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Chapter 55 – “Remember to bring along Yan Xuanjing wherever you go.”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t have much experience with illusions, but changing the size of his original body wasn’t a big issue.

He looked at Lin Mu, obediently turned into a small little ball, and jumped onto bed.

Lin Mu looked at this little white ball of fur and took in a sharp breath.


How could there be such a cute little fur ball in this world!

Lin Mu reached out and held up the tiny Milky.

The soft and fluffy one was held up, and he was very light. His whole body was covered in soft and fluffy fur, and seemed much softer and delicate compared to his previous form. His ears naturally drooped down, and his nine tails that hung behind him were twice as large as his body.

The little fox held in the palm of his hand was warm. Lin Mu’s hands that held Milky couldn’t hold back, and he reached out to use his thumb to rub his face.

Yan Xuanjing watched expressionlessly as Lin Mu rubbed his face then started to rub his head. After rubbing his head, he began to rub his belly, and after rubbing his belly, he touched his tail. His four small paws weren’t let off either, and Lin Mu touched him all over with extremely quick and skilled movements.

Then, he heard Lin Mu make a light sound of surprise.

Yan Xuanjing looked back towards Lin Mu.

Lin Mu touched the sheets and was very surprised, “Milky, you don’t shed fur in this form.”

Before, a lot of fur could be collected every day — after all, the time Yan Xuanjing spent as a human wasn’t much, and as explained by Yan Gui, to be in their original form was the most comfortable and natural state for them. Although their human form was flexible and easy to use, but to the nine-tailed fox, it was still the second choice.

So Lin Mu hadn’t specifically talked to Milky about the troubles of combing through a lot of fur every day.

“Of course it wouldn’t shed as a child.” Yan Xuanjing said.

As it was commonly known, most animals only shed their fur once when they were young. It was the time when the fetal fur on their body faded and the dense fur that an adult should have grew.

Lin Mu heard Yan Xuanjing’s voice, looked at him, and after a while, he opened his mouth and said, “don’t speak.”

Yan Xuanjing: “?”

“This cute look doesn’t match your voice at all.” Lin Mu said.

Yan Xuanjing voice was really nice to listen to, and to Lin Mu, even talking with him could be called a pleasure.

But his cold voice that was like the snowy mountains really didn’t match his current appearance.

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“The way you look like now extremely suits…… en, the original way a nine-tailed fox calls.” Lin Mu lifted Milky up again, happily said, “how cute, and there’s no shedding. Could you keep your original form like this in the future?”

Yan Xuanjing paused, faced Lin Mu’s sparking eyes, hesitated for a moment, and just as he wanted to open his mouth to speak, he remember that Lin Mu had told him not to speak, so he closed his mouth and nodded.

In any case, it didn’t really affect him in any way.

As long as Lin Mu was happy.

Lin Mu saw that Yan Xuanjing agreed, happily placed the little fox in his hand aside, flipped off the bed, slipped on his slippers and ran to the cupboard. He took out the ugly little bed that he had previously made for his father and placed it on the nightstand.

Next, he placed the tiny little Milky on the on the ugly little bed, and felt that with Milky laying on top, even the ugly little bed became much nicer looking.

Yan Xuanjing laid on the small bed, gave a small yawn, laid down on his two front paws, and watched as Lin Mu pulled out a pile of felt toys.

Those felt items had the scent of Yan Xuanjing’s fox form, and were made with the fur that he had shed before. The scent on them was very light, and the smell had almost entirely dissipated.

These kind of furs that had been naturally shed would turn into normal fur soon, and was different compared to the rope on Lin Mu’s wrist that Yan Xuanjing had specially made for him.

Lin Mu picked here and there, and finally took a felt toy of a little fox and placed it beside the small bed.

Yan Xuanjing looked at it and realised that it was done quite well.

He didn’t know when Lin Mu had the time to mess about with these kind of things.

Yan Xuanjing thought so, watched Lin Mu held his phone and snapped a flurry of photos, and simply curled his tail around himself and buried himself in the fur, forming a round ball of fur.

Lin Mu took back his phone, selected the photo he was most satisfied with, and set it as a screen saver.

He looked at the little fox sleeping into a ball again, and gave a little whimper as he held the blanket.

Too cute.

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It would even move more people’s hearts compared to Yan Xuanjing’s human form.

Lin Mu fell on the bed, laid on his side, and watched as the little fox’s ears tremble slightly, only to feel that the top of his heart was also brushed across by those two fluffy ears. It was cool and sweet, and went from his heart to the rest of his body.

After a long time, Lin Mu gradually fell asleep, and Yan Xuanjing slowly got up from the little bed, walked to beside Lin Mu’s pillow, laid down again, yawned, and looked up and out of the window.

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t as patient with these people as he was with the little Ginseng and Lin Mu.

“The Relaxed Emperor’s tree and your family’s safety, choose one.” He simply stated.

The family’s head turned fearful instantly.


The scatter group of families who hadn’t been investigated couldn’t help but avoid everything and slipping to the side.

Yan Xuanjing’s eyes swept over this group of people who had been separated from the crowd.

Everybody he looked at seemed to become drained of their energy, like a mayfly in the face of a raging tsunami, even breathing was becoming painful and laborious for them.

It was hard to even raise the slightest thoughts of rebellion.

Di Xiu hid amongst the branches of his own body, and carefully watched the movements in Lin Mu’s room.

As a result, he didn’t hear anything and was noticed by Yan Xuanjing.

Di Xiu regretfully took back his attention.

He knew a lot about how monsters thought, for example, mating was a matter that didn’t come with other problems that needed to be worried about, as long as the relationship was a mutual one.

Lin Mu also liked Yan Xuanjing quite a bit, he knew and could see quite clearly that.

But when he had first arrived here, Lin Mu didn’t have such thoughts, and he didn’t know when it had suddenly changed.

Di Xiu didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

He was absent from the first twenty-three years of Lin Mu’s life, so naturally, he wouldn’t play a role where he would interfere and tell his son that it was impossible or inappropriate once his son’s heart was moved.

It’s just that he thought that his son was going to become an experienced and mature monster tonight, as a result, he never expected that Lin Mu took another path and completely avoided it.

Milky also failed to live up to expectations.

Di Xiu sighed, glanced at his sleeping son, crushed the jade carving he had placed between his branches without hesitation, and he himself suddenly disappeared.

Yan Xuanjing looked out of the window and saw a large green tree shaking it’s branches. The green leaves had turned a transparent emerald under the shine of the moonlight, and it didn’t take long for star-like yellow points to appear amongst the branches.

That was the Relaxed Emperor’s flowers.

Yan Xuanjing realized that his gaze was making Lin Mu uncomfortable, looked away, and after hearing what Lin Mu said, nodded and said, “having me is enough.”

Before, when Di Xiu had bloomed, many monsters would gather outside the valley where he lived, in hopes that the wind would bring out some of the power that belonged to a sacred tree in the flowering period.

“How are you planning to ensure that the human side takes this matter seriously?” Yan Xuanjing simply asked.

— In scientific terms, it’s pollen.

Lin Mu eye’s opened slightly, and he squinted at Yan Xuanjing, “what’s wrong?”

Di Xiu’s pollen allowed one to calm themselves and spirit, and was effective in calming down their state of mind.

The fox spirit supported his cheek, and his finger tapped on the screen of the phone, making a slight clicking sound. But it was hard to say if the human side would attach as much of an importance to this kind of matter, or would they keep an eye close and let their own kind go.

This was probably prepared for Di Wu who still needed to find the rest of his soul. After all, Di Xiu had no way of using this ability for himself. Di Wu could work with a combination of the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit and spiritual medication, but Di Xiu could only rely on the spiritual medication, or find a place with strong spiritual energy to take root. Lin Mu’s little yard wasn’t enough.

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Even if he was watered daily with the essence of the sun and moon.

Yan Xuanjing thought so, and couldn’t help but glance at Qin Chuan, who couldn’t sleep, and was hanging on Di Xiu’s branches.

This fella would probably follow along to the Great Wilderness.

After all, Di Xiu and Di Wu would definitely return to the Great Wilderness, and Lin Mu would probably go too. Qin Chuan, this sticky fella, would probably hang like a pendant on Di Wu and return with them.

In less than a hundred years, a place with Dragon Veins could be cultivated into a land filled with spiritual energy. Along with Di Xiu and Di Wu, who were sacred trees, it wouldn’t take for the area to be grown into an extremely fertile land suitable for survival.

If they moved somewhere else, stayed there for tens of years, they would be able to raise another similar place.

If they stayed near Qingqiu Country, it wouldn’t take long for the whole Qingqiu Country to become a paradise.

Yan Xuanjing shook his ears and felt that this matter was feasible.

He jumped out of bed and went to the desk to write a letter to his mother.

Qin Chuan, who was hanging on Di Xiu’s branches, sneezed a little, hazily opened his eyes and looked around. After seeing that there wasn’t any danger, he wiggled twice and went back to sleep again.

Yan Xuanjing’s goal was achieved. He looked at the families whose memories hadn’t been confused by him, admired their horrified and fearful faces, and carried the cloth bag to find Lin Mu.

Yan Xuanjing’s footsteps stopped and he replied in good tempered manner, “home.”

Da Hei had a face full of suffering, “then…… that monster……?”

The fox spirit had finished the things that he wanted to do and was in a good mood, so he planned to explain everything to Da Hei.


“Oh, that monster is……”

“What is it, you should know.” Yan Xuanjing recalled the information that he had gotten from Lin Mu.

This family was a new family that had suddenly emerged in the past twenty years. Compared with family, the more traditional sect would be more appropriate.

They had used the Relaxed Emperor’s wood’s characteristic of relieving worries and anxiety to amass quite a large fortune, and helped a number of unsuspecting cultivators treat the spiritual damage caused by practice, which was a very scarce resource in the eyes of cultivators.

When Lin Mu woke up in the morning, the first thing he did after washing up was to bury his head in the little fox’s belly and nuzzle.

Milky reached out with his paws and pushed Lin Mu’s head aside, jumped off the bed. Holding the letter in his mouth, he jumped out and rushed all the way out of the yard and towards the mountain.

Lin Mu laid on the window, glanced at the large tree that had blossomed quite a bit overnight, and was stunned for two seconds, “Dad, are you going to bloom?”

The branch that stretched out to his window shook a little, then reached over to pat him on the head.

Lin Mu smelled a sweet fragrance, and felt his mind become completely empty, as if he had lost some heavy burden, and became extremely relaxed from his head to his heart.

Any troubles that he had disappeared completely, and all that was left were easy and pleasant thoughts. It was as if he was lazily lying in warm water, carefully enjoying music, bathing in the sun, and smelling the clear scent of nature.

Yan Xuanjing was lazily lying there in a dignified manner, and didn’t even give Blossom a glance. It wasn’t until he heard Lin Mu’s footsteps did his ears shook as he stood up to look up at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu was somewhat in a trance, and felt as if he had seen his childhood-self running to the side of the farmyard’s canal to scoop up a bag full of tadpoles, and brought it to school early in the morning to sell them at the school gate.

Lin Mu looked towards the Li Hua cat that came up behind them and said, “Blossom is really quite bold.”

That was the first sum of money he had earned by himself, and till this day, he still remembered how his mother had used all her strength to hug, kiss, and praise him.

Milky followed behind Lin Mu, jumped onto the back of the little electric scooter after it was unlocked, and lifted his head to aid Lin Mu in removing the leash from his neck.

Her eyes were full of shining bright lights and pride.

Lin Mu felt somewhat helpless as he took off the leash attached to the door, and said goodbye to Grandpa Liu who was still reading the newspaper.

Later, the things that Lin Mu knew became more and more.

Tadpoles, river crabs, wild fruit, he didn’t let go of any one of them and peddled them himself. Afterwards, he had learnt how to hook crayfish, and relied of his physical strength to hook a large barrel of them and send them to the restaurants to sell.

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The restaurant owner is a good woman and didn’t bully Lin Mu, who was a small child who didn’t understand anything yet. Even if Lin Mu only sent them once or twice per week, she would still give him a good amount of money. At times, she would also pack some food and snacks for Lin Mu to take home.

And the old man in the reception room at the school’s entrance never drove him away for setting up a stall.

Next to his stall were other street vendors, and they didn’t mind him stealing their business, and would occasionally pay for all of his things so that he could return home early.

Now, looking over those memories from that time using the perspective of an adult, Lin Mu suddenly realised how many good people he had met in his life, and how much goodwill he had received.

Compared to these good intentions that he had received, any malice he suffered seemed to be insignificant.

Slowly, he couldn’t even really recall the experiences where he was targeted with malice.

Lin Mu looked at this carousel of a scenery, and his heart was fill with happiness. He laid lazily on the windowsill, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Di Xiu’s branch patted Lin Mu on the head again gently. Stunned, Lin Mu returned to his senses, and finally realised what kind of power Di Xiu had.

“So awesome.” Lin Mu marvelled, “I just felt that…… the world was a beautiful place.”

Di Xiu retracted his branch, and his voice flew in with the wind, soft and gentle, “from the start, this world is beautiful.”

“I wasn’t in a good condition at that time, and had some premonition that something was probably going to happen.” Di Xiu raised his hand and touched his heart, “I gave this fruit to your mother very early…… and as long as she ate it, she would forget me.”

Lin Mu was in a great mood right now, and after thinking about it, he felt that his father was right.

If a monster was strong enough, then the friends around them would rarely choose to betray or backstab.

Although there were many bad things, there were far more good things than bad.

Not only did she not eat it, but she also clenched her teeth and kept that secret for eighteen years, not telling anyone, including Lin Mu, one of the ones involved.

Lin Mu rubbed his face, got his spirits up and looked down to check the time, “I’ll pack up the things and go to work!”

But Lin Xueji didn’t eat it.

Arriving at the office with a skip in his step, Lin Mu pushed opened the office door, and looked at the circle of people in the office.

Da Hei and that five humans, plus one Wu Gui, looked very exhausted.

They seemed to have been busy for a long time, but because Lin Mu had just joined, and wasn’t that strong, they had no intention of involving Lin Mu.

And Lin Mu, who knew exactly what was going on, was quite guilty. It wouldn’t be too far off to call whatever he did in this office as undercover spy work.

Which was why he was being quiet and didn’t dare to say anything, and was extremely obedient and did whatever they wanted him to do.

However, Lin Mu’s working attitude had always been good, so nobody had noticed anything unusual.

But Wu Gui raised his head and looked at him. After studying him for a while, he smiled a little, touched his beard, and said with some laughter in his voice, “little fella, your love affairs are quite smooth.”


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Lin Mu paused, subconsciously made a sound of agreement, and after he returned to his senses, he opened his mouth and spit out a string of ellipsis.

If his love affairs were smooth, then nobody would be able to find someone whose affairs weren’t.

Wu Gui looked at the hideous and annoying divinatory symbols for a long time, raised his head and saw a clean and cheerful Lin Mu, and felt that his eyes had been washed, like he had done fifty eye exercises.

When this fifty sets of eye exercises sat down with a stack of information, Wu Gui lowered his head and started to seriously calculate again.

Lin Mu watched then take the previously detained scatter families and trial them one by one, then turned and asked Da Hei, “what about those large families?”

Da Hei was worried that he would delay the divination over at the other side, so he whispered, “they said that something had happened in their families, so they left in a hurry. We don’t know what they did, but several of them were ended by Di Wu. However, since they might have something to do with the monster in the Great Wilderness, they were placed under house arrest.”

“So it’s like this……” Lin Mu nodded, went back and tapped on his keyboard, only to notice that there was a sudden and dark resentful energy coming from Wu Gui’s direction.

He abruptly raised his head and saw that the several humans and monsters in the office had pale faces.

Amongst them, Wu Gui, who is in charge of divination, was the palest.

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After a while, Wu Gui gradually calmed down, put away the tortoise shells on the table, and said, “be more careful when going out recently.”

Because the cost of doing this was too high. As time passed, unsuitable friends would be filtered out, and out of the ones that would be left, most of them were devoted and brave types that would treasure the ones that were similar to them.

Lin Mu froze, “……what?”

Di Wu took the item and turned around and got ready to leave like his butt was on fire.

“The monster who escaped from the Great Wilderness.” Wu Gui thought of the divinatory symbols and aura he had just seen, pursed his lips, “Di Wu’s aura is cleaner than his.”

The scene on Yan Xuanjing’s side was very tense.

Lin Mu’s whole body jumped: “?”

As a result, just as he took a step out, a shadow sprung out of the yard.

That monster had really ran over?

The group of humans looked alertly at the monster who had suddenly launched an attack, and as they kept their guard up, they isolated the family that Yan Xuanjing was looking for trouble with.

Wasn’t that just Di Wu’s act?!

“The monster is currently in the northeast, and I’ll bring some people and try to hunt.” After Wu Gui spoke, he turned to look at Lin Mu, a silly, tender, and delicious half-monster, and said, “little fella, you’re weaker……”

He didn’t finish his words, looked at Lin Mu’s face for quite a while, and after confirming that the object of Lin Mu’s love affair was indeed the one he was thinking of, he simply said, “remember to bring along Yan Xuanjing wherever you go.”

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