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Chapter 73 – “I was born like this.”

Before the phone was hung up, Lin Mu’s phone received dozens of messages.

He glanced at them and realised that they were all from Di Wu.

“What did you send?” Lin Mu asked and opened the chat window at the same time.

The screen was instantly filled by a bunch of small videos, and the last one automatically played because the WIFI. It was of Yan Gui lying on a windowsill with nine tails wagging as he howled towards the husky from the opposite house.

Yan Gui startled, “off it!”

Lin Mu obediently turned the video off, and as soon as he did that, he heard Di Wu’s voice from the other end of the phone, “in terms of technology, human beings really deserve praise.”

Yan Xuanjing sat in a dignified manner, looked at his father expressionlessly, and silently gave Di Wu a like.

He was indeed Yan Gui’s friend for many years.

This kind of behaviour of directly sending someone to their death after getting their blackmail was exactly the same as Yan Gui’s.

It was really true that birds of a feather flock together, and it really felt good to see Yan Gui getting counterattacked after all these years.

Mr. Yan Xuanjing, who asked not to be named, who had suffered because of Yan Gui for many years, expressed his satisfaction.

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He even decided to give some of the higher quality spiritual medication in his vault that he had accumulated to Di Wu.

— Di Wu had better not die, if not, where would he go in the future to see such a show starring Yan Gui?

Yan Gui hung up the phone with lightning speed, Qin Chuan who was swishing his tail and waiting to talk to Di Wu was so shocked by his actions that his eyes widened, and all his dragon scales stood up.

“Why did you hang up for!!”

Yan Gui ignored him, mercilessly turned off the phone screen, glanced at the crying Qin Chuan who went to pester Lin Mu, then turned to look at his own son.

“Your mother sent a letter?”

Yan Gui’s nose was really sharp, and he had smelled his wife’s scent the moment Yan Xuanjing returned.

Yan Xuanjing nodded, and took the letter out.

Besides the first two sentences of the letter casually mentioning the current situation of Qingqiu Country, the rest of the letter was talking about what kind of gossip had happened in the Great Wilderness recently.

In fact, as the actual person in charge of Qingqiu Country, there weren’t many things that needed to be done.

Qingqiu Country could be regarded as one of the most outstanding countries in the Great Wilderness.

Because of this, there were many of talents. Even within the clan of nine-tailed foxes, there were many that could get things done, so much so that the things that needed the country’s Sovereign to deal with was actually much, much lesser than what smaller cities and nations had to deal with.

In the civilian sector, most of them were monsters who relied on their brains had organised the whole country in an orderly manner, and the use of force didn’t even need to be mentioned.

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The position of the Sovereign is more of a symbol and a protective cover, but also a responsibility.

— To put it simply, it’s the only designated blame carrier in the country.

Subordinates who did something wrong? The one blamed was the Sovereign. The country was too late to give assistance? The one blamed was the Sovereign. Failure to negotiate a peaceful and friendly relationship with another country? The one blamed was the Sovereign.

Ordinary monsters didn’t understand the twist and turns surrounding these positions.

In any case, if there was something wrong, simply let the sovereign take the blame.

Correspondingly, the treatment enjoyed by the professional blame-carrying sovereign was quite good.

But even so, not many within the nine-tailed fox’s clan would want to take this blame taking position.

Yan Gui, the country Sovereign, had done well over the years, other than liking to run around and cause some little troubles.

Anyways, to the monsters of Qingqiu Country, as long as he didn’t get into a mess like the previous, previous generation then pat his ass and run away, causing the whole country to become on the verge of collapsing, then no matter what he did, he was a good Sovereign.

The requirements could be said to be very, very low.

So similarly, towards this queen whose way of working was even several times wilder compared to the Sovereign, they all humoured her, doted on her, and obediently presented her with offerings.

Anyways, it was impossible for the child to go the man who had cheated with a human, as it wouldn’t be certain what kinds of troubles would occur.

Like the letter had said, lately, many monsters came to Qingqiu Country to look for trouble, because they heard that recently, Qingqiu Country had kept the monster who caused a lot of trouble.

Wu Gui went up to open the door, and after seeing the young lady outside the door, he paused.But now, the situation didn’t seem to the case.

Such a major thing had happened; an explanation must be had.

Wu Gui had been in a good mood recently, because his son who had been injured for many years was finally showing some signs of recovery. Every day, he was always humming some tunes that Lin Mu couldn’t recognise. He had a healthy glow around him, and one didn’t even need the ability to read a person’s future, and could see that something good had happened.

And her way of dealing with the matter was extremely wild.

Lin Mu opened the office door and said at the same time, and just as he had moved several pots of autumn chrysanthemums from the fabric bag and was preparing to place them on the flower stand next to the windowsill, he heard a knock on the door.

She said: Want to meet that monster? Sure. Either you curry favour with me, or prove that you’re stronger.

“I brought a few pots of autumn chrysanthemums today!”

Her strength in the Great Wilderness was counted as one of the best, those who were around the same standard as her couldn’t be bothered with this matter, and those who were weaker couldn’t win.

Nie Shen looked at Da Hei and Lin Mu in confusion, and said, “I suggest killing.”

But since Qingqiu Country had place the word out, if those monsters cowered, then they wouldn’t have any face at all, so they had no choice but to approach.

Mama Fox also did things very simply, and she took the new generation of young foxes in the clan and got them to fight with those monsters.

Every day, she could watch a fight, and at night she could watch beauties dance, and every once in a while she would receive little fluffy animals sent by some monsters. She even brought along her sisters to gossip and chat, and pointed and talked about the monsters and beauties of other countries, and lead a happy life.

Yan Xuanjing looked at how the letter appraised other monsters, about which ones had a good body or face, or which monster was suitable to be a childhood marriage partner for the little foxes of the clan, and which monsters were so fiery and provocative, the caused the foxes to be unable to keep their hands off them.

In between the lines she had still spared some concern for her child living in the Central Plains, whether he had enough food or sleep, and didn’t even mention Yan Gui once.

After reading though the letter, Yan Xuanjing turned to look at Yan Gui, only to find that his father had already curled up into a ball, apparently having sealing himself off.

Yan Xuanjing fell silent for some time, and his conscience made a rare reappearance, and he asked, “why not return?”

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Yan Gui didn’t say anything, and the fluffy ball of cat moved. After a while, he raised his head up, and his whole entire cat face was lit up, “hehe, your mother is certainly lonely, which is why she’s finding a way to get me back!”

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

I felt that this wasn’t the case.

Yan Gui happily swished his tail, “I can’t, I can’t, even though Di Wu this little fella followed some bad example, but there’s so many years of friendly feelings, I still wish to take care of him.”

A close friend who understood you, was only found through chance, and if one left, it was one less. After all these years, a brother that he could have fun with and let go, the numbers couldn’t even fill a hand.

Yan Gui made a sign, turned back into his human form and took out his phone, looked at the big and small Relaxed Emperor who were talking to Nie Shen, and with a little smile of satisfaction, opened his mobile game and quickly indulged in it, pressed his throat and called out a ‘little bro’.

When they came over, they were rushing, but when they returned, Lin Mu and Da Hei carried the takeaway boxes and were leisurely walking in the sun, chatting away about the things happening all over the world. Nie Shen, who was quietly acting as an accessory, listened, and was thoughtful.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

Da Hei happily said, “I stumbled across them while helping Lin Xiaomu to look through some information the other day. Since the past two days was the weekend, I searched the place recorded and found that it really existed.”

Yan Xuanjing looked at his father, and thought that if his mother came to the Central Plains, she would probably become as addicted to this game as Yan Gui. At that time, if they were in the mood, they might even perform a fierce drama of two sisters fighting over a man.

At that time, he could vaguely smell such a scent.

Or perhaps his mother would perform a scene where the original boyfriend crossed the sky to kill, and have an extremely spectacular show of catching someone in the act of adultery.

This was a smell that would make one feel refreshed, and Lin Mu had experienced it once before, when Yan Gui pulled a bunch of spiritual medication out of his treasure vault and gave them to Di Wu.

Over the years, he had gotten tired of these sort of acts.

A clear and slightly cool scent filled the air.

These two drama queens were really two of a kind.

Lin Mu pushed the office door open, “we’re back! And we brought food too!”Wu Gui glanced at him and opened the box.

In this whole family, only him, this poor and helpless little fox was reliable.

Yan Xuanjing took back his line of sight, glanced across at the little fluffy monsters written on the letters, found his phone and turned to go back into the house. He went to the study, and began to study how to use the printer.

After all these years, there were a lot of new species in the Central Plains, and many couldn’t be found in the Great Wilderness. Yan Xuanjing felt that he could print a copy of each of them for his mother.

There also were some that weren’t that fluffy, but were also cute. A copy could also be sent over.

Anyways, he wasn’t good at illusions, and in the future, if it wasn’t his mother running over to look at them, it would be Yan Gui ordered to turn into these little animals to show her.

In any case, this blame couldn’t fall on his head, so naturally the more pictures, the better.

“Blowing him up is okay.” Yan Gui said, “but if he’s gone, the karma would fall on your head. Can you take it?”

“…… Fuck!” A huge scroll suddenly unfolded before his eyes.

Both the marsh and the sky were blue, and the sun that fell upon the watery mist had produced several huge colourful rays. There was vegetation that could be vaguely seen, at the bottom of the pool were some bright burning red flames that shouldn’t have been compatible with water.


When Yan Xuanjing returned with the mountain god, he instinctively took Lin Mu to his side, used the mountain god to separate them, and finally, the slight unhappiness in his heart disappeared a little.

Lin Mu looked at the mountain god, and found that he was in a daze, as if he hadn’t woken up, and was even stumbling when he walked.

Lin Mu tugged Yan Xuanjing’s sleeve, “what’s the matter?”

“Haven’t seen the sun for a few days,” Yan Xuanjing replied.

In days without sunshine, the mountain god would be less energetic. “I’m fine.”

Lin Mu watched as the mountain god finished speaking, then dazely took the files and pen in his hand, and as if he was drunk, waved his hand around and said very proudly, “the problem isn’t big! Steady on!”

Immediately after he spoke, the entire god fell on the ground and started snoring.

There were cranes and herons that stood by the edge of the swamp with their heads raised, and there were many waterfowls stopping between the fields of reeds in the water, burying their heads in their wings as they quietly rested.

On Lin Mu’s side, after he had told Nie Shen that they would buy a phone for him tomorrow to make it more convenient to keep in contact, he turned around and found that Yan Xuanjing was gone. After being told by the little Ginseng that Yan Xuanjing was in the study, he ran into the study after him.

He hadn’t thanked Yan Xuanjing for his help today.

Lin Mu opened the door of the study, saw that Yan Xuanjing was studying the printer and searching the internet at the same time, and went over to ask, “what are you going to do?”

“Print photos.” Yan Xuanjing answered.

Lin Mu turned on the computer and printer, “colour printing?”

Yan Xuanjing nodded.

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Lin Mu brought over Yan Xuanjing’s phone, connected it to the computer, and asked curiously as he picked the photos, “generally, how are photos done in the Great Wilderness?”

Yan Xuanjing paused and shook his head, “there are no photos. Usually, just portraits.”

“……?” Lin Mu was stunned, “then in terms of convenience and entertainment, the Central Plains is better?”

The fox spirit was stuck for a moment.

He didn’t know how to say it.

Because of the habits of life in the Great Wilderness, most of the time, they always focused on improving their personal strength, and basically, nobody would study these tools.

For example, farming was a problem that in the eyes of a monsters, could be solved by just a single technique, so naturally they would not consider tools.

Lin Mu followed along the path made by the fog and found Nie Shen at the edge of a cliff.

To monsters, this was a foreign object, and other than magic weapons, foreign objects were nothing in their eyes, let alone being considered as a type of rich entertainment.

Lin Mu stepped forward, and the young lady followed him, watching this magical picture in astonishment.

It was hard to even live, what more entertainment did you want?

He sensed that Lin Mu had arrived and turned his head. First, he looked at Lin Mu, then his eyes lightly glanced across the human behind him.

What’s more, what was considered entertainment in the eyes of humans, in the eyes of monsters, was actually quite baffling.

Nie Shen was sitting on the edge of cliff, daydreaming while staring at the gentle sloping field shrouded in mist below.

Like those extreme sports, skydiving, wingsuit flying, adventuring, and if one took a step back, Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and haunted houses, in their eyes, they were all everyday things, and weren’t interesting at all.

Yan Xuanjing thought about it and replied, “strong monsters didn’t need them, and weak monsters didn’t need to be served.”

“……Then, in the future, when I go to the Great Wilderness, won’t I be bored to death?” Lin Mu felt like he had caught onto a blind spot, “you guys don’t even have mobile games, do you have nothing to do but cause trouble every day?”

The luan phoenixes spread their wings across the sky above the water, and became the most gorgeous colour within the jade-like image of the Marsh of Dreams.

On the edge of the marsh closer to them, reeds and shallow shrubs grew freely, and there was a dilapidated ferry.

There was a figure standing on the ferry.

Lin Mu looked at the young lady who was cross-checking with the mountain god, moved towards Yan Xuanjing, went up to his ear and started to whisper and explain about how Nie Shen had started to remember some things.

Lin Mu said, “just now, we managed to contact the luan phoenix.”


Nie Shen was daydreaming at the side, and only returned to his senses when he heard them mention him in their conversation, and looked towards Yan Xuanjing and Lin Mu.

“The luan phoenix asked to meet me two days later.” Nie Shen said.

On the other end of the phone, Di Wu looked at the last piece of body that he had found, felt his crumbling power that could only be considered a weak chicken to when he was at his peak, and felt as if darkness fell over him. He had never expected that he would meet such a situation, where he picked up a stone and hit his own feet.

Damnit. He wouldn’t be able to stand it, nor could he fight it and win.

Di Wu took a deep breath and opened his phone’s photo album with a solemn expression.

Looks like he could only threaten Yan Gui with a little video to be his bodyguard, to barely maintain his life.

With Lin Mu putting it like that, Yan Xuanjing actually felt that it made sense.

Before, Yan Gui had nothing to do, and spent every day either laying on the roof to bask in the sun or went out to cause trouble, but now…..

He glanced at Yan Gui who was addicted to playing ○○ Battlefield, and suddenly wondered if Yan Gui didn’t want to return to the Great Wilderness because he was too happy in the Central Plains.

And to be honest, the changes in the Central Plains over the years were really quite shocking.

Not even mentioning too far back, but just a hundred years ago, the power to flattened a mountain at will only belonged to monsters and cultivators.

Now, those weak humans who weren’t even worthy of being mentioned only needed to move their fingers to accomplish it.

If it wasn’t for Nie Shen causing such a big issue, that made them come to the Central Plains from the Great Wilderness, till this day, they wouldn’t have a clear picture of what humans were currently.

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“Although you said that there was no need to serve the weak monsters…… but to be honest, aren’t these weakest monsters the ones that make up the largest proportion of monsters? Great monsters are rare, and in the end, it’s still the weak monsters that serve you guys.” Lin Mu said, and pressed the print button.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu, thoughtful.

Indeed, there was something worth learning from the current social model of human beings.

He pulled over a stool, took a pen and paper and sat next to Lin Mu and wrote down some ideas. He thought that perhaps if his mother was idle and had nothing to do, maybe she could really plan an earth-shaking reform.

If nothing else, there weren’t many creatures that could reject days of peace and stability.

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Just look at the monsters who don’t want to go back after coming to the Central Plains — although their style was still unchanged after coming to the Central Plains and caused some trouble in the mountains, but as long as there was someone stronger than them in charge, they would quieten down.

The biggest problem in the Great Wilderness was that an ambitious monster could easily disturb this pool of muddy water, and it would be easy for them to quickly overthrow a country or two.

After being overthrown, there would be no one to take the blame, which would result in a loss of order and the area falling into a state of no-ownership, bringing about chaos once more.

For the most obvious example, Nie Shen was it.

And the reason why human beings could maintain rules in such a peaceful manner was because the ability of each individual human was limited, and as long as the weapons were limited, even a large number of geniuses wouldn’t be able to shake the world.

Wu Gui heard his words and looked at what Da Hei was wearing.

But for how to deal with this problem, Yan Xuanjing temporarily couldn’t think of a way.

Nie Shen, who had always been watching from the side, paused for a few seconds then quickly got up to chase after him.

He hadn’t taken this class seriously before, so he simply wrote down his ideas in a rough manner, and decided to throw this kind of thing to his parents to think over.

Lin Mu had just reached out to pick it up, when Da Hei reached over to snatch it and picked it up first. After answering it, he hung up and pulled Lin Mu, who was sitting at the side, and rushed out.

Lin Mu looked over, placed his chin over Yan Xuanjing’s arm, looked at the contents of the letter and paused, “…… I just said it casually, did you take it seriously?”

Wu Gui took in a deep breath, but as soon as he started to say something, the office phone rang.

“You’re going to the Great Wilderness in the future.” Yan Xuanjing calmly said as he wrote, “I hope you can be happy — no matter where.”

Although he had moved very quickly, nobody present was an ordinary human, and they could all clearly see the fresh scars when he moved.

Lin Mu was stunned for a while, reached out to hug Yan Xuanjing and buried his head in his neck, in a muffled voice, he said, “where did you learn these words?”

Da Hei was startled, and quickly knocked away the Old Turtle’s hand, looking as if he had been violated, “what are you doing!”

“I didn’t learn them from anywhere.”

Wu Gui raised his hands and directly lifted the sweater on Da Hei’s body.

Yan Xuanjing said, put his pen down, held Lin Mu’s waist and lifted him up. Placing him on his lap, he lightly pressed his forehead against Lin Mu’s.

“I was born like this.”

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