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Chapter 65 – Pay less attention to those lousy and garish things written by humans.

It was probably because he could finally put down the matters in his heart, Lin Mu had blacked out and slept until early next morning.

Perhaps the greatest benefit after being kicked out of the human race was that his body wouldn’t feel strange even if he didn’t do anything on time. Even if he fell asleep without eating all day, his body wouldn’t protest.

Lin Mu got up in the morning, opened his curtain and looked out, and realised that Di Xiu and the others were still outside.

Perhaps because he didn’t trust Nie Shen to stay alone outside the yard, so he stayed with him all the while.

Lin Mu took a look at Milky who was bathing in the sun essence and didn’t seem to intend to get up, rolled out of the bed and went to wash up.

The little Ginseng poked his head in from the bathroom door, his face was flushed, and his big round eyes stared at Lin Mu for a while, until Lin Mu felt his scalp tingle.

Lin Mu washed and hung the towel in his hand, then turned to look at him and asked helplessly, “what are you looking at?”

“I heard Qin Chuan said that you and Milky did that.” The little Ginseng said, and wrinkled his nose, “but it seems that nothing has changed.”

Lin Mu: “?”

What kind of coloured waste do you have in your brain??

“I was reading a book with Qin Chuan, and the book said that after doing that, your cultivation skill would soar!” The little Ginseng said, then looked at Lin Mu, extremely disappointed, “Lin Mu, you haven’t changed at all.”

Lin Mu dried his hands and was expressionless, “……what kind of book?”

“<Becoming an Immortal through Dual Cultivation after being Reborn: The Collection.>” The little Ginseng answered.


Lin Mu patted the little Ginseng’s head.

“Pay less attention to those lousy and garish things written by humans.”

“……Oh.” The little Ginseng looked at Lin Mu’s expression of ‘it’s a long story’ for a while, obediently nodded his head, “today’s breakfast is pickled vegetable meat buns1, vermicelli buns2, Shumai3, and soymilk with dough fritters4!”

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Lin Mu was pulled into the kitchen by the little Ginseng, and found that today’s breakfast was quite plentiful.

He took a bowl for the vermicelli buns, two Shumai, and a cup of soymilk, “why’s there so much today?”

“Because there are guests.” The little Ginseng also took a bowl out, took one of each item and a cup of soymilk, and followed Lin Mu out of the house. His childish sounding voice said, “it’s Nie Shen. Although he looks at us a little strangely, he listens to Di Xiu.”

Lin Mu heard his words and warned, “it’s better not to get too close to him — for the time being.”

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The little Ginseng looked up at Lin Mu, “why?”

“Didn’t you say that he looks at you guys in a strange manner?” Lin Mu said, “he’s probably wondering why you guys didn’t kill me, or why I didn’t kill you.”

The little Ginseng froze, “no…… no, he’s very well behaved and obedient.”

Lin Mu opened the courtyard door, and turned his head to look at the little Ginseng when he heard him say that, “he’s the monster who caused the trouble in the Great Wilderness. Back then, didn’t you run out of the mountains because a lot of monsters from the Great Wilderness came to the Central Plains? He was the main culprit for that.”

The little Ginseng was stunned. He dazedly followed Lin Mu out of the yard, and dazedly handed over the breakfast to Nie Shen, and saw as Lin Mu greeted Di Xiu and generously went to sit beside Nie Shen on a stool.

Lin Mu asked Nie Shen, “where are you planning to live?”

Lin Mu watched for a while, until his father raised his hand to touch his lips, and made a gesture of the kiss.

As for the trial after their death, that wouldn’t even be considered by monsters.

Yan Xuanjing raised his hand to hold Qin Chuan, who was trying to run out, down. He simply stepped into the room and said, “they’re having morning reading.”

Lin Mu heard his words and was at a loss, “what?”

Yan Xuanjing was expressionless, “reading the first lesson off Moral Character.”


Lin Mu pulled open the curtains, looked at where Nie Shen was sitting in a row with four little monsters a distance away from the yard, who seemed as if he was saying something. Unexpectedly, he was knocked on the head by Di Xiu’s book, then he had touched the spot where he had been knocked, and said something gently.

Di Xiu hadn’t gotten back all parts of his original body, and hadn’t fused those that he had gotten back. Currently, he was still a relatively solid virtual image, unable to leave his own body.

Usually, his biggest entertainment was to watch ghost movies, read ghost stories, and scare the little monsters at home, but now, he seemed to have found a new type of entertainment.

Because when they died, they wouldn’t even be sure if they would die in an intact manner.

When a majority of monsters dropped dead, their soul would be scattered, because other monsters wouldn’t even waste the slightest bit of them.

Their flesh could be eaten, bones could be shattered and taken away, and even their soul would have monsters fighting over it as food.

Nie Shen had just picked up a soft bun and was observing it. Hearing Lin Mu’s question, he looked at Lin Mu’s small yard.

He didn’t really care about having a residence.

Anyways, he didn’t have a place he could call home. So every place was the same.

Since every place was the same, then of course, the closer to Di Xiu, the better.

Lin Mu followed his line of sight and paused, “you can’t enter.”

Nie Shen then retracted his line of sight.

He also understood that Lin Mu and the rest could not remove this circle of Morning Dusk because of him.

It was very easy to use the Morning Dusk, and as long a non-human who had slightly more sins came closer, they would get burned to ashes if they weren’t careful. In terms of security, it was a very secure protection.

Even the illusions and the layers of arrays that the nine-tailed fox had placed down couldn’t be compared to it.

“I’ll be fine outside.” Nie Shen said, “you guys won’t be at ease if I can leave at will.”

Lin Mu heard him say so, fell silent for a while, and thought that it was true.

Although it felt a little uneasy to leave Nie Shen outside the courtyard, it was better than him disappearing under their eyes.

There is a small warm night light turned on in the ward. Currently, Lin Mu didn’t need much light to see things clearly.

When Nie Shen saw that Lin Mu had no objection, he looked at him, and copied how Lin Mu pried open the buns, took a slow bite, paused, and took another.

etween humans and monsters, probably, their only and most beautiful time would be their time of encounter.

The little Ginseng sitting at the side looked at him, saw how he finished eating the buns in a few bites, and went to pry open the Shumai, and couldn’t resist saying, “it’s fine to directly eat it.”

“In the future, you need to pay more attention to your body, remember to take medicine, and maintain a good mood.” Lin Mu rambled on, and waited for the nurse to come, then sat back down on the side.

Nie Shen heard him, nodded his head, and took a bite of the Shumai.

It seemed that the old man still hadn’t returned to his senses. While Lin Mu massaged his legs and feet, he muttered about what had happened today.

The little Ginseng asked, “is it delicious?”

“Mentor Tan, you’re awake! Lie down first and don’t get up. I’ll call the nurse on duty.” Lin Mu hurriedly closed the newspaper, leaned over, and followed the nurse’s previous instructions to keep the old man lying flat, then pressed the bell.

Nie Shen responded in a low voice, and earnestly finished the breakfast in his bowl.

Perhaps nobody would believe it.

He had lived for more than 800 years, but had seldom eaten actual food.

When he thought about it, in the past, whenever he was hungry, he always chose to directly eat the monsters that attacked him.

Most of the monsters in the Great Wilderness were like this — and Nie Shen had never lived in a regular monster city before.

So this was what ordinary humans and monsters ate.

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Much more delicious than those monsters.

The little Ginseng supported his face and looked at Nie Shen for a while, then reached out to take his and Lin Mu’s empty bowls and cups over, then pattered back into the house.

Di Xiu looked at the little Ginseng’s back, lightly sat beside Lin Mu and said, “that’s a good child.”

Lin Mu nodded, and handed a piece of paper to Nie Shen for him to wipe his hands.

He understood what Di Xiu was referring to. He didn’t deliberately hide anything when he warned the little Ginseng to be careful around Nie Shen, and both Di Xiu and Nie Shen, who were outside the yard, should have heard it.

But the little Ginseng didn’t choose to alienate Nie Shen.

Not simply believing other people’s words, and instead choosing to see with his own eyes.

Although it was a slightly dumber way that made it easy for him to suffer some losses, but being a little dumb was also cute.

Nie Shen wasn’t that in touch with the world, and had no feelings towards the little Ginseng’s actions.

He wiped his hands clean like how Lin Mu did, spent some time in a daze, and slightly turned his head towards Lin Mu and asked, “how can I do good deeds?”

After asking, he paused and asked again, “what is a good deed?”

Lin Mu was stunned by his question and turned to look at Di Xiu.

Di Xiu met his gaze and gave a slight sigh.

To teach a monster who already had a completely formed chain of logic a normal way of thinking was much more difficult than teaching a baby who didn’t know anything.

 Just like a flowering period, wantonly bursting into blooms of fresh blossoms against the wind, and after that, both sides would gradually move towards the withering abyss.

Lin Mu thought about it, and replied, “a good deed, there’s a lot of types. Small ones include helping old ladies across the street, giving up your seats on public buses and trains, or helping strangers, and so on — for example, before, you brought Mentor Tan to the hospital. Although your starting point was a little crooked, it’s a good deed.”

Looking at Lin Mu’s young appearance, the nurse couldn’t help but urge, “this is what happens when all elderly get older, family members should pay more attention in the future, and seek medical treatment if they notice any pain.”

Nie Shen gave a slight frown, and didn’t seem to understand.

Lin Mu returned to his sensed, blinked, slowly nodded his head and recorded all these words down.

Lin Mu said again, “for bigger good deeds, for example, making a large donation, doing earthquake relief, saving lives, preventing casualties, saving the world, and so on. In general, the more lives you save, the better.”

The nurse raised her head and said to Lin Mu, “his consciousness has recovered. At present, all indicators seem normal, but he will have to be hospitalised for a few days for observation……”

Having said all of that, Lin Mu himself wasn’t too sure.

Such a story sounded full of regretful and sad romance, but it couldn’t be called good or bad.

After all, the world he was looking at currently was different from the world he saw as an ordinary human.

In the world that he now knew, there were all sorts of karma and fates that he didn’t understand, and there were also other messy things.

Defining something with good or bad was itself a very biased thing to do.

Moreover, it wasn’t uncommon to do bad things with good intentions, let alone some other situations.

Lin Mu thought about it and simply said, “in any case, stopping mass casualties is definitely a good thing.”

Nie Shen heard what he said and nodded, “I understand.”

Lin Mu turned to look at him, and didn’t quite understand what Nie Shen had understood, but when he thought about what he had said, he didn’t find anything wrong with it.

So, he simply didn’t bother thinking about it anymore. Besides, Nie Shen was already under surveillance already, and wouldn’t be causing any issue in the Central Plains.

Lin Mu looked down to check the time and said, “I’m going to work soon. I heard from Yan Xuanjing that you should have been arranged to work at the sub-district office?”

Nie Shen obediently nodded. Just like the little Ginseng had said, he was quite obedient when it came to Lin Mu and Di Xiu.

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After spending a day and two nights with Di Xiu, Nie Shen felt that his mind had never been so clear before.

The seething resentment and impatient questioning in his heart had disappeared without a trace, and he felt really comfortable.

Lin Mu simply brought Nie Shen to work. Before he left, he went upstairs to hug and kiss Milky, and left happily after having his face covered by nine tails.

After Lin Mu left, Yan Xuanjing flipped over and turned back into a human form, pulled out his phone and searched for something, then also got up and left the house.

These old books that were used by Lin Mu when he was in elementary school were one of them.

Di Xiu caught sight of a few elegant words on it, which showed a totally different maturity level compared to Lin Mu’s young and crooked writings.

That, Di Xiu recognised. It was Lin Xueji’s words.

Lin Xueji was quite nostalgic, and liked to take pictures, and always said that these things and photos were the relics of time, and couldn’t bear to throw everything away. Eventually, they all piled up at home, which made such a big house seem crowded.


Lin Mu used to talk about throwing some things away to make more room, but after Lin Xueji left, he didn’t throw anything away. Instead, like his mother, he kept everything and started to accumulate new things.

It was for this reason that Di Xiu had the chance to find these surprises that were left behind by time.

Yan Xuanjing walked up to the second floor and gently knocked on Lin Mu’s door.

There was a response from inside the room, and following that was a series of footsteps.

Yan Xuanjing paused. The footsteps didn’t belong to Lin Mu.

He was just thinking so, and the door opened. The one who opened it was a short Qin Chuan, who looked as if he had nothing to live for, and had been mercilessly bullied.

Nie Shen watched as Lin Mu was called by Uncle De’s wife when he passed by the village entrance, who said that several old hens had laid a lot of eggs this morning, and asked him to take some home at night.

Lin Mu happily responded and hummed as he took Nie Shen to the train station.

It was the first time Nie Shen had taken this sort of transportation, and sat beside Lin Mu, watching the people in the carriage.

It hadn’t been long since he had arrived in the Central Plains, and had discovered Lin Mu shortly after he had arrived. Afterwards, he was caught by Yan Gui, so he didn’t have the time to observe what the Central Plains was like.

Nie Shen even saw a human directly sleeping in their seat, without taking any precautions against the surrounding humans.

He felt a little uncomfortable with such an overly peaceful environment.

Lin Mu turned his head and looked at him, “what’s wrong?”

“It’s strange,” Nie Shen replied.

Lin Mu looked at the unremarkable carriage and the unremarkable early morning, “it’s normal, what’s strange?”

Nie Shen looked at Lin Mu, at a loss, paused, shook his head, and stopped talking.

He had never experienced such a peaceful environment before, but in Lin Mu’s point of view, it wasn’t unusual at all.

In his eyes, it was very strange or even abnormal, but in Lin Mu’s and these human’s eyes, it was something common.

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Nie Shen followed Lin Mu in silence, and watched as Lin Mu walked out of the train station and bought of few bags of snacks, sharing each of them with him.

“You didn’t seem to have eaten these before.” Lin Mu smiled at him, “you can try them, and maybe you’ll like the Central Plains.”

Nie Shen heard his words, took the snack the Lin Mu had given him, then looked at Lin Mu who had turned to buy some steamed dumplings, and followed how Lin Mu had opened the package. As soon as he had opened it, he heard the owner of the dumpling stall next to him say, “young man, you should pay more attention to your body!”

Nie Shen turned to look over, and found that the chubby lady boss was looking at him with a bright and sincere smile.

He didn’t say anything.

Lin Mu took over the conversation with the lady boss, and said, “well, overtime.”

The lady boss smoothly wrapped up a steamed dumpling for them and said, “young people shouldn’t have to work so hard, if not the money you earned will be used in the hospital later.”

“Well, there’s no other way.” Lin Mu took the steamed dumplings, thanked the lady boss, and brought Nie Shen towards the office and said, “although the Central Plains isn’t completely peaceful, but generally, it’s quite good.”

Nie Shen slowly ate his spicy strip5A popular snack in China. Main ingredients are wheat flour and chili. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latiao
and said, “because they don’t know that you’re a half-monster.”

“Why does it matter if they know it or not?” Lin Mu found it a little strange, “when other people give you goodwill, you can accept it with a peace of mind. You don’t have to think about why you would receive this kindness. It’ll be so tiring to live like that.”

Lin Mu paused, “you’ve waited a long time?”

Nie Shen had never heard such a statement before, and was stunned for a while.

His body was quietly changing, and according to Yan Xuanjing, as long as he wasn’t injured by a special monsterous energy, with a monster’s recovery ability, it was difficult for them to have a wound.

Lin Mu continued on, “also, I heard from Yan Xuanjing that there were quite a number of monsters forces’ in the Great Wilderness who wanted to recruit you, but you had never shown that you wanted to communicate and just kept killing, so they stopped having that idea.”

But now, when he looked at them again, the calluses had started to disappear before he even knew it, and even his slightly thicker knuckles had started to become better looking.

Nie Shen’s face was blank, his lips move a couple of times and made a couple of sounds, “……really?”

There were calluses on his hands, and they weren’t that good looking at all. Because he had many things to do, they had been there since he was a child.

“Why would I lie to you for?” Lin Mu opened the office door, greeted Da Hei and Wu Gui who were already in the office, and said, “Yan Gui must also want to recruit you, which was why he made you do good deeds. Otherwise, why would the ruler of Qingqiu Country make a two-hundred-year agreement with you?”

He walked out of the hospital, and looked as his two hands with his head bowed.

This, of course, was to help Nie Shen keep his sanity, so that he could do work in the future.

Although the monsters’ forces in the Great Wilderness said that they didn’t care about anything, and they do not care about bullying the weak or personal feuds, but they care about the flow of trade and territorial integrity. Occasionally, they would do something about expanding their territory, or go to war.

Generally speaking, if they lived under a monster’s force, as long as they participated in the chain of trade and production, even if they were a weak tree monster who could only bask in the sun and work hard to bear fruits, they would be protected unless they had an enemy who bore a grudge.

But if a monster simply entered into a monster’s city, and did nothing within in — whether if it was because they couldn’t find anything to do, or they were lazy, then asylum and peace wouldn’t be offered to them.

Only monsters who worked would be protected. For those who didn’t, either they were strong enough, or they would wait to be kicked out by other monsters.

A city was only so big, and the labours couldn’t be divided that much. Countless of beings would scramble over job opportunities, and those that couldn’t get any would get kicked out.

Unless they had a skill because of their species’ talent, or were naturally very strong, it was very difficult to get a foothold in the city.

Unfortunately, when Nie Shen had entered those monster cities, he didn’t get an in-depth understanding of such matters, and only saw that weak monsters could live in safety, and from that, understood a lot about injustice.

But there was nothing wrong with that.

Species discrimination did exist. After all, most monsters weren’t born with a special talent for production. Let alone half-monsters, who were born naturally disadvantaged.

When a new monster entered a city, the first ones they would find were monsters or half-monsters that weren’t that strong, or didn’t have a special talent.

Lin Mu cleaned up the work station next to him for Nie Shen, let him sit there, then took out a Kindle from the drawer, searched up good people and good deeds, then handed it to Nie Shen.

Because this time, he couldn’t really give any examples, it was better to turn to the all-inclusive internet for more examples.

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Maybe it could give Nie Shen a little inspiration.

Da Hei and Wu Gui watched as Nie Shen held a Kindle and sat there quietly reading and eating steamed dumplings, and wasn’t that surprised.

They were already prepared since Yan Gui had explained the situation to them yesterday. Nine-tailed foxes had all sorts of means, it was easy for them to tame a monster.

It was simply letting them accept a monster for the time being, an easy matter.

They patted Lin Mu’s head a few times and said okay, and after paying back all the money that Lin Mu had paid in advance, they gave a few hundred more in red envelopes.

It wasn’t as if this kind of situation had never happened before.

Lin Mu returned the money to them, and ran out of the room like his feet were greased.

Da Hei was the one who looked at Lin Mu, and found that Lin Mu had a healthy flush on his face as if spring had arrived, and asked, “you met something good, Lin Xiaomu?”

Even for a half-monster, it was the same.

Wu Gui heard his words, looked up at Lin Mu and stroked his beard, “your love has blossomed.”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t understand why Lin Mu suddenly became so happy after sending a breakfast.

Da Hei paused, “blossomed with Yan Xuanjing?”

“What do you mean by ‘en’?” Lin Mu asked.

Wu Gui raised his eyebrows upon hearing his question, “who else?”

“En.” Yan Xuanjing responsed, glanced at the approaching yard and started to land.

Lin Mu was more surprised than Da Hei.

Lin Mu’s grip tightened on the fur underneath his hands, “you like me?”

He stared at the two of them, hesitated, then asked, “what do you mean? Both of you know?”

“There’s such a strong scent of fox on you, so you definitely must be with that nine-tailed fox every day.” Da Hei said, “and other than you, I haven’t seen anybody else raising a nine-tailed fox as a dog without getting bitten to death.”

With Da Hei’s words, the first thing Lin Mu did was to smell himself. After sniffing for half a day, he didn’t smell anything other than the scent of shower gel.

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But when Da Hei brought up the matter of raising a nine-tailed fox as a dog, Lin Mu suddenly remembered the great thing that Da Hei had done before.

He brought up an old grudge, “if you hadn’t brought it up I would have forgotten! When you went to my house before, didn’t you say that Milky was a dog!”

Da Hei’s shrank back his neck, then stretched out again and said in a righteous manner, “Yan Xuanjing made me keep this secret! He said that there was no need to tell you, since he would be leaving soon!”


Lin Mu recorded both Da Hei and Milky in his little book of grudges.

Yan Xuanjing, who had just fishing looking through a strategy for sweet nothings on the internet, and was currently looking for Rosary Pea seeds in the market, and planned to buy some back to grow a pot for Lin Mu, felt a cold wind blowing at him from behind.

Yan Xuanjing: “?”

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Pickled Vegetable Meat Buns: 酸菜肉包

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Vermicelli Buns: 粉丝包

Many different versions exist out there, some with meat and some without. Here’s a vegetarian one. 

Soymilk and Dough Fritters: 豆漿油條

Highly recommend this! Although it’s a little time consuming to make. If you can buy it, just buy it. 

No recipe link for soymilk, since it can be easily bought, and the ingredients are just soybeans, water, and time. Click the picture for a link to a youtiao/dough fritter recipe. This food pairing has been around for a long time, and before soymilk, the fritters were dipped in black coffee. There’s even a song about it! Well, not really, it’s a romance song about a perfect match, just like soymilk and dough fritters.  

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