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Chapter 52 – Yan Gui, you bastard!

Lin Mu wondered why, in the blink of an eye, he couldn’t understand how everything had developed in such a manner.

After pondering for a while, he took a stool, pulled it up beside Yan Xuanjing, and asked softly, “what’s going on?”

Yan Xuanjing looked up at the messy office, raised his hand to throw up a spell to isolate them and prevent snooping, and gave a very rare sigh, “accident.”

Lin Mu was full of question marks, “what kind of accident?”

“I just came here to send a message.”

Yan Xuanjing held the letter in his hand. Lin Mu glanced over it and found out that there weren’t that many words, and that at the head of the letter was a Milky.

Lin Mu guilty looked away.

Yan Xuanjing looked at the letter in his hand, and wasn’t surprised that his mother already knew that he had a nickname like Milky.

Compared to that, he was even more amazed by the over-active imagination Da Hei and the rest had.

“Although there’s speculation that the unknown monster fled to the Central Plains, but……”

But he really didn’t give a hint that the monster was in the Qingyao Mountains.

But nobody would have expected that Da Hei’s actions were as fierce as a tiger, and the uproar was so great that even a majestic nine-tailed fox couldn’t even react.

Lin Mu muttered, “then what did the things that Da Hei said mean?”

“That is…… if a somebody as killed a lot of people, even if they were an ordinary person, they would be able to detect some danger upon seeing them. Although it might be weak, but it’s an instinctive defensive measure.” Yan Xuanjing explained.

Naturally, cultivators and monsters were different from ordinary humans.

If even ordinary humans could perceive the danger, there was no need to mention cultivators and monsters who had much more sensitive senses.

They could detect the negative karma and resentment of anybody who had blood on their hands, and if there was too much negative karma and resentment, it would directly affect the people around them.

If it wasn’t as heavy, people would have nightmares. If it was heavier, it would directly cause people to have terrible hallucinations.

There was nobody in the world who hadn’t done something bad before, and as long as there was the tiniest gap, it would get out of control.

There was no way to dispel such an illusion, and there is no way to even eliminate it. In the end, for it to drive someone crazy or even to death was something extremely normal.

The unknown monster in the Great Wilderness had killed monsters and massacred cities; the blood that stained his hands and his resentful energy couldn’t be considered small, and he wasn’t Di Wu who had the merits to ease the pressure.

If it was true that he had really stayed in the Qingyao Mountains, then, the collective feedback that last night was haunted was a completely realistic and likely answer.

After listening to him, Lin Mu was still a little confused, but he quickly grasped onto the main point, “wasn’t it that monster who did something?”

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Yan Xuanjing was silent for quite a while, then shook his head, “…… no.”

“Then what’s the matter?” Lin Mu was confused, “is it really haunted?”

“…… Also no.”

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t planning to tell Lin Mu about this. After all, running out in the middle of the night with Di Xiu to the mountains to scare people because they had nothing to do, it sounded childish if they said it out.

Even if his intention was to spy, it still couldn’t hide the childish nature of the action.

Yan Xuanjing was expressionless as he said in a solemn manner, “last night, I went out with Elder Di Xiu to tell the humans in the mountains some bedtime stories.”

Di Xiu wasn’t unable to restrain himself, it’s just that this tree had a little bit of wicked interests, so he held some horror stories and read them without any restraint. Not only did he read it, but even used a bit of his strength, to partake in the sharing of happiness, to call it nicely.

Although the truth was that nobody wanted to share this happiness with him at all — other than Lin Mu’s extremely brave mother, whose first reaction upon seeing a monster was ‘mister, you’re really handsome’, who really loved ghost stories, and dared to venture into the wilderness alone.

But Di Xiu didn’t care.

If didn’t matter if nobody got happiness from it, as long as he got happiness from it.

At most he would restrain himself in front of his beloved son, but as for others?

What did that have to do with him?

And it was even more irrelevant when it was the enemy.

Lin Mu opened his mouth and said, “I remembered you only came back early this morning.”

Yan Xuanjing nodded.

Di Xiu’s ghost stories had sort of a ritualistic feel, for instance, if it was a certain hour of the night, he would read the stories that had to do with that hour of the night. By the time the morning light came, certain stories weren’t suitable anymore, after all, the vast majority of ghost stories happened at night.

This was also why Da Hei didn’t receive the call until dawn.

Of course it was because when Di Xiu was telling the ghost stories, the phone couldn’t be dialled through at all!

Where there any ghost stories where a phone could be used — oh, it wasn’t that there weren’t any, but the one at the other end of the phone wouldn’t be the person who should have answered the call.

If it hadn’t been for Lin Mu who had gotten up and was looking for Milky, Di Xiu was even happily talking about <S○l○nt H○ll>, and wasn’t planning to return at all.

Lin Mu: “??”

Lin Mu: “……”

There’s something wrong with you guys, right?

“Childish.” Lin Mu said, softly.

Yan Xuanjing glanced over to him and nodded in agreement, “Elder Di Xiu is childish.”

Lin Mu looked at Yan Xuanjing, and his gaze was a little complex, “you’re also childish.”

“I’m not.” Yan Xuanjing proved himself, “I went there to spy.”

Lin Mu asked, “spy on?”

“To see who had Elder Di Xiu’s original body.” Yan Xuanjing answered.

The big families had come over to get an application also had back luck, as it just happened to be the day that Lin Mu had taken his leave.

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Otherwise, they would have spotted Lin Mu, this little seeding that looked like Di Xiu, and from there, would have noticed that something wasn’t right.

Lin Mu asked Yan Xuanjing, “you found my father’s original body?”

The fox spirit nodded, looked at Da Hei and the rest in the office, and said, “no, they hid it, but the problem isn’t big.”

Originally, he thought that he would have to wait until the mountain was sealed before he could make a move, but he never expected that such an operation would start.

For the longest time, he had been looking down on little monsters like Da Hei and the other humans.

Lin Mu’s control over the current situation wasn’t as good as Yan Xuanjing, and after knowing the cause and the consequences, he only asked, “is this a good thing? It wouldn’t affect your schedule, right?”

For this human that had belong to Di Xiu, any spirit belonging to her was completely gone, and couldn’t be found.

“It’s a good thing.” Yan Xuanjing nodded his head, and took Di Wu’s contact information from Lin Mu, and then looked up at Da Hei who was rushing over with a pile of arrays.

Lin Mu spoke until he was tired, then turned to Di Xiu and asked, “what happened back then?”

Because Lin Mu looked a lot like his father, Yan Xuanjing arranged for him to stay in the office.


“What happened before I was born,” Lin Mu explained, “if you don’t want to say it, it’s okay.”

It took quite a lot of time to set up the array, but fortunately, the means of communication and transportation that humans had were quite developed in recent times, and just as Da Hei and the rest put the arrays in place, the extra staff that were dispatched from the top had arrived.

Di Xiu squatted down, looked at the two bouquets of daisies placed in front of the tombstone, watched as the wind passed over and shook the petals, then slowly returned to his senses.

They hadn’t notified the people inside, and simply started the array that they arranged.

After all of this was done, Yan Xuanjing carried a Di Xiu branch, went all over the mountains and stirred up all sorts of chaos, until finally, before the sun set, those people were ready to exit the mountain and watch quietly

Yan Xuanjing returned Di Xiu’s branch, and remained calm and composed as he waited at the array’s exit.

The advantage of such a large array was that they needn’t be afraid of somebody destroying it from the inside.

If there was somebody who could really sabotage it, the other parts could still continue to operate if one part was destroyed, and there were rings and rings of it. Even if the entire inner part of the array was razed, there were still several outside circles that could continue to work and maintain it. It was extremely difficult to get rid of all of them at once.

The nine-tailed fox waited with Da Hei and the rest at the exit, and a couple of civil servants had already set up their tables, held their laptops and opened the software, ready to start recording at any time.

As for the rest of the newcomers, some well-trained people had set up tents on the side, and carried a bunch of very professional looking tools into the mountain.

Yan Xuanjing watched as this group of humans enter the mountain, and just as he was about to take back his gaze, the first group of humans had exited out of the mountain and stepped out of the formation.

This was a bunch of scattered individuals, a total of six, with pale faces and dark-eyed circles as the sign of insufficient sleep.

Yan Xuanjing’s gaze lightly brushed across them and didn’t notice anything unusual, so he looked away.

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Da Hei brought a few people to the front, wrote down these undeclared people one by one, and commenced the questioning and punishment.

Towards these humans, even Da Hei could be regarded as a very power monster, and there wasn’t any need for Yan Xuanjing to come forward.

Although it was mainly because Da Hei had experienced the netherworld, and not only survived but also gained spiritual awareness, but it was an indisputable fact that in the current age, most human cultivators were weak.

The place they were in was still in the array, it didn’t take long for person after person to get transported to this area from another area.

The ones who had chosen to given up were some scattered and casual families, and those large families hadn’t emerged at all.

It wasn’t until the moon was high in the sky that a large family emerged.

These kinds of large clans had no intention of become enemies with these civil servants, and each one of them were very clever. As soon as they approached, they gave Da Hei and the rest some spiritual medication, and whispered, “Comrade, what’s going on here? Why is the mountain sealed?”

Da Hei looked at them and gave a cheeky smile, “oh, because we heard that there’s a Dragon Vein.”

Those few spiritual medications were placed on the table, and nobody touched them.

The people who approached froze for a moment, then immediately reacted and showed a surprised look at they said, “there’s such a thing?”

Da Hei smiled and said, “yeah, it’s not just a Dragon Vein. Do you know about the evil monster in the Great Wilderness causing trouble recently? He might actually be in the Qingyao Mountains right now. Hasn’t it been haunted these couple of days, can you guess why?”

Di Xiu had followed Yan Gui for so long, yet rarely had the opportunity to touch those nine large tails.

Those people heard his words, and were horrified, and after repeated thanks, they turned back to the mountains and rushed away, probably to inform the rest of their clan.

Most of the times came when Yan Gui was laying on his body being a layabout and swishing his tails about, and occasionally, the tails would swish across his body, then he would be able to feel the soft fox tail.

Yan Xuanjing stood at the corner, bathing in the moonlight.

Lin Mu looked down at the place Di Xiu was pointing, and released his hand without understanding why as he asked in confusion, “what’s wrong?”

Perhaps it was because he had been closer to the two Relaxed Emperors recently, so the moon essence had begun to take care of him too.

“The tail of the nine-tailed fox are formed of and signifies their strength and weakness, don’t……”

Now, even if he didn’t stay with Di Xiu or Lin Mu, there were still scattered amounts of moon essence that fell down, flying about around him.

Although it was just a little, it was better than nothing.

Not long after that, a large number of people had approached, crowded out the scattered smaller families and occupied the front position.

It seemed that these people didn’t have much of a rapport, and were ridiculing and sneering at each other as they approached.

The phone in Yan Xuanjing’s pocket vibrated. He took out his phone, looked down, and found out that it was Di Wu who sent him a message.

It said that he found two piece of Di Xiu’s body and the remaining soul, and was rushing over.

Yan Xuanjing coldly returned a ‘.’ to indicate that he had read it.

He was already quite uneasy when he mentioned the Wandering Vein in the office. Now that he was being stared at by Yan Xuanjing with a little surprise and contemplation, he immediately sat up on the sofa, and felt as if he was sitting on a bed of nails.

“I just think…… it’s very safe at home, you’re here, and so is my father. Else, there’s Di Wu and your father.” Lin Mu looked down, nervously grabbed at the cushions, and cautiously said, “there should be no problem with Qin Chuan’s safety.”


Yan Xuanjing realized that his gaze was making Lin Mu uncomfortable, looked away, and after hearing what Lin Mu said, nodded and said, “having me is enough.”

The fox spirit supported his cheek, and his finger tapped on the screen of the phone, making a slight clicking sound. But it was hard to say if the human side would attach as much of an importance to this kind of matter, or would they keep an eye close and let their own kind go.

Lin Mu eye’s opened slightly, and he squinted at Yan Xuanjing, “what’s wrong?”

“How are you planning to ensure that the human side takes this matter seriously?” Yan Xuanjing simply asked.

Di Wu held his phone, looked at Yan Xuanjing’s indifferent period, then turned his head to Yan Gui and said, “why didn’t your son learn from your sluttish manner?”

Yan Gui squatted beside Di Wu, with a sausage in his mouth, hummed as he played ○○ Battlefield, and pinched his throat with a ‘mister, won’t you bring me along’. He was stunned by Di Wu’s question for quite a while and raised his foot and kicked him, “who are you calling sluttish? Go and look and the mirror and see who’s helping you when you’re in this damned state, who are you talking about!”

“I’m not talking about myself anyways.” Di Wu said and hurried Yan Gui, “hurry up, we need to go back soon.”

“Bah!” Yan Gui ate the sausage in large bites, returned to his original form and kicked off Di Wu who was planning to jump on his back, then grabbed Di Wu by the collar as they flew into the sky.

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Di Wu was blown by the bone-chilling wind into a spinning top, and was nearly choked by his collar.

“Fuck, Yan Gui, you bastard!” Di Wu swore as he jumped onto one of Yan Gui’s front paws.

Yan Gui shook his paw and found out that he hadn’t shaken off Di Wu, “filthy language!”

Di Wu gave a cold laugh, “you continue to ramble, I’ll tell your wife that you pretended to be a girl in the game so much you ended up with eight husbands.”

Yan Gui was shocked, “how can you be so damn vicious!”

Di Wu sat on Yan Gui’s front paws and watched the fast-moving scenery below as he unhurriedly said, “it seems that you want me to tell your son too.”

Yan Gui chocked for two seconds, “…… in these thousands of years, you changed a lot.”

Di Wu threw up a spell to block the wind, reached for his phone, and said as he sent a message to Yan Xuanjing, “of course, I’m currently a mature monster with many painful experiences.”

Di Xiu sat on his own body and quietly covered up the broken section.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t seem damp, but there was still the lingering scent of morning dew on him.

Slightly cold and slightly sticky.

Yan Xuanjing took out Lin Mu’s phone, “your phone.”

Lin Mu took the phone and casually asked, “what did you go there for?”


“Went for a walk in the mountains.” Yan Xuanjing answered.

To sum it all up.

As monsters, there was only one reason that they would be betrayed by others: not being strong enough.

Because sealing the mountains was something that had to go through both the humans and monsters side, and even if they didn’t go through Lin Mu, they would have to go through Da Hei, thus, there was a very large area to work on.

It was a good solution.

With Lin Mu’s usual attitude, he wouldn’t be the type to put his friends in danger.

Lin Mu was being judged by Yan Xuanjing, and felt very uncomfortable.

Yan Xuanjing felt the phone in his hand buzz quite a few times. He looked down and saw that Di Wu had sent a string of messages over.

The main content was that he wanted him to learn from his father, who was so provocative that he had gotten eight husbands. He had also included a small video of Yan Gui pretending to be a girl while playing games, chatting with people, and also transforming into a woman to video chat with others, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Yan Xuanjing opened it one by one and found out that in those eight videos, his father was a different person, had different looks and a different voice each time.

It was worthy of being called the essence of drama.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

Although he was long used to Yan Gui turning into all sorts of men and women to run around, but sometimes…… he really didn’t want to admit that this was his father.

Di Xiu didn’t think that there was anything he couldn’t say.

Just as Yan Xuanjing was preparing to reply, he happened to hear a man over there say triumphantly, “isn’t it because you guys are useless that you’re affected by this? We weren’t affected at all.”

“It’s a very common matter, I met some greedy people and for a moment, didn’t notice……”

After Yan Xuanjing heard this, he blinked, placed his phone back into his pocket and walked over with the moon essence on him.

That was why when Di Xiu noticed that something was wrong, he moved so swiftly and removed himself so simply.

Only Di Xiu’s original body could resist Di Xiu’s power.

Di Xiu, who was watching a ghost move, heard his son’s voice and looked over. The dark and gloomy atmosphere in the yard instantly disappeared, exposing the original sky.

As he approached, he slowly let go of his power that had was flawlessly kept together.

The group of humans turned around alertly and looked at the monster who was walking over step by step.

His aura was extremely shocking, like the lofty mountains yet like the gloomy sky. The humans who had slight Taoist teachings could vaguely see the energy condensing into a gigantic fox, with nine overlapping tails, laying lazily in the air.

It turned and look over, showing beast-like red eyes as it looked down at the humans on the ground. Its eyes were full of calmness and a killing intent as it looked upon the worms below, and made the people feel as if they were going to faint.

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Yan Xuanjing walked over to the person who had just spoken, raised his eyes and glanced at the humans behind him who were obviously in the same camp.

“Return the things you took twenty-three years ago,” Yan Xuanjing said calmly.

Da Hei pinched his tight and trembled as he stuttered, “what, what what what’s going on!”

“Strictly speaking, they hurt my family’s elder.” Yan Xuanjing tilted his head slightly, glanced at Da Hei, and said, “this is a personal feud.”

The fox spirit supported his cheek, and his finger tapped on the screen of the phone, making a slight clicking sound. But it was hard to say if the human side would attach as much of an importance to this kind of matter, or would they keep an eye close and let their own kind go.


Lin Mu eye’s opened slightly, and he squinted at Yan Xuanjing, “what’s wrong?”

“How are you planning to ensure that the human side takes this matter seriously?” Yan Xuanjing simply asked.

Yan Gui saw the newly laid down array on Qingyao Mountains, and the wild energy that belong to his son on the edge.

He was full of question marks, “what was going on here?”

“……” Di Wu held his phone and fell silent for two seconds, and softly muttered, “it couldn’t be because I sent your sluttish videos to your son, right?”

Yan Gui: “?”

Yan Gui: “You fucking with me?”

Yan Gui was expressionless.

Yan Gui kicked Di Wu off.

Yan Gui looked at Di Wu who flew out, and started to consider the possibility of killing a tree to silence him.

Why didn’t the great me simply decide to follow that group of little bitches and turn traitor?

How was Di Wu, this useless little bastard, worthy of being painstakingly saved by him?

Better off dead.

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