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Chapter 66 – Damn! Why didn’t I control my mouth!

It was rare for all three monsters to be working in the office together. Lin Mu and Da Hei made small talk and bickered, while next to them, Wu Gui was holding a teacup and smiling as he listened to the two young monsters jabbering.

“Oh right, Old Turtle.” Da Hei turned to look at Wu Gui, then took out a few jade boxes from inside the drawer and placed them in front of Wu Gui. The expression on his face was smug, and he looked immensely proud as he waited for praise.

Wu Gui glanced at him and opened the box.

A clear and slightly cool scent filled the air.

This was a smell that would make one feel refreshed, and Lin Mu had experienced it once before, when Yan Gui pulled a bunch of spiritual medication out of his treasure vault and gave them to Di Wu.

At that time, he could vaguely smell such a scent.

It was a spiritual medication that was old enough, and after going through a long period of hardship, was about to attain spiritual wisdom.

It was unlike the ones planted in Lin Mu’s house; a totally different grade from the kind of spiritual medication that matured under the influence of the sun and moon essence attracted by a Relaxed Emperor.

It was absolutely impossible for the spiritual medication in Lin Mu’s place to have such a scent, because the time they spent from seed to maturity was too short, and it was a little like pushing the plants way too far to encourage their growth. Although their effect as a medication was still strong, they really couldn’t match up with a naturally grown spiritual medication.

However, if it was only used for healing and restoring spiritual energy, then the spiritual medication in Lin Mu’s place would be enough.

In any case, those spiritual medication were used for Di Xiu alone.

This time, for Da Hei to be able to bring out such spiritual medication,  really made Lin Mu a little surprised.

In addition to Lin Mu, Wu Gui was also surprised.

He snapped the jade box shut, froze on the spot for some time, then looked up at Da Hei, “where did you get this from?”

Da Hei happily said, “I stumbled across them while helping Lin Xiaomu to look through some information the other day. Since the past two days was the weekend, I searched the place recorded and found that it really existed.”

Wu Gui heard his words and looked at what Da Hei was wearing.

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In an extremely rare scene after the old lady had left, and Da Hei, who was always wearing a loose short-sleeved T-shirt and beach pants, was actually wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants.

Because it was the same casual style, the other two in the office didn’t notice anything amiss.

Wu Gui raised his hands and directly lifted the sweater on Da Hei’s body.

Da Hei was startled, and quickly knocked away the Old Turtle’s hand, looking as if he had been violated, “what are you doing!”

Although he had moved very quickly, nobody present was an ordinary human, and they could all clearly see the fresh scars when he moved.

Wu Gui took in a deep breath, but as soon as he started to say something, the office phone rang.

Lin Mu had just reached out to pick it up, when Da Hei reached over to snatch it and picked it up first. After answering it, he hung up and pulled Lin Mu, who was sitting at the side, and rushed out.

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Nie Shen, who had always been watching from the side, paused for a few seconds then quickly got up to chase after him.

— In this whole office, the only person he cared about was Lin Mu.

The lemon dragon angrily placed down the poker cards in his hand, and wanted to strongly condemn these two guys who didn’t know how to restrain themselves, but had his face covered with Yan Xuanjing’s hand.

Lin Mu’s question was too sincere; so sincere the Yan Xuanjing started to feel a little regret.

He went silent for two seconds, shook his head, and felt bad about fooling Lin Mu, this half-monster who didn’t understand anything.

“Individual cases.” After he said that, he simply changed back into his original form.

The fox spirit was unmoved by Qin Chuan’s proclamation of revenge, retreated slightly, and pressed his forehead against Lin Mu’s, who had been kissed into a pile of soft goo, and listened quietly to their breathing.

n Mu bumped against his forehead gently, looked at the hands that they were holding, and whispered, “why are you so skilled?”

It’s just that this time, he was no longer the size of a child, but took up half the bed.

He laid on the bed, flicked his nine long tails, and like a velvet blanket, covered Lin Mu. It was soft and smooth, and excellent to touch.


“Sleep.” He said. Lin Mu responded, held onto three big tails, and rested his head on one. Leaning his head out of the pile of fluff, he asked while ruffling them, “are we considered to be dating?”

“En.” Yan Xuanjing pulled over a tail and patted Lin Mu gently.Lin Mu hesitated for a moment, “but aren’t you the future young ruler of a country?”

“En?” Yan Xuanjing didn’t understand what Lin Mu meant.

“Don’t you need to have offspring or something?” Lin Mu asked.

Yan Xuanjing nodded indifferently, and when Lin Mu returned from sending breakfast, he found that Yan Xuanjing was still standing in the crowd, in the same position, motionless.

The morning breeze brought some coolness. Lin Mu placed his hands in his sweater pockets, and suddenly felt very lucky.

Da Hei dragged Lin Mu along and ran far away, only stopping when Lin Mu grabbed him back.

Lin Mu looked at him and asked, “what’s up?”

Da Hei took another step and replied, “there’s a couple in the monster’s community who stared to fight each other, so their child called for help.”

Lin Mu nodded, and wasn’t too surprised by this.

The scope of their sub-district office was much broader than that of ordinary sub-district offices, and they did all sorts of things. Even when a monster wanted to buy a house in the human world, it wouldn’t be the real estate bureau that handled the formalities, but their place.

Because of his kind’s talent, Lin Mu had a natural fire-extinguishing effect. Basically, if there was any kind of dispute, as long as he stopped there and said a few words, within a couple of minutes, the humans or monsters who wanted to fight would become peaceful and quiet as they started to reconcile.

So every time there was a dispute, Lin Mu would go.

It wasn’t something really big or something really small if two monsters wanted to fight, but if they fought in a place where humans were, the dangers would increase.

Da Hei and Lin Mu rushed to the scene quickly and skilfully solved the dispute.

Nie Shen’s speed was much faster than them, and soon, he caught up and stood by the side to watch the whole process.

It was nothing more than the man cheating and the woman exploding, but the point that monsters exploded at was a little different from humans.

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The woman wasn’t angry because the man cheated, but because the target of the man’s infidelity was a weak human.

What part of her wasn’t as good as a weak human!

Da Hei and Lin Mu weren’t like ordinary humans, and they would always encourage a breakup instead of reconciliation. Upon hearing about the matter, they almost instantly suggested without any hesitation, “we suggest divorce, the child belongs to you.”

Anyways, it was impossible for the child to go the man who had cheated with a human, as it wouldn’t be certain what kinds of troubles would occur.

Nie Shen looked at Da Hei and Lin Mu in confusion, and said, “I suggest killing.”
everal monsters all turned to look at him, and Lin Mu took the lead and said, “you be quiet.”

Nie Shen obediently closed his mouth, and watched as the female monster patted her butt and left on the spot, and Lin Mu and Da Hei also left the house after persuading and recording the male monster down.

Nie Shen followed them and asked, “why not kill them?”

He turned slightly and walked toward, thrn asked, “his condition is good?”

“Because there’s no need.” Lin Mu said.

Yan Xuanjing was even more puzzled.

Nie Shen thought of the messy news that he had just seen, and tried to infer using the human thinking that he had just understood, “he’s stronger than the female monster, and after losing his reputation, he might retaliate.”

“……” Lin Mu opened his mouth, still wasn’t assured, and asked again, “what kind of like?”

Lin Mu turned to look at him and nodded, “you’re right.”

Yan Xuanjing landed on the ground and turned back into his human form. He was a little puzzled by Lin Mu’s question, but still answered, “it means that I like you.”

Nie Shen: “?”

“Fox express.” Lin Mu answered.

“But that has nothing to do with us. Because if he really wanted to retaliate, whether she left or not, revenge would be taken.” Lin Mu said, “if she really can’t take it, she would choose to ask for help.”

Yan Xuanjing nodded and asked, “how do you want to go back?”

Nie Shen couldn’t understand.

Lin Mu caught up to him in a few steps, walked side by side, and replied, “still okay. Old people, there’s nothing much that can be done.”

If was something that could be solved with just killing, so why did it have to be so troublesome?

“Because the Central Plains isn’t suitable for fighting and killing.” Lin Mu pointed to a couple of children in school uniform on the street who were taking a picture together. “Look at those little children. If everything was solved by ‘killing’, they wouldn’t be playing so freely.”

Nie Shen couldn’t understand even more, “what does this have to do with them?”

Da Hei came closer and helped Lin Mu answer, “because right now, school is in session, and they’re playing truant. For students, this is a big mistake.”

Lin Mu nodded, “whether they’re humans or monsters, they all had some sort of rebellious period. We can’t just kill everything; it’ll be considered a tyrannical behaviour. Just look at you, you committed such a huge crime, and now, aren’t you still living well?”

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Nie Shen heard his words and corrected, “I’m not wrong.”

Lin Mu heard him, turned to look at Nie Shen, fell silent for a while and finally chose to give up.

“……okay, you’re not wrong.”

With that, he pulled the edge of Yan Xuanjing’s clothes and asked carefully, “then when will the two of you have a baby? Would you still want me if you have a baby?”

It was too difficult to correct the thinking of a monster with his own chain of logic, and Lin Mu chose to entrust this difficult matter to his idle father.

Yan Xuanjing looked that the little monster who didn’t even reach his waist, yet had a strong awareness about crisis, and agreed by giving him a pat on the head.

Lin Mu turned to look at Da Hei and asked, “what’s up your box of spiritual medication?”

He nervously grabbed at his little dudou nervously and whispered, “I am very useful. I can take care of the baby and I can cook for the baby. Can I continue to stay with you guys from now on?”

“The Old Turtle’s son still hasn’t recovered, right? He’s been looking for this spiritual medication.” Da Hei scratched his head, “when I first crawled back up from the netherworld after gaining spiritual awareness, it was the Old Turtle who picked me up. Otherwise, I’ll still be a stray dog who doesn’t know anything. I have to repay him.”

“I remember that his son’s also a half-monster.” Lin Mu said.

Da Hei nodded, “yeah.”

Nie Shen heard his words and turned his head, sizing Da Hei up.

“This time, it’s also a coincidence. When I checked the information for you before, I saw that there was a great monster from the Central Plains who once established a dwelling in the Taihang mountains1Actual mountain in China and also briefly mentioned the way to enter, so I took advantage of the weekend to try.”

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Da Hei grinned, “maybe it’s because I only took that spiritual medication, so the lightning left behind by that great monster only made me suffer a little flesh wound. It was much easier than the years I spent in the netherworld.”

Lin Mu picked up the little fox and placed it on the bedside table, “if you want to call him, call him yourself.”

Lin Mu gazed at him, then looked down and took out a fabric bag that Yan Xuanjing had given him before and took out of a box of medicine for wounds from inside, giving it to Da Hei.

It’s just that the faces of Lin Ginseng and the rest had some traces of shock, but Di Xiu was frowning slightly, and had a little confusion on his face.

Da Hei looked at the box, “what’s this?”

Except for Nie Shen, Di Xiu and the four little monsters had all stuck their heads out and were staring at him unblinkingly.

“Medicine for wounds, Yan Xuanjing gave it to me.” Lin Mu answered.

There was a book floating in front of Di Xiu, and in front of him were four heads sitting in a row, and the furthest away was Nie Shen sitting upright on a small stool.

This was the medication Yan Xuanjing had given to him after beating him up for the first time, and the effect it had was slightly less effective than raising the dead.

Come to think of it, Yan Xuanjing also didn’t have much common sense and told him that being beaten could make him stronger. And also tricked him into jumping off a building.

Lin Mu looked at how Da Hei happily applied the medication, and remember all the things Yan Xuanjing had done before, and felt as if he had become at peace with himself.

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At that time, he was probably blinded by beauty and believed whatever the fox spirit said.

But who let Yan Xuanjing have such a beautiful face and a body full of fluffy fur that nobody could let go of?

A line of three non-humans slowly made their way back. When they passed by a small restaurant, and saw that it was almost time, they simply went in and ordered a few packets of stir-fry.

Of course, they would be bringing it back to eat. If not, wouldn’t the Old Turtle be lonely eating all alone?

The small restaurant’s TV was broadcasting the Central News Station, and when Lin Mu glanced at it, it was still going on about the extreme suffering happening in foreign countries. He couldn’t help but mutter, “the Middle East is fighting again.”

Da Hei also ordered a couple of cold dishes, “yeah, so it’s lucky we have peace here.”

“I don’t have his number!”

When they came over, they were rushing, but when they returned, Lin Mu and Da Hei carried the takeaway boxes and were leisurely walking in the sun, chatting away about the things happening all over the world. Nie Shen, who was quietly acting as an accessory, listened, and was thoughtful.

Yan Xuanjing was abandoned by Lin Mu in the courtyard, and after spending some time in a daze, he turned and followed along Lin Mu’s gaze to see the monsters outside the yard.

Lin Mu pushed the office door open, “we’re back! And we brought food too!”

Di Xiu was really confused, because he realised that these two young ones didn’t have any scent of lust on them — they’d clearly been out for the entire night, and it’s been several hours since Yan Gui explained the situation to him.

Unfortunately, there were four monster households in the office who wanted to settle down and get a certificate for a property. Lin Mu and the rest couldn’t immediately eat, and had to put down the takeaway boxes and start to work.

Kissing in the yard was obviously a very intimate behaviour, but why……

By the time they had settled these four monsters, gathered at Wu Gui’s desk, started a video to go with their meal and opened all four lunch boxes, they realised that something was missing in the office.

The three monsters froze, and Wu Gui was the first to react as he took a map out from the drawer. As soon as he opened it, he saw that the sign representing Nie Shen was already in the Middle East.

“?” Wu Gui’s mind was full of question marks, “what’s he doing there for?”

He wasn’t that worried that Nie Shen would end up doing some insane act, after all, the restriction on him that had been passed down for so many years wasn’t a joke.

Just as Wu Gui spoke, a breaking news message box popped up in the lower right corner of the computer screen in front of them.

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On it was amazingly written: This newspaper reports, at 8am in local time, in the Middle East, explosions occurred in the arsenals of the both warring parties, and they were currently in a truce. At the time of publication, no organisation has issued a statement indicating that they were responsible for this matter.

Wu Gui: “……”

Lin Mu: “……”

Da Hei: “……”

Lin Mu fell silent for a long time, and thought about what he had said to Nie Shen this morning about how ‘stopping mass casualties was definitely a good thing.’

Lin Mu: “……”


Why didn’t I control my mouth!

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