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Chapter 57 – Da Hei: I should be under the car, not in the car.

Lin Mu didn’t receive his father’s expectations at all.

He hung up the phone and ran out of the flower exhibition. After breaking away from the crowd, he asked Milky, “should we go to somewhere with more people or somewhere with less people?”

Yan Xuanjing popped his head out of Lin Mu’s collar, looked around with his small head and said, “somewhere with more people.”

Lin Mu’s footsteps stopped, “others wouldn’t get involved, right?’

“No.” Yan Xuanjing was certain.

This kind of monster who was used to hiding wouldn’t show up somewhere with a crowd.

An instinct like this was difficult for monsters to control. This was also why every time a monster did something, their first reaction was to investigate what the monster’s original form was.

Rivers and mountains could easily change, but a leopard couldn’t change its spots.

Finding out their original form was basically winning half the battle. The remaining half depended on the monster’s individual combat ability.

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Yan Xuanjing had lived in the Great Wilderness for so many years, and understood quite a bit about monsters themselves.

Lin Mu, who was still half-baked in his studies, believed him without hesitation and went to the shopping mall in the city centre for a meal.

That line of sight followed along, and Lin Mu slowly ate his meal. He took away a whole roast chicken and a set of stir-fried cumin chicken, and left the mall carrying the box.

Lin Mu lowered his head, searched for nearby hotels, and found an ordinary hotel and booked a room.

The uneasy feeling had gone down after he had gotten used to that line of sight.

Lin Mu pondered as he walked, and whispered, “I didn’t feel any malice.”

After gaining his powers, his senses were completely different from before. He had more or less learnt how to distinguish between danger and potential threats.

Ever since he found himself being watched, five hours have passed. Within these five hours, the other party’s eyes hadn’t left him, but there wasn’t any malice that made him feel vigilant.

“He seems to be…… just watching me.” Lin Mu wasn’t too sure, “probably observing.”

It was just an ordinary look that didn’t have any special meaning. Other than the fact that being stared at made Lin Mu’s heart feel weird, it didn’t seem to get in the way.

Yan Xuanjing carefully observed the surroundings, but still couldn’t observe any abnormality from the them.

This feeling of something being out of control wasn’t common, but Yan Xuanjing patience had always been good.

Lin Mu found the hotel he had booked and checked into the room. As soon as he closed the door, Yan Xuanjing jumped out and turned into his human form.

At the same time, Lin Mu felt that the line of sight staring at him had disappear.

He paused and turned look at Yan Xuanjing, only to find that the window was open and Yan Xuanjing was missing. The only thing left was a greyish-white disc half the size of his palm on the bed.

There were some patterns carved on the disc, and Lin Mu couldn’t recognise them, but he knew what it was.

An array disc that would turn into a normal array when activated.

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Lin Mu picked up the array disk, fiddled with it and activated it, then placed it on the bedside table.

Yan Xuanjing had probably noticed something and went over to track. Now that Lin Mu was alone, he didn’t dare to make any decisions, and could only sit on the bed and stare out of the window, waiting for Yan Xuanjing to return.

He held his phone and lowered his head to send an address to Di Wu, just in case.

Lin Mu got out of the train, took Milky out of the bag and carried him. When he went out, Milky always looked like a round and fluffy Samoyed puppy, like soft and creamy ice cream, very nice to knead.

Lin Mu had ruffled him for several days without getting tired.

He looked at the date while ruffling the dog, and then raised Milky in front of him and said, “tomorrow, there’s going to be a small flower exhibition. Can you come with me?”


Really cute and dignified.


It was unbelievable that such a cute fluffy pile actually turned out to be real.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but bury his face into the soft fluff and nuzzle.

Yan Xuanjing laid there, indifferently flicking his tail to wrap around Lin Mu’s neck.

Lin Mu sniffed the fluff pile for a long while, then raised his head, “hot.”

Yan Xuanjing did actually notice something.

Whenever he accompanied Lin Mu out, he would always conceal his own aura neatly.

After all, there were a lot of animals in places where humans went. If he didn’t conceal it well, those animals would have some abnormal behaviour when they noticed him.

So in the eyes of others, Yan Xuanjing was just an ordinary little puppy.

But when he turned into his human form, he found a line of sight falling on him — instantly, he realised that it was the person Lin Mu said was staring at him.

That person probably didn’t realise that the puppy with Lin Mu was a monster, so he turned to look at him.

Fox spirits had always been good at catching onto cracks and following up, so Yan Xuanjing had rushed out on the spot to follow that little feeling.

To be honest, Yan Xuanjing was very unhappy with this monster.

Whoever’s partner was stared at by a baffling stranger for several hours wouldn’t feel happy about it.

Yan Xuanjing felt that his temper was quite good, but still felt a rare anger about this matter.

In a threatening manner, accompanied with a series of sonic booms, sparks and lightning, he followed along that littlest bit of aura and then crashed into a green forest.

The ones who came early were regulars from previous years, had fixed booths, and could be considered familiar with Lin Mu.

 They took advantage of their early admission and began to look at the goods that Lin Mu brought in this time so that they could get their hands on it early. As they rambled on, they talked abou

the puppy that Lin Mu had left his store to.


“Your dog’s too smart, aren’t all Samoyeds supposed to be dumb?” Uncle Zhao rubbed his hands, “where did you find this puppy?”

Lin Mu unloaded his goods and replied very honestly, “I picked him up.”

Uncle Zhao knew about Lin Mu’s situation with his two uncles, so he mentioned some stuff about them.

After he had the greenhouse, he wanted to get some temperature control equipment, but in the end, the little Ginseng said that it wasn’t necessary.

In any case, there were seats, and Yan Xuanjing, this distinguished nine-tailed fox, wouldn’t be squeezed into a flat fox biscuit.

Lin Mu stayed at the hotel, and after he reported the situation to Di Wu, he told him not to tell Di Xiu. Afterwards, he called Da Hei to explain the situation he encountered.

“Yan Xuanjing couldn’t notice it before.” Lin Mu sat cross-legged on the bed and said, “because he should be a great high-level monster, so I wondered if the monster who had been observing me before was the one who came from the Great Wilderness……”

Da Hei gave a soft hiss on the phone, “but didn’t you say that you didn’t feel any maliciousness?”

“Yeah, that’s why it’s strange.” Lin Mu muttered.

If there was anything about him that would be coveted, then it would probably be the bloodline of the Relaxed Emperor’s.

But if that person was really aiming at Di Xiu, with the means that this monster had to hide away from Yan Xuanjing, and prevent Yan Xuanjing from finding him, it wouldn’t be particularly difficult for this monster to find his father.

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That time, the reason why those great monsters were at ease with leaving Di Xiu in Lin Mu’s little yard was because they felt that the ones that dared to attack Di Xiu despite the burden that they would be condemned to by the heavens and earth, would most probably be people who acted in groups.

Just think about what happened to Di Wu before. Even if it was monsters that were at the top of the Great Wilderness, they would have to share the burden of karma with many humans before they dared to touch this taboo decided by the heavens and earth.

If they really came in groups, then anybody would find it difficult to stop them. As for the scattered ones, the vast majority of them couldn’t even defeat the little Ginseng.

And in Lin Mu’s little yard, before the little Ginseng, there were still countless of layers of protections and arrays.

Those who were able to see Lin Mu’s little yard were ordinary humans without much talent.

And even if they could see it, it would be easier ascending to heaven than to enter his yard.

Non-ordinary monsters and talented humans would become confused due to the layers and layers of illusions.

As for the great monsters that could break these illusions, there weren’t even that many of them in the Central Plains, let alone the possibility of several great monsters running over to get Di Xiu.

Most great monsters were actually relatively restrained and very polite.

They passed by Yan Xuanjing who had hidden his aura and almost merged with the dark night, as if they knew nothing about the identity of this monster.

Even though they always looked down upon how humans kept hesitating, but they would also learn human rules on how to handle some things.

The fox spirit had finished the things that he wanted to do and was in a good mood, so he planned to explain everything to Da Hei.

For example, getting an invitation before visiting or something like that.

Yan Xuanjing’s goal was achieved. He looked at the families whose memories hadn’t been confused by him, admired their horrified and fearful faces, and carried the cloth bag to find Lin Mu.

As long as they had no enmity in the past, or no hatred, nobody would directly go straight to the door.

Yan Xuanjing’s footsteps stopped and he replied in good tempered manner, “home.”

Lin Mu felt that this monster didn’t have any malice, so his behaviour was even more and more difficult to understand.

Da Hei had a face full of suffering, “then…… that monster……?”

If that monster really had an interest in him, then that monster should directly approach and have a face to face conversation with him,

What’s up with secretly observing whilst hiding in the dark?

When he had entered this room, there was almost no one. Even Yan Xuanjing had told him softly that maybe that monster would emerge when they were alone.

After all, being able to hide from the eyes of a nine-tailed fox, this monster would be one that had made a name for themselves.

“The aura that emerged from the monster that escaped from the Great Wilderness was so terrifying, it really might not be this one.” Lin Mu told Da Hei, “then do you know about any monster that’s really good at hiding? If it’s a monster in the Central Plains, then there should be a record, right? I’m waiting in the hotel for Yan Xuanjing right now and dare not leave, could you check it for me?”

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“Wait for a moment, I’ll go up and check for you.” Da Hei was coincidentally working overtime in the office, so when he heard Lin Mu ask, he simply went up the stairs and stood on the platform of the reference room, and asked the monster in the reference room, “what monster can hide from the eyes of a nine-tailed fox?”

The platform under his feet vibrated for a moment, then a piece of paper popped up with a sentence written in cursive on it.

— A nine-tailed fox that’s more powerful than this one.

Da Hei: “……”

Lin Mu, who had heard Da Hei read it out, “……”

“Don’t make trouble.” Da Hai said helplessly.

The bookcase around him rumbled and retreated back, and the platform had carried Da Hei for quite a distance before stopping.

Several pieces of material popped out from the middle shelves.

Da Hei took them and said to Lin Mu, “I’ll go and find you. You’re so weak, nothing better happen to you without Yan Xuanjing around.”

Lin Mu was very self-aware and nodded obediently, “okay.”

The sub-district office wasn’t that far from the hotel Lin Mu was in. Before long, Da Hei had arrived with his bag of documents, and didn’t hesitate before sitting down on the bed and crossing his legs like Lin Mu.

Lin Mu took the paper bags from his hand and randomly opened one.

“Oh, that monster is……”

Monsters able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with nine-tailed foxes — especially nine-tailed foxes like Yan Xuanjing, were extremely scarce. A fairly powerful monster might appear within each species, and some of them had fairly special talents.

“The Relaxed Emperor’s tree and your family’s safety, choose one.” He simply stated.

As an example, the Shadow Spirits.

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t as patient with these people as he was with the little Ginseng and Lin Mu.

This kind of monster was one of the lower-class beings, born amidst all kinds of shadows. Their lifespan was like mayflies, but nevertheless, there was indeed a great monster amongst the clan of Shadow Spirits, and there weren’t many monsters that could compare to him when it came to concealment.

They had used the Relaxed Emperor’s wood’s characteristic of relieving worries and anxiety to amass quite a large fortune, and helped a number of unsuspecting cultivators treat the spiritual damage caused by practice, which was a very scarce resource in the eyes of cultivators.

Because he could hide himself in the shadow of anything, he would be able to cross the whole of the Great Wilderness through the shadows.

This family was a new family that had suddenly emerged in the past twenty years. Compared with family, the more traditional sect would be more appropriate.

The only method to trap him was to brighten up an entire place without any traces of shadows.

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And because this was too difficult to implement, no monster had tried it before.

“What is it, you should know.” Yan Xuanjing recalled the information that he had gotten from Lin Mu.

The Shadow Spirit had always been alone, and engaged in information brokering. At most, he would run to familiar monsters to get some delicious food, and lived quite a good life.

Other than the Shadow Spirits, there were other special examples.

Da Hei read some key points to Lin Mu as he thumbed through the records. The documents were a little thick, because in them recorded the lives of those monsters.

The lives of great monsters were extremely long, and even the records in the netherworld weren’t as detailed as theirs.

Several of these great monsters had already died in some incidents, while some of them were still active in the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains. There were others that were still in seclusion, and every couple hundreds of years, they would appear to make a report that they were still alive.

Lin Mu was using his phone to take notes, while Da Hei focused on extracting the key points and piecing together.

When Da Hei finished reading another, Lin Mu paused, looked at the things he recorded and said, “but they nothing to do with me, and they’re not the type that would be interested in me.”

These monsters were so powerful, if they really were interested in his bloodline, they could safely and painlessly find his father.

Da Hei also felt very distressed.

He opened a new document and said, “this one, the monster is called Shen, and is very good at illusions. It is said the Shen’s body was invisible and could completely merge into the air.”

Lin Mu asked, “the Shen of the mirage?”1Lost in translation: 海市蜃樓 (hǎi shì shèn lóu), lit. mirage. The Shen mentioned here is 蜃. More explanations about this one below.

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Da Hei responded, skipped over a bunch of unimportant information, and then stopped his eyes on one of them and said, “gave birth to a child with a human, and died in a fierce battle with another monster afterwards, and her son was nowhere to be found……”

Lin Mu’s hand that was recording the information stopped, “half-monster?”


Da Hei answered, glanced at the time, and said, “it’s been more than 800 years since them, if this child was still alive, then their ability wouldn’t be that low.”

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As soon as his voice fell, Yan Xuanjing jumped in from the window. Just as he raised his eyes, he saw Da Hei and Lin Mu sitting close to each other on the bed, and couldn’t help but squint.

Da Hei felt a coldness starting from the soles of his feet to the top his head, then it moved from the top of his head to the soles of his feet again, which made every single hair on his body jump up straight like a ballerina.

He glanced up towards Yan Xuanjing, and under the other’s expressionless gaze, revealed some panic and jumped out of the bed.

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Da Hei: I should be under the car, not in the car.2Referring a song, or to a scene like this:

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Jealous!Milky rears his head again! Although dogs can take vinegar, Milky, too much salty food would make you bald.

About Shen (蜃):

Shen (蜃) is a shape-shifting dragon or sea monster believed to create mirages. Some records indicated that Shen was the name of a group of similar clam-like beings, while others indicated that there was only one. Believed to be able to cause ocean mirages, or Fata Morgana, the term Shen is often used in daily conversation in idioms or sayings.

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