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Chapter 71 – She definitely must have been a good monster.

The colours in his memories might seem a little fuzzy, but the fragmented pictures were very clear and deep.

It was as if a real ray of light had broken the fog, and the tenderness which had been covered by a long period of pain became exceptionally clear.

Nie Shen could vaguely understand why he had doubts and questions about injustice.

–Probably because he once had those kinds of memories, and after those tenderness and safety were torn apart, and he realised the reality of the world that he lived in, which resulted in such questions.

If he had been born in the most chaotic place from the beginning, then he would have naturally accepted the rules of that place, so why would he even have such doubts?

The reason he would have such an idea was because he used to have a completely different kind of tenderness.

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It’s just that what happened next was too painful.

Too painful, without any relief.

So he chose to forget those little things he had, and hid them under a thick and heavy layer of blood, as if he had never owned such things.

Nie Shen stared at the forest under the cliff.

The mountain was filled with mist, and the real scenery appeared indistinctly under the white mist, like the gentle back view within the fog in his memories.

Lin Mu ate his melon, followed Nie Shen’s line of sight to see where he was looking, and after a while, asked, “is it like the Marsh of Dreams?”

Nie Shen paused, looked at Lin Mu, and frowned slightly, “you know?”

“?” Lin Mu was a little confused, “all of us know. We checked your information.”

Nie Shen heard his words and was a little startled, “what information do I have?”

“About you, not much.” Lin Mu answered, “the main point is that we found your mother. If we hadn’t found her by accident, we wouldn’t even have known you existed.”

“… My mother?” Nie Shen repeated it instinctively, then in the next second, a sense of loss and pain rose. After a long time, he asked, “my mother…… who is she?”


Lin Mu’s actions of digging up the melon stopped, and he turned to look at Nie Shen, confused.

Both half-monsters looked at each other for a while, and Lin Mu finally realised that through so many years, the memories that Nie Shen had buried might have been more than just a little.

Lin Mu thought about it, and said, “I also don’t know how much you remember, but about your mother, her name is Shen, and she seemed to have been named after her species — As far as I know, she definitely must have been a good monster.”

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To be precise, Lin Mu felt that the Shen should have been a very gentle monster.

Because when the luan phoenix had recorded down everything she knew about the Shen, there were traces of warmth everywhere.

Inside that information, the luan phoenix drew a picture of the Marsh of Dreams.

Every single corner of the misty marsh was as beautiful as the land of immortals.

There were very, very little monsters that could stay in the Marsh of Dreams, all of them were mild-tempered types that didn’t like to fight, and the rest were ordinary animals.

For the Great Wilderness, the Marsh of Dreams was like a paradise without struggles or conflict.

The owner of the Marsh of Dreams was willing to protect weak monsters who had nowhere to go and crashed in, and until they showed aggressiveness, they would not be driven out.

She was also willing to accept the monsters that piously begged, who wanted to meet with deceased relatives and friends.

Let those monsters into the Marsh of Dreams, accept the so-called tributes which weren’t that useful to her, and let them go out happily.

“She definitely must have been a good monster.”

Even in the Great Wilderness, she was definitely one of the kindest ones.

Lin Mu thought so.

Nie Shen quietly listened to Lin Mu speak, and silently watched the mist under the cliff for a long time, lowered his head and dug out a scoop of melon, and placed it in his mouth.

The agreement with Yan Gui was only for 200 years, and if Nie Shen’s actions could make the Central Plains be at peace for 200 years, thinking about it in this way, it wasn’t that bad.

The sweet liquid exploded in his mouth.

Thinking about it this way, this logic seemed extremely accommodating, worthy of being called perfect.

He blinked and said in a vague manner, “I don’t remember.”

As for the fact that the face of this organisation was a dog and not a human in front of the camera, once Nie Shen made a couple more explosions, nobody would have any more questions.

He had thought about it for a long time.

He even felt as if the humans should give Nie Shen a prize.

He remembered the white mist and the back view of the person in the marsh. Falling into a trance for a long time, he opened his mouth again, “I remember her.”

The more Yan Xuanjing thought about it, the more feasible he felt it was, so he didn’t ask more about it and turned to bring an empty pot out inside the house. Holding the small flower cultivation instructional manual, he carefully selected the appropriate soil, planted the Rosary Pea seeds, looked for the appropriate temperature, and prepared to move the flower pot into the greenhouse for maintenance.

Lin Mu nodded, “you’ll slowly remember it.”

Nie Shen lowered his head and continued to eat the melon.

The two half-monsters finished eating the melon, placed the peels at the side, and a few wisps of mist came and took the peels away.

“Ask you something.” Lin Mu looked at the disappearing melon rind and said.

Nie Shen turned to look at him.

“About Di Wu’s power, because Di Wu separated his resentment and left it in his power, was there anything wrong when you carried it around with you?” Lin Mu asked, “do you remember?”

Nie Shen froze a little, thought for a while, and said uncertainly, “he…… wanted to come to the Central Plains, probably.”

Lin Mu paused, “why?”

“He’s looking for something — not present in the Great Wilderness.” Nie Shen’s words slightly jumped about and was uncertain, “he was the one who told me that the Heavenly Emperor paid more attention to the Central Plains, and also was the one who told me the location of the passageway between the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness.”

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Lin Mu remembered when he had first met Nie Shen, and what he said was: “I heard that the Heavenly Emperor paid more attention to the Central Plains.”

In Nie Shen’s previous state, the source behind ‘I heard’ was itself very questionable.

Lin Mu was still thinking about what was going on, but then, he heard Nie Shen say, “but because it was too obvious to bring him along, so I threw him away.”


Well done!

Lin Mu got this answer and couldn’t think of anymore reasons, so after he recorded this down, he simply decided to throw it to the elders for them to ponder over.

He patted his butt and stood up, and got ready to bring along the young lady behind him and continue to record the statistics.

Seeing that Nie Shen’s current state was still quite good, he felt assured that nothing would happen.

Nie Shen looked up at him and also stood up, “what are you going to do?”

“Work.” Lin Mu explained the work he had to do a little, looked at the dense fog in the mountains and asked, “with you like this, do you know whatever happens in the mountains?”

Nie Shen shook his head, “if I don’t pay attention, I won’t know.”

Lin Mu thought about it, opened the file and had brought, and prepared to ask Nie Shen for help as he called the young lady who was hiding at the side.

Nie Shen glanced at the young lady, until she shrunk her neck and hid behind Lin Mu.

Nie Shen asked, “why did you bring a human?”

Lin Mu sighed, “to supervise. Can’t let the monsters do it by themselves, what if they falsified the data?”

The little Ginseng seldom saw Yan Xuanjing working with potted plants, so he couldn’t help but look up and ask with his face full of question marks, “Milky, why are you growing red beans?”

He was used to the fact that Nie Shen looked down on weak humans, only, he had to inconvenience the young lady.

Lin Mu also met his eyes. For a while, he thought about the topic they had blindly talked about while taking away lunch, and knew that he had given Nie Shen inspiration due to his words. Immediately, he glanced down and continued to eat his food as if nothing had happened.

“You should find the mountain god.” Nie Shen said.

But what did that have to do with them? Da Hei heard what he said and turned to look at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu shook his head, “the mountain god is really timid, so he only meets with Yan Xuanjing.”

The little Ginseng almost believed him. Then, he looked at the seeds that Yan Xuanjing had just thrown in, and his face had ‘as if I’ll believe you’ written all over it.

In fact, there were others, but they were all cute and harmless little monsters. The mountain god liked to play cards with them whenever he was free.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at him and said, “this is Rosary Pea.” “?”

However, ever since more and more monsters came from the Great Wilderness, that led the mountain god into a terrible plight, the mountain god stopped appearing in front of others too much, and only occasionally ran out to invite Yan Xuanjing into the mountains to play some cards and to let the nine-tailed fox show that he existed, to help suppress the monsters that were trying to make a mess.

Although the thing that Nie Shen did right now couldn’t be called too small.

Nie Shen had just returned for two days, and wasn’t clear about what was going on, so he simply helped Lin Mu verify it.

The young lady stood at the side, looked at this, then looked at that, and tried to endure but eventually couldn’t hold back and said softly, “confirmation of deaths require evidence to be collected.”

Lin Mu and Nie Shen paused, then turned to look at the young lady, “how would you collect evidence of death?”

“Remains, souls, or eyewitnesses.” The young lady said carefully.

Nie Shen slightly tilted his head, “the monsters in the Great Wilderness would not leave behind remains or souls, nor would there be any eyewitness.”

The young lady froze, “why?”

“Because to monsters, the flesh and souls of other monsters are actually food.” Lin Mu explained, “witnesses are the same.”

The so-called witnesses, are people who witness the event, but had nothing to do with it.

But in the eyes of the monsters from the Great Wilderness, witnesses didn’t exist.

“Basically, there wouldn’t be anyone that would hide by the side to watch the whole process. If they weren’t the danger hiding behind waiting to get some cheap gains, then they would be a weaker one that couldn’t run after being aimed at by the stronger one within the conflict.”

The young lady heard his words, paled, pursed her lips but didn’t know what to say.

In fact, it was better in the past, as it wasn’t as cruel as it was currently.

But within the mountains of the Qingyao Mountains, out of the many monsters that were here, nine of out ten of them were from the Great Wilderness.

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They were driven out of their homes because they were weak, and had no choice but to choose the Central Plains.

In the Great Wilderness, they were considered to be the weakest, but when it came to the Central Plains, they were like the carnivores that fell into a flock of sheep.

It wasn’t that they were more powerful, but they were much fiercer than the monsters who grew up in the Central Plains, and their manner was much fiercer and bloodthirsty.

Although the monsters of the Central Plains didn’t pay much attention to human morals and rules, but they weren’t as strong as monsters that grew up killing within the Great Wilderness.

Otherwise, the mountain god wouldn’t be as anxious as a spinning top, afraid that some stronger monster would end up making a scene, as blowing up a mountain was as easy as flicking their fingers.

“But, this is not necessarily the case.”

Lin Mu looked around and said, “there might be no witnesses amongst the monsters, but there should be witnesses amongst those who aren’t.”

Lin Mu was referring to those plants that had obtained spiritual wisdom, but hadn’t turned into monsters.

Wu Gui looked at this, then looked at that, and squinted, “do you know something?”

The little Ginseng had brought him to meet them before, and as Lin Mu walked, he recalled.

“No.” Di Xiu answered, “but he will come back.”

The young lady followed behind him and stepped up, and Nie Shen looked at their backs, and finally, his gaze landed on the young lady’s back.

“That’s right, that’s right.” Lin Mu nodded enthusiastically.He jumped over the remark and said, “about Nie Shen’s matter……”

This human was unexpectedly alert, as if she had eyes on the back of her head. She tightened the backpack on her back, then went up to Lin Mu’s side in a few steps.

“Don’t know.” Da Hei held the lunch box to block his face and said vaguely. “Nie Shen sat here all morning without saying a single word, who knew what he was thinking?”

Almost like a chick that was trying to find security behind her mother — but she was really too timid, and didn’t even dare to speak out.

Nie Shen looked at this expressionlessly for a while, then raised his feet and followed.

Lin Mu glanced at Nie Shen who was walking slowly behind them and said, “don’t scare her.”

Nie Shen answered dismissively, took back his line of sight, and caught up to Lin Mu in a few steps. “Tell me more about my mother,” he said.

“I don’t know much.” Lin Mu was a little helpless, “you might as well ask Yan Xuanjing — although, I don’t think Yan Xuanjing knows much either, you might as well consider looking for the luan phoenix who recorded down the Shen’s information.”

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Nie Shen felt it was reasonable, “then what about news of the luan phoenix?”

“I’ll check for you after I return.” Lin Mu felt that this was a good solution, “the record is here, so she definitely must have been to the Central Plains before, and had contact with this place.”

Nie Shen had just wanted to nod, when he glanced at the young lady who had been following them, and she was so nervous that her eyes were wide and round. The screen of her phone had just dimmed, and there was still traces of anxiousness on her face.

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Nie Shen narrowed his eyes slightly and his body suddenly dissipated, merging with the surrounding mist.

But after he had disappeared, the young lady’s tension didn’t fade that much.

Nie Shen retracted his gaze, hid amidst the mist and followed them.

Realizing that the sight on her was gone, the young lady felt relieved, and raised her hand to squeezed her earlobe to relax. After a while, she got close to Lin Mu and whispered, “that…… the luan phoenix you guys were talking about, what’s it about?”

Lin Mu replied, “a type of monster.”

Lin Mu heard what Di Xiu had said, and let out a sigh of relief, “then how should what he did be counted?”

“Why are you investigating her for?” She asked.

Di Xiu sighed in frustration, and felt that it was really difficult to raise a child.

“Nothing mu……”

According to normal thinking, Nie Shen, a half-monster who had just entered the Central Plains and was about to try and do good deeds for the first time, at most, he would help an old lady across the road or help the neighbours

Lin Mu had just started talking, when Nie Shen suddenly appeared beside the young lady, placed his hand on her shoulder to hold her down, and took her phone and asked in a low voice, “what’s the relationship between you and the luan phoenix?”

Frankly speaking.This kind of move hadn’t appeared in Di Xiu’s imagination at all.

Lin Mu was shocked and made a short questioning sound, “what?”

“En……” Di Xiu was stuck.

Nie Shen passed the phone to Lin Mu. Lin Mu took a look, and found that it was currently in the midst of a call, and the ID was ‘Mama’.

The young lady obviously did not expect this to happen and she froze for two seconds. Her hand that was originally holding her phone retracted while she looked up at Nie Shen who was holding her shoulder. After a while, she sniffled, and started to cry.

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This is why you must look around you before you talk about secret matters, who knows who might be listening.

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