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Chapter 61 – Everybody loves the Relaxed Emperor.

When Yan Gui threw Di Wu away and ran to this place, he saw a tiny version of his son sitting in the corridor of a hospital and confronting a half-monster sitting on a chair.

Lin Mu stood nervously at the side, and wanted to say something, yet took into account the people around them. While he didn’t dare to say anything, the expression on his face showed his desire to talk, and it was as if once there wasn’t anyone around, he would be about to shout.

Yan Gui looked at the three of them, and found this picture really puzzling.

Not mentioning why his son, who took his reputation very seriously had lost all his image and turned into the cute and fluffy version he was as a kid.

Nor why his son was facing a half-monster with a serious expression.

Yan Gui felt that the thing that caught his attention was the half-monster confronting his son.

— The word confronting wasn’t that appropriate.

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Because the half-monster didn’t pay attention to Yan Xuanjing’s murderous intent at all, and was just staring at Lin Mu.

He didn’t know what had happened before, but Lin Mu expression seemed to be a bit frozen and nervous, along with a bit of dullness.

He looked like he became silly.

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Yan Gui: “……”

Although he didn’t know what had happened, but Yan Gui felt that it was most probably because his son did something.

He knew his own son very well.

Yan Gui sighed and hid nearby, didn’t show himself, and watched as Yan Xuanjing’s killing intent became more and more dangerous, until it reached the line of oppression, which caused the half-monster to turn his head.

“You want to kill me?”

Monsters able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with nine-tailed foxes — especially nine-tailed foxes like Yan Xuanjing, were extremely scarce. A fairly powerful monster might appear within each species, and some of them had fairly special talents.

That time, the reason why those great monsters were at ease with leaving Di Xiu in Lin Mu’s little yard was because they felt that the ones that dared to attack Di Xiu despite the burden that they would be condemned to by the heavens and earth, would most probably be people who acted in groups.


Just think about what happened to Di Wu at that time. Even if it was monsters that were at the top of the Great Wilderness, they would have to share the burden of karma with many humans before they dared to touch this taboo decided by the heavens and earth.

If they really came in groups, then anybody would find it difficult to stop them. As for the scattered ones, the vast majority of them couldn’t even defeat the little Ginseng.

And in Lin Mu’s little yard, before the little Ginseng, there were still countless of layers of protections and arrays.

Those who were able to see Lin Mu’s little yard were ordinary humans without much talent.

And even if they could see it, it would be easier ascending to heaven than to enter his yard.

Nie Shen felt that in his life, other than the time he had questioned the heavens and earth when he was a child, he had never been so confused.

These monsters really liked to dawdle, are troublesome, and useless, he thought.

It’s still Lin Mu, who was also a half-monster and very useful, who was good.

Yan Xuanjing’s fluffy fox face was expressionless as he said, “come, fight.”

Nie Shen gave him a strange look and refused, “I can’t defeat you.”


The reason was so honest and straightforward that the brains of Yan Xuanjing, Lin Mu, and Yan Gui at the side, were full of ellipsis.

Lin Mu tried his best to open his eyes, felt for his phone, and after a ‘hey’, instantly jumped up.

Seeing that Yan Xuanjing had stopped talking, Nie Shen retracted his gaze, looked back at Lin Mu, and began to consider the possibility of taking Lin Mu away.

His voice was very different from his appearance, and although it was slightly dry, it sounded very gentle, like the sound of rivers and lakes.


After a while, he showed a slightly confused expression and said to Lin Mu, “you’re a half-monster.”

After realizing what he was thinking about, Nie Shen’s mind started to wander.

Milky looked at Lin Mu who had instantly became awake, and asked, “what’s wrong?”

It seemed like he hadn’t ‘thought’ for a very long, long time.

Lin Mu nodded subconsciously.

In these hundreds of years, apart from relying on his instinct to survive, he didn’t have much time to think about other things. Afterwards, when he had gotten used to these sort of days, he thought even less about these things, and everything became about becoming stronger and fighting.

And even after that, when he was lucky enough to get the chance to get out from the ownerless lands, and saw things that went against some of what he had understood, he started to try hard to think and reconsider again. However, by that time, there were only a few messy sounds and pictures left in his mind.

He didn’t remember what the monsters that died under him looked like, but whenever he closed his eyes, he could always see some fragmented images and scathing curses.

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This was something that every monster must endure, but at the time, Nie Shen didn’t know. He only knew that every time he wanted to calm down and think about something, he would be surrounded by bloody pictures and sounds, which weren’t horrifying to him, but were really noisy.

So, he simply stopped thinking about it, just remembered his doubts and purpose, and went straight for his goal.

For things that were of use to him, he would pick them up. For things that were useless, he would throw. Those that blocked his road were killed, and not even a single glance would be spared to the monsters at the side.

After all these years, the only one that could really calm him down and let him start thinking, as well as express his thoughts, Lin Mu was the first.

It’s probably some special bloodline.

Nie Shen thought.

But the more special he was, the more he wanted him.

Who knew if after passing through this village he would still meet such a shop — something like this that brought pleasant feelings was really too wonderful, and Nie Shen couldn’t help but want.

He could see that the nine-tailed fox had placed Lin Mu into his protective circle.

It wouldn’t be easy to take Lin Mu away.

Now that he didn’t have Di Wu’s power, Nie Shen knew that he couldn’t beat Yan Xuanjing.

But if he couldn’t defeat him, then he couldn’t defeat him. Escaping wasn’t a problem.

Nie Shen took out a slight bit of his attention on Lin Mu to look at Lin Mu’s protector. His fingertips twitched slightly, and wrapped some mists around Lin Mu’s wrist. Just as he was about the cut the bracelet on his wrists, he felt the air around him sink.

The mist shrank back like it was a mouse that saw a cat.

Nie Shen noticed the danger, and instantly dissolved his body and dissipated into the air.

Other than the Shadow Spirits, there were other special examples.

Da Hei read some key points to Lin Mu as he thumbed through the records. The documents were a little thick, because in them recorded the lives of those monsters.

The lives of great monsters were extremely long, and even the records in the netherworld weren’t as detailed as theirs.

Several of these great monsters had already died in some incidents, while some of them were still active in the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains. There were others that were still in seclusion, and every couple hundreds of years, they would appear to make a report that they were still alive.


Lin Mu was using his phone to take notes, while Da Hei focused on extracting the key points and piecing together.

Da Hei took them and said to Lin Mu, “I’ll go and find you. You’re so weak, nothing better happen to you without Yan Xuanjing around.”

Lin Mu was very self-aware and nodded obediently, “okay.”

The sub-district office wasn’t that far from the hotel Lin Mu was in. Before long, Da Hei had arrived with his bag of documents, and didn’t hesitate before sitting down on the bed and crossing his legs like Lin Mu.

Lin Mu took the paper bags from his hand and randomly opened one.

Lin Mu was startled and had no other thoughts left in his heart, and instantly turned to look at Milky.

Milky, who was laying on the floor, stood up slowly, shook his fur, and even gave a lazy stretch.

Lin Mu looked as the little fox perked up his butt as he squinted and stretched, and felt that he was going to be charmed by the fox’s beauty at any minute1.

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What kind of time was this, and you’re still in the mood to sell your cuteness?

This is someone who said he wanted to slaughter a city the moment he opened his mouth! If he ran, it’s a big deal!

Lin Mu was very anxious, “Nie Shen ran!”

The little fox nodded, and slowly walked out of the corridor on his short legs and went downstairs.

Lin Mu waited outside the emergency room, and was anxiously going around in circles.

He didn’t understand why Nie Shen, who was having a good conversation with them, suddenly ran — the Old Turtle hadn’t arrived yet, and this time after he ran, he didn’t know if Nie Shen could be found before he did something.

When Lin Mu was in an anxious mood, the emergency room door opened, and Mentor Tan was pushed out.

Lin Mu looked up at the doctor.

“A family member?” The doctor asked.

Lin Mu shook his head, “student, Mentor Tan’s family is still out of town and rushing back now.”

The doctor nodded, and seeing that Lin Mu was so anxious, and was the first student who came, his attitude towards Lin Mu was quite warm.

But he was very busy, and after briefly explaining some precautions that needed to be taken, he left everything to the nurse, who took Lin Mu and the old man to the ward.

Lin Mu hesitated a bit and considered the fact that Mentor had extensive contacts throughout the world, and many of them would come to visit him when he was hospitalised. If he lived in a general ward, he would surely disturb other patients, so he chose a single suite.

That monster asked, “then why aren’t you dead?”

The old man was now out of danger, and currently lying on the bed, looking a little pale.

Lin Mu also believed that Yan Xuanjing won, and even won very beautifully, without suffering any injuries at all.

The nurse patiently explained a bunch of things, about which issues could be handled by themselves and which issues the emergency bell needed to be rung for. If they really couldn’t handle it, they could get a profession nurse trained by the hospital.

However, Yan Xuanjing was very secretive about his method, and simply concluded the entire situation with a sentence, “I won.”

Lin Mu noted them down one by one, and he quite agilely packed everything up.

As expected, the illusion became weak and vulnerable.

The nurse slightly paused, and praised, “little kid, you’re not bad.”

This time, Yan Xuanjing had seriously tried a method to control his thoughts — when he was in the illusion and facing his mother, his mind was full of the time when he was young, and his mother was licking his fur.

Lin Mu smiled, “I’ve stayed in the hospital for some time before, so I’m more familiar with it.”

“That nine-tailed fox tried to kill me. Twice.”

The nurse nodded and didn’t ask much. After recording the patient’s current data, she clipped it on the board and went out.

When he asked this, there was only pure confusion on his face.

Lin Mu cleaned up the ward a little and sat by the bed.

He looked at the old professor lying in the hospital bed, smelled the hospital’s scent of disinfectant, and pursed his lips.

Lin Mu didn’t like the hospital, and this place gave him a lot of bad memories.

He remembered that his mother had also stopped breathing while lying on this white bed.

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Lin Mu daydreamed as he sat beside the bed for a while, and remembered that the nurse said he could talk to the patient. He thought about it, and decided to tell the old professor stories about the monsters and ghosts that he had seen while burying his head in the data.

Lin Mu spoke about several stories, until he mentioned the nine-tailed fox, then abruptly stopped.

He remembered that Yan Xuanjing had said he liked him just now.

“It doesn’t seem like the right time to think about such things……” Lin Mu muttered.

Now that he thought about it, even though Nie Shen had ran, but looking at Milky’s leisurely manner, he probably had a plan.

Lin Mu thought, and felt very sad, “actually, I don’t know how to ask him.”

In fact, asking a simple ‘do you like me?’ was an easy matter.

But who knew where Yan Xuanjing’s brain circumvent would bend to.

Yan Xuanjing had an impression of this great monster. Although when she died, he hadn’t been born yet, but he had heard about this monster once or twice while his parents were chatting.

This was a fox spirit that could do such an intimate act like kissing a forehead in such a self-confident manner.

She lived in a large marsh that was full

Moreover, Yan Gui and Di Wu had once said some inane things, like how ‘Everybody loves the Relaxed Emperor’, and ‘Nobody would be able to reject a Relaxed Emperor.’

She was an extremely powerful monster who wasn’t that good with fighting head-on.

Lin Mu gave a quiet sigh, and felt that he had endured pressure that he shouldn’t have at this age.

Clearly, someone his age in the world of monsters was still a baby.

Why would a little baby like him have to think about problems like ‘I like someone, does he like me back’, ‘is his like that sort of like’, and ‘does he like my person or my bloodline’, these sort of adult questions.

Compared to these kind of adult questions, Lin Mu felt that he was more suited to thinking about questions like ‘what should I have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow’.

Lin Mu looked at the old professor’s face, then took out his phone and reported his safety to his family, and began to tell the old professor the scandalous history of the last leader of the Qingqiu Country.

It was human nature to gossip.

Maybe once he heard the gossip, Mentor Tan would immediately open his eyes and ramble on with him like before.

Lin Mu: “?”

Is the important point if I’m stupid?

He looked at the date while ruffling the dog, and then raised Milky in front of him and said, “tomorrow, there’s going to be a small flower exhibition. Can you come with me?”


Really cute and dignified.


It was unbelievable that such a cute fluffy pile actually turned out to be real.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but bury his face into the soft fluff and nuzzle.

Yan Xuanjing laid there, indifferently flicking his tail to wrap around Lin Mu’s neck.

Lin Mu sniffed the fluff pile for a long while, then raised his head, “hot.”

But if that person was really aiming at Di Xiu, with the means that this monster had to hide away from Yan Xuanjing, and prevent Yan Xuanjing from finding him, it wouldn’t be particularly difficult for this monster to find his father.

On this side, Lin Mu was telling a story on his own, on the other side, Yan Gui was holding his little kit in his left hand, while in his right hand was a ball that had a tumbling mist inside it.

He caught the half-monster and grabbed his son, and after hearing that Lin Mu couldn’t leave, he thought for a bit and turned to inform the Old Turtle and brought the two of them to the sub-district office.

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The speed of Wu Gui’s return didn’t match his original form at all. By the time Yan Gui arrived, Wu Gui was already waiting for him in the office.

With Yan Gui here, the equipment used for captivity that he brought were useless.

Yan Gui placed his son on the table, and simply crushed the ball in his hand. The moment the tumbling mist tried to escape, he raised his hand and directly pushed Nie Shen out, tying him to a stool.

“Yan Xuanjing said you can communicate now, be good.” Yan Gui said, “otherwise, we can only kill you on the spot.”

Nie Shen heard his words and quietened down.

Yan Xuanjing turned and looked at him, frowning slightly.

After leaving Lin Mu, this half-monster changed back to the way he was when they first met.

Gloomy with dull eyes, and his brows were tightly furrowed together. With a chaotic and twisted expression on his face, and he was incompatible with the world.

But it was indeed possible to communicate with him, but Nie Shen himself wasn’t very willing.

Yan Gui had a lot of experience with thorny monsters like these, and after muttering with his son at the side, he collapsed onto the chair without any regard for his image at all. By the time the humans and Wu Gui finished the procedure and wrote a record, the sky was already bright.

According to the rules, if a monster that ran out from the Great Wilderness was caught by humans, the monster would be handed over to the humans for handling. If the monster was caught by monsters, they would be handed over to the monsters for handling.

of rising mist, and because of the Shen’s special characteristic, she turned herself into fog all year round, and accepted monsters who came to her for help.

Nie Shen hadn’t had the time to do anything in the Great Wilderness, and since the one who caught him was Yan Gui, who had a high position in the Great Wilderness, they simply released him after getting a guarantee from the nine-tailed fox.

There was something overflowing, gently tapping against a hard and cold wall.

Only, Nie Shen was marked and imposed with a restriction. As long as he was still in the Central Plains, his whereabouts would be completely exposed to surveillance, and when he was judged to pose a threat to the Central Plains, the restriction would directly harm him.

Yan Xuanjing heard his words and was stunned for a moment, looked down towards Lin Mu for a while, and felt as if a stone had fallen into a calm lake, disturbing the pool of autumn water. The ripples had pushed out circle by circle, flowing over the bank again and again.

The Great Wilderness took a step back and accepted this punishment, so the Central Plains also would not ask for this monster that did evil to be executed.

These monsters that asked for help would usually be found kneeling of the edge of the marsh, begging the owner of the marsh to let them see a deceased human or monster once again.

This was the tacit understanding between the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains.

Yan Gui held a son and a half-monster, and wandered to the outside of Lin Mu’s courtyard.

Yan Xuanjing, who wanted to hide the courtyard, instantly exploded, and reached back to give his father a paw.

Yan Gui reached out and patted his son’s head, then pressed him down, and said, “learn.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned towards Nie Shen, and removed several layers of illusions with a wave of his hand. He looked at Nie Shen, whose eyes and brightened up instantly as he stared intently at the green tree in the yard, and said, “do you see that Relaxed Emperor?”

Nie Shen ignored him and stared at the tree unblinkingly.

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Yan Gui asked, “you like Lin Xiaomu, so you should like Di Xiu too, right?”


Lin Mu: “?”

Is the important point if I’m stupid?

Nie Shen turned to look at him, hesitated for a moment, and nodded.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but bury his face into the soft fluff and nuzzle.

“Hehe.” Yan Gui grinned, and said happily, “even if you like him you can’t touch!”

It was unbelievable that such a cute fluffy pile actually turned out to be real.

Nie Shen: “……”

Really cute and dignified.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”


……You fucking with me?

He looked at the date while ruffling the dog, and then raised Milky in front of him and said, “tomorrow, there’s going to be a small flower exhibition. Can you come with me?”

Yan Gui pointed at the circle of little white flowers scattered around the yard, and probably because it had burned some unsightly things lately, more and more flowers had bloomed.

“You can’t even get in, are you angry?”

Nie Shen: “……”

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

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“Want to go in?” Yan Gui asked.

Nie Shen was very frank and nodded.

“Sure, you’ll have to do some good deeds first.”

Yan Gui said, and took out a Relaxed Emperor fruit from his small treasury and waved it in front of Nie Shen, “If you can hold on for ten years, I’ll get Di Xiu to give you a branch, and another for every ten years after that. If you can hold on for two hundred years, I will give you this fruit, so that you can have a new start.”

“You willing?”

Yan Gui asked, smiling.

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