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Chapter 53 – He is mine.

Di Wu had expected Yan Gui’s response. The moment he was thrown out, he cleanly kept all of his aura, then turned and floated in the air as he looked down at the situation below.

The scene on Yan Xuanjing’s side was very tense.

The group of humans looked alertly at the monster who had suddenly launched an attack, and as they kept their guard up, they isolated the family that Yan Xuanjing was looking for trouble with.

The scatter group of families who hadn’t been investigated couldn’t help but avoid everything and slipping to the side.

Yan Xuanjing’s eyes swept over this group of people who had been separated from the crowd.

Everybody he looked at seemed to become drained of their energy, like a mayfly in the face of a raging tsunami, even breathing was becoming painful and laborious for them.

It was hard to even raise the slightest thoughts of rebellion.

“Give it to me.” Yan Xuanjing repeated.

He spoke very seriously and his tone was calm. It’s just that his pair of phoenix eyes were no longer the peaceful black that they were familiar with, but the same orange-red beast-like eyes as the energy rolling above him.

There was a seeping cold aura that enveloped this small area, and the wind that blew across them brought along a thick, bloody scent, with vague cries of resentment.

There were a few humans whose gaze turned, and they looked below.

They didn’t know when a red sticky liquid with some vague broke white bones scattered across had flowed out beneath their feet,

Most of them were the remains of animals, but sporadically, human remains could be seen.

If Yan Xuanjing was near Lin Mu’s house, this time, he would have been unable to hide against the protection of the Morning Dusk.

This reflected the advantage of the nine-tailed foxes, who had both fierce and auspicious sides. Basically, for those arrays and protection that needed to be triggered, they were unable to stop a nine-tailed fox with two, or even thousands of faces.

Nobody dared to speak first. All of them avoided the red liquid flowing on the ground and turned their gazes full of blame onto the family that Yan Xuanjing was focusing on.

Da Hei also didn’t dare to touch the things he didn’t know were actually blood or corpses. He jumped up and sat down on the table, looked at the pale human beings and sighed, “we don’t bother with personal feuds.”

Their leader shivered, and his teeth were clattering together, but still forced himself to speak to Yan Xuanjing, “you1polite version of you…… what is this about?”

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“What is it, you should know.” Yan Xuanjing recalled the information that he had gotten from Lin Mu.

This family was a new family that had suddenly emerged in the past twenty years. Compared with family, the more traditional sect would be more appropriate.

They had used the Relaxed Emperor’s wood’s characteristic of relieving worries and anxiety to amass quite a large fortune, and helped a number of unsuspecting cultivators treat the spiritual damage caused by practice, which was a very scarce resource in the eyes of cultivators.

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t as patient with these people as he was with the little Ginseng and Lin Mu.

“The Relaxed Emperor’s tree and your family’s safety, choose one.” He simply stated.

The family’s head turned fearful instantly.

His family’s safety was naturally important, but he was very clear in the past twenty years, what his family had depended on to develop.

He naturally didn’t want to hand it out, but he if didn’t, then based on the naturally aggressive tendencies of a monster’s revenge, he and his family would probably be dead.

Their family’s resources are low, and to a great monster, it didn’t have the tiniest bit of use.

With a face full of fear, the man took out a cloth bag and gave it to Yan Xuanjing.

He lowered his head, and didn’t dare to look at the eyes of those around him.

Their family’s means of taking down Relaxed Emperor’s tree wasn’t glorious, and for so many years, the wealth and connections that he had gotten was by using the Relaxed Emperor’s tree, hiding it from those people, and letting them get stained the Relaxed Emperor’s karma.

This was a big taboo among cultivators.

He didn’t dare to look up, and Yan Xuanjing had nothing to say as he took the cloth bag in his hand and opened it to confirm the contents.

“As for the others who had done similar things.” After Yan Xuanjing had confirmed it, he put away the cloth bag, and his eyes flickered across the people who had been recorded down by Lin Mu, paused, and good-heartedly warned them, “but you guys don’t have to chance to choose anymore.”

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After all, the one who went to their families was Di Wu.

What Di Wu exactly did, Yan Xuanjing didn’t know, but judging from the attention that Di Wu gave to Di Xiu, who was from the same species as him, and his experiences over the years, he probably wouldn’t hold back.

Yan Xuanjing said nothing, didn’t care about how drastically those people’s faces changed, and slowly took back his energy and the spells that he let out. With the disappearance of his energy, the image of the nine-tailed fox and the quietly spreading bright red colour also disappeared. Apart from the families that were named by Yan Xuanjing, everybody else was in a trance.

As for those monsters that are too weak to be mentioned, they rarely needed to practice this kind of awareness, because they didn’t have anything of value to be betrayed and backstabbed for.

When all the red had faded, Da Hei shook his head and raised his eyes to look at the scattered families that had wandered far away, and said, “what are you standing so far away for? Let me tell you, punishment can’t be escape!”

Lin Mu took a few steps back, reached back and grabbed Milky’s tail, and shouted very nervously, “Dad!”

The scattered families murmured as they came over and registered with drooping heads.

Recently, it had started to rain sporadically. There wasn’t any moon, nor moon essence, and only a few scattered stars in the sky tonight.

They passed by Yan Xuanjing who had hidden his aura and almost merged with the dark night, as if they knew nothing about the identity of this monster.

However, each family had their own difficulties and everybody’s thoughts and concerns were different. He had no intention of exposing himself to this thing.

Yan Xuanjing’s goal was achieved. He looked at the families whose memories hadn’t been confused by him, admired their horrified and fearful faces, and carried the cloth bag to find Lin Mu.

Da Hei looked and saw Yan Xuanjing who seemed like he was going to pack up and go home, slightly paused, and asked carefully, “where…… are you2polite version of you heading to?”

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Yan Xuanjing’s footsteps stopped and he replied in good tempered manner, “home.”

Da Hei had a face full of suffering, “then…… that monster……?”

The fox spirit had finished the things that he wanted to do and was in a good mood, so he planned to explain everything to Da Hei.

“Oh, that monster is……”

Before he could finish, he stopped talking and looked up to the northern sky.

From over there, a strong burst of killing intent and resentful energy exploded, as if testing them. Overwhelming pressure pressed over, and shrunk back the moment it touched them, then clearly made its way towards the north.

The conversation between Yan Xuanjing and Da Hei came to an abrupt end.

Da Hei shivered, and his face became pale, “that…… that monster is really here!”

Yan Xuanjing froze slightly, glanced at Da Hei.

Those resentful energies belong to Di Wu, and Yan Xuanjing could tell. Only, Di Wu hid his own aura and merits, which made it look suspicious.

The fox spirit looked at the panicked Da Hei, and felt that Di Wu did this for a reason.

So Yan Xuanjing swallowed that truth the came to his lips, watched Da Hei make a call to the Old Turtle who was best at finding, and felt that there wasn’t any need for him to stay anymore. So, he took the cloth bag containing the Relaxed Emperor’s wood and slowly left.

Yan Xuanjing was lazily lying there in a dignified manner, and didn’t even give Blossom a glance. It wasn’t until he heard Lin Mu’s footsteps did his ears shook as he stood up to look up at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu felt somewhat helpless as he took off the leash attached to the door, and said goodbye to Grandpa Liu who was still reading the newspaper.

Milky followed behind Lin Mu, jumped onto the back of the little electric scooter after it was unlocked, and lifted his head to aid Lin Mu in removing the leash from his neck.

Lin Mu looked towards the Li Hua cat that came up behind them and said, “Blossom is really quite bold.”


“I wasn’t in a good condition at that time, and had some premonition that something was probably going to happen.” Di Xiu raised his hand and touched his heart, “I gave this fruit to your mother very early…… and as long as she ate it, she would forget me.”

But Lin Xueji didn’t eat it.

Not only did she not eat it, but she also clenched her teeth and kept that secret for eighteen years, not telling anyone, including Lin Mu, one of the ones involved.

If a monster was strong enough, then the friends around them would rarely choose to betray or backstab.

Because the cost of doing this was too high. As time passed, unsuitable friends would be filtered out, and out of the ones that would be left, most of them were devoted and brave types that would treasure the ones that were similar to them.

After Di Wu had scared a bunch of people by hiding who he was, he had turned around, restrained his aura and ran to Lin Mu’s place.

Yan Gui gave him a lot of good things, amongst which were many magic treasures that could hide his body and aura.

Di Wu was currently armed to his teeth, and even if he stood still and got attacked, several people could become exhausted before a single hair on him was harmed.

Yan Xuanjing came back with the Relaxed Emperor’s wood and turned it over to Lin Mu who was looking at him eagerly.

Lin Mu held two small cloth bags and a jade carving, which had a very obvious scent of Di Xiu’s aura.

Yan Xuanjing turned to Di Wu and asked him, “why did you do that just now?”

“Lin Xiaomu told me everything. I think it’s not bad, and I can get rid of the Old Turtle following behind my back and find something else for him to do.” Di Wu looked around Lin Mu’s yard, stood at the door to hide his figure, and whispered very quietly, “that Old Turtle is really accurate at divination, and him following behind me is really annoying.”

Yan Xuanjing nodded, and handed the ladle compass to Di Wu.

Di Wu took the item and turned around and got ready to leave like his butt was on fire.

As a result, just as he took a step out, a shadow sprung out of the yard.

That shadow came out like the wind, his voice was clear and energetic and full of excitement, “Lin Mu, Lin Mu! I heard Di Wu’s voice! Is Di Wu here! Where’s Di Wu!”

Di Wu’s footsteps were like the wind and totally ignored him.

Qin Chuan grabbed Di Wu’s wrist with his tail and whined, “Di Wu, don’t go! Don’t not want me anymore wuwuwu!”

“You go away.” Di Wu shook his hand and tugged at the Dragon Vein, “such a big dragon like you crying, won’t you be ashamed?”

Qin Chuan sniffled, held back a big amount of tears and hemmed and hawed, “why are you leaving without seeing me at all?”

Di Wu touched his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes. Taking one stick out, he held it in his mouth and was very distressed. In his heart, he said, isn’t it because my head gets hurt when I look at you crying little bag of tears?

Him, Di Wu, is such as awesome monster. Every day, for thousands of years, he did whatever he wanted without anybody being capable of stopping him. Even when he crashed and burned, he had made a comeback.

Lin Mu looked up at the small dragon hanging on the clothesline and said, “Qin Chuan, I have something to tell you.”

He could basically stir up all sorts of trouble and do everything — except coax someone.

Lin Mu made an ‘ay’, and just as he wanted to say something, he was interrupted by Qin Chuan.

Di Wu thought about it, until Qin Chuan couldn’t hold back his tears anymore, and finally came up with a more appropriate answer, “isn’t it because I’m scared that you’ll be in danger. You know what kind of luck you have.”

“Ah?” Qin Chuan responded, looked at Lin Mu upside down, and when he spoke, there was a slight dragon’s roar in his words, “if it’s about the things you told Yan Xuanjing, I’ve heard it all.”

Qin Chuan made a ‘wah’ and cried, “then, then you still don’t have to leave without seeing me! I’ve been searching for you for so long! I thought you didn’t want me anymore!”

With a flick of his tail, Qin Chuan jumped down from the clothesline, landed precisely on Lin Mu’s shoulder, and said lightly, “I don’t really mind. I’m having such a good time at your house, I’ll just take it as repaying you!”

Di Wu was expressionless, “I didn’t not want you.”

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Qin Chuan sniffled, “then…… then after you collect back all parts of your soul and your original body, will you come and find me?”

Di Wu: “……”

To be honest, he didn’t want to.

After all, Qin Chuan was such a living target, totally unsuitable for his kind of unrestrained and natural living habits.

Qin Chuan hiccuped and his tears rushed out. He tried to hold back, but he couldn’t, and cried out loud.

As he cried, he dove into Di Wu’s clothing, wrapped around his waist and poked out his head out from in between the buttons of his shirt and continued to cry.

Di Wu looked at Qin Chuan who had popped out of his chest and was crying, worriedly lit a cigarette, finished it quietly, and finally changed his words, “okay, okay, I’ll come back to find you. You stay here obediently with Lin Mu.”

Qin Chuan’s cries came to an abrupt end.

He shook off the ashes that fell on his head, came out from Di Wu’s clothing, changed into his human, clapped, and a bunch of stuffed animals fell from mid-air.

He pulled Di Wu who had a gloomy face and introduced to him the names of the dolls one by one.

“I just think…… it’s very safe at home, you’re here, and so is my father. Else, there’s Di Wu and your father.” Lin Mu looked down, nervously grabbed at the cushions, and cautiously said, “there should be no problem with Qin Chuan’s safety.”

Yan Xuanjing realized that his gaze was making Lin Mu uncomfortable, looked away, and after hearing what Lin Mu said, nodded and said, “having me is enough.”


The fox spirit supported his cheek, and his finger tapped on the screen of the phone, making a slight clicking sound. But it was hard to say if the human side would attach as much of an importance to this kind of matter, or would they keep an eye close and let their own kind go.

Lin Mu eye’s opened slightly, and he squinted at Yan Xuanjing, “what’s wrong?”

“How are you planning to ensure that the human side takes this matter seriously?” Yan Xuanjing simply asked.

In Lin Mu’s hand were three bags, and he looked up at the three-meter-high tree, then looked at the area that the tree took, and the gloomy expression on his face could be compared to Di Wu.

Lin Mu and Di Xiu went back to the yard.

“I think that you should lose some weight, Dad.” He said.

If all these three parts were absorbed back, he’s afraid that the yard, fence, and greenhouse would be crushed.

Di Xiu also sighed, “keep it first. I’ll put them back when we return to the Great Wilderness.”

Lin Mu said okay. He carried the three bags, but didn’t know any spells nor had a bag of holding. He wouldn’t feel safe if they were placed outside, and after looking around, he finally went to Yan Xuanjing for help.

Yan Xuanjing helped him keep away the three pieces of Di Xiu’s original body, looked at the obedient little Ginseng who ran out to the yard with tea, snacks, and fruits, then turned to sit on a log. With the tea and snacks, he got ready to admire the sight of a rarely distressed Di Wu, and had no intention of helping at all.

As monsters, there was only one reason that they would be betrayed by others: not being strong enough.

Because sealing the mountains was something that had to go through both the humans and monsters side, and even if they didn’t go through Lin Mu, they would have to go through Da Hei, thus, there was a very large area to work on.

It was a good solution.


With Lin Mu’s usual attitude, he wouldn’t be the type to put his friends in danger.

Lin Mu was being judged by Yan Xuanjing, and felt very uncomfortable.

He was already quite uneasy when he mentioned the Wandering Vein in the office. Now that he was being stared at by Yan Xuanjing with a little surprise and contemplation, he immediately sat up on the sofa, and felt as if he was sitting on a bed of nails.

It was at this time that Yan Gui arrived late. Once he saw his son holding a cup of tea and snacks, he raised his arm to hook over his son’s neck and dragged him over to the side.

“What about the things that Di Wu sent you?” Yan Gui said.

Yan Xuanjing heard his words and slowly sipped a cup of tea, “……”

Yan Gui glanced at his son, narrowed his eyes, and warned: “I tell you, if you show it to your mother, I’ll……”

Halfway, he was stuck.

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If he thought about it, he had nothing to threaten his son with.

Yan Xuanjing remained calm as he looked as his father in this trying times, “you’ll?”

“I’ll abdicate and make a run for it.” Yan Gui said.

Such words have never threatened Yan Xuanjing before. Yan Gui was very clear that his son, this nine-tailed fox with a genetic mutation, had a strong sense of responsibility for Qingqiu Country.

The little Ginseng looked up, saw Lin Mu, and his eyes lit up, “Lin Mu, you’re back!”

Yan Xuanjing would usually as that it was exactly what he wanted.

He pattered over to the two humans with his small plastic shovel, raised the shovel and poked the two men in the sole, and was particularly proud, “I caught them!”

Yan Gui was filled with regret, and began to think about where he should escape to.

The Li Hua cat was extremely bold, and it’s fur was standing on it’s ends staring at the big and white fluffy pile. It’s tail was straight and upright, as it hissed at the unfamiliar dog.

Against his wife, it was impossible to face her directly. He couldn’t win, and could only engage in guerrilla warfare.

Wait until his wife wasn’t as angry, then go up and roll across the bed a couple of times. If once couldn’t solve it, then twice!

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Yan Xuanjing glanced at his father, frowned, and said, “no.”

“En? What?” Yan Gui couldn’t react.

Lin Mu was still a little embarrassed.

Yan Xuanjing said, “you can’t abdicate.”

Lin Mu choked for a moment, “……my phone is still with him.”

There was a strange look on Yan Gui’s face, “you didn’t say that before.”

“He’s coming back soon.” Just as Di Xiu finished speaking, Yan Xuanjing’s figure appeared at the end of trail outside the courtyard.

Yan Xuanjing shook his head, “I promised Lin Mu to take him around the Great Wilderness.”

Yan Xuanjing raised his eyes, saw Lin Mu standing in the yard, and the hand hidden in his sleeves moved as he hid a long section of one of Di Xiu’s branches.

Yan Gui paused, and his heart made an ‘oh’, “I also can take him through the Great Wilderness!”

Yan Xuanjing brows furrowed even tighter, and he said firmly, “no!”

The old fox very carefully looked his son up and down, then looked at the luxurious sacred tree set meal, and with a face full of loving guidance, “why can’t I?”

“Because, he……”

Because he is mine.

Yan Xuanjing was so startled by the idea that had suddenly burst into his mind.

He looked at Lin Mu, who is poking the moon essence and whispering to Di Xiu. He paused for a long time, and the confusion and shock in his eyes slowly retreated. He could finally place the powerlessness and inexplicable tension he had been experiencing the past few days.

Yan Gui looked at his son, turned to face the luxurious sacred tree set meal, then happily shouted as he ran over, “kiddo, kiddo, do you want to see a portrait of Yan Xuanjing as a kid! And a portrait of him in women’s clothing! And how he showed his belly! And how he looked like with his head on the ground after falling into the mud! And how he licked his paws as a kid……”

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

Yan Xuanjing: “???”

Yan Xuanjing instantly got up, and with a raise of his hand, threw his teacup towards his father.

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