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Chapter 58 – You’re such a weak half-monster, why haven’t you died?

Yan Xuanjing was quite satisfied with Da Hei’s sensibility.

He calmly withdrew his sight and turned to look at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu was currently sitting on the bed as he scanned Yan Xuanjing all over. After realising that there weren’t any scars on Yan Xuanjing’s body, he secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Yan Xuanjing noticed his little movements, and asked, “what’s the matter?”

“I’m worried that you’ll be injured.” Lin Mu replied, “although I don’t think that this monster is malicious, but what if it’s me being stupid?”

Yan Xuanjing heard his words and was stunned for a moment, looked down towards Lin Mu for a while, and felt as if a stone had fallen into a calm lake, disturbing the pool of autumn water. The ripples had pushed out circle by circle, flowing over the bank again and again.

There was something overflowing, gently tapping against a hard and cold wall.

Kind of itchy.

It was as if something fluffy had been gently rubbed over his fingertips, and it was very sweet.

Yan Xuanjing tasted that sweetness, and instinctively said, “you’re not stupid.”

Lin Mu: “?”

Is the important point if I’m stupid?

Lin Mu’s eyes widened slightly, looked at Yan Xuanjing who had a serious expression, as if he couldn’t tell any lies at all, and felt that he really could not communicate with him normally.

Da Hei expressionlessly looked at Yan Xuanjing who subconsciously had a soft expression on his face, then looked at Lin Mu who was unknowingly sprinkling charm everywhere, and felt that he couldn’t have rolled his eyes enough.

This obviously was a movie of three, but why is my name not written.

Da Hei felt some sourness in his heart, and cleared his throat while holding the papers in his hand, reminding the two of them to get down to business.

Lin Mu did indeed returned to his senses, took back his line of sight in frustration, dragged his voice and asked, “so, did you trace anything?”

“En.” Yan Xuanjing nodded, “there’s a high probability that this is the one from the Great Wilderness.”

Both Lin Mu and Da Hei were a little surprised.

“But he didn’t…… hold any maliciousness towards me.” Lin Mu emphasised, “when Wu Gui was divining, I also felt that aura, but this line of sight was completely different from it.”

“He probably really didn’t have any malicious intentions towards you.” Yan Xuanjing patiently said, “but camouflaging is the basic skill of any monster, and even I could show maliciousness and killing intent when necessary.”

Lin Mu had never seen what Yan Xuanjing looked like when he was intimidating others, but when Da Hei heard Yan Xuanjing’s words, he dazedly felt like he should have always known this, but when he had heard it directly, he shivered as if it was a conditioned reflex.

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But when he tried to think about it, he couldn’t think of anything.

However, he agreed with Yan Xuanjing and explained to Lin Mu, “when a majority of monsters have no malicious intent and deliberately restrain themselves, they most probably could deceive many people, especially since this monster might be very good at hiding.”

Yan Xuanjing raised his eyes and swept his gaze across Da Hei, giving a slight nod.

Da Hei felt as if he had been encouraged. With his spirit shaken, he continued, “when the monster was in the mountains, he probably didn’t hide too well. Afterwards, when he realised that the situation wasn’t right, he ran. The Old Turtle had used divination to spy on him, so obviously, he would have responded with malice.”

No one would kindly tolerate this kind of peeping — even Lin Mu had responded quickly.

In Lin Mu’s case, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was weak and didn’t know where this monster was, he would have probably rush forward to punch and kick the monster who had been peeking at him.

Who would let him watch for five hours, did he have a problem?

Although both Yan Xuanjing and Lin Mu knew that the first half of what Da Hei said was false, the second half of his speculation was quite reasonable.

Lin Mu smacked his lips and turned to ask Yan Xuanjing, “why do you think this monster is the one in the Great Wilderness?”

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“Because I fought against him before.” Yan Xuanjing recalled, and said, “his method is very, very special, and very recognisable.”

He paused and turned look at Yan Xuanjing, only to find that the window was open and Yan Xuanjing was missing. The only thing left was a greyish-white disc half the size of his palm on the bed.

There were some patterns carved on the disc, and Lin Mu couldn’t recognise them, but he knew what it was.

An array disc that would turn into a normal array when activated.

Lin Mu picked up the array disk, fiddled with it and activated it, then placed it on the bedside table.


Yan Xuanjing had probably noticed something and went over to track. Now that Lin Mu was alone, he didn’t dare to make any decisions, and could only sit on the bed and stare out of the window, waiting for Yan Xuanjing to return.

Finding out their original form was basically winning half the battle. The remaining half depended on the monster’s individual combat ability.

Yan Xuanjing had lived in the Great Wilderness for so many years, and understood quite a bit about monsters themselves.

Lin Mu, who was still half-baked in his studies, believed him without hesitation and went to the shopping mall in the city centre for a meal.

That time, when Yan Xuanjing had fought against this monster, he crashed and burned quite quickly.

Because due to this monster’s means, strictly speaking, he wasn’t the type that would engage in personal battles.

What he depended on was most probably some spells or arrays, and in addition, he had Di Wu’s powers at that time, so he had a very strong defence against monsters. In the Great Wilderness, he was the type capable of doing whatever he wanted without anybody being capable of stopping him.

The family’s head turned fearful instantly.

Although there were some other factors, including the fact that powerful monsters were too lazy to personally make a move — at least Yan Xuanjing knew that some great monsters, including his father, were waiting for this unknown monster to go straight to the Kunlun Mountains, and be directly punished by the Heavenly Emperor.

Lin Mu choked for a couple of seconds, and couldn’t help but pinch Milky’s soft face.

They were planning to take some advantage in the wreckage of the battle, and at the same time, let their descendants exercise their skills.

Yan Xuanjing heard his words, swished his tail without hesitation and squeaked out a ‘yip’.

That was how Yan Xuanjing was thrown out by his parents.

Lin Mu squatted beside Milky, lifted him up, and asked, “why didn’t you bark when I coaxed you in the past?”

At that time, he was following the monster, and after he had caught up, he swiped a claw, and his mother appeared in front of him.

It was hard to even raise the slightest thoughts of rebellion.

What this monster did best was to reflect his enemy’s most respected or unattainable existence.

For the monsters that fell into his realm, the more powerful the existence his enemy respected, the more powerful that illusion would be.

Everyone had guessed that the fighting power of this monster wasn’t that good, because the fighting abilities of monsters who were good in mind control or illusions were rubbish. This was a commonly known fact.

But because he had Di Wu’s power, and nobody knew how to protect themselves against this type of environment, many monsters had crashed and burned.

After Yan Xuanjing was beaten up by his own mother’s illusion, he learned a lesson from his bitter experience and deliberated over and over again, and after much difficulty, finally found a way he could get rid of this shame. When he was planning to go and find that monster again, he was thrown into the Central Plains by his father to guard the passage, with the reason being that his wounds hadn’t healed.

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The passage was well guarded, but unfortunately, it still couldn’t prevent that monster from running to the Central Plains.

But the good news was that this monster didn’t bring Di Wu’s power out along with him.

Otherwise, the Central Plains would probably be made up of mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

This time, Yan Xuanjing had seriously tried a method to control his thoughts — when he was in the illusion and facing his mother, his mind was full of the time when he was young, and his mother was licking his fur.

As expected, the illusion became weak and vulnerable.

However, Yan Xuanjing was very secretive about his method, and simply concluded the entire situation with a sentence, “I won.”

Lin Mu also believed that Yan Xuanjing won, and even won very beautifully, without suffering any injuries at all.

So he nodded and asked, “so why didn’t you catch this monster?”

“…” Yan Xuanjing fell silent for two seconds and said, “he doesn’t need to fight against me in person, and by trapping me, he bought enough time to escape.”

Lin Mu thought so too.

How could a monster that could travel secretly be so easily caught?

Anyway, now that he didn’t feel watched by anyone, Lin Mu had relaxed a lot.

He got up and took the information from Da Hei’s hand, then handed over both it and his phone that he had used to take notes to Yan Xuanjing, and said, “this is the data Da Hei and I organised, about monsters that can hide from the eyes of a nine-tailed fox.”

Da Hei nodded and added, “for now, the only one that had something in common with Lin Mu is the half-monster child of the Shen, we just don’t know if we could find other relevant information.”

Yan Xuanjing heard the words, took those files, and started to browse them slowly.

Seeing that Yan Xuanjing was back, Da Hei didn’t stay any long and bid goodbye, saying that he had to go back and tell the humans and Wu Gui about the news that Yan Xuanjing brought.

Just think about what happened to Di Wu at that time. Even if it was monsters that were at the top of the Great Wilderness, they would have to share the burden of karma with many humans before they dared to touch this taboo decided by the heavens and earth.

If they really came in groups, then anybody would find it difficult to stop them. As for the scattered ones, the vast majority of them couldn’t even defeat the little Ginseng.

And in Lin Mu’s little yard, before the little Ginseng, there were still countless of layers of protections and arrays.

Those who were able to see Lin Mu’s little yard were ordinary humans without much talent.


And even if they could see it, it would be easier ascending to heaven than to enter his yard.

Non-ordinary monsters and talented humans would become confused due to the layers and layers of illusions.

This kind of monster who was used to hiding wouldn’t show up somewhere with a crowd.

An instinct like this was difficult for monsters to control. This was also why every time a monster did something, their first reaction was to investigate what the monster’s original form was.

Rivers and mountains could easily change, but a leopard couldn’t change its spots.

Lin Mu looked at Yan Xuanjing who was sitting on a stool by the side and looking at the information, and turned to take a shower.

He was busy for the whole day, and although physically speaking, he was gradually becoming separated from the realm of a normal human, Lin Mu felt that he still needed to take a bath.

Yan Xuanjing had looked up upon hearing the sound of water flowing in the bathroom, and after a while, slowly took back his line of sight and continued to look through the information Da Hei had brought. At the same time, he opened the roast chicken and stir-fired chicken that Lin Mu had brought back.

Lin Mu came out of the bath and saw that Yan Xuanjing was still absorbed in reading the materials and didn’t plan to disturb him. He simply washed his clothes and hung them, then rolled into the bed wrapped in a bathrobe.

Lin Mu hadn’t felt tired in a long time. Today, he was busy for the whole day, and then was tensed for the rest. Now, he could relax, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Several of these great monsters had already died in some incidents, while some of them were still active in the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains. There were others that were still in seclusion, and every couple hundreds of years, they would appear to make a report that they were still alive.

Lin Mu was using his phone to take notes, while Da Hei focused on extracting the key points and piecing together.

Da Hei took them and said to Lin Mu, “I’ll go and find you. You’re so weak, nothing better happen to you without Yan Xuanjing around.”


Lin Mu was very self-aware and nodded obediently, “okay.”

The sub-district office wasn’t that far from the hotel Lin Mu was in. Before long, Da Hei had arrived with his bag of documents, and didn’t hesitate before sitting down on the bed and crossing his legs like Lin Mu.

Lin Mu took the paper bags from his hand and randomly opened one.

Monsters able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with nine-tailed foxes — especially nine-tailed foxes like Yan Xuanjing, were extremely scarce. A fairly powerful monster might appear within each species, and some of them had fairly special talents.

That time, the reason why those great monsters were at ease with leaving Di Xiu in Lin Mu’s little yard was because they felt that the ones that dared to attack Di Xiu despite the burden that they would be condemned to by the heavens and earth, would most probably be people who acted in groups.

Yan Xuanjing ate the two takeaways slowly, and after seeing that it was getting dark, turned on the night light on the table and with that little glow of light, slowly read through the information Da Hei had brought, and left behind only one of them.

It was the information about the Shen.

Yan Xuanjing had an impression of this great monster. Although when she died, he hadn’t been born yet, but he had heard about this monster once or twice while his parents were chatting.

She was an extremely powerful monster who wasn’t that good with fighting head-on.

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She lived in a large marsh that was full of rising mist, and because of the Shen’s special characteristic, she turned herself into fog all year round, and accepted monsters who came to her for help.

These monsters that asked for help would usually be found kneeling of the edge of the marsh, begging the owner of the marsh to let them see a deceased human or monster once again.

The scatter group of families who hadn’t been investigated couldn’t help but avoid everything and slipping to the side.

After getting an answer, they would enter the large marsh to see and say a few words to the deceased being that they missed very much.

Everybody he looked at seemed to become drained of their energy, like a mayfly in the face of a raging tsunami, even breathing was becoming painful and laborious for them.

According to the monsters who had entered the large marsh before, it was a very gentle and beautiful place.

Yan Xuanjing’s eyes swept over this group of people who had been separated from the crowd.

White mist engulfed the landscape, with herons and cranes flying freely, and occasionally, they could even see luan phoenixes rising from the misty forest, soaring hundreds of miles into the air, with thousands of birds following them in the sky.

Yan Xuanjing felt that this technique was a bit familiar. It was what Lin Mu did when kneading the toys that would bark.

Even the wind blowing across the large marsh carried a light ballad, just like a dream.

Yan Xuanjing fell silent for a long while, and finally, he cooperated with Lin Mu, and with every pinch, he ‘yip’-ed.

So that large marsh was also called the Marsh of Dreams, and the owner of the Marsh of Dreams, was the Shen.

Nobody knew how the Shen made those deceased humans and monsters reappear, and many monsters in the Great Wilderness thought that the Marsh of Dreams was where the souls in the Great Wilderness returned to, and had a special respect for this beautiful and gentle watery marsh.

But the great monsters had often speculated; illusions, arrays, dreams — or something else, they were all possible. However, the Shen had always been alone and didn’t have friends, so naturally, there was no one to ask.

After that, two monsters had gotten into a conflict on the side of the Marsh of Dreams, and it resulted in to a fight that cause the three of them injuries that they didn’t survive.

Now that he thought about it, the Shen’s power was probably to look into the gap between their mind and soul, and used illusions for protection or to confuse others.

If this monster really was the Shen’s child……

Yan Xuanjing fell silent, and felt that he could vaguely guess why that half-monster would go crazy like that.

Because he was a half-monster.

And was even a half-monster without the protection of an elder.

It was very difficult for a half-monster to survive alone in the Great Wilderness.

Even the child of a great monster was the same.

Because most half-monster were born weaker than monsters, and even though they were a descendant of a great monster, and their strength would definitely be greater than any ordinary monster, but not everything would be okay simply because they were powerful.

Moreover, a half-monster still in their growth stage was unlikely to reach a level where they could go wild in the Great Wilderness.

Yan Xuanjing had seen some half-monsters before.

In the Great Wilderness, even half-monsters with the protection of an elder were often targeted, let alone those without.

Besides, Lin Mu’s real and actual father would return to the Great Wilderness.

The Shen herself didn’t have friends. Although some said that the host of the Marsh of Dreams had a lover, but after the Shen had died, nobody had found her lover, let alone realise that she had a child.

He raised his head and looked at Lin Mu.

And this information in his hand, was said to be written by a luan phoenix who had lived in the Marsh of Dreams after she had obtained a human form.

Yan Xuanjing closed his eyes and pondered about the Great Wilderness Travel Guide, and then Lin Mu suddenly pulled his ears.

The Shen had taken care of her since she was a baby bird, and she had probably written down this information on the Shen because of this reason — the Shen was gone, but it would be good to write something about her that would be kept forever.

If they randomly ran all over the place without planning, their end might just be like Di Wu’s, and they would crash and burn without any warning.

The only reason Yan Xuanjing didn’t go insane when he was thrown into the most chaotic part of the Great Wilderness by his parents was because firstly, he knew he had somewhere to return to, and secondly, his own ability wasn’t that bad, and not to mention that he had some strength before he was thrown out.

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But that wasn’t exactly the case for the Shen’s child.

A strategy was needed before travelling.

Without anyone to depend on, a half-monster, and the child of a great monster, what would happen, Yan Xuanjing couldn’t be clearer about it.

Yan Xuanjing laid on Lin Mu’s lap, looked at the endless stream of human beings in front of him, and started to think what places were worth visiting in the vast Great Wilderness.

When a pure-blooded nine-tailed fox like him was thrown into the bottom of the Great Wilderness, he was also hunted down by a large group of monsters that tried to divide him up to eat his meat and bones. For a half-monster that wasn’t as strong as a pure-blooded monster, and was even the child of the great monster Shen, there was nothing more that needed to be said about it.

The reason why Di Xiu had spent such great effort in trying to conceal the traces of his wife and child was because he was very clear about what would a half-monster with the bloodline of a great monster, but without the protection of one, would encounter. This was why he could so easily make such a choice.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but bury his face into the soft fluff and nuzzle.

Yan Xuanjing laid there, indifferently flicking his tail to wrap around Lin Mu’s neck.

Lin Mu sniffed the fluff pile for a long while, then raised his head, “hot.”

But if that person was really aiming at Di Xiu, with the means that this monster had to hide away from Yan Xuanjing, and prevent Yan Xuanjing from finding him, it wouldn’t be particularly difficult for this monster to find his father.


Other than the Shadow Spirits, there were other special examples.

Da Hei read some key points to Lin Mu as he thumbed through the records. The documents were a little thick, because in them recorded the lives of those monsters.

The lives of great monsters were extremely long, and even the records in the netherworld weren’t as detailed as theirs.

Yan Xuanjing silently kept the information, changed into his young form and jumped onto the bed next to Lin Mu, and raised his paw to gently rub against Lin Mu’s face.

Thankfully Di Xiu did that.

If not, Lin Mu would have long been eaten clean.

Lin Mu grabbed Milky’s paw in a daze and shrunk himself into the blanket. As soon as he had done that, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Lin Mu tried his best to open his eyes, felt for his phone, and after a ‘hey’, instantly jumped up.

Milky looked at Lin Mu who had instantly became awake, and asked, “what’s wrong?”

Lin Mu hurriedly got out of bed and said, “Mentor Tan suffered a cerebral infraction on the road today and was taken to a hospital by a kind person. He has a student working in the hospital, but because he was too busy and didn’t know Mentor Tan’s contact information, he asked me to take care of him first.”

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Yan Xuanjing knew this Mentor Tan.

Not only did he know him, he had quite a deep impression of this man.

This was Lin Xueji’s mentor, who had helped Lin Mu a lot after Lin Xueji had died.

At the same time, he was also the one who actually gave him the name Milky. This name was given to his own Samoyed, and was used by Lin Mu for Yan Xuanjing.

When Yan Xuanjing saw that Lin Mu was about to put on the clothes that he had just taken off to hang not long ago, he raised his hand to dry them. After receiving a thanks from Lin Mu, he was placed into Lin Mu’s pocket as he rushed out of the door.

Lin Mu rush to the hospital, hurried to pay the fee incurred by the kind person, and when he got to the ward, the old man was still in an emergency state. There was someone in a simple t-shirt and jeans sitting quietly outside the emergency department, resting against the wall, and watching the lights in the hospital’s ceiling in a daze.

That person’s face was very pale, and there were dark circles under his eyes. His exposed wrists and ankles were very thin, and under his skin, glimpses could be caught of the blue-green veins.

He was extremely thin, his lips were a bit dry, his hair was messy, and his whole person looked very weak.

He quietly sat there, looking a little gloomy, and didn’t fit in with the surrounding environment at all.

Wu Gui seemed to have given tacit approval for Yan Xuanjing to always be by his side.

“That’s the kind person who sent the patient over,” said the nurse who came up to Lin Mu. “His state looks terrible, but he refused to have a physical examination or anything.”

Because this small exhibition wasn’t opened to large businesses, it had always been a good place for enthusiasts to communicate.

“Thank you.” Lin Mu nodded, and raised his feet and rush over.

Yan Xuanjing nodded his head to indicate that he understood.

He seemed to have realised that someone was approaching. Raising his head to look at Lin Mu, the expression on his face twisted, his muscles twitched violently, and it looked a little creepy.

“Wu Gui probably meant to ask me to be more careful.” Lin Mu rubbed the small fox’s round body and squeezed his two little paws.

Lin Mu’s footsteps stopped.

Lin Mu felt a little pleased as he said that, and looked down at the bracelet on his wrist, stared at it for a while, and then took back his sight.

Yan Xuanjing popped his head out of his pocket and said, “it’s okay. Keep approaching, he needs the power of a Relaxed Emperor for comfort.”

So Lin Mu took another step, and could see that with his approach, the kind person gradually calmed down, and his originally indifferent eyes moved slightly as his gaze landed on Lin Mu first before moving to Yan Xuanjing in his pocket.

Lin Mu paused, instinctively blocked the little fox in his pocket, and then realised that it was wrong, because ordinary people couldn’t see Yan Xuanjing at all.

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The man’s line of sight was blocked, and his pupils moved slowly and difficultly, as if such an action would overwhelm him. It took him three seconds before he nudged his sight back to Lin Mu.

After a while, he showed a slightly confused expression and said to Lin Mu, “you’re a half-monster.”

His voice was very different from his appearance, and although it was slightly dry, it sounded very gentle, like the sound of rivers and lakes.

Lin Mu nodded subconsciously.

That monster asked, “then why aren’t you dead?”

When he asked this, there was only pure confusion on his face.

“That nine-tailed fox tried to kill me. Twice.”

He raised his hand, slowly pointed at Yan Xuanjing, and looked even more confused.

“You’re such a weak half-monster, why haven’t you died?

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