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Chapter 59 – Lin Mu decided to call the police.

Why aren’t you dead?

What kind of question was this?

Lin Mu froze for a while, and tried to understand the other party’s brain circuit — based on the fact that he had almost no knowledge of this monster, Lin Mu still found it difficult to do so, even after he had been baptised by Yan Xuanjing’s own brain circuit.

“Why should I die?” He asked.

The monster stared at Lin Mu without blinking, and replied like it was something to be expected, “because you’re a half-monster, and weak.”

Lin Mu froze: “?”

What kind of logic was this?

Why was this monster’s thinking even more difficult to understand than Yan Xuanjing’s?

Lin Mu and the monster met eyes for a long time, but he still couldn’t understand what the other party was thinking.

If it was possible, Lin Mu didn’t want to spend his energy discussing this issue with unfamiliar monsters, but the other party had saved Mentor Tan’s life, so this would be counted separately.

Lin Mu carried a Milky who wasn’t speaking for some reason, and simply sat on the chair besides that monster.

They were very close, and Lin Mu watched as the monster didn’t tense up because of his approach, but instead, gradually relaxed.

He remembered what Milky said, about how this kind-hearted monster needed the Relaxed Emperor’s power for comfort.

Lin Mu glanced at the emergency room, and decided that since he had nothing to do anyways, he made a posture that showed he was getting ready for a long talk and asked, “I’m Lin Mu, what’s your name?”

This should have been a very simple question.

But Lin Mu noticed that the other party was stuck because of this question.

His face showed some dullness, and while his eyes were still looking at Lin Mu, it seemed as if he was already daydreaming, and his mind had drifted off to a faraway place.

After about two minutes, it was probably because he had thought of something, and he slowly returned to his senses, opened his dry lips and said in a hoarse voice laced with some doubt and uncertainty, “Nie Shen?”

Lin Mu was a little surprised by his uncertainty.

“Can’t remember.” As he said, his eyes were twitching uncontrollably, and it seemed that even his thinking wasn’t coherent, and he stuttered out a few slow syllables, before finally calming down under Lin Mu’s gaze and said, “too long.”

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Lin Mu looked at his confused appearance and decided not to delve into this problem.

“Okay, Nie Shen, you said Yan…… you said the nine-tailed fox tried to kill you, twice?”

Nie Shen lowered his eyes and looked at the little nine-tailed fox pulling on the edge of Lin Mu’s pocket. The other party seemed to be looking at him, as if evaluating something.

Milky and Nie Shen looked at each other for a while, and finally Milky opened his mouth and said to Lin Mu, “he’s the monster that came from the Great Wilderness.”

Lin Mu paused, and his whole body became tensed.

“Just as you guessed before, he’s the Shen’s child. A half-monster.”

Just as Yan Xuanjing finished, he took back his line of sight like he had lost all interest.

He knew a lot more than Lin Mu, and looking at Nie Shen’s state, he almost immediately understood that what this half-monster had experienced was very similar to what he had guessed.

It wasn’t as if he was without sympathy or compassion, but there were countless of monsters and half-monster who had similar experiences to Nie Shen, and Nie Shen was simply just one of them.

Nie Shen was miserable, but weren’t the monsters killed by him miserable too?

All sentient beings with worldly affairs all beg for a way to cross the sea of misery, and Nie Shen hadn’t drowned amidst this bitter sea, but the boats of the monsters he had killed were long overturned.

Lin Mu looked down at the little Milky in his pocket and looked up at Nie Shen again.

Nie Shen gave a slight nod to what the nine-tailed fox had said.


Lin Mu felt a chill run down his spine.

Instantly, thousands of messy thoughts popped into his mind.

Lin Mu took in a deep breath, brought Milky out of his pocket, held him, and felt warmth coming from the fluffy mass in his palm.

After a long time, he finally picked out a less piercing question amongst all the questions in his brain, and said, “why did you keep watching me today?”

Nie Shen simply answered, “half-monster, not killed by the nine-tailed fox, curious.”

Lin Mu heard him say that, and couldn’t follow the bend in his thoughts for a long time, “……why would a half-monster have to be killed by the nine-tailed fox?”

Nie Shen, who was asked such a question by Lin Mu, showed a confused expression.

He didn’t seem to understand why Lin Mu would ask such a thing, “he kills me.”

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Lin Mu finally understood, gave a soft sigh and said, “he kills…… he’s causing trouble for you, not because you’re a half-monster, but because you’ve killed too many beings in the Great Wilderness.”

The organizer of this exhibition was the big boss Zhao that Lin Mu knew.

Nie Shen heard his words and became even more confused.

Uncle Zhao also saw Lin Mu who was standing outside the crowd.

He shook his head, and said like it was something expected, “I’m stronger than them.”

Lin Mu was amazed as he looked at the pile of fluff that was sitting upright. Yan Xuanjing didn’t feel that anything was wrong, and after he saw that Lin Mu had returned, he slowly laid back down.

Lin Mu clicked his tongue.

This time, Lin Mu routinely asked Uncle De to bring the bonsais and flowers that he was going to sell.

He felt that he probably could understand some of Nie Shen’s thoughts.

Because Lin Mu was introduced by him, he had gotten the tickets, and also met a number of bosses in this small exhibition, and made a lot of money from it.

Nie Shen attributed every single cause to ‘half-monster’ and ‘weak’, these two factors.

Because he’s a half-monster, and because he’s weak, then he should die in front of a more powerful presence.

Because those dead monsters were weaker than him, he could freely decide their lives and death.

According to the rules of the jungle, there was nothing wrong with this.

But for beings that had wisdom, emotions, and bonds, this was something too bare and instinctive.

A lot of things couldn’t be interfered with because of a simple reason like ‘I’m stronger than you.’

Lin Mu had no idea about Nie Shen’s experience, but out of basic humanitarian care, after some deliberation, he said, “both the weak and half-monsters, they all have the right to survive.”

Nie Shen didn’t speak, and didn’t seem to have listened to Lin Mu at all.

He even started to daydream.

Lin Mu raised his voice slightly, “if you don’t agree with this, then why would you save the human inside?”

Nie Shen took back his wandering thoughts and gave Lin Mu a strange look, “he has your aura on him.”

Lin Mu was stunned, “what?”

“You can make my……” Nie Shen raised his hand slowly and pointed to his head, “here, quiet, comfortable. You’re useful.”

“Also, you’re a half-monster.” Nie Shen added again.

Lin Mu knew he was talking about the Relaxed Emperor’s power.

But he really couldn’t understand why Nie Shen was so attached to this label of ‘half-monster’.

“Human beings are actually pretty good too.” Lin Mu said, “that nurse just now, she cared about your body.”

“Not needed.” Nie Shen said, “she can’t help me, useless.”

Lin Mu: “……”

Caring and being able to help were two different things.

Lin Mu looked at Nie Shen’s current state, then swallowed the words that had arrived at his mouth.

Even amongst the short-lived humans, they would have very different ideas and barriers, not to mention the two of them who had eight hundred years of difference, and existed in two very different living environments and conditions.

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It was said that three years was a generation, and there’s at least two hundred and sixty gaps between Nie Shen and himself. If all those gaps were drawn out, it could look like a picture of wavy rocks.

Lin Mu gave up his idea of correcting Nie Shen’s thinking, after all, he didn’t know whether his thinking was considered stupid in the eyes of most monsters.

Milky couldn’t be considered the vast majority.

Lin Mu simply abandoned the previous topic and asked directly, “then let me ask you, why did you cause so much trouble in the Great Wilderness before?”

Nie Shen heard his words, slightly tilted his head, and said, “I went to find the Heavenly Emperor, he ignored me. There were monsters who wanted to kill me, so I killed them first.”

Talking to Nie Shen was a bit laborious, but Lin Mu still understood what Nie Shen meant.

He went to find the Heavenly Emperor, but the Heavenly Emperor ignored him, and at the same time, he ran into monsters that were aiming for him, so he took the lead in killing them.

Lin Mu felt that there was nothing wrong with doing this.

But the situation was really unusual.

Lin Mu said, “if that was the case, then there was no need for it to spread that much.”

He grinned, “heya, Lin Mu, is this your dog?”

Nie Shen heard him say that, and even nodded his head in agreement, then said, “but Di Wu said, if I did this, I could make enough trouble and get the Heavenly Emperor out.”

Lin Mu raised his hand to push the trolley, walked into the crowd, and nodded.

Lin Mu: “?”

“Your dog’s too smart, aren’t all Samoyeds supposed to be dumb?” Uncle Zhao rubbed his hands, “where did you find this puppy?”

Lin Mu was on the alert, “who did you say?”

the puppy that Lin Mu had left his store to.

“Di Wu.”

 They took advantage of their early admission and began to look at the goods that Lin Mu brought in this time so that they could get their hands on it early. As they rambled on, they talked abou


The ones who came early were regulars from previous years, had fixed booths, and could be considered familiar with Lin Mu.

“Di Wu.”


Lin Mu’s eyes widened.

The Milky on his palm shook his ears, but he wasn’t that surprised.

“It’s the resentful energy that Di Wu left behind in his power.” Yan Xuanjing said.

At the time, Di Wu had encountered such a terrible situation, and since he himself was arrogant and would easily explode at any moment, so his resentment wouldn’t be all that light.

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At that time, his thinking was that as long he was alive, there would be hope, so he simply placed all of his resentful energy into his power, which he would be fine without, and cleaned up his soul and body. With that resentful energy coupled with his power, there wasn’t even a need to think about how horrible it would be.

Adding in the fact that Di Wu had been divided and supressed for so many years, his resentment wouldn’t have disappeared with time, but instead, would become worse and worse.

At that time, Di Wu himself was probably going with the idea ‘if the great me isn’t going to have a good end, you group of brats, don’t even dare to think that you’ll be safe’. If he couldn’t get everything that belonged to him back, then the resentful energy in his power would be enough to ensure that those monsters who had taken away his strength would feel like that they were sitting on a bed of nails, and wouldn’t be able to go about their days peacefully.

Yan Xuanjing had always known that Di Wu’s resentment existed, because every now and then, his father would bring up the information about the sorry plight that those monsters who betrayed their friends were in at the moment.

Except, Nie Shen could hide really well.

They had never realized that the power belonged to Di Wu, and it wasn’t until Yan Xuanjing went to the Central Plains to ask the Old Turtle for help, and because the original Di Wu also emerged in the Central Plains to stir up trouble, that they found out about it.

Yan Xuanjing pondered for a while and asked, “then why did you abandon Di Wu’s power?”

Nie Shen ignored him, and just stared at Lin Mu, as if he hadn’t seen enough in the past few hours.

Yan Xuanjing’s expression darkened.

Lin Mu patted his head and looked up at Nie Shen.

It was then that Nie Shen then slowly opened his mouth, “after causing trouble for so long, the Heavenly Emperor didn’t come out. He’s useless, don’t need him.”


Lin Mu felt that this really fit Nie Shen’s logic.

Extremely perfect.

He even wanted to interview Di Wu and get his feelings about it.

“Then what are you doing in the Central Plains?” Lin Mu asked.

“Looking for the Heavenly Emperor.” Nie Shen said, “I heard that the Heavenly Emperor paid more attention to the Central Plains.”

Lin Mu felt his heart shiver, “…… then what are you looking for the Heavenly Emperor for?”

This time, Yan Xuanjing had seriously tried a method to control his thoughts — when he was in the illusion and facing his mother, his mind was full of the time when he was young, and his mother was licking his fur.

As expected, the illusion became weak and vulnerable.

However, Yan Xuanjing was very secretive about his method, and simply concluded the entire situation with a sentence, “I won.”

Lin Mu also believed that Yan Xuanjing won, and even won very beautifully, without suffering any injuries at all.

Yan Xuanjing had an impression of this great monster. Although when she died, he hadn’t been born yet, but he had heard about this monster once or twice while his parents were chatting.


She was an extremely powerful monster who wasn’t that good with fighting head-on.

She lived in a large marsh that was full

of rising mist, and because of the Shen’s special characteristic, she turned herself into fog all year round, and accepted monsters who came to her for help.

These monsters that asked for help would usually be found kneeling of the edge of the marsh, begging the owner of the marsh to let them see a deceased human or monster once again.

Yan Xuanjing heard his words and was stunned for a moment, looked down towards Lin Mu for a while, and felt as if a stone had fallen into a calm lake, disturbing the pool of autumn water. The ripples had pushed out circle by circle, flowing over the bank again and again.

Nie Shen was at a loss for a while, and for some time, he couldn’t remember the reason why he was looking for the Heavenly Emperor.

The Heavenly Emperor was the god who made the rules of heaven and earth. According to legend, it’s said that the Heavenly Emperor existed since the beginning of time.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Heavenly Emperor was the laws, the rules, and everything that governed the world.

The Heavenly Emperor was the most noble and oldest existence upon the land, and very few people knew what the Heavenly Emperor looked like.

Nie Shen recalled for a long time, and finally showed some realisation.

“I wanted to ask him, why being born as a half-monster means that I have to suffer all these things.”

“Why would I get attacked by unrelated monsters when I killed those weaklings, but when I encountered something like that, no one ever came forward to fight against those monsters.”

This thought had sprouted ever since he was very, very young.

Nie Shen still vaguely remembered, that there seemed to be some gentle colours in his memories before, but if he looked more carefully, then hundreds of years of blood would surge up and wash away that colour completely.

Whenever he was injured and dying during his childhood, he would wonder why.

But he didn’t have anyone to question, so he asked the world.

Lin Mu unloaded his goods and replied very honestly, “I picked him up.”

The world had never answered him.

Lin Mu had ruffled him for several days without getting tired.

Later, when he successfully killed a monster that attacked him and was covered with blood, he finally felt that the world had answered him.

Lin Mu got out of the train, took Milky out of the bag and carried him. When he went out, Milky always looked like a round and fluffy Samoyed puppy, like soft and creamy ice cream, very nice to knead.

The world said, only powerful monsters had the right to survive.

In any case, there were seats, and Yan Xuanjing, this distinguished nine-tailed fox, wouldn’t be squeezed into a flat fox biscuit.

So Nie Shen worked hard to become stronger, and became familiar with the power in his blood, and took hundreds of years to get out of the state of running, before he realised that it was wrong.

After he had the greenhouse, he wanted to get some temperature control equipment, but in the end, the little Ginseng said that it wasn’t necessary.

Weak monsters could also survive.

Uncle Zhao knew about Lin Mu’s situation with his two uncles, so he mentioned some stuff about them.

And half-monsters, whether they were strong or weak, would always be the ones getting targeted, getting victimised.

There weren’t many half-monsters in the Great Wilderness, Nie Shen had met a few, watched them, and without any exception, they all died tragically.

Strength wasn’t the answer.

The existence of half-monsters seemed to be a mistake.

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So Nie Shen dug out the question he had long buried in his mind.

He knew that the one who set down the rules of the world was the Heavenly Emperor.

Nie Shen couldn’t find the Heavenly Emperor in the Kunlun Mountains of the Great Wilderness, and with Di Wu’s power, he washed the streets of many cities with blood, yet the existence that stood above all in the heavens wasn’t moved at all.

After coming to the Central Plains, Nie Shen discovered Lin Mu, this special case.

“Like you, you aren’t dead.”

“This shouldn’t be.” Nie Shen said.

There was something overflowing, gently tapping against a hard and cold wall.

Kind of itchy. No one would kindly tolerate this kind of peeping — even Lin Mu had responded quickly.

In Lin Mu’s case, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was weak and didn’t know where this monster was, he would have probably rush forward to punch and kick the monster who had been peeking at him.

Who would let him watch for five hours, did he have a problem?

Although both Yan Xuanjing and Lin Mu knew that the first half of what Da Hei said was false, the second half of his speculation was quite reasonable.


Lin Mu smacked his lips and turned to ask Yan Xuanjing, “why do you think this monster is the one in the Great Wilderness?”

“Because I fought against him before.” Yan Xuanjing recalled, and said, “his method is very, very special, and very recognisable.”

It was as if something fluffy had been gently rubbed over his fingertips, and it was very sweet.

Yan Xuanjing tasted that sweetness, and instinctively said, “you’re not stupid.”

Lin Mu: “?”

Is the important point if I’m stupid?

The topic was brought back to the original point.

Lin Mu had many things he wanted to say.

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He wanted to say that Nie Shen was generalising, too extreme in his ideas, and his method was too excessive, about how the weak had the right to live, and it was wrong that innocent people were involved……

But he didn’t say it.

Because he had never experienced serious injuries that led him to be near death, had never lived in a panic for hundreds of years, and also didn’t know what the Great Wilderness looked like.

He could not empathise with Nie Shen.

And Nie Shen also couldn’t understand him.

People couldn’t judge others by their own experiences.

Speaking without understanding other’s difficulties wouldn’t hurt the speaker, but would affect the listener’s heart.

Lin Mu thought for a long time, reached for his phone, clicked the Old Turtle’s number, and decided to call the police.

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