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Chapter 51 – Brain circuits that went in all directions.

Yan Xuanjing looked at the two messages from Di Wu for a long while, and in the end, he chose to skip over the unhappiness in his heart as Lin Mu’s affairs still prevailed.

Swiping on the screen, Yan Xuanjing glanced at the long list, and after he had realised what was going on, slightly raised his eyebrows.

He glanced at Lin Mu, who was lying on the sofa with his eyes half-closed and was obviously very tired.

No wonder his spirits were so bad at that time, it turned out that the enemy had sent themselves to his door.

Yan Xuanjing’s senses of politics were still quite sharp in this area, and almost immediately, he realized that Lin Mu’s intention of sealing the mountains wasn’t out of his attitude towards official business.

His selfishness prevailed, and the mountain was sealed because he wanted to go after an easy prey.

First, lock those people up and isolate them from the outside world, so no matter what kind of bloodshed happened in the mountains, it wouldn’t disturb the outside world. After all, the rules for their kinds of existences were very unreasonable and inhumane.

According to the rules, those who neither went to the office to register nor took the initiative to find them for help were deemed to have given up their third-party assistance.

They would not take the initiative to intervene, and even if they asked for help, those people would have to go through Lin Mu’s to see if they could leave in the first place.

Because sealing the mountains was something that had to go through both the humans and monsters side, and even if they didn’t go through Lin Mu, they would have to go through Da Hei, thus, there was a very large area to work on.

It was a good solution.

The fox spirit supported his cheek, and his finger tapped on the screen of the phone, making a slight clicking sound. But it was hard to say if the human side would attach as much of an importance to this kind of matter, or would they keep an eye close and let their own kind go.

Lin Mu eye’s opened slightly, and he squinted at Yan Xuanjing, “what’s wrong?”

“How are you planning to ensure that the human side takes this matter seriously?” Yan Xuanjing simply asked.


Lin Mu pursed his lips, and was a little hesitant.

He looked up at Yan Xuanjing, and when he found out that Yan Xuanjing’s attention was still on the phone, fell silent for a while before he spoke in a soft voice, “I told them that there was a Wandering Vein in the mountains, and that those people came rushing here because of it.”

Yan Xuanjing heard the words and looked at Lin Mu quite unexpectedly.

Lin Mu proposing the matter of sealing the mountains was, in his opinion, still within his normal expectations. After all, the humans had come to their door looking for a solution, and it wasn’t difficult for him to make use of this opportunity to gain an upper hand.

But to reveal Qin Chuan’s existence, this really surprised Yan Xuanjing.

No matter what, Qin Chuan was somebody more familiar to Lin Mu — it wouldn’t be wrong to call them friends.

With Lin Mu’s usual attitude, he wouldn’t be the type to put his friends in danger.

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Lin Mu was being judged by Yan Xuanjing, and felt very uncomfortable.

He was already quite uneasy when he mentioned the Wandering Vein in the office. Now that he was being stared at by Yan Xuanjing with a little surprise and contemplation, he immediately sat up on the sofa, and felt as if he was sitting on a bed of nails.

“I just think…… it’s very safe at home, you’re here, and so is my father. Else, there’s Di Wu and your father.” Lin Mu looked down, nervously grabbed at the cushions, and cautiously said, “there should be no problem with Qin Chuan’s safety.”

Yan Xuanjing realized that his gaze was making Lin Mu uncomfortable, looked away, and after hearing what Lin Mu said, nodded and said, “having me is enough.”

Lin Mu looked up at Yan Xuanjing and wondered if what he focused on was a little skewed.

“Although it was a little unexpected…… but it was a very beautiful job.” Yan Xuanjing commented.

As a monster — a half-monster, if he still shrunk back while facing humans who were far less capable compared to him whilst he had a strong backing, then what would that be like?

Let alone monsters, even humans knew how to reasonably make use of their existing resources to obtain benefits for themselves.

As for the questions of humans minding being thought of as bait, in the monster’s mind, it didn’t really matter.

Monsters didn’t have a sense of guilt when they betrayed another’s trust. Believing in others and being unable to protect themselves, if they were sold out, then they could only consider themselves to be unlucky.

If a monster was strong enough, then the friends around them would rarely choose to betray or backstab.

Because the cost of doing this was too high. As time passed, unsuitable friends would be filtered out, and out of the ones that would be left, most of them were devoted and brave types that would treasure the ones that were similar to them.

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As for those monsters that are too weak to be mentioned, they rarely needed to practice this kind of awareness, because they didn’t have anything of value to be betrayed and backstabbed for.

To sum it all up.

As monsters, there was only one reason that they would be betrayed by others: not being strong enough.

Towards the vast majority of monsters, this was perfectly logical and valid.

Although Yan Xuanjing was somewhat surprised, this surprise was due to using Lin Mu’s way logic to infer the matter, and not because of the matter itself.

About this matter, he felt that there was nothing wrong with Lin Mu, and that he even did a good job.

When Lin Mu explained that because of his presence that he dared to mention about the Wandering Vein, Yan Xuanjing’s heart feel really comfortable.

As for the names that Lin Mu had added later, it didn’t matter.

In any case, Yan Xuanjing himself was at ease.

Lin Mu took a closer look at Yan Xuanjing, realised that he didn’t really have any special expression, and couldn’t help but feel a little dumbfounded.

He thought that he would be chided at least.

“Qin Chuan’s going to be okay, right?” Lin Mu asked.

Yan Xuanjing lifted his eyebrows, “yes.”

Lin Mu sighed, “you’re not a real pet dog.”

Lin Mu let out a sigh of relief, “then I’ll go upstairs to find Qin Chuan, this matter still has to be told to him.”

She still had some sense of presence before her mother passed, but after she did, other than her older brother and younger brother, nobody bothered with her anymore.

Yan Xuanjing watched as Lin Mu hurriedly slip on some slipper then pattered up and stairs. It was only until Lin Mu’s figure disappeared from the entrance of corridor did he slowly take back his sight.

Out of the three children of the Lin family, the daughter that ran away didn’t really mean much to Father Lin.

Still a little naive, he thought.

So he didn’t allow his children to go out of his control.

This was probably the Relaxed Emperor’s family’s innocence.

…… But it was pretty good.

The fox spirit remembered Lin Mu’s slightly guarded and cautious appearance, and felt as if his heart had been scratched slightly, and was a little itchy.

Lin Mu didn’t need to rush and adapt to the rules of monsters.

Yan Xuanjing thought.

He was there.

The nine-tailed fox lowered his head and began to slowly flip through the information in the phone,

The pile of information that Lin Mu send Di Wu was quite detailed, from their name to their photos to their birth chart1八字. lit. eight words/characters. It’s a divination method that uses a person’s birth year, month and date to predict one’s personality and future and their cultivator sect, everything was there.

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These were all moved down from the reference room on the second floor and sorted out, so they were very detailed.

In particular, those individuals who shared the same name as those sent by Di Wu, even their biographical details were there.

Little spy.

Lin Mu felt somewhat helpless as he took off the leash attached to the door, and said goodbye to Grandpa Liu who was still reading the newspaper.

Yan Xuanjing remembered all the looks of the people in the phone, thought for a moment, and turned around to find Di Xiu.

Milky followed behind Lin Mu, jumped onto the back of the little electric scooter after it was unlocked, and lifted his head to aid Lin Mu in removing the leash from his neck.

Lin Mu looked towards the Li Hua cat that came up behind them and said, “Blossom is really quite bold.”


“I wasn’t in a good condition at that time, and had some premonition that something was probably going to happen.” Di Xiu raised his hand and touched his heart, “I gave this fruit to your mother very early…… and as long as she ate it, she would forget me.”

But Lin Xueji didn’t eat it.

Lin Mu found Qin Chuan who was hanging himself on a clothesline on the second floor.

Not only did she not eat it, but she also clenched her teeth and kept that secret for eighteen years, not telling anyone, including Lin Mu, one of the ones involved.

Recently, it had started to rain sporadically. There wasn’t any moon, nor moon essence, and only a few scattered stars in the sky tonight.

Lin Mu looked up at the small dragon hanging on the clothesline and said, “Qin Chuan, I have something to tell you.”

“Ah?” Qin Chuan responded, looked at Lin Mu upside down, and when he spoke, there was a slight dragon’s roar in his words, “if it’s about the things you told Yan Xuanjing, I’ve heard it all.”

Lin Mu made an ‘ay’, and just as he wanted to say something, he was interrupted by Qin Chuan.

With a flick of his tail, Qin Chuan jumped down from the clothesline, landed precisely on Lin Mu’s shoulder, and said lightly, “I don’t really mind. I’m having such a good time at your house, I’ll just take it as repaying you!”

Lin Mu was still a little embarrassed.

When he used to be bullied because he didn’t have a father, he had actually used the kindness of several people because he looked cute to accuse others behind their back. However, this was the first time he had used this kind of method on someone that could be called a friend.

Even if he didn’t mind, Lin Mu himself couldn’t bear it.

He thought about it, and simply took Qin Chuan into the room, opened a certain Bao2Taobao. An famous online china shopping website, similar to amazon website, and asked Qin Chuan to choose something he liked as a gift to compensate him.

Qin Chuan’s eyes lit up, and wasn’t planning to be courteous towards Lin Mu at all.

Then, he took the mouse and clicked away as he picked stuff.

Lin Mu sat on the bed next to him and listened to Qin Chuan’s rhythmic mouse sounds. His eyelids started to fight each other, and before long, he fell asleep.

With this sleep, Lin Mu slept until dawn the next day. After washing up and returning to the room under Qin Chuan’s eager gaze, he glanced at what Qin Chuan had placed into the cart and found that it was hundreds of plush toys.

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The big ones were big, and the small ones were the size of a keychain. There were hundreds of pieces, and the price was very beautiful.

Lin Mu turned his head, and just as he wanted to say that there were too many, and there wasn’t enough room at home, he met with Qin Chuan’s pitiful looking eyes, and simply gritted his teeth and paid, then went down the stairs to eat breakfast with an out of sight and out of mind attitude.

Lin Mu ran out of the house with a Shumai in his mouth, circled around the yard, then returned and looked up at the big green tree and asked with a muffled his voice, “Dad, where’s Milky?”

Di Xiu emerged from the branches and replied, “he went to the mountains.”

Lin Mu choked for a moment, “……my phone is still with him.” ”

“He’s coming back soon.” Just as Di Xiu finished speaking, Yan Xuanjing’s figure appeared at the end of trail outside the courtyard.

Yan Xuanjing raised his eyes, saw Lin Mu standing in the yard, and the hand hidden in his sleeves moved as he hid a long section of one of Di Xiu’s branches.

Lin Mu murmured, and Di Xiu’s virtual image stood behind him with his head slightly lowered. His eyes were gentle as they focused at the picture on the tombstone.

Di Xiu sat on his own body and quietly covered up the broken section.

“It’s just that it’s a pity that you can’t see them.”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t seem damp, but there was still the lingering scent of morning dew on him.

He hadn’t seen this picture in the album. It wasn’t a serious and formal portrait, but instead, a photo that looked like a selfie that was taken from an angle.

Slightly cold and slightly sticky.

Both sides were stunned.

There were still some differences between looking through a camera and at the real person, especially the two people looked particularly haggard at the moment.

Yan Xuanjing took out Lin Mu’s phone, “your phone.”

Lin Mu took the phone and casually asked, “what did you go there for?”

“Went for a walk in the mountains.” Yan Xuanjing answered.

And incidentally took a large section of Di Xiu’s branch, so that he could appear in the mountains, and tell those people a warm and happy bedtime story.

Because Yan Xuanjing often went to the mountains, Lin Mu didn’t ask much after he had listened to him say so. He just took back his cell phone and went back to the house to eat his unfinished breakfast.

Yan Xuanjing watched him enter the house, then turned around and returned the long branch to Di Xiu.

This large branch wasn’t the same as the little palm size part that Lin Mu brought out before. What Yan Xuanjing took away was a part of Di Xiu’s power, which was why he could tell that group of humans a bedtime story. The part that Lin Mu took it out was really too small, and could only be used as a disposable item.

Anyways, for that small piece, Di Xiu could easily grow it out again, but not for the one that Yan Xuanjing took out.

Di Xiu pressed the branch back into this body, thought of the humans who  had been surprised and scared for the whole night, and his whole entire tree was extremely happy.

Yan Xuanjing remembered all the scents of the people who were named on the information, and planned to wait until the mountain was sealed before making a move, as to not act rashly and inadvertently alert the enemy.

Lin Mu paused, “what’s wrong?”

“I’m going too.” Yan Xuanjing said, and took out a letter, “there’s news from the Great Wilderness.”

Just as he prepared to turn into his original form and jump onto the backseat of Lin Mu’s scooter, Lin Mu stopped him.

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“The trains don’t allow pets!” Lin Mu looked down at the time, “I’ll be late if I ride there, go there by yourself.”


That was why when Di Xiu noticed that something was wrong, he moved so swiftly and removed himself so simply.

Yan Xuanjing watched Lin Mu expressionlessly as he drove away, paused under Di Xiu’s amused gaze for a couple of seconds, before he directly flew into the sky in the direction of the sub-district office.

Most of the times came when Yan Gui was laying on his body being a layabout and swishing his tails about, and occasionally, the tails would swish across his body, then he would be able to feel the soft fox tail.

Lin Mu looked down at the place Di Xiu was pointing, and released his hand without understanding why as he asked in confusion, “what’s wrong?”


“The tail of the nine-tailed fox are formed of and signifies their strength and weakness, don’t……”

Di Xiu didn’t think that there was anything he couldn’t say.

“It’s a very common matter, I met some greedy people and for a moment, didn’t notice……”

Lin Mu was startled when he opened the office door.

Lin Mu took a few steps back, reached back and grabbed Milky’s tail, and shouted very nervously, “Dad!”

Out of the six humans and one monster in the office, only Da Hei still had the energy to tap away on the keyboard. There was also a human who was holding a document and editing it. The other five were lying on the desks like they were dead, totally blacked out.

Lin Mu approached and asked in a small voice, “you guys were busy all night?”

“En, it’s still okay.” Da Hei took a sip of water, looked at the humans who were collapsed all over the place and said in a cocky manner, “humans are weak.”

The innocent human who was targeting despite doing nothing raised his head from the document and slapped the table, “if you’re so great, you write the report!”

Da Hei immediately stopped talking.

The only awake human snorted, and continued to write and draw.

Lin Mu lightly lifted the stool up and said in a small voice, “Yan Xuanjing should be here in a while.”

The only human and monster who were awaked paused at the same time, “what is he coming here for?”

“He said that there’s news from the Great Wilderness.” As soon as Lin Mu’s voice fell, the office door was pushed over and Yan Xuanjing walked in slowly.

Da Hei instantly slammed the table and shouted, “get up!!”

Lin Mu watched as the people who were just sleeping spring up with a jump, like a whack-a-mole game.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t care about the humans that were in a chaos and directly said, “news came from the Great Wilderness. Qingqiu Country has recovered Di Wu’s power.”



“They recovered what?”

The several humans and monsters didn’t react.

“Di Wu’s power which was seized in the Great Wilderness was recovered by my Mother.” Yan Xuanjing repeated.

“Oh, that’s a good thing.” Da Hei rubbed his hands together and said happily.

The human near him realised the blind spot, “if Di Wu’s power was recovered, then what about that monster that was causing chaos?”

Yan Xuanjing gave a him a light glance and said calmly, “don’t know.”

The human suspected that he had heard wrong, “what?”

“Dead, ran, disappeared — in the end, there’s no trace.” Yan Xuanjing’s tone was very bland, “and we don’t know what it is.”

“So…” Da Hei opened his mouth, “you guys didn’t find him anywhere?”

Yan Xuanjing nodded.

“What about the passage!” The human-in-charge this time was a little anticipatory,, “weren’t you3polite version of you here to guard the passage? He shouldn’t have gone through the passage, right?”

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Yan Xuanjing expressionlessly looked at the human, and said, “at least Qingyao Mountain’s passageway is safe.”

The human opened his mouth and stuttered, “……what, what do you mean?”

Da Hei took the initiative to explain, “what it means is that the monster disappeared in a strange manner, and maybe it had entered some wild little passage, if not, with the strength of the monsters in the Great Wilderness, there was no way that they couldn’t get any trace of him after he lost all his power — unless he was dead.”

The expressions of the few humans who had just gotten up suddenly broke.

Yan Xuanjing frowned, but didn’t speak because there were other humans around.

“That being said, I received a call for help from Qingyao Mountain at dawn today.” Da Hei rubbed his chin, “the call said that there were ghost haunting in the middle of the night, but after the whole night passed, nobody was injured.”

Both uncles were the well-maintained types. They still had plenty of hair and was without a trace of baldness despite their age. They were dressed in a suit that looked like it had been specially prepared and were well organised, as even their hair had been specially arranged.

The human-in-charge quickly followed along Da Hei’s ideas, “creatures with huge amounts of resentment and killing intent could bring about terrifying illusions to those around them. There’s no real harm, but it could cause madness or even death due to the intense feeling of oppression.”

He thought it had nothing to do with whether he was a pet or not, he simply didn’t feel happy — was he worse than a cat?

The human-in-charge and Da Hei looked at each other, and felt a chill run down their spine.

Yan Xuanjing frowned, but didn’t speak because there were other humans around.

It couldn’t be that the monster had a pile of sins caused by killing and was probably acting out against society really ran to the Central Plains?!

Together, they looked at Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Xuanjing almost failed to keep up with their train of thought, and revealed a instant of deep contemplation.

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Da Hei and the human-in-charge looked at the nine-tailed fox’s attitude, felt their heart tighten, and panicked as they called others.

“Seal the mountains! Seal it now! Immediately seal it! To hell with your procedure!”

Lin Mu was confused as he looked over here, then looked over there, and finally looked over at Yan Xuanjing who had just gone to the mountains for a walk before.

It was only then that Yan Xuanjing had reacted to what the two had filled in the blanks with, and a majestic nine-tailed fox like him was stunned for a long time before he returned to his senses and met with Lin Mu’s dazed and confused look.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

Forget it.

In any case, he’d delivered the news. Although he didn’t know why it turned out like this, but the purpose of his trip was achieved.

And towards the Da Hei’s and the human-in-charge whose brain circuits went in all directions, Yan Xuanjing looked up at the several humans and one monster as they ran about like the wind and blabbered away, pondered for a long time, and still decided to remain silent.

The nine-tailed fox then faced Lin Mu, who was looking at him for an answer, showed an enigmatic expression, and did not intent to reveal the good deed he had done.

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