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Chapter 60 – Because I like him.

Lin Mu placed Milky on the chair to watch Nie Shen, then got up and walked to the side to call Wu Gui.

Nie Shen’s gaze followed him without blinking.

Yan Xuanjing frowned unhappily, then with a swish of his tail, obscured Nie Shen’s sight.

Nie Shen paused, looked down at the nine-tailed fox, his gaze was dull, and he fell silent for quite a while before revealing an expression of sudden realisation, “you’re not killing me?”

Yan Xuanjing yawned, “why would I kill you?”

Nie Shen was bewildered for a while, gave an ‘oh’, then looked in the direction which Yan Xuanjing’s magic had obscured, and thought about the way Lin Mu had frowned and asked again, “did I do something wrong?”

“En?” Yan Xuanjing didn’t understand what he meant by this question.

Nie Shen asked seriously, “was it wrong for me to kill those weak monsters?”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t have the patience to carefully analyse and have a heart to heart talk with him like Lin Mu, but considering the person in the emergency room, he still answered this question.

The nine-tailed fox yawned and said very simply, “nothing wrong, you’re stronger than them.”

Nie Shen then raised his hand to point at the place where Lin Mu had just disappeared and said, “but he said, the reason you are tried to kill me was because I have killed too much.”

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“Half right. It’s mainly because the place you laid a hand on weren’t the right ones.” Yan Xuanjing said, “your killing intent soared, massacred cities time and again, and couldn’t be communicated with at all. And since it was all other people’s territories, of course we would have to take some action.”

Nie Shen was stunned, and couldn’t really understand.

Yan Xuanjing felt that it was really difficult to communicate with Nie Shen, a monster without common sense.

The Great Wilderness was quite vast, until the point where even if there were hundreds of scattered countries and cities, there was still a large amount of ownerless lands.

The situation in these ownerless lands were quite chaotic, and the monsters living there were no different from ordinary animals.

Yan Xuanjing also took more than 200 years to climb out after being thrown there.

Over there, the monsters fought each other to survive, and there were traces of blood everywhere.

In that sort of place, falling into three traps with every step was a modest remark.

In the ownerless land, there were some monsters that rose amongst the slaughter, and either entered an established territory to seek protection, or challenged the owner to be the boss. Or they could carve out their own territory in the vast and boundless land, and kill whoever that challenged them. In the end, after they had accumulated a certain level of power, they could gradually develop their own city.

There were quite a lot of monsters or half-monsters with the same circumstances as Nie Shen, but instead of occupying a city or going to another great monster, but chose to question the Heavenly Emperor, from the past to the present, there was only the one.

In a sense, he also was a pioneer.

Yan Xuanjing pondered for a moment, and thought that the reason why Nie Shen had this mentality was probably because he was also a little baby that the Shen protected in her hands.

The Shen didn’t even let the outside world know that she had a half-monster child.

As a result, the Shen died, and Nie Shen didn’t have the ability to protect himself yet, with this fall from heaven, it was very normal for his way of thinking to be unable to bend.

Yan Xuanjing thought that if he hadn’t been brainwashed by his parents since he could remember that ‘in the future, you’re going to the ownerless land to make a future for yourself’, which was why he was prepared, if not, his mental health wouldn’t have been much better.

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But luck, these sort of things, was really uncertain.

Comparing people amongst people really pisses everybody off, so really, no comparisons could be made.

“If you wandered around the ownerless land, no matter how many you killed, we wouldn’t have bothered with you. Or if you had swept across a large area, but could communicate, and didn’t seem like a killing machine, we wouldn’t have hunted you down either.”

Yan Xuanjing told him, “but if you don’t have any communication with the outside world, and you made trouble in someone else’s territory, then it would be regarded as a challenge, and naturally, monsters would attack you.”

Non-ordinary monsters and talented humans would become confused due to the layers and layers of illusions.

To put it bluntly, they would be able to accept someone strong who preferred killing as a monster within their place, but couldn’t accept a lunatic that only knew how to kill within their house.

An instinct like this was difficult for monsters to control. This was also why every time a monster did something, their first reaction was to investigate what the monster’s original form was.

They could solicit the strong, if they couldn’t solicit, they would fight, and whether they won and lost would be based on their own abilities.

This kind of monster who was used to hiding wouldn’t show up somewhere with a crowd.

But lunatics were different. For lunatics, other than killing them directly, they had no other choice.

Rivers and mountains could easily change, but a leopard couldn’t change its spots.

It’s just that if this didn’t affect their own home, then they wouldn’t bother either.

For example, when Nie Shen had wandered around the border of Qingqiu Country, Yan Xuanjing ran over and had a fight with him. Although he was defeated, Nie Shen did turn away because of this obstruction.

Which was why no monster from Qingqiu Country had continued to hunt him down, and instead, after discovering his destination, everybody from the lords to their subordinates settled down to watch the show.

But this wouldn’t exactly be the case for those cities that were directly destroyed by Nie Shen.

After all, for monsters that could form cities or settlements the size of a country, they more or less had some rules, and similarly, there were also some feelings and bonds.

If Nie Shen directly took over the leadership of the city and took the highest position for himself, it wouldn’t be considered much.

But what he did was slaughter the city.

If he slaughtered the city, then he slaughtered the city. If he had cut everything off the roots, then it wouldn’t really matter.

The problem laid with the monsters living within the city who travelled.

As soon as they returned, they found all their friends, relatives, and lovers dead, a situation like this couldn’t be solved with a simple ‘I’m stronger so I’m more awesome’.

This wasn’t a matter of fairness.

This was a problem of Nie Shen blocking his eyes and ears, and choosing not to have any contact with the outside world or information.

Oh, and in the middle probably had the burden of Di Wu’s resentment.

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Di Wu’s resentment had been suppressed all the time, and for Nie Shen, this silly-looking half-monster to find it, his resentment at that time probably wasn’t that light either.

Nie Shen tilted his head and felt a little confused.

His mind was ringing and there were many thoughts in his mind, but he couldn’t even get a single thread.

Yan Xuanjing also didn’t expect him to understand that much either.

Because in his opinion, Nie Shen’s behaviour couldn’t be considered wrong.

He paused and turned look at Yan Xuanjing, only to find that the window was open and Yan Xuanjing was missing. The only thing left was a greyish-white disc half the size of his palm on the bed.

The strong were able to determine the life and death of the weak, only, they choose to let the weak survive under them, while Nie Shen chose to kill them.

There were some patterns carved on the disc, and Lin Mu couldn’t recognise them, but he knew what it was.

Just as a satisfied tiger could choose to let a lamb live and eat grass under its eyes, it could also choose to bite the lamb’s neck.

An array disc that would turn into a normal array when activated.

But Nie Shen, this tiger who had chosen to bite the lamb’s neck, was targeted by the other predators that had a good relationship with that lamb.

Yan Xuanjing had probably noticed something and went over to track. Now that Lin Mu was alone, he didn’t dare to make any decisions, and could only sit on the bed and stare out of the window, waiting for Yan Xuanjing to return.

All of this was logical.

Lin Mu picked up the array disk, fiddled with it and activated it, then placed it on the bedside table.

It’s just that they had different positions, so their ways of thinking and views wouldn’t be the same.

Finding out their original form was basically winning half the battle. The remaining half depended on the monster’s individual combat ability.

Nie Shen was at a lost for a moment, and confirmed, “so I’m not in the wrong.”

Yan Xuanjing nodded, and said indifferently, “as long as you bear the consequences yourself.”

Lin Mu had just returned after finishing his call, and as soon as he approached, he heard what Yan Xuanjing said and slightly paused, “what consequences will Nie Shen have to bear?”

Milky shook his ears, but didn’t answer his question.

According to the original regulations, when he met Nie Shen, he should have killed him on the spot, but the current situation was different.

So he turned to Nie Shen and asked, “you came to the Central Plains to find the Heavenly Emperor? How are you planning to find him?”

Nie Shen, who had just confirmed with the nine-tailed fox that he did nothing wrong, said very easily, “first slaughter a city. I heard the Heavenly Emperor attaches great importance to the Central……”

The expression on Lin Mu’s face grew stiffer and stiffer.

Yan Xuanjing directly interrupted Nie Shen’s words, “he would be sent back to the Great Wilderness.”

Nie Shen: “?”

“The rules that the Central Plains follows were different from the ones the Great Wilderness had.” There was no expression on Yan Xuanjing’s face, and with a paw, he smashed a jade that would call his father.

He still felt that Nie Shen’s illusions were quite troublesome, but there wouldn’t be any problem if Yan Gui came.

It really couldn’t be a case where they found Nie Shen, but he got away because of a counter attacking illusion.

That would be embarrassing.

“You can’t remain in the Central Plains.” Yan Xuanjing said.

Nie Shen frowned slightly, “why?”

Because if something went wrong in the Central Plains, let alone the Great Wilderness, even the Heavenly Court and the netherworld government would suffer great earthquakes.

However, Yan Xuanjing did not tell Nie Shen this.

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According to the words of the Central Plains, one couldn’t let someone who was against society to find a way to destroy the world.

While waiting for Yan Gui to come over, Yan Xuanjing skipped over the previous topic and asked Nie Shen, “what happened before you held Di Wu’s power? We’ve never heard of you communicating with other monsters.”

In the time that Nie Shen had cause so much trouble, he had never communicated with any monster.

He looked like a silent killing machine. His whereabouts were uncertain, and wherever he appeared would be a bloodbath.

Originally, when he first emerged, there were many great monsters who wanted to recruit this scarce talented monster, as a result, Nie Shen had never appeared in any actual manner before.

He didn’t talk, didn’t show his face, and only knew how to cause chaos.

To the extent that those monsters who wanted to solicit him took back their tentative look, and assume that he was a lunatic.

Nie Shen was confused, “communicate? They’re useless. ”


Fine, this really was a lunatic.

Yan Xuanjing stopped talking.

Several of these great monsters had already died in some incidents, while some of them were still active in the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains. There were others that were still in seclusion, and every couple hundreds of years, they would appear to make a report that they were still alive.

Lin Mu was using his phone to take notes, while Da Hei focused on extracting the key points and piecing together.

Da Hei took them and said to Lin Mu, “I’ll go and find you. You’re so weak, nothing better happen to you without Yan Xuanjing around.”

Lin Mu was very self-aware and nodded obediently, “okay.”

The sub-district office wasn’t that far from the hotel Lin Mu was in. Before long, Da Hei had arrived with his bag of documents, and didn’t hesitate before sitting down on the bed and crossing his legs like Lin Mu.

Lin Mu took the paper bags from his hand and randomly opened one.

Monsters able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with nine-tailed foxes — especially nine-tailed foxes like Yan Xuanjing, were extremely scarce. A fairly powerful monster might appear within each species, and some of them had fairly special talents.


That time, the reason why those great monsters were at ease with leaving Di Xiu in Lin Mu’s little yard was because they felt that the ones that dared to attack Di Xiu despite the burden that they would be condemned to by the heavens and earth, would most probably be people who acted in groups.

Just think about what happened to Di Wu at that time. Even if it was monsters that were at the top of the Great Wilderness, they would have to share the burden of karma with many humans before they dared to touch this taboo decided by the heavens and earth.

If they really came in groups, then anybody would find it difficult to stop them. As for the scattered ones, the vast majority of them couldn’t even defeat the little Ginseng.

And in Lin Mu’s little yard, before the little Ginseng, there were still countless of layers of protections and arrays.

Those who were able to see Lin Mu’s little yard were ordinary humans without much talent.

And even if they could see it, it would be easier ascending to heaven than to enter his yard.

Lin Mu picked Milky up, “then why are you talking to us now?”

“You are useful.” Nie Shen said, “I feel so good now. I’ve never felt so good before.”

Also true.

Lin Mu remembered the reason Nie Shen had given for saving Mentor Tan, and it was because Mentor Tan had his aura.

Lin Mu took a deep breath and felt that it was lucky Nie Shen had found out about his existence before doing anything. Also luckily, he was half a Relaxed Emperor, if not, a peaceful and prosperous place would have been turned into a horrible and bloody scene.

Lin Mu lowered his head and squeezed Milky’s paw, and asked, “what would happen if he returned to the Great Wilderness?”

Nie Shen frowned, “I won’t return to the Great Wilderness.”

Lin Mu and Yan Xuanjing turned to look at him.

Yan Xuanjing said, “if he stays in this state, he would be taken in by someone for observation, and then be recruited.”

After all, it was rare to find such a powerful and talented monster, and at their level, almost nobody would care about half-monsters or not.

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One needed to know that even ordinary humans could trample and kill several Shadow Spirits, but even a Shadow Spirit could cultivate into a great monster that could run rampant around the Great Wilderness, so what about half-monsters?

As for the problem with Nie Shen’s thinking, it mattered even less. Monsters live for a long time, and what he had would be time to think about it. Besides, basically, Nie Shen’s thought process was very in line with the Great Wilderness.

— Although he was always entangled with the idea that ‘Half-monsters are a sin’, and it was a little silly in Yan Xuanjing’s eyes.

The death rate of half-monster was much higher than that of ordinary monsters, this was normal. It was the same as how human babies born with deformities were far less likely to survive compared to babies without.

Lin Mu rubbed Milky’s ears and asked, “he won’t die, right?”

“He would in his previous state.” Yan Xuanjing said, and he saw that Lin Mu let out a slight sigh of relief and couldn’t help but pause, looked at Nie Shen who was staring unblinkingly at Lin Mu, and turned to look at Lin Mu again. He asked unhappily, “you don’t want him to die?”

Lin Mu nodded, “one thing at a time. He had no time to do anything in the Central Plains, and he saved Mentor Tan.”

Yan Xuanjing had lived in the Great Wilderness for so many years, and understood quite a bit about monsters themselves.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at Lin Mu, and felt that Lin Mu had really applied his double standards very frankly.

Otherwise, the Central Plains would probably be made up of mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

If Nie Shen had already started to slaughter in the Central Plains or didn’t rescue the old man inside, Lin Mu would certainly not have this attitude.

Lin Mu, who was still half-baked in his studies, believed him without hesitation and went to the shopping mall in the city centre for a meal.

But that didn’t matter.

If not, Lin Mu would have long been eaten clean.

Yan Xuanjing thought that this was very good.

Lin Mu grabbed Milky’s paw in a daze and shrunk himself into the blanket. As soon as he had done that, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Lin Mu also noticed that the double standard he had applied and touched his nose in embarrassment.

Nie Shen sat beside them, and suddenly asked Yan Xuanjing, “why are you protecting a half-monster?”

Yan Xuanjing flicked his tail and answered the question quite generously, “because I like him.”

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Lin Mu’s whole body became stiff and his eyes widen in shock.

“Oh.” Nie Shen nodded his head, with a calm expression on his face, he slowly raised his hand to touch his heart that was beating so peacefully for the first time, and said slowly, “I seem to like him too.”

Yan Xuanjing heard his words and suddenly looked up.

He stared at Nie Shen, eyes narrowing dangerously.

— This half-monster, it’s better if he’s killed.

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