agreed, but they’re afraid that you would mind.”

Not mentioning others, but Uncle De’s whole family was looking forward to it.

“Seal the mountains? You……” Yan Xuanjing paused, and faintly realised that there was something in Lin Mu’s words. After hearing that Lin Mu would tell him when they returned, he swallowed back his words and corrected Lin Mu, “Qingyao Mountain isn’t my territory.”

Lin Mu couldn’t drag the whole village down just because of his own matters.

Lin Mu was stunned, “but everybody was saying that the head of Qingyao Mountain was a nine-tailed fox.”

“Rumours.” Yan Xuanjing finished, then looked up at the Qingyao Mountain’s God lying on a rock on the side of a mountain basking in the sun, and said, “I’ll ask the Mountain God for you.”

Lin Mu also didn’t quite understand ways it worked, and after hearing Yan Xuanjing’s words, he nodded, “oh, okay.”

Yan Xuanjing’s relationship with the Mountain God wasn’t bad, after hearing that he wanted to seal the mountains, the Mountain God had no problem.

It was just sealing the mountains, and not levelling the mountains. For this kind of matter, the mountain god had nothing to say.

And sealing the mountains might make it more fun, and the Mountain God felt as if he might be able to catch a few monsters to play with him.

He’d made a bunch of chess and card games recently, and was worried that nobody would play with him.

Yan Xuanjing conveyed his words to Lin Mu, didn’t relax when he heard Lin Mu’s muffled reply, and said, “come back and explain things, I will help you.”


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Lin Mu slightly paused, listened to the faint wind sounds and crying birds from the other side of the phone, gave a long sigh, rubbed his face, and his tone relaxed a little, “then, thank you so much.”

Yan Xuanjing heard Lin Mu’s words, and his frown eased a little, but he still didn’t feel that okay.

He didn’t think more about it, and just followed along his own thoughts and naturally said, “there’s no need to say thank you.”

On the other side of the phone, Lin Mu said leaned against the wall, opened his mouth, and picked at the wall behind him as he whispered, “if I don’t say thank you, what can I say?”

Yan Xuanjing was stuck by this question.

His brows furrowed a little more, felt confused because he was unable to grasp the answer, and also felt weak and was inexplicably nervous.


Yan Xuanjing looked down at his hand that was holding the letter, and felt that no matter what, he should not be nervous when talking with Lin Mu, this weak half-monster.

It’s not as if Lin Mu’s an enemy.

What’s more, he wasn’t a strong monster, so there wasn’t any need for him to be nervous.

Both ends of the phone fell into silence.

In the end, Yan Xuanjing chose to skip over this topic and said, “come back earlier.”

“Oh.” Lin Mu pouted, hung up the phone and turned back to the office.

Yan Xuanjing frowned, but didn’t speak because there were other humans around.

He thought it had nothing to do with whether he was a pet or not, he simply didn’t feel happy — was he worse than a cat?

Lin Mu spoke until he was tired, then turned to Di Xiu and asked, “what happened back then?”


For this human that had belong to Di Xiu, any spirit belonging to her was completely gone, and couldn’t be found.

Di Xiu squatted down, looked at the two bouquets of daisies placed in front of the tombstone, watched as the wind passed over and shook the petals, then slowly returned to his senses.

“What happened before I was born,” Lin Mu explained, “if you don’t want to say it, it’s okay.”

Di Xiu had followed Yan Gui for so long, yet rarely had the opportunity to touch those nine large tails.

Da Hei was still disputing with those humans.

“Now, I’m afraid that some normal humans in the mountains would see something that they shouldn’t see, and I don’t know why so many humans are running over here recently? Even if the number of monsters in our area exceeded the standard, there still wouldn’t be so many people coming over here? I’m very sceptical, and don’t really trust those humans……”

Lin Mu heard what Da Hei said, and then glanced at the humans who had bitter smiles on their faces.

The humans that were discussing the matter of sealing the mountains were also complaining, “we’re also afraid of ordinary humans entering by mistake, and would also like to know what’s going on. But there hasn’t be such a wave of monsters for hundreds of years, so it’s understandable that they’ll be so excited.”

Another human also added, “at least the big families knew how to report and make it easier for us to regulate and control. Those scattered folks don’t care about this at all, and we can’t catch every single one of them.”

“That’s right, if the mountain’s sealed, we must work overtime, send more staff, step up the registration and do logistics, and would have family and friends finding fault with us, it’s very troublesome.”

Da Hei tsk’ed, and wasn’t surprised by this matter at all.

In the Central Plains, the current rules for monsters and special humans were quite abnormal and cruel, like the law of the jungle where the weak got eaten. They were totally laissez-faire about it.

And the two elders in front of him were obviously different from the one who could be indifferent even after his own daughter died.

As the ones in charge, they were only responsible for the monsters and special humans that registered and came to their door to ask for help.

Lin Mu froze. He was somewhat surprised by their actions, and found it a little regretful yet funny.

They didn’t care about personal revenge, or care about small scaled killings and looting, as long as ordinary people weren’t involved.

Lin Mu was a little helpless. Actually, he probably knew why Milky was unhappy, and it was likely because he wasn’t happy that he had patted a cat.

Usually, everybody was in charge of their own affairs. Unless it was someone that came to find them, some crazy character turned up, or something extraordinary happened, it was then that they would take the initiative.

Although they seemed tired and haggard because of recent events, it could be seen that they were in a good mood, as if they had left behind some heavy burden, and their whole being opened up.

Like Di Wu’s matter, once they realised that Di Wu wasn’t purposelessly taking revenge against society, they simply washed their hands off it.

And this time, they decided to find a way to clear up the problem because ordinary humans might get involved.

Otherwise, even if the Qingyao Mountains had killings all over the place, they wouldn’t care, and at most would help when a monster that had registered here came to seek asylum.

Da Hei looked up at Lin Mu, and asked, “it’s okay?”

“It’s okay, the mountain can be sealed.” Lin Mu sat back down beside Da Hei, listened as the human beings took out their computer and started to prepare for video conferencing, and grumbled about the trouble the whole time.

Lin Mu fell silent for a while before he asked, “don’t you guys know?”

Several pairs of eyes looked towards Lin Mu, “know what?”

Lin Mu blinked, “a Wandering Vein came to Qingyao Mountain. Those big families probably came here to look for it.”

There was silence in the office for a while, then all of them felt chills at the same time.

Lin Mu added, “Yan Xuanjing said so.”

Da Hei felt his teeth hurt when he heard Lin Mu’s words, “those big families had always been better informed than us, but things are different now, and it’s impossible for the Dragon Vein to be divided between several families.”

It was different from ancient times where a house or land could be build atop a Dragon Vein if one was found. In addition to being capable of holding onto the spiritual energy that was becoming weaker and weaker, Dragon Veins had another use, and that was to make the country prosperous.

With more Dragon Veins that remained in the land, the more the country would be able to prosper and flourish.

In the state that these cultivator families were in now, because they were limited by the times, only a few of them had made any names of themselves, and if they caught a Dragon Vein, that would be stabbing knives into the national fate.

That would be unbearable for anyone, okay?

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In the past, their superiors didn’t care because although they couldn’t really make a name for themselves, they were needed to suppress the monsters that entered society, but if they really dared to make moves on the national fate, they wouldn’t even know how they would die.

There were a lot of things that their superiors were hiding.

If they really made a move, it could even be considered a dimensional shaking one.

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“How could this be so troublesome……” The expressions of the human’s faces became even more distressed, and they sighed, “no wonder they kept the news so tight. This mountain has to be sealed no matter what, when I send the report I’ll ask them for more people, and the families have to watch themselves.”

Lin Mu calmly poured himself a glass of water, watched as the few humans in the office along with Da Hei busied themselves and they clicked away on the keyboard, and slowly took a sip.

“Lin Xiaomu, don’t laze around.” Da Hei pointed upstairs, “go upstairs and bring down the information of the few families that applied and print out several copies.”


Lin Mu mumbled a response and joined in with bustle.

For the first time, Lin Mu realised how troublesome it was to carry out a procedure in a government unit.

He was busy for the whole day until it turned dark, and worked overtime until it was nine in the evening, and finally sorted out one-third of the data that needed to be sorted out.

The reports that the humans had to make were even worse, the advantages and disadvantages, the potential risk and loss, and efficiency had to be all sorted out. By the time Lin Mu got off work, the humans were still sitting in their office under the dark, and everybody in the office had a big, strong cup of tea, coupled with the aroma of coffee.

“It’s just that it’s a pity that you can’t see them.”

Lin Mu murmured, and Di Xiu’s virtual image stood behind him with his head slightly lowered. His eyes were gentle as they focused at the picture on the tombstone.

He hadn’t seen this picture in the album. It wasn’t a serious and formal portrait, but instead, a photo that looked like a selfie that was taken from an angle.


Both sides were stunned.

There were still some differences between looking through a camera and at the real person, especially the two people looked particularly haggard at the moment.

Both uncles were the well-maintained types. They still had plenty of hair and was without a trace of baldness despite their age. They were dressed in a suit that looked like it had been specially prepared and were well organised, as even their hair had been specially arranged.

Lin Mu returned home somewhat muddled with his mind full of official business words.

Before he went home, he remembered to send a copy of the information he had sorted out to Di Wu.

Their superiors needed to receive the report, audit the report, and verify the situation. Afterwards, they needed to have a meeting to discuss then dispatch their staff. This entire matter needed a lot of time, and this time was probably enough for Di Wu to secretly make a move.

If Di Wu couldn’t make a move or was too late to make a move, then afterwards, there would be somebody here to sanction them, then Di Wu wouldn’t need to make a move using his own hands and get stained with the kills, wouldn’t that be the best?

They should have separated long ago, Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu greeted the ones in his house and fell into the sofa, exhausted.

He thought for a bit, and answered, “why did you suddenly separate?”

Yan Xuanjing walked to his side and got shoved a mobile phone by Lin Mu.

Lin Mu glanced at his second uncle, and felt that the other party probably wanted to chat with him or something.

Lin Mu laid sleepily on the sofa and said, “the specifics are like this……”

After all, the world was very different, and there were all sorts of strange things.

Yan Xuanjing took the phone, and on the screen was a chat window between Di Wu and Lin Mu.

What if these two had no other choice?

Before this, Lin Mu had sent several documents to Di Wu.

Just as Yan Xuanjing was planning to swipe up the chat history to see what was wrong, he saw a new message from Di Wu.

A kiss sticker, and a lovelove gif.


Old and disrespectful!

Doesn’t know shame!

Yan Xuanjing looked at the two new replies, his fingers lingered on the screen, and his brows furrowed even tighter.

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Milky frowned, and felt that things weren’t that simple.

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