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Chapter 69 – Milky: There was no such thing as father and son on a battle field, and Yan Gui was sent to death.

Lin Mu was shoved a cup of juice by the little Ginseng, and had just taken a sip when he saw Qin Chuan, who was hugging a computer, laid down on the ground and start to roll.

“I’m quitting!” Qin Chuan angrily kicked his legs, “so picky and choosy! And I don’t get paid! I’m quitting!”

Yan Gui sat on the floor in a dignified manner, and when he heard what Qin Chuan said, he casually sold Di Wu, “did you know, Di Wu has already found five Dragon Veins, there’s only two left.”

Qin Chuan froze, and instantly sat up with surprise written all over his face. He opened his mouth and wanted to ask, but after a while, the smile on his face faded, and he asked softly, “then…… are there other Dragon Veins by his side?”

Yan Gui glanced at Qin Chuan and said, “do you think everyone is like you? A sticky little fella.”

Qin Chuan laughed and scratched his head, as if he was a little embarrassed.

He picked up the computer again, full of fighting spirit, “come on, great client!”

Lin Mu took a sip of juice and asked, “what are you guys doing?”

“Making a merit collecting machine for Nie Shen.” Yan Gui said, “it’s too difficult to accumulate merits in the Great Wilderness, so it’s more fitting to make one in the Central Plains.”

Lin Mu was full of question marks, “what merit collecting machine?”

Yan Gui shook his ears and didn’t really know how to explain.

Compared to Yan Gui, Di Xiu knew much more about the Central Plains. Thinking for a moment, he gave an example, “Mumu, do you know the story about Nezha being worshipped for three years?”1Nezha, in the Investiture of the Gods, after being killed, he tried to resurrect and make a new body for himself by asking his mother to build a temple for him, then took incense from that temple and did good deeds to gain merits.

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“I know.” Lin Mu nodded, “isn’t it a film adaptation?”

“Not exactly.” Di Xiu said, “there really is such a method.”

To enjoy the incense of earth, by using human beliefs and offerings to save themselves; there was such a method. In the early years, when human technology hadn’t developed yet, there were quite a number of monsters who ran to the Central Plains, proclaiming themselves to be deities and immortals, then setting up a temple for themselves.

Basically, they would hide in the temple and peep at human desires, and if it was a good thing, help out a bit. When the human returned, it would be considered a merit.

Although it was small, at least they could ensure that it wouldn’t be wasted.

Some of the more famous temples today, once had their merits poached by many different monsters.

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It’s just that now, building temples to collect incense no longer fitted in with the current age, and adding the fact that what Nie Shen did was quite a large matter; it would be much better giving Nie Shen a name to collect his merits and virtues.

It could be regarded as another type of temple.

“……Making it into such a big matter.” Lin Mu was a little stunned, “is it necessary?”

With his question, Di Xiu and Yan Gui quieted down.

Lin Mu looked up at his two elders, hesitated for a moment, “did I say something wrong?”

“No.” Di Xiu gently comforted Lin Mu, raised his hand to pat his son’s head, and hesitated on whether to tell Lin Mu or not.

“Whether we need to make it into such a big matter or not depends on Nie Shen’s attitude.” Yan Gui licked his paws and simply said, “his heart is dead.”

Lin Mu bit his straw, and was stunned after hearing his words, “…… He seems quite happy running about today?”

“Because he has nothing to do.” Yan Gui said.

His shape was that of a ragdoll cat’s, but he showed some majesty.

“His only purpose was to force the Heavenly Emperor out in the Central Plains, but we didn’t allow it.”

Nie Shen himself held a bland attitude towards life, and the only belief that supported him and prevented his break down was finding the Heavenly Emperor.

Nie Shen heard his words and turned his head, sizing Da Hei up.

This thing that persisted on despite his heavy sins, even being able to break away from Di Wu’s resentment because of it, it was really quite an obsession.

Since they knew that it was something that would definitely occur a second and third time, then it indeed was better to directly make up an organisation, specially to take the blame for Nie Shen.

But after arriving to the Central Plains, his goal was stopped.

En…… As for whether humans would feel panic or other kinds of emotions, or if his actions would destroy the means of livelihood for those arms dealer, those things had nothing to do with him, Nie Shen, at all.

With surveillance and a restriction on him, Nie Shen had nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no purpose to stick to.

They weren’t really that worried, because if Nie Shen really took some crazy moves, before he did anything, he would have been incapacitated by the restriction.

If it wasn’t for Yan Gui who saw that this younger generation was quite capable, saw through Nie Shen’s mental state, and handed him a rope and lead his way, Nie Shen would probably put all his eggs in one basket and attempt something one day, then die in a corner without anyone knowing.

Da Hei and Wu Gui thought so too, so they placed down the map in their hands, opened their chopsticks and started to have lunch.

“What’s more, he still has many things left unsaid, and we don’t know if it’s because he’s been blinded by his sins and couldn’t remember or something.” Yan Gui stretched out his little paw, and just as he was preparing to give an example, he saw that Lin Mu had squatted down, held his little paw, and pinched.

Anyways, none of them here could catch up to him.

Yan Gui: “?”

Moreover, Nie Shen’s bloodline was also suitable for running, after all, he was from a species that could fully integrate themselves into the air. As far as running went, there weren’t many monsters who could catch up to Nie Shen.

Yan Xuanjing frowned, turned back into his little original body, and pushed his father to the other side.

Yan Gui’s round cat eyes looked at his son, then he smiled and continued, “he hasn’t brought up what happened before the Shen died, or anything about the Marsh of Dreams, and even less about how he had gotten together with Di Wu’s resentful energy.”

After the Shen died, the fog in the Marsh of Dreams lasted for more than ten years before it dissipated, and at that time, Nie Shen definitely wasn’t a newly born baby.

He could say his own name and could continue to live on in the ownerless lands. Although his state was quite miserable, this proved that he had some ability to protect himself.

Even Yan Xuanjing, who was thrown in after having trained, spent countless of times at the edge of dying. There was no need to mention how miserable a half-monster would be.

There were many things that Nie Shen didn’t say, and Yan Gui and Di Xiu had quietly discussed about the resentment that belonged to Di Wu, and in the end, decided to think a little better of this half-monster.

They would just take it as if he had been blinded by karma, and forgotten a lot of things that he shouldn’t have forgotten.

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In human terms, it basically meant that depressed people wouldn’t be able to feel happiness, and would forget beautiful experiences, and be blinded by their emotions and memories.

Other things could come later, but they needed to at least figure out how he had gotten involved with Di Wu’s power.

Although Yan Gui looked like the careless type, he was quite cautious inside.

Especially now, since Di Wu’s resentment and his enormous power were locked up in Qingqiu Country, and the one in charge on supressing it was his wife!

Yan Gui really did trust his wife’s abilities, but he would still worry about it.

Resentment in itself was something very difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, few thousand years had already passed, so who knew what kind of new developments had occurred.

If nothing had changed, it wouldn’t have gotten together with Nie Shen.

If they didn’t clear up what changes Di Wu’s power had undergone in the past thousands of years, they would rather directly blow up that power, rather than touch it once more.

Anyways, Di Wu wouldn’t mind.

And now, Nie Shen, who came into close contact with Di Wu’s power was sent to them, and Yan Gui was a savvy fox, like hell he would let this go.

Thus, this was how they had the idea of preparing a merit collecting machine for Nie Shen.

Several monsters all turned to look at him, and Lin Mu took the lead and said, “you be quiet.”

Nie Shen obediently closed his mouth, and watched as the female monster patted her butt and left on the spot, and Lin Mu and Da Hei also left the house after persuading and recording the male monster down.

Lin Mu heard him, turned to look at Nie Shen, fell silent for a while and finally chose to give up.


“……okay, you’re not wrong.”

It was too difficult to correct the thinking of a monster with his own chain of logic, and Lin Mu chose to entrust this difficult matter to his idle father.

Lin Mu turned to look at Da Hei and asked, “what’s up your box of spiritual medication?”

“The Old Turtle’s son still hasn’t recovered, right? He’s been looking for this spiritual medication.” Da Hei scratched his head, “when I first crawled back up from the netherworld after gaining spiritual awareness, it was the Old Turtle who picked me up. Otherwise, I’ll still be a stray dog who doesn’t know anything. I have to repay him.”

“I remember that his son’s also a half-monster.” Lin Mu said.

Da Hei nodded, “yeah.”

After listening to Yan Gui’s explanation, Lin Mu knew that both elders knew what they were doing, so he simply nodded and let them do as they wished.

His left hand was holding the little Milky, and his right hand was holding the flowers as he prepared to find something to store them, and then turned and saw the pot at the side of the steps.

The pot was obviously filled with fresh soil, and Lin Mu didn’t remember bring this pot out before heading out in the morning.

“Who moved this pot? Are you going to use it?” Lin Mu turned his head and asked.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at that pot, and his first reaction was to turn and look at the little tattletale.

“Using! It’s……” The little Ginseng had just raised his head, received a glare from Yan Xuanjing, and was so scared he hiccuped.

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Lin Mu turned his head towards him, “en?”

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Ginseng, and his eyes were full of threats.

The little Ginseng swallowed his words, and said in a tone like he had been wronged, “I made it for myself.”

Lin Mu looked at the little Ginseng, then looked at the pot, nodded, and went up the stairs to search through his drawers. He took the complimentary water babies2These guys. They start and small tiny little balls, and grow once you place them in water.
he had gotten when he bought the fertiliser.

Water babies were a small ball, and when placed into the water, they would expand into soft balls of different colours, which were transparent and soft.

Children basically liked them, including Lin Mu, who used to like them when he was a child.

While waiting for the water babies to soak up the water, he found an empty mineral water bottle that he hadn’t thrown away yet, cut off the top of the bottle and placed the daisies in it.

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The tiny little Milky was stuffed into his sweater pocket, and only his head poked out, as if thinking about his dog life.

The little Ginseng sat on the steps, listened to Yan Gui ordering Qin Chuan to replace the background music ‘The Moon Over a Fountain’3二泉映月. A famous Erhu song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj13KU3SAvE&gl, held the flowerpot and supported his little face that was full of sadness, and felt that this background music was really suitable.

Lin Mu took out a couple of water babies and placed them in the in flower pot in front of the little Ginseng.

The little Ginseng froze, looked down at the clear little cute balls, then looked up at Lin Mu.

“Does it look good?” Lin Mu asked.

The little Ginseng poked the water babies in the flower pot, nodded, and became happy again, “cute!”

Lin Mu watched as Lin Ginseng held the flowerpot and ran into the greenhouse, then started to show off towards the little monsters inside it. He took Milky out from his pocket, ruffled him frantically until he resembled a marshmallow, and said, “don’t bully the little Ginseng, isn’t that childish?”

Yan Xuanjing, who was seen through, looked expressionlessly at Yan Gui, who was squatting behind Lin Mu. Yan Gui gave him a silent laugh, and after a while, Yan Xuanjing decided to tear up the treaty he had signed with his father and ask Di Wu for a video of Yan Gui getting eight husbands and bring it back to the Great Wilderness.

The agreement with Yan Gui was only for 200 years, and if Nie Shen’s actions could make the Central Plains be at peace for 200 years, thinking about it in this way, it wasn’t that bad.

Yan Xuanjing slowly took back his line of sight, thought for a bit, and felt that it wasn’t enough.

The little Ginseng seldom saw Yan Xuanjing working with potted plants, so he couldn’t help but look up and ask with his face full of question marks, “Milky, why are you growing red beans?”

He should collect more images of the cute and fluffy species that had appeared in the Central Plains recently, and directly send Yan Gui to his death.

The more Yan Xuanjing thought about it, the more feasible he felt it was, so he didn’t ask more about it and turned to bring an empty pot out inside the house. Holding the small flower cultivation instructional manual, he carefully selected the appropriate soil, planted the Rosary Pea seeds, looked for the appropriate temperature, and prepared to move the flower pot into the greenhouse for maintenance.

There was no such thing as father and son on a battle field.

As for the fact that the face of this organisation was a dog and not a human in front of the camera, once Nie Shen made a couple more explosions, nobody would have any more questions.

Don’t blame me for being ruthless!

Thinking about it this way, this logic seemed extremely accommodating, worthy of being called perfect.

He even felt as if the humans should give Nie Shen a prize.

Lin Mu wasn’t aware of this confrontation between father and son at all.

He flipped the little book of grudges in his heart, and said, “I heard Da Hei said that at the start, you feigned your accident, and colluded with him to lie to me.”


Yan Xuanjing was being held by Lin Mu, and silently met his eyes.

Lin Mu looked at Milky, who had been ruffled all over until his fur was standing up, and said emotionlessly, “how could you be so bad!”

Yan Xuanjing was expressionless and didn’t dare to say anything.

Lin Mu continued, “you also told me that getting beaten would make me stronger, you hit me.”

At the side, Di Xiu heard him, looked up and frowned in disapproval — then relaxed his brows.

This wasn’t wrong.

It was true that getting beaten could make one stronger.

Yan Xuanjing noticed Di Xiu’s gaze, and a siren started blaring in his heart as he calmly said, “Yan Gui taught me.”

Yan Gui, who had the blame thrown onto him from the sky, remembered that he hadn’t stopped him when he saw Yan Xuanjing fighting with Lin Mu, and also thought about his merciless behaviour towards Yan Xuanjing when he was a child, and for some time, couldn’t think of a retort.

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“What about teaching me to fly by jumping off?” Lin Mu asked.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t hesitate, “Yan Gui taught it.”

Di Xiu and Lin Mu’s eyes fell on the poor and helpless Ragdoll cat sitting on the swing.


Yan Gui widened his pair of cat eyes.

I’m not!

I didn’t!

Don’t speak nonsense!

It’s obviously Yan Xuanjing, this brat, whose style was wrong. How is it my fault!

Yan Gui’s heart was full of fucks, then the scruff of his neck was gripped, his four paws touched the air, and Di Xiu’s branches lifted him up.

This old fox was quite familiar with Di Xiu’s methods. He glanced at the branches that were about to wrap him up and quickly kicked his legs to turn and run.

As a result, before he even could land, he was wrapped up by Di Xiu’s braches.

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in Mu looked at the branches that had been wrapped up into a ball, and could vaguely hear the meowing coming from inside.

Lin Mu turned to look at his father, “what’s this?”

“He’s probably getting beaten up by his wife in an illusion.” Di Xiu slowly replied, “doesn’t matter, he likes this very much.”

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