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Chapter 76 – I also saw a huge passage!

Lin Mu heard Di Xiu’s words and felt that there was something wrong.

“What home……”

What home did he have to return to?

Before Lin Mu could finish his words, he swallowed them back, paused for a while and asked, “he returned to the Great Wilderness.”

“En.” Di Xiu nodded

Lin Mu withdrew from Di Xiu’s arms, met eyes with him, whose expression was a little different, and in the end, couldn’t pretend that he didn’t know.

He asked, “what is he planning to do?”

Di Xiu looked at Lin Mu’s resolute appearance and pursed his lips.

Subconsciously, he was trying to isolate such things away from Lin Mu.

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From Di Xiu’s point of view, his son had suffered many things that he shouldn’t have at this age, and didn’t need to be stained with any other gloomy colours.

No matter whether it’s him, Di Wu, Yan Gui or Yan Xuanjing, they all subconsciously downplayed many serious things in front of Lin Mu, and tried to speak with him in as light a tone as possible, as if everything was well-thought out.

But in fact, in the world, how could there be so many things that could be easily accomplished? On Di Wu’s side, he would easily fall into the deepest abyss with a single wrong step.

Not to mention that the unexpected could happen, and nobody knew when an accident would fall on their own head, and as an elder, there were lesser things that he could do now.

It was as if he could only keep these things away from Lin Mu’s mind — he had been absent for too long, and now when he wanted to compensate Lin Mu for the things he missed, he didn’t know if it would be too late.

But at least, as much as possible, he wanted to give Lin Mu a happy and peaceful life.

He tried his best not to give Lin Mu too much trouble, and if it was something that he could solve, it didn’t have to be handed over to Lin Mu, and once in a while, he used his powers to sooth his son’s sorrows.

Young fellas with elders didn’t need to worry too much, on this matter, all elders would think the same way.

Including Nie Shen’s matter, he had handled it in this way too.

Lin Mu seemed to have noticed something, and waved his hand in front of Di Xiu’s eyes and mumbled, “don’t hide it from me, Dad, I’m not a small kid anymore.”

Di Xiu paused, looked at Lin Mu for a long while, and finally showed a small smile.

“Just a kid.” He said, but didn’t hide it from Lin Mu anymore. “He probably went to make some trouble for Di Wu’s resentful energy.”

After several thousand years, what the power and resentful energy that had been abandoned by Di Wu was like, and any possible changes, their entire group of great monsters were blinded to that.

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All they knew was something that Yan Gui had mentioned before — that was, Di Wu’s resentful energy caused all the monsters who split his power to become restless.

To be precise, there would be occasional violent surges, just like a timed bomb.

Di Wu’s power was quite overbearing, and monsters that could live under Di Wu’s power and had a higher resistance against it were all relatively weak and peaceful fellas.

But that was why, when Di Wu’s resentful energy had a violent surge, the resistance that these monsters had would be considered relatively weak, would always be influenced by the resentful energy, and would either die or go crazy.

Resentful energy had a great impact on all kinds of living beings, and even before, with the mountain hauntings, everybody had thought that it was due to the resentful energy brought along by Nie Shen.

But there were so many monsters in the Great Wilderness, and their deaths would be nothing for the monsters in the upper echelons.

Nie Shen was daydreaming at the side, and only returned to his senses when he heard them mention him in their conversation, and looked towards Yan Xuanjing and Lin Mu.

Compared to the pure spiritual energy and environment that Di Wu’s power could bring, these losses weren’t even worth mentioning.

The young lady turned off the instrument in a panic, and wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears to do so, “it’s a danger alarm — there’s something wrong with this fog.”

“This resentful energy grew a soul, and those violent surges were probably him try to free himself from the restriction array, and regain his freedom.” Di Xiu said.

Looks like he could only threaten Yan Gui with a little video to be his bodyguard, to barely maintain his life.

Although he had never actually lived in the chaos of the Great Wilderness before, , but Yan Gui and the other great monsters would bring different books and bamboo slips for him to read. Di Xiu was much more sensitive towards these kind of information that great monsters would often overlook.

Di Wu took a deep breath and opened his phone’s photo album with a solemn expression.

Nie Shen’s luck was really bad — or to put it in another way, the Shen’s luck was very bad.

Damnit. He wouldn’t be able to stand it, nor could he fight it and win.

Di Xiu lowered his eyes, and thought that the Shen’s death was likely caused by that resentful energy.

On the other end of the phone, Di Wu looked at the last piece of body that he had found, felt his crumbling power that could only be considered a weak chicken to when he was at his peak, and felt as if darkness fell over him. He had never expected that he would meet such a situation, where he picked up a stone and hit his own feet.

If not, how could it be so coincidental? After the Shen died, the resentful energy found and could go to under the Marsh of Dreams. One needed to know, even the luan phoenix who had lived in the Marsh of Dreams for hundreds of years did not know that there was an area under it. From this, it could be seen how well the Shen had hidden her way out so well.

“The luan phoenix asked to meet me two days later.” Nie Shen said.

Existing for thousands of years, even as resentful energy that had gained a soul, it wouldn’t be very difficult to provoke two great monsters to fight, let alone tricking a little half-monster who didn’t know anything.

At first, that resentful energy might have even planned to kill and replace the Shen.

Just thinking about it was enough. The owner of the Marsh of Dreams had always been solidarity, had a special ability, a low sense of existence, and was especially good at camouflaging and hiding.

As resentful energy, he needed to stay hidden and disguised, if not he would be found and killed or supressed by other monsters. Naturally, he would be moved by the Shen’s powers.

But the Shen was too strong when she was alive, and she didn’t have much sins. With a clean and pure body, she even directly transformed in a fog that enveloped the entire Marsh of Dreams when she died, and didn’t disperse for decades.

Without a physical body, the resentful energy couldn’t replace her.

So his goal obviously fell onto the small little one at that time, that had the bloodline of the Shen, a half-monster that wouldn’t disperse into the mist when he died.

The reason he tricked Nie Shen to the ownerless lands and left him for so many years could also be gotten.

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He was planning to let this little half-monster who didn’t know anything get a body full of resentful energy and accumulate sins dues to killing, and wait for the karma to land, then he could replace him.

Once he had a body, and also had the Shen’s ability, there was nowhere in the world that he couldn’t go, and nobody that would be able to stop him.

No matter what he wanted to find, who he wanted to find, as long as he was free, he eventually would be able to locate it.

“What’s more……” Di Xiu sighed, “we don’t know if there is only one of this resentful energy, or many.”

It was very, very rare that resentful energy would gain a soul.

Generally speaking, the resentful spirits were all fierce ghosts. This was when a creature full of resentful energy died, couldn’t cross over, and from there, would turn into resentful spirits. Their motives would always be quite obvious.

Resentful energy gaining a soul wasn’t this case. A bunch of resentful energy without any intelligence, generally, would either gradually dissipate, or be consumed by other resentful spirits and be turned into a part of their power. No matter how, it was almost impossible for it to become a sentiment spirit.

And the Azalea heard it from a Camellia.

But it wasn’t as if there wasn’t any precedent.

“That’s great.” Lin Mu breathed out a little sigh of relief, “do you still remember the Shen’s child? If there’s nothing wrong with his memories, his name should be Nie Shen.”

Yan Gui had seen it before, but resentful energy itself was very easy to deal with, which was why even if it had become sentient, it would be difficult to cause a fuss.

There was a long silence on the other side of the phone, before she answered softly, “yes.”

This was the first one that caused the whole Great Wilderness to become restless.

Whatever happened in the mountains, other than being unable to hide from the mountain god, one also could not hide from the vegetation.

And when those monsters had divided Di Wu up, they made the most of him, afraid that they would lose something.

He had managed to find a few trees, and after inquiring about the situation, he checked a lot of boxes in the files.

So Di Wu was ripped apart beyond recognition, and not only was his original body and soul, but even his power had been taken apart.

A power without a physical body was no different from natural spiritual energy from the world, and resentful energy was also very easy to deal with; either suppression or killing, choose one. However, at that time, Di Wu’s resentful energy and his power were closely intertwined, so the monsters simply chose to suppress.

But who knew that such a suppression could suppress a problem that would appear thousands of years later.

Thinking of it in this way, for the list of cities and kingdoms that Nie Shen had taken off the map, almost all the territories of the monsters who had acted against Di Wu was on it.

Towards this matter, Di Wu had taken quite a pleasure in it, and Yan Gui, who hadn’t been unlucky, was also the same. It was only Di Xiu, who had some guesses about Nie Shen’s affairs, that was a little worried.

After all, because it was dealt with too easily before, nobody had bothered or paid attention to what kinds of means resentful energy had after it gained spiritual awareness.

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Especially since this time, this resentful energy carried Di Wu’s power.

This shouldn’t have been the case.

Because Di Wu’s power was originally meant to ward against anything negative, and the first thing that popped in people’s mind about negativity was resentful energy.

And he didn’t know how to deal with this.

Lin Mu heard him, opened his mouth and asked, “then how is Nie Shen planning to deal with him?”

“Directly kill him……”

Of merge with the resentful energy, and kill himself.

If he merged with the resentful energy, then the karma would be his and his alone, and would have nothing to do with Di Wu.

Di Xiu didn’t tell Lin Mu about the other choice, because he felt that Nie Shen would probably choose the latter.

From the moment he saw this half-monster, Di Xiu had never seen any vitality from him, and this was especially true after Nie Shen had met the luan phoenix.

His whole person seemed to have accepted all of his injustices and scars, and he was so calm and dead, like a puddle that had been empty for a long time and was about to dry up. He wouldn’t move due to the wind, and couldn’t reflect any image.

To be precise, it wasn’t only him who was avoided, but Di Xiu and Milky too.

But Qin Chuan played along quite well with these little monsters.

Maybe it’s because he wasn’t childish enough.

Lin Mu thought, looked at the flower pots in the little monster’s hands, slightly bent down and patted the shy little mimosa’s head.


Lin Mu didn’t like taking photos, so every time his mother wanted to take a photo of him, he agreed very reluctantly, until the point where in almost every picture, his expression was unwilling and unhappy.

Behind, his father was looking at his mother gently and attentively, and his mother was smiling brilliantly and brightly at the camera.

Lin Mu carefully glued himself in. Looking at himself after sticking his picture in, he felt that his unhappy face was quite jarring, no matter how he looked at it.

Just like a third party who stepped in between his father and mother. Well that was fine. In this picture, this third party looked like an unhappy vinegar tank that drank too much vinegar.

In an extremely rare scene after the old lady had left, and Da Hei, who was always wearing a loose short-sleeved T-shirt and beach pants, was actually wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants.

Because it was the same casual style, the other two in the office didn’t notice anything amiss.

Intuitively, Lin Mu knew that Di Xiu had something he didn’t say.

He hesitated for a long time, and finally, he didn’t dig any deeper and just asked, “will he die?”

Di Xiu didn’t know.

He just stroked the little sapling on Lin Mu’s head, which Lin Mu had let out to bask in the sun.

The little sapling became full of energy under the caress of its bloodline, and worked hard to shake down a little bit of light which landed on Di Xiu’s hands, bringing with it a touch of warmth.

The small, faint, budding power that belonged to a Relaxed Emperor.

Therefore, still a child.

Lin Mu didn’t notice anything and tilted his head to look at Di Xiu and said, “I heard you tell him about the Relaxed Emperor’s Valley, so would he go there?”

Di Xiu nodded, “maybe.”

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“Then that’s pretty good.” Lin Mu said, “I saw the Relaxed Emperor’s Valley in my dream before. The sun’s really strong, and it’ll be just perfect to have Nie Shen blocking the sun.”

Di Xiu paused, couldn’t help but show a slight smile and nodded.

“Yes, it’s quite sunny.” He agreed.

Lin Mu looked at Di Xiu, who was no longer in a trance, let out a sigh of relief and changed the topic, “then the organisation made for Nie Shen, how should it be dealt with?”

“It’ll be given to Di Wu.” Di Xiu said.

Da Hei and Lin Mu weren’t like ordinary humans, and they would always encourage a breakup instead of reconciliation. Upon hearing about the matter, they almost instantly suggested without any hesitation, “we suggest divorce, the child belongs to you.”

In case Nie Shen’s side didn’t go well, it would be better for Di Wu to prepare in case he had to take the blame.

Lin Mu felt that this was quite good, and it would be better to have both hands prepared, just in case.

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“Then I’ll go to work first.” Lin Mu said, pressed the little sapling that came out of his head back down, thought about it, and raised his hand to pat his father’s head. Under Di Xiu’s face full of question marks, he said, “don’t think too much about it, we can cross that bridge when it comes to it, and each person has their own destiny…… In short, what happens in the past stays in the past.”

Di Xiu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as he looked at his own son, and wanted to say something, but didn’t, and only made a sound of agreement.

Lin Mu nodded, turned and glanced at the nervous young lady, and suggested, “why not…… I go alone?”

The young lady paused, hesitated for a moment, and still shook her head.

Lin Mu turned back to pour her a cup of warm water, “then you should calm down a little first…… It’s not good that you’re afraid now, some little monsters like to scare timid humans.”

They were even timid when communicating, let alone trying to ask for something.


He cut himself out, took out all the albums, searched through them for a long time, before picking out a photo of his father and mother and stuck himself in.

Lin Mu muttered a bit in a low voice, let the glue dry, snapped the photo back into the frame and closed it gently.

Whenever there’s anything, most of the time, it was the little Ginseng who represented them.

Lin Mu sometimes thought of the little monsters who always hid in the greenhouse, and got the illusion of being extremely fierce and vicious.

Otherwise, why would these little monsters always hide away from him?

Lin Mu was satisfied as he pushed his little electric scooter and left.

It was no use always thinking about what had happened. While existing in the present, if one always thought about the past, then it would be very easy to blame yourself.

And there was no need to think too much about the future either. How long the future is, who could finish thinking about it?

The present was the most important thing.

Lin Mu pushed open the office door, reported to Wu Gui about Nie Shen returning to the Great Wilderness, and went to the flower stand to work with a couple autumn chrysanthemums that were about to bloom.

The office door was pushed over, and crashed into the wall with a ‘bang’, shaking the area.

What part of her wasn’t as good as a weak human!

Lin Mu was startled and turned to look over, and saw a crying little child running in from the outside who went to hug Da Hei’s thigh, and cried out, “help me! My brother is going crazy! He’s going to die!”

And the little daisy heard it from the Azalea.

Da Hei was also startled, and he picked the child up and took a tissue for him to wipe his tears, and asked, “tell us what’s going on first? Ah? What crazy, who’s your brother?”

Apparently, this was told to him by a little daisy in the mountains.

“I’m a monster that came over from the Great Wilderness some time ago, and we heard, heard that the issue in the Great Wilderness had been solved. My brother and I think that the Central Plains is quite good, so we wanted to bring our parents here.”

Instead, while he was lazily basking in the sun on the roof, the little Ginseng rushed into the yard with his short legs, and anxiously shouted, “Lin Mu’s having a date with a human girl in the mountains!”

The child said, weeping, “but when he returned, he didnโ€™t bring back our parents and shut himself in his room. Today, I smelled the scent of blood, and there was a lot of blood! Brother had broken his own limbs! I also saw a huge passage!”

–As a matter of fact, he knew about it from the little Ginseng.

But it wasn’t about Lin Mu wanting to find the mountain god.


The little child sniffled, “just like the passage between the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains!”

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