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Chapter 74 – But I want to make you happier.

Lin Mu pressed his forehead against Yan Xuanjing’s, pursed his lips, and gave an involuntarily hum.

It was September, so he was still wearing a thin shirt with short sleeves, and the hands on his waist were warm, making him feel as if he was going to start sweating.

They were very close, and their breaths were mingling, bringing with it a slight warmth. The distance between them was so small that their eyelashes could gently brush over each other’s skin when they blinked.

Lin Mu felt as if he was an ice cream about to be boiled, soft and melted, as if his bones went limp, and he didn’t have any strength at all.

After a while, he heard his own voice murmur, “I’m going to sleep.”

Yan Xuanjing grunted in response, but his hand on Lin Mu’s waist didn’t loosen.

He held the other man on his lap, slightly tilted his head, and lightly pressed against Lin Mu’s closed lips, then pushed between them and conquered. He raised one hand to press against the back Lin Mu’s head, and the other had pressed against the back of Lin Mu’s waist, fingertips gently and delicately rubbing against the exposed skin.

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Both bodies were closely pressed against each other, and even the their breaths became heavy.

He didn’t know when the large hand had sneaked into his hem, and Lin Mu’s hand on Yan Xuanjing’s shoulder suddenly tighten, when two heavy knocks came from the study window.

Lin Mu shook like a kid who was caught doing something wrong, jumped down from Yan Xuanjing’s lap in a panic, and looked up at the window.

Qin Chuan laid outside the window patting it with his tail, and his whole dragon’s face was filled with bitterness, while the rest of his body had ‘jealously’ written all over it.

Lin Mu raised his hand to cover his face in shame, whispered β€œI’m going back into my room”, and ran out of the study like his life was on the line.

Yan Xuanjing sat motionless on the chair and remained silent for a long time, and finally, when he had calmed down, he turned with a gloomy expression to look at the Dragon Vein outside on the window sill. Getting up, he pushed open the window, directly jumped off the second floor and threw down a silencing array, and grabbed the dragon for a violent beating.

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Several little monsters that were hiding in the glass room were shocked awake, and nervously, they got close to the door and craned their necks to check the situation.

“Being able to be with your father and mother.” Lin Mu said.

If at that time, nothing had happened to his father, he would have wanted to do the same too.

Otherwise, letting his mother grow old alone would be too lonely.

As Lin Mu thought, he went to look for those trees that had attained spiritual wisdom, the ones the little Ginseng had taken him to see before.


The young lady followed him, carefully looked at him, looked down at the road, and carefully looked at him again, then mumbled, “your parents aren’t around? Then, that Nie Shen too?”

“Looking for Di Wu, he must definitely hate Di Wu.” Yan Gui lazily swished his big fluffy tail and gloated towards Lin Mu’s phone, “if he kills you, he’s the real one.”

On the other side of the phone, Di Wu was very calm: “blow him up for me.”

Yan Gui intended to do the same, but if the resentful energy formed a soul, it would be as if it was half of Di Wu.

Then, this idea would be a little different.

Outside the yard, Di Xiu and Yan Gui looked at Yan Xuanjing who had hung Qin Chuan up for a beating, then turned to look at Lin Mu’s room which wasn’t lit up, and both gave a sigh.

Yan Gui dimmed his phone screen and supported his face, “why is Lin Xiaomu’s skin so thin? He’s nothing like you at all.”

Di Xiu denied, “I’m not thick-skinned.”

Yan Gui gave a cold laugh, “if you’re not thick-skinned, how could you follow behind a young human lady when you just met her, like a little tagalong.”

Di Xiu said factually, “at that time, I just wanted to go out.”

“Yeah, and you abducted the young lady while exiting the forest.” Yan Gui pointed at Di Xiu, and sighed, “why can’t I have skin as thick as yours?”

“……” Di Xiu fell silent for a while and said, “you can’t attack my person just because you chased your wife for four hundred years.”

Yan Gui snorted, “You’re not a person.”

Di Xiu went along with it, “attacking a tree is also not allowed.”

Nie Shen sat beside them and moved his eyes away from the pendant as he looked up at Di Xiu and Yan Gui, a little confused.

“Blowing him up is okay.” Yan Gui said, “but if he’s gone, the karma would fall on your head. Can you take it?”

“…… Fuck!” A huge scroll suddenly unfolded before his eyes.

Yan Gui muttered and continued to play his mobile game beside Di Xiu, and Di Xiu noticed Nie Shen’s gaze and asked, “what’s the matter? Did you remember something again?”

Both the marsh and the sky were blue, and the sun that fell upon the watery mist had produced several huge colourful rays. There was vegetation that could be vaguely seen, at the bottom of the pool were some bright burning red flames that shouldn’t have been compatible with water.

Nie Shen hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “no…… I just didn’t expect great monsters to be like this.”

When Yan Xuanjing returned with the mountain god, he instinctively took Lin Mu to his side, used the mountain god to separate them, and finally, the slight unhappiness in his heart disappeared a little.

Di Xiu hadn’t actually seen many monsters, as he had been protected very well by a group of great monsters headed by Yan Gui, and before Yan Gui and appeared, all the monsters that approached him had their attitudes soothed by his power.

Lin Mu looked at the mountain god, and found that he was in a daze, as if he hadn’t woken up, and was even stumbling when he walked.

So Di Xiu asked, “what kind of monsters did you meet?”

“Bullies the weak and fears the strong, arrogant.” Nie Shen thought for a long time and couldn’t think of any other suitable words, so finally, he concluded, “very bad.”

Yan Gui sat on the ground leaning against a log without any care for his image, and lazily interjected, “a lot of little monsters are like this, and some great monsters are like this too. The two of us can’t represent great monsters as a whole.”

Di Xiu nodded, “we cannot generalise. Except for those saints that could ascend to immortality, no intelligent creature would only have one character. Just look at Yan Gui, he’s not like this when facing outsiders.”

Yan Gui heard his words and gave a proud snort.

Although the Sovereign of Qingqiu Country was known for being unrestrained, but few monsters had the courage to treat him as a very casual monster, just because of his unrestrained name.

Nie Shen looked down at the pendant in his hand and asked, “have you met my mother before?”

“Your mother was too withdrawn, so I’ve never seen her before, and only heard some rumours, but rumours aren’t the truth.” Yan Gui waved his hand, “you should save your questions for the luan phoenix.”

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Nie Shen then took back his sight, opened the pendant, and stared at the picture of the Marsh of Dreams in a daze.

“Yes,” Lin Mu said, and simply handed the phone to Nie Shen.

Nie Shen held the phone and was in a daze for some time, before he brought the phone to his ear. Frowning slightly, he didn’t say anything for a long while.

Lin Mu saw how Nie Shen seemed to look as if he was facing a formidable foe, yet still looked a little confused, and decided to give Nie Shen some space and turned to nudge the young lady away.


Lin Mu listened as an old peach tree complained, “recently, the fog is too heavy, although the mountain had calmed down a lot after this monster came, but this heavy fog really isn’t suitable for us to grow……”

Lin Mu touched the branches of the old peach tree, and despite being noon, there was still a layer of wet droplets on the branches.

The old peach tree was still complaining, “he can’t understand us, Lin Mu, can you at least tell him not to do it from noon to night? I feel as if I won’t be able to bear any fruits next year.”

After Lin Mu returned to his room, he took an urgent cold shower, and after feeling that the heat and activity in his body had calmed down, he came out of the shower with a calm expression and wiped his body down.

When he had put on his clothes and stood in front of the mirror to blow his hair dry, Lin Mu began to seriously consider moving out.

Qin Chuan, this little punk.

If this happened a few more times, Lin Mu felt that if it wasn’t something happening to little Lin Mu, then it would be Qin Chuan getting beaten to death.

The atmosphere was so good just now!

If it wasn’t for Qin Chuan!

…… Although even if there wasn’t Qin Chuan, outside, there were still two parents, four little monsters, and a passer-by Nie Shen.

Lin Mu turned the hair dryer off, covered his face and sighed in agony.

He felt as if he wouldn’t be able to overcome this sense of shame.

Especially when all of these monsters had good eyes and ears, and liked to gossip!

He even suspected that if he rolled in the sheets with Yan Xuanjing, he didn’t even have to wait for the next day, and would be able to see a live broadcast that very night.

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What kind of world shocking public condemning shame play was this!

But moving out wasn’t appropriate — he was the pillar of this family.

With a thousand-year-old slightly handicapped father, and a couple of several hundred-year-old wild kids, and occasional, there were relatives who came to stir up trouble, and from time to time, slightly mentally unstable passer-by’s who came to freeload.

Lin Mu thought of it, and felt tired.

He was only twenty-three, and still a baby, why should he have to bear this?

Lin Mu sighed and shook his head as he walked out of the bathroom, wrapped himself up in the blanket and gave a long sigh.

And the Azalea heard it from a Camellia.

He had managed to find a few trees, and after inquiring about the situation, he checked a lot of boxes in the files.

Whatever happened in the mountains, other than being unable to hide from the mountain god, one also could not hide from the vegetation.

There was a long silence on the other side of the phone, before she answered softly, “yes.”


“That’s great.” Lin Mu breathed out a little sigh of relief, “do you still remember the Shen’s child? If there’s nothing wrong with his memories, his name should be Nie Shen.”

As soon as Lin Mu’s voice fell, a clanging noise came from the other end of the phone, as if something had just been knocked down.

The luan phoenix’s voice was slightly trembling, and she carefully asked, “is that child still here?”

Yan Xuanjing had vented in the yard, hung Qin Chuan, who was like a dead dragon on Di Xiu’s highest branch. After tying a dead knot, he slowly arranged his clothes and turned back to enter the house.

When he went back into the house, Lin Mu gave him a dazed look, then vaguely pointed in the direction of the bathroom, “covered in dirt, go wash it off.”

Yan Xuanjing looked down at himself. Because Qin Chuan was too flexible, he really did look a little messy.

The fox spirit obediently took a bath, used Lin Mu’s ever-lasting honey milk shower gel, and his whole body was covered with Lin Mu’s usual smell.

Lin Mu was somewhat in a daze, and when he realised that Yan Xuanjing was on the bed, he nudged to the side to make room for him.

The familiar milky scent made Lin Mu even sleepier, he opened his eyes slightly, watched as Yan Xuanjing leaned over to give him a kiss, and instinctively nuzzled back. “I’m very happy,” he said vaguely.

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“En?” Yan Xuanjing answered.

“Now, I have Dad. Have you. Have Di Wu, the little Ginseng and the rest.” Lin Mu worked hard to open his eyes and emphasised, “I’m already very happy, don’t change something because of me…… making me look like some source of trouble.”

Yan Xuanjing reacted, and realised that Lin Mu was talking about his letter.

He looked at Lin Mu, who had slowly closed his eyes went to sleep after speaking, then laid down and brought him into his arms.

But I want to make you happier.

He thought.

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