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Chapter 68 – What did this have to do with him, a little fox as pure as a piece of white paper, who didn’t know anything?

“In fact, it’s not necessarily a lie.” The little Ginseng blinked and said, “because Rosary Pea is very poisonous, when people in the city play at romance, they would give red beans, because they’re harmless, and when they broke up, it could be cooked into a porridge.”

Yan Xuanjing assessed Lin Ginseng, and wondered why this little monster knew so much.

Even more than him.


Although he really had nothing to compare with.

Yan Xuanjing was quite self-aware, and patted off the red bean powder in his hand, got up and found his mobile phone and planned to find a small corner to search if there was anything else that could be used as a surprise.

It was as if the little Ginseng could see through everything, and followed behind him like a little tail, stepping behind Yan Xuanjing’s footsteps. When the fox spirit had circled around the yard twice, he opened his mouth and asked, “Milky, what are you searching for? Are you searching for something to please Lin Mu with?”

Yan Xuanjing’s footsteps paused, and he turned to look at Lin Ginseng, and after two seconds, raised his hand to hold his head, got a little angry with him, and placed him next to Di Xiu who was considering the video editing software.

Di Xiu turned and look at the two younger generation, “what’s the matter?”


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The little Ginseng’s lips moved, and very directly shouted out, “Milky wants to please Lin Mu but doesn’t know how to do so!”

Di Xiu was somewhat surprised.

Although he was quite clear with Lin Mu’s personality being 80% like his mother’s, that just Yan Xuanjing’s face alone was enough to confuse him, but he was still very happy to see that Yan Xuanjing was so thoughtful.

Di Xiu raised his hand to hold the little Ginseng down, “it’s better to choose your gifts and sweet-nothings yourself.”

Although it might be a little clumsy, but clumsiness could also be cute and romantic.

Yan Xuanjing saw that Lin Ginseng was obediently sitting beside Di Xiu, and felt relieved. He brushed across the surface of his phone, and decided to go with the most customary one.

Basically, send flowers first.

Sending flowers definitely wouldn’t be wrong.

But Yan Xuanjing actually found out that he didn’t know what kind of flowers Lin Mu liked.

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The fox spirit fell silent for a while, thought of the time Lin Mu said his mother liked daises the best when he went to the flower shop, so he walked out of the yard full of confidence once again.

“Don’t know.” Da Hei held the lunch box to block his face and said vaguely. “Nie Shen sat here all morning without saying a single word, who knew what he was thinking?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Lin Mu nodded enthusiastically.He jumped over the remark and said, “about Nie Shen’s matter……”

“No.” Di Xiu answered, “but he will come back.”

Lin Mu heard what Di Xiu had said, and let out a sigh of relief, “then how should what he did be counted?”

“En……” Di Xiu was stuck.


Frankly speaking.This kind of move hadn’t appeared in Di Xiu’s imagination at all.

According to normal thinking, Nie Shen, a half-monster who had just entered the Central Plains and was about to try and do good deeds for the first time, at most, he would help an old lady across the road or help the neighbours

Di Xiu sighed in frustration, and felt that it was really difficult to raise a child.

He thought about it, and as soon as he looked up, he met eyes with Yan Xuanjing, who was holding a book about flower cultivation and a bag of seeds.

Great. Just use this little fox to take the blame.

As soon as Yan Xuanjing returned, he was pressed into his original form by Di Xiu. Before he could ask any questions, he was directed to the side to sit.

The nine-tailed fox’s mind was full of question marks as he squatted.

Di Xiu commanded, “tails. Keep your tails.”

The little Ginseng sat next to Di Xiu and watched with editing tutorial with him, and asked a little uncertainty, “is this okay?”

“Sure.” Di Xiu said, “if it wasn’t for the fact that there aren’t many monsters who know me, I would have uploaded myself. More monsters know the nine-tailed fox, so by putting Milky out there, it’s giving an explanation to both monsters and humans. Currently, the ones in charge of this land aren’t the pro-war faction, so after going back to give the video to Wu Gui and the rest to see if there’s anything that needs to be changed, the high-level humans couldn’t be happier having a couple hundred years to hide their strength.”

What’s more, there’s been quite a number of nine-tailed foxes or other monsters who had ran into the Central Plains to stir up issues from past to present. Humans had experienced a lot, and had their own coping systems.

Even monsters had been brought into the civil service system to coexist harmoniously with humans, so they naturally had solutions against monsters.

In the past, Di Xiu had heard from Yan Gui. Basically, in these couple of decades, both sides had reached a perfect win-win cooperation agreement.

Di Xiu and Yan Xuanjing both felt fine with it, and the ones that should be worried weren’t them, nor the current managers of the land, but the other countries which couldn’t find a monster strong enough to go against one like Yan Xuanjing.

Currently, the biggest problem that they were facing, was Di Xiu realising that he couldn’t master the editing software at all.

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Qin Chuan, who was hanging on the tree branch, felt that he had been heated evenly enough, jumped down and turned into his human form, rolled up his sleeves, then squeezed in-between the little Ginseng and Di Xiu.

“You two weaklings!” Qin Chuan proudly raised his chin, “look at me!”

The skills that Qin Chuan had learned in order to find Di Wu were considered to be useless for monsters, but now, they had perfectly came into play.

Nie Shen heard his words and turned his head, sizing Da Hei up.

Moreover, Nie Shen’s bloodline was also suitable for running, after all, he was from a species that could fully integrate themselves into the air. As far as running went, there weren’t many monsters who could catch up to Nie Shen.

Anyways, none of them here could catch up to him.

Da Hei and Wu Gui thought so too, so they placed down the map in their hands, opened their chopsticks and started to have lunch.


They weren’t really that worried, because if Nie Shen really took some crazy moves, before he did anything, he would have been incapacitated by the restriction.

En…… As for whether humans would feel panic or other kinds of emotions, or if his actions would destroy the means of livelihood for those arms dealer, those things had nothing to do with him, Nie Shen, at all.

Since they knew that it was something that would definitely occur a second and third time, then it indeed was better to directly make up an organisation, specially to take the blame for Nie Shen.

The agreement with Yan Gui was only for 200 years, and if Nie Shen’s actions could make the Central Plains be at peace for 200 years, thinking about it in this way, it wasn’t that bad.

As for the fact that the face of this organisation was a dog and not a human in front of the camera, once Nie Shen made a couple more explosions, nobody would have any more questions.

Before leaving work, Lin Mu took a look at the map, and found that Nie Shen was still running around at a very rapid speed, and he was pretty sure that Nie Shen wouldn’t return for some time.

Lin Mu let out a sigh.

Forget it.

All trivial matters.

He couldn’t panic because of such a little problem, because in the future, he would be going to live in the Great Wilderness, and also could even become a great monster that roamed around with abandon!

Yan Xuanjing was expressionless, “reading the first lesson off Moral Character.”

— Although it might take a couple thousand years for him realise the dream of becoming a great monster, there was nothing wrong with hoping.

When a majority of monsters dropped dead, their soul would be scattered, because other monsters wouldn’t even waste the slightest bit of them.

He couldn’t be defeated by such a small problem!

Because when they died, they wouldn’t even be sure if they would die in an intact manner.

As Lin Mu thought about this, he went to the reference room on the second floor to search for information about the Shen and how to break illusions, selected a couple of them and placed them into the small fabric bag, and prepared to bring them back to read.

Usually, his biggest entertainment was to watch ghost movies, read ghost stories, and scare the little monsters at home, but now, he seemed to have found a new type of entertainment.

Lin Mu packed up the mess that was today’s work, looked at the time, and said, “I’m going off first!”

Di Xiu hadn’t gotten back all parts of his original body, and hadn’t fused those that he had gotten back. Currently, he was still a relatively solid virtual image, unable to leave his own body.

The other two in the office lazily waved their hands, and Da Hei said, “Yan Xuanjing has just arrived outside, you two are sure lovey-dovey.”

Lin Mu pulled open the curtains, looked at where Nie Shen was sitting in a row with four little monsters a distance away from the yard, who seemed as if he was saying something. Unexpectedly, he was knocked on the head by Di Xiu’s book, then he had touched the spot where he had been knocked, and said something gently.

Lin Mu was stunned, and he quickly made his way to the door. The instant he opened it, he saw Yan Xuanjing standing straight outside it, holding a handful of colourful daises in his hand.

Lin Mu paused, “?”

Yan Xuanjing brought the flowers in front of him.

“For me?” Lin Mu slightly widened his eyes.

“En.” Yan Xuanjing answered with a low and short sound, his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he seemed a little unaccustomed to it.

He looked at Lin Mu, noticed that Lin Mu was slightly dazed after he had taken the bouquet, and suddenly relaxed.

— Because Lin Mu seemed even less used to it than him.

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Lin Mu held the flowers in his hands in a daze, and after a while, clenched the flowers in his hand tightly, “ah……for me.”

Yan Xuanjing nodded, and confirmed again, “for you.”

Lin Mu stopped talking again, and he lowered his head and played with the daises in his hand. Internally, he thought that they weren’t as good looking as the ones he grew, but his face was slightly red, and two cute dimples appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Yan Xuanjing glanced over at the other two people in the office, and gave them a little nod as a greeting.

Wu Gui smiled and nodded back, looking cheerful, and Da Hei showed an expression of toothache after greeting.

These two monsters were really horrible, killing dogs wherever they went.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Go home!” Lin Mu got his energy up, held the flowers in one hand, and pointed his finger, “fox express!”

Yan Xuanjing looked at him, didn’t say anything else, and simply changed back into his original form, picked Lin Mu up and left.

“Ay……” Da Hei sat in the office and looked up as the nine-tailed fox flew to the sky, full of envy, “I also want to fall in love, I don’t want to be a dog.”

Wu Gui heard his words, and carefully examined Da Hei, and under the other’s expectant eyes, slowly said, “then you should think more about it.”


Da Hei immediately took back his heart full of expectations.

Thinking about it this way, this logic seemed extremely accommodating, worthy of being called perfect.

He even felt as if the humans should give Nie Shen a prize.

The more Yan Xuanjing thought about it, the more feasible he felt it was, so he didn’t ask more about it and turned to bring an empty pot out inside the house. Holding the small flower cultivation instructional manual, he carefully selected the appropriate soil, planted the Rosary Pea seeds, looked for the appropriate temperature, and prepared to move the flower pot into the greenhouse for maintenance.


The little Ginseng seldom saw Yan Xuanjing working with potted plants, so he couldn’t help but look up and ask with his face full of question marks, “Milky, why are you growing red beans?”

Yan Xuanjing glanced at him and said, “this is Rosary Pea.” “?”

The little Ginseng almost believed him. Then, he looked at the seeds that Yan Xuanjing had just thrown in, and his face had ‘as if I’ll believe you’ written all over it.

Although the thing that Nie Shen did right now couldn’t be called too small.

But what did that have to do with them? Da Hei heard what he said and turned to look at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu also met his eyes. For a while, he thought about the topic they had blindly talked about while taking away lunch, and knew that he had given Nie Shen inspiration due to his words. Immediately, he glanced down and continued to eat his food as if nothing had happened.

Wu Gui looked at this, then looked at that, and squinted, “do you know something?”

Lin Mu grabbed Milky’s fur and made him stop at the train station, then returned home on the small electric scooter.

But this time, the one driving the small electric scooter wasn’t him, but Yan Xuanjing.

Lin Mu sat in the backseat holding the flowers, and wondered where he could plant these flowers in order to make them bloom longer.

There didn’t seem to be any actual empty vase in the house, although there were many pots.

When he usually needed a vase, he would customise and order them one month before shipping the flowers out.

If one really couldn’t be found, then he could only put it in an empty jar.

Seeing that they were about to reach the yard, Lin Mu jumped off the electric scooter and ran back holding the flowers, wanting to share his happiness with his father.

As a result, as soon as he ran over, he heard some exciting music coming from behind the tree, accompanied with Di Xiu’s melodious recitation, and just listening to it would bring about a shocking appeal.

Lin Mu was stunned for a couple of seconds, listened to the recitation carefully, and was full of question marks.

The next second, the music stopped.

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Lin Mu pushed open the door, went into the courtyard, and heard Di Xiu’s voice.

“I think it’s a little too intense, should it be a little gentler?” Di Xiu hesitated and said, “aren’t we a peacekeeping organisation?”

Lin Mu: ?

What organization?

Just as Di Xiu finished speaking, Lin Mu heard Yan Gui’s voice.

Yan Gui said, “I also think that this music is too intense, and not cool enough. We’re supposed to be a cold and ruthless killer.”

“?” Di Xiu sent out a series of confused question marks, “is that the case?”

Yan Gui was very sure, “it’s like this!”

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Lin Mu: ??

What is it like!

What kind of thing is this??

What are you guys doing!

“I think that Yan Xuanjing’s image isn’t good.” Yan Gui looked at the video, where Milky looked like a Samoyed, then raised his hand to touch his own face, “obviously, I’m better looking. I suggest we change the spokesperson.”

Yan Xuanjing, who had just pushed the small electric scooter into the door, raised his eyebrows and said, “is there any difference between your disguise and mine?”

Their flesh could be eaten, bones could be shattered and taken away, and even their soul would have monsters fighting over it as food.

After speaking, he paused, and showed a slight expression of ridicule, “oh, you’re fatter than me.”

They basically had no chance of reincarnating, but monsters themselves generally did not care about reincarnation, because their lives were longer than hundreds, or even thousands of reincarnations. Rather than going to the netherworld government to answer for their sins and receive thousands of years of punishment after their deaths, wouldn’t it be better to choose to scatter their soul and just run away from the problem?

Yan Gui turned to look at his son with the same expression of ridicule, “do you think I’m the same as you?”

Not to mention that there where many monsters who would choose to crush their own souls when they were about to die, so that their souls wouldn’t be captured by their enemies and tortured, doomed for eternity.

As soon as he spoke, he shook his body and turned into an odd-eyed ragdoll cat1, made a soft ‘meow’, and also winked at his son in a coquettish manner.

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Qin Chuan struggled out of Lin Mu’s hand with a flick of his tail, threw the little felt fox on the bed and said, “at this sort of time, shouldn’t you call Di Wu?”

Yan Xuanjing looked at his father who had turned into a cat and was rolling around, acting in a kittenish manner asking for pets, and with an incredibly fast speed, took dozens of photos.

Qin Chuan was shocked: “……”

Lin Mu’s face was expressionless, “satisfied?”

Yan Gui instantly became alerted, and immediately turned over and sat up.

Lin Mu grabbed the Dragon Vein that was doused in jealously, looked left and right, and used the little felt fox on the bedside table to give Qin Chuan a ‘chu’.

But it was too late, and Yan Xuanjing had already kept his phone and pulled Lin Mu along as if nothing had happened. He pushed the little electric scooter into the house, charged it, and prepared to bring these photos back to his mother.

“We won’t have.” He said.Qin Chuan sighed.

With his mother’s love for collecting all kinds of fluffy little monsters, Yan Gui would probably be ordered to keep his cute and fluffy appearance for a long time.

As for whether he could do anything else in this period……

What did this have to do with him, a little fox as pure as a piece of white paper, who didn’t know anything?

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