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Chapter 67 – Milky, you’ve been cheated!

This method of simultaneously blowing up both warring parties, he couldn’t think of anyone else other than Nie Shen.

Lin Mu fell silent for a long time, and as if nothing bad had happened, opened his chopsticks in his hand and said, “let’s eat first.”

Da Hei and Wu Gui thought about it, and felt so too.

It wasn’t as if they could run and get Nie Shen back now. Currently, none of the three monsters present could catch up to Nie Shen.

Although Nie Shen was still a half-monster, he was totally different from Lin Mu, a half-baked half-monster who was still young. For a half-monster to successfully survive in that kind of place, not mentioning other matters, their ability to run was definitely first-class.

Moreover, Nie Shen’s bloodline was also suitable for running, after all, he was from a species that could fully integrate themselves into the air. As far as running went, there weren’t many monsters who could catch up to Nie Shen.

Anyways, none of them here could catch up to him.

Da Hei and Wu Gui thought so too, so they placed down the map in their hands, opened their chopsticks and started to have lunch.

They weren’t really that worried, because if Nie Shen really took some crazy moves, before he did anything, he would have been incapacitated by the restriction.


Although the thing that Nie Shen did right now couldn’t be called too small.

But what did that have to do with them?

They were simply a bunch of small and pitiful weaklings.

This kind of thing should be given to Yan Gui, that all-seeing fox, to handle.

Guiltily, Lin Mu also didn’t dare to say that Nie Shen had been thrown to his father by Yan Gui — especially when Wu Gui and Da Hei didn’t know who his father was.

He took a piece of meat with his chopsticks, placed it in his bowl, and looked at Wu Gui and Da Hei. He ate some rice, then looked at Wu Gui and Da Hei again, and after a while, still decided to ask, “is this a good thing?”

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Da Hei raised his head, “what?”

“The thing that Nie Shen did.” Lin Mu said, “the restriction didn’t trigger, which meant that he didn’t kill people, right?”

Wu Gui took a bite of lettuce and listened to what Lin Mu had said, pondered on it for a bit, and said, “it could be considered a good thing. After all, there was a ceasefire. With the current weapons humans have right now, if they really fought, there would be heavy casualties. That being said, I remember that Yan Gui said Nie Shen was left in the Central Plains in order to do good deeds and accumulate merits……”

Da Hei heard what he said and turned to look at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu also met his eyes. For a while, he thought about the topic they had blindly talked about while taking away lunch, and knew that he had given Nie Shen inspiration due to his words. Immediately, he glanced down and continued to eat his food as if nothing had happened.

Wu Gui looked at this, then looked at that, and squinted, “do you know something?”

“Don’t know.” Da Hei held the lunch box to block his face and said vaguely. “Nie Shen sat here all morning without saying a single word, who knew what he was thinking?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Lin Mu nodded enthusiastically.

Who could keep up with Nie Shen’s swerving brain circuit?

Lin Mu even dared to bet that even Yan Xuanjing couldn’t follow Nie Shen’s way of thinking. After all, Yan Xuanjing could be considered a normal monster, and although his way of thinking was also straightforward, it was a very different kind from Nie Shen’s!

“But then again, it’s not good to let him stay out all this time.” Lin Mu sneakily asked, “is there no way to call him back?”

“No,” Wu Gui slowly replied, “for these kind of monsters that are half-reforming through labour, we generally only monitor without restricting their freedom, because we couldn’t restrict them even if we want to.”

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Lin Mu let out a disappointed “oh” and lowered his head to eat his lunch.

He was really worried that Nie Shen would end up engaging in some sort of heaven-shaking result again — after all, strictly speaking, what he did was really a good thing.

They had lunch, and when Lin Mu went out to throw the trash away outside the office, he called home.

Anyways, it was impossible for the child to go the man who had cheated with a human, as it wouldn’t be certain what kinds of troubles would occur.

Nie Shen looked at Da Hei and Lin Mu in confusion, and said, “I suggest killing.”

Several monsters all turned to look at him, and Lin Mu took the lead and said, “you be quiet.”

Nie Shen obediently closed his mouth, and watched as the female monster patted her butt and left on the spot, and Lin Mu and Da Hei also left the house after persuading and recording the male monster down.

Lin Mu heard him, turned to look at Nie Shen, fell silent for a while and finally chose to give up.

“……okay, you’re not wrong.”


It was too difficult to correct the thinking of a monster with his own chain of logic, and Lin Mu chose to entrust this difficult matter to his idle father.

Lin Mu turned to look at Da Hei and asked, “what’s up your box of spiritual medication?”

“The Old Turtle’s son still hasn’t recovered, right? He’s been looking for this spiritual medication.” Da Hei scratched his head, “when I first crawled back up from the netherworld after gaining spiritual awareness, it was the Old Turtle who picked me up. Otherwise, I’ll still be a stray dog who doesn’t know anything. I have to repay him.”

“I remember that his son’s also a half-monster.” Lin Mu said.

Da Hei nodded, “yeah.”

Nie Shen heard his words and turned his head, sizing Da Hei up.

The little Ginseng was the one who picked up the phone, and when he heard that Lin Mu was looking for Di Xiu, he ran to the yard with the phone, raised his chubby little hand and knocked on the tree twice.

“Di Xiu, come out to answer the phone! Lin Mu called!”

Qin Chuan, who was hanging on Di Xiu’s branches and basking in the sun, took back his sight in disappointment, and flipped over in order to evenly heat himself.

Lin Mu mentioned Nie Shen’s issue on the other end of the phone, and felt a little anxious.

“Did Yan Gui say anything about a way to call Nie Shen back……” Lin Mu asked.

“Mumu, don’t call Yan Gui by his name. You need to call him Elder, or Uncle.” Di Xiu corrected.


Lin Mu thought about Yan Gui’s appearance every time he appeared, choked for a long time but couldn’t choke an answer out.

He jumped over the remark and said, “about Nie Shen’s matter……”

“No.” Di Xiu answered, “but he will come back.”

Lin Mu heard what Di Xiu had said, and let out a sigh of relief, “then how should what he did be counted?”

Di Xiu’s sceptical gaze wandered around on Yan Xuanjing.

“En……” Di Xiu was stuck.

This side door used to be kept locked, but ever since he arrived as Milky, it had been kept unlocked.

Frankly speaking.

The main door was locked by Lin Mu, although this kind of lock couldn’t stop Yan Xuanjing at all, he didn’t forcibly unlock it, but instead, walked around to the side door.

This kind of move hadn’t appeared in Di Xiu’s imagination at all.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at the book in Di Xiu’s hand.

According to normal thinking, Nie Shen, a half-monster who had just entered the Central Plains and was about to try and do good deeds for the first time, at most, he would help an old lady across the road or help the neighbours repair a wall or something.

Di Xiu looked at them with a smile on his face.

No matter how big it was, it wouldn’t be bigger than accidentally saving several human lives.

The little Ginseng paused, gave a little chuckle, then happily sat back down on the small bench again.

— Who the hell would have thought that Nie Shen would have stepped to the skies in a single leap, and ran to where a war was going on, and single-handedly directly caused them to lose the ability to start a war?

This little fox…… couldn’t be unable to, right?

This method was really too broad.

Humans should give Nie Shen a prize.

Di Xiu was a little troubled.

From his point of view, Nie Shen actually did quite well.

No matter what his means were, as long as the results were perfect it would be fine. Moreover, this time, Nie Shen hadn’t caused any casualties.

However, he also knew that looking at it from the human’s perspective, this wouldn’t be that good. After all, human beings held absolute fear and doubt towards this kind of abnormal powers.

As long as nobody stood up and took responsibility for what Nie Shen did, human beings would not give up.

Nie Shen wasn’t wrong in doing this, but he couldn’t completely praise him, nor could he completely disapprove of his actions.

What’s more, they couldn’t just find another human to bear the consequences. If the human betrayed them, then the situation would be bad. Furthermore, Nie Shen looked down upon those weaker than him, and if he knew that a weak human had taken credit for what he did, then he definitely wouldn’t be happy.

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Di Xiu sighed in frustration, and felt that it was really difficult to raise a child.

He thought about it, and as soon as he looked up, he met eyes with Yan Xuanjing, who was holding a book about flower cultivation and a bag of seeds.


Just use this little fox to take the blame.

— In this whole office, the only person he cared about was Lin Mu.

Unfortunately, there were four monster households in the office who wanted to settle down and get a certificate for a property. Lin Mu and the rest couldn’t immediately eat, and had to put down the takeaway boxes and start to work

Lin Mu nodded, “whether they’re humans or monsters, they all had some sort of rebellious period. We can’t just kill everything; it’ll be considered a tyrannical behaviour. Just look at you, you committed such a huge crime, and now, aren’t you still living well?”

Nie Shen heard his words and corrected, “I’m not wrong.”

Da Hei and Lin Mu rushed to the scene quickly and skilfully solved the dispute.


Nie Shen’s speed was much faster than them, and soon, he caught up and stood by the side to watch the whole process.

It was nothing more than the man cheating and the woman exploding, but the point that monsters exploded at was a little different from humans.

The woman wasn’t angry because the man cheated, but because the target of the man’s infidelity was a weak human.

What part of her wasn’t as good as a weak human!

Da Hei and Lin Mu weren’t like ordinary humans, and they would always encourage a breakup instead of reconciliation. Upon hearing about the matter, they almost instantly suggested without any hesitation, “we suggest divorce, the child belongs to you.”

As soon as Yan Xuanjing returned, he was pressed into his original form by Di Xiu. Before he could ask any questions, he was directed to the side to sit.

The nine-tailed fox’s mind was full of question marks as he squatted.

Di Xiu commanded, “tails. Keep your tails.”

Yan Xuanjing obediently gathered his tails into one, and watched as his surroundings suddenly changed into a white world, bright and spacious, and even the need for lighting was saved.

Di Xiu set up the camera and directed Milky to pose, found an English declaration script on Baidu, and recited it passionately as a voice-over. Finally, he got stuck for a while when declaring the name of the organisation, and blindly pulled out a ‘Noname’. Then, he gave this non-existent organisation a theme of ‘Heroes Everywhere’, and ended the filming with satisfaction.

Yan Xuanjing had felt that the question marks had moved from his head to all over his body, he walked over and looked at the screen in front of Di Xiu, and asked, “what’s this for?”

Yan Xuanjing pushed open the side door and entered the house. The house was quiet, and no lights were turned on. Only the morning sun shone through the window in a beam of light, illuminating some dust particles and the rising sun essence, making it look quiet and peaceful.

Di Xiu gave a soft sigh and answered, “raising a child.”

These old books that were used by Lin Mu when he was in elementary school were one of them.

Yan Xuanjing: “???”

Di Xiu had nothing to do at home recently, so he was flipping through the bookcase, and actually managed to flip something out.

Di Xiu gave a slight explanation about what Nie Shen had done then turned to work on the film with the little Ginseng.

Di Xiu caught sight of a few elegant words on it, which showed a totally different maturity level compared to Lin Mu’s young and crooked writings.

Yan Xuanjing sat by the side, and heard the little Ginseng whisper, “when Nie Shen returns, you can show him some superhero movies.”

It was for this reason that Di Xiu had the chance to find these surprises that were left behind by time.

“En.” Di Xiu nodded, and felt that it was feasible.

Lin Mu used to talk about throwing some things away to make more room, but after Lin Xueji left, he didn’t throw anything away. Instead, like his mother, he kept everything and started to accumulate new things.

“How did that saying humans have go?” Di Xiu thought for a while, and lightly knocked his head, and after a while, he had a sudden realisation, “educating through entertainment is more beneficial to a child’s growth.”

Lin Xueji was quite nostalgic, and liked to take pictures, and always said that these things and photos were the relics of time, and couldn’t bear to throw everything away. Eventually, they all piled up at home, which made such a big house seem crowded.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

That, Di Xiu recognised. It was Lin Xueji’s words.

To hell with your educating through entertainment.

A new father raising a child was such a scary thing.

Especially when there’s a Ginseng monster at the side that blindly butts in without knowing anything.

Fortunately, Lin Mu was raised by his mother.

Bur Yan Xuanjing thought about it, and still didn’t open his mouth.

Because he couldn’t think of any other better way to handle what Nie Shen did — experiencing the benefits this time around, there would definitely be a second time, a third.

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As for the fact that the face of this organisation was a dog and not a human in front of the camera, once Nie Shen made a couple more explosions, nobody would have any more questions.

Thinking about it this way, this logic seemed extremely accommodating, worthy of being called perfect.

He even felt as if the humans should give Nie Shen a prize.

After all, this small explosion made by Nie Shen could bring about 200 years of peaceful development to the whole of the Central Plains!

The more Yan Xuanjing thought about it, the more feasible he felt it was, so he didn’t ask more about it and turned to bring an empty pot out inside the house. Holding the small flower cultivation instructional manual, he carefully selected the appropriate soil, planted the Rosary Pea seeds, looked for the appropriate temperature, and prepared to move the flower pot into the greenhouse for maintenance.

The little Ginseng seldom saw Yan Xuanjing working with potted plants, so he couldn’t help but look up and ask with his face full of question marks, “Milky, why are you growing red beans?”

Yan Xuanjing walked up to the second floor and gently knocked on Lin Mu’s door.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at him and said, “this is Rosary Pea.”

Lin Mu heard his words and was at a loss, “what?”


Yan Xuanjing raised his hand to hold Qin Chuan, who was trying to run out, down. He simply stepped into the room and said, “they’re having morning reading.”

The little Ginseng almost believed him. Then, he looked at the seeds that Yan Xuanjing had just thrown in, and his face had ‘as if I’ll believe you’ written all over it.

As for the trial after their death, that wouldn’t even be considered by monsters.

“This is red bean.” He said, “the type that can be used to make red bean paste.”

Lin Mu watched for a while, until his father raised his hand to touch his lips, and made a gesture of the kiss.

“Rosary Pea is highly poisonous, and is generally not sold in human markets.” The little Ginseng supported his face and sighed in self-importance, “Milky, you’ve been cheated!”

Yan Xuanjing looked at the little Ginseng whose face was full of certainty for a while, then expressionlessly broke the remaining seeds in his hand.

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