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Chapter 77 – Lifting the land

“Like between the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness?” Lin Mu repeated the sentence, and after he realised what it meant, he turned to look at the other two monsters in the office.

Da Hei and Wu Gui also reacted and suddenly got up, quickly and skilfully packing their things up, with the tables and chairs were clanging all over the pace.

Da Hei asked as he packed up his things, “what’s going on? Report your species, name, talent and ID number, as well as the general situation you described, please be more specific.”

The little child didn’t mind Da Hei’s official attitude, and after seeing that they didn’t plan on ignoring it, he sat to the side and tried to hold back his tears as he gave a serious report about the information that Da Hei wanted.

Under Da Hei’s directions, Lin Mu took the computer to check up this little child’s information.

This child was mixed raced, his father was a blood demon, and his mother a cat spirit.

Both blood demons and cat spirits were considered quite negatively. The former had a bloodline passed down from a very early time, a demon born from blood that was filled with power, and the strength of their abilities were in their bodies.

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As for cat spirits, they were a very common monster in the Great Wilderness.

But the abilities of cat spirits had always been strange, and there had once been legends about two-tailed cats and nine-tailed cats.

Lin Mu clicked into the information he found, then went to the information of the child’s mother.

Her registered talent was delivery.

— Such a talent could hardly be considered a talent, since monsters with a bit of skill could easily learn the magic needed to fly or crossing miles in a single step.

There wasn’t much information about them, because they did not come to the Central Plains. It’s just that the two children needed to settle down at that time, so they just roughly registered them.

Lin Mu turned and asked, “you and your brother can deliver too?”

The little child turned to look at Lin Mu and paused for a while, then glanced at the white wrist rope on his wrist and nodded, “yes. My brother and I moved out from the border of Qingqiu Country. After we came here, we would occasionally help the country’s next young leader send messages.”

Lin Mu went silent for a long time and asked, “…… what do you guys mean by delivery?”

“It is…… generally speaking, a fast monster needs a week or longer to pass through the passage, but we can shuttle back and forth in the passageway, and only need about three days to make a round trip.”

Lin Mu opened and closed his mouth, and felt that referring to this talent as delivery was too wasteful.

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Clearly this ability could go through time and space.

Such a powerful ability was used to send letters, and he didn’t know if Yan Xuanjing and the rest didn’t realise or didn’t even know about such a thing, and simply felt that this monster was really fast.

— After all, even this little fella seemed to have no idea about his own ability at all.

“You’re from Qingqiu Country?” Lin Mu asked, “in these couple of months, did you help Yan Xuanjing send a letter? Sent it to Qingqiu Country’s, er……. Queen.”

The little child nodded, “brother sent it.”



As soon as Lin Mu’s voice fell, a clanging noise came from the other end of the phone, as if something had just been knocked down.

Lin Mu turned to look at the frowning Da Hei and Wu Gui.

The old peach tree was still complaining, “he can’t understand us, Lin Mu, can you at least tell him not to do it from noon to night? I feel as if I won’t be able to bear any fruits next year.”

Wu Gui remembered the bloodline of this child and his brother, and frowned even more, “your brother used his blood to open a passageway.”

Lin Mu touched the branches of the old peach tree, and despite being noon, there was still a layer of wet droplets on the branches.

The child froze and hiccupped, “he…… he’s really gone crazy?”

Lin Mu listened as an old peach tree complained, “recently, the fog is too heavy, although the mountain had calmed down a lot after this monster came, but this heavy fog really isn’t suitable for us to grow……”

“No.” Lin Mu looked at Da Hei and Wu Gui who had already packed their things up, pursed his lips and rubbed his fingertips anxiously. “I probably know what’s going on,” he said, “bring some things to suppress and eliminate resentful energy just in case.”

Lin Mu saw how Nie Shen seemed to look as if he was facing a formidable foe, yet still looked a little confused, and decided to give Nie Shen some space and turned to nudge the young lady away.

Wu Gui paused, looked at Lin Mu somewhat doubtfully, but Da Hei didn’t hesitate at all, and simply reached out to open another drawer and rummage through it.

Nie Shen held the phone and was in a daze for some time, before he brought the phone to his ear. Frowning slightly, he didn’t say anything for a long while.

Lin Mu also opened his fabric bag and took out several array plates and treasures that his elders had given him and shoved them in Da Hei’s direction.

The luan phoenix’s voice was slightly trembling, and she carefully asked, “is that child still here?”

“Yes,” Lin Mu said, and simply handed the phone to Nie Shen.

Da Hei was stunned as he stared at Lin Mu who was digging out various magic tools like a Doraemon1Famous kid anime about Doraemon, a cat robot, who can pull out almost everything from a fourth-dimensional pocket. , and suddenly felt as if he had never known Lin Mu at all.

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— Where did all these things come from!

Wasn’t Lin Xiaomu a lonely and helpless weak little orphan?!

No matter how good Yan Xuanjing was to Lin Mu, he wouldn’t be this generous!

Da Hei felt that he had lemon covering him, and was trembling with sourness.

As Wu Gui sorted through the things, he thought about Lin Mu’s words and said, “is it Nie Shen? Didn’t he return to the Great Wilderness?”

“Not him.” Lin Mu said, hesitated, and tilted his head, “it should be Di Wu’s resentful energy.”

Both Wu Gui and Da Hei froze, and picked their ears, “……what? Who?”

“Not Di Wu, but Di Wu’s resentment energy.” Lin Mu had taken out everything that he should have, and gave a deep bow to the two colleagues he had concealed a lot from, “I’m very sorry, hiding this from you so long.”

Wu Gui glanced at Lin Mu, took everything with him and picked up the little monster sitting on the stool, motioning him to point the way. Then, he turned towards Lin Mu and said, “say as we go.”

Lin Mu nodded and followed behind him quickly, reaching for his phone, “let me make a call first.”

Wu Gui asked, “to Di Wu?”

Lin Mu carried Da Hei’s disbelieving eyes and nodded guilty, “……yes.”

Wu Gui waved his hand, indicating that he should make the call.

As the most honest and innocent one in the whole group, Da Hei’s whole entire dog was stunned, “what’s going on– Lin Mu’s giving a call to Di Wu? He knows Di Wu? He……”

“Being able to be with your father and mother.” Lin Mu said.

Halfway, his words came to an abrupt end, and afterwards he tapped his head, “no wonder Di Wu could run so fast, and we couldn’t catch up at all! Lin Mu, he……”

The young lady followed him, carefully looked at him, looked down at the road, and carefully looked at him again, then mumbled, “your parents aren’t around? Then, that Nie Shen too?”

Wu Gui had seen much more, and was much calmer, “putting it another way, if it wasn’t for Lin Mu, Di Wu might have killed us all the first time we caught up.”

As Lin Mu thought, he went to look for those trees that had attained spiritual wisdom, the ones the little Ginseng had taken him to see before.

Also true.

Otherwise, letting his mother grow old alone would be too lonely.

Da Hei shut his mouth.

If at that time, nothing had happened to his father, he would have wanted to do the same too.

“And you don’t know, but Lin Mu’s bloodline is very powerful. Even though I can’t see what it is, a monster that can cover the stars isn’t someone simple.” Wu Gui hugged the little monster in his arms and followed his directions as they rushed forward, and at the same time, asked about the specific situation.

Lin Mu was following behind them calling, and touched his nose when he heard Wu Gui’s words, his expression a little embarrassed.

He, who hadn’t learnt any magic yet, could only quicken his pace, and his speed was fast enough to cast an image.

The little monster whispered about the situation in his home, “when I came out, the phone at home couldn’t get through, and I also couldn’t get into the room. Brother was lying there, so much blood……”

The little monster said, and looked as if he was going to cry again, “is he dead!”

Wu Gui was extremely calm, “descendants of the blood demon, unless all the power in their blood had been drained, they would not die.”

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The little monster sniffled, and truthfully, he knew this.

They weren’t considered particularly strong, and had suffered under other monsters when they were young.

Later, thanks to the talents and species speciality of his mother and father, they could maintain the stability of a certain area in a border city of Qingqiu Country. Due to that, their whole family was finally brought under the management of that city, and could finally calm down after being on the run.

He naturally knew his species’ characteristics, if not, he wouldn’t have chosen to leave his brother and run to get help.

What really alarmed him was the room that rejected him, and the giant hole that looked like the passage between the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness.

The little monster said, “I also saw a lot of dark things coming out of the hole, misty and foggy……”

Lin Mu listened to his words, and his heart jumped a little. At the same time, the call to Di Wu had just connected.

Di Wu side seemed to be a little lively, and Lin Mu heard a few faint laughs, which seemed a little familiar.

As resentful energy, he needed to stay hidden and disguised, if not he would be found and killed or supressed by other monsters. Naturally, he would be moved by the Shen’s powers.

But the Shen was too strong when she was alive, and she didn’t have much sins. With a clean and pure body, she even directly transformed in a fog that enveloped the entire Marsh of Dreams when she died, and didn’t disperse for decades.

which was why even if it had become sentient, it would be difficult to cause a fuss.


This was the first one that caused the whole Great Wilderness to become restless.

And when those monsters had divided Di Wu up, they made the most of him, afraid that they would lose something.

So Di Wu was ripped apart beyond recognition, and not only was his original body and soul, but even his power had been taken apart.

A power without a physical body was no different from natural spiritual energy from the world, and resentful energy was also very easy to deal with; either suppression or killing, choose one. However, at that time, Di Wu’s resentful energy and his power were closely intertwined, so the monsters simply chose to supress.

But who knew that such a suppression could supress a problem that would appear thousands of years later.

Thinking of it in this way, for the list of cities and kingdoms that Nie Shen had taken off the map, almost all the territories of the monsters who had acted against Di Wu was on it.

As soon as Di Wu answered the phone, he shouted somewhat weakly, “big nephew, what’s wrong?”

“Where are you now?” Lin Mu asked.

Di Wu felt for the cigarette in his pocket and said sadly, “I’m finished with finding my body and everything, and am at your house now.”

“I have bad news for you.” Lin Mu said, “your resentful energy might have run over — he had probably provoked Qingqiu Country’s messenger, and used him to directly open up a passage on both sides.”

Di Wu’s expression became solemn the moment he heard those words, and the expression of melancholy on his face suddenly disappeared. He raised his hand to block Qin Chuan’s face that was about to approach, pushed him aside, and called out to Yan Gui and the rest in the yard.

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Di Wu quickly repeated Lin Mu’s words, pressed the speakerphone, and asked, “are you sure?”

Lin Mu answered, “not yet. We’re rushing there now.”

Di Wu raised his head, and just prepared to look at his friend’s nephew, when he realised that Yan Xuanjing had disappeared before he knew it. As soon as he looked up, he saw a dark back in the distance that soon disappeared from his field of vision.

What also disappeared with him was a large piece of land in front of the courtyard where the Morning Dusk was growing.

Yan Xuanjing took a large piece of land, and brought the Morning Dusk along with him to find Lin Mu.

Di Wu took back his line of sight and said, “be careful, Yan Xuanjing is going to find you.”

Di Xiu paused, looked at Lin Mu for a long while, and finally showed a small smile.

“Just a kid.” He said, but didn’t hide it from Lin Mu anymore. “He probably went to make some trouble for Di Wu’s resentful energy.”

After several thousand years, what the power and resentful energy that had been abandoned by Di Wu was like, and any possible changes, their entire group of great monsters were blinded to that.


All they knew was something that Yan Gui had mentioned before — that was, Di Wu’s resentful energy caused all the monsters who split his power to become restless.

To be precise, there would be occasional violent surges, just like a timed bomb.

Existing for thousands of years, even as resentful energy that had gained a soul, it wouldn’t be very difficult to provoke two great monsters to fight, let alone tricking a little half-monster who didn’t know anything.

At first, that resentful energy might have even planned to kill and replace the Shen.

Just thinking about it was enough. The owner of the Marsh of Dreams had always been solidarity, had a special ability, a low sense of existence, and was especially good at camouflaging and hiding.

“Okay.” On the other side, Lin Mu nodded, and from afar, saw a residential building surrounded by a group of people while the police siren sounded in the distance, and everything looked quite lively.

They followed the people’s line of sight, and saw a figure standing on top of the approximately 13 story residential building, as if he was about to jump.

The several non-humans looked up at the figure on top the building and squinted.

This residential building was surrounded by a very thin layer of chaotic grey, that exuded coldness and a sense of lethality.

When they walked towards the crowd, they heard someone say in a bored tone, “why hasn’t he jumped? We’ve been waiting for so long.”

“Yeah, the sun’s very hot.”

“What’s the hesitation for? Is he jumping or not.”


“Looking for Di Wu, he must definitely hate Di Wu.” Yan Gui lazily swished his big fluffy tail and gloated towards Lin Mu’s phone, “if he kills you, he’s the real one.”

Lin Mu looked at them, and realised that the grey had somehow enveloped the crowd, but just when it was about to reach him, it retreated as if it had encountered a natural enemy.

The young lady looked extremely frightened and nodded, “……yes.”

Freezing, Lin Mu was just about to tell this matter to two colleagues next to him when a loud noise came from the residential building.

Then, this idea would be a little different.

“En.” Lin Mu nodded and asked her, “is this your first time in the field?”

There was glass being smashed out from inside a house, and a woman had half of her body stretched out and pressed against the broken edges of the window. But it was as if she didn’t feel any pain at all, and she was staring angrily and dragging the man pressing her down on the window.

On the other side of the phone, Di Wu was very calm: “blow him up for me.”

Yan Gui intended to do the same, but if the resentful energy formed a soul, it would be as if it was half of Di Wu.

There was blood dripping down.

The crowd stirred for a moment, and to Lin Mu’s surprise, actually started to cheer.

— It was as if they were an audience watching some wonderful play, and felt surprised and happy due to this unexpected drama.

Lin Mu looked at them in shock, and felt cold all over.

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Wu Gui threw the little monster into his arms, and said, “you already know that it’s resentful energy, so why do you still look like this?”

Lin Mu took the little monster, shivered, and turned to look at Wu Gui, “……resentful energy did this?”

Wu Gui nodded, quickly concealed himself and hurriedly put down several array plates and said to Lin Mu, “ask Di Wu how to deal with this matter.”

Lin Mu hadn’t hung up the phone yet, and after hearing Wu Gui’s words, quickly called for Di Wu.

On the other side of the phone, Di Wu heard the noisy situation on Lin Mu’s side and asked, “the situation is bad?”

“Not that good.”

Just as Lin Mu’s voice fell, a green flame that couldn’t be seen by ordinary people blew out, passed over the crowd and burned the grey fog that was surrounding them. The tongues of fire swelled, and burned into the residential building.

Before Lin Mu even turned around, Yan Xuanjing stretched out to bring him behind for protection.

The nine-tailed fox raised his head slightly, looked at the area shrouded by the Morning Dusk’s flames, and frowned.

He had brought too little. Compared to these resentful energies, although the flames of the Morning Dusk wouldn’t extinguish, but they wouldn’t be able to shake anything.

“He hasn’t completely come out yet — this power was much weaker compared to the time I fought with Nie Shen.” Yan Xuanjing said, but didn’t intend to enter either.

He was waiting for the elders to make a decision.

The present was the most important thing.

Lin Mu pushed open the office door, reported to Wu Gui about Nie Shen returning to the Great Wilderness, and went to the flower stand to work with a couple autumn chrysanthemums that were about to bloom.

The office door was pushed over, and crashed into the wall with a ‘bang’, shaking the area.

Lin Mu was startled and turned to look over, and saw a crying little child running in from the outside who went to hug Da Hei’s thigh, and cried out, “help me! My brother is going crazy! He’s going to die!”


Da Hei was also startled, and he picked the child up and took a tissue for him to wipe his tears, and asked, “tell us what’s going on first? Ah? What crazy, who’s your brother?”

But in fact, in the world, how could there be so many things that could be easily accomplished? On Di Wu’s side, he would easily fall into the deepest abyss with a single wrong step.

Not to mention that the unexpected could happen, and nobody knew when an accident would fall on their own head, and as an elder, there were lesser things that he could do now.

It was as if he could only keep these things away from Lin Mu’s mind — he had been absent for too long, and now when he wanted to compensate Lin Mu for the things he missed, he didn’t know if it would be too late.

Lin Mu seemed to have noticed something, and waved his hand in front of Di Xiu’s eyes and mumbled, “don’t hide it from me, Dad, I’m not a small kid anymore.”

Di Xiu pursed his lips and said, “seal the area first, and let the humans exit. Do you know what’s the situation of the passageway?”

“No.” Lin Mu poked his head out from behind Yan Xuanjing to have a look.

“An unstable passageway is very dangerous, as they can break or explode at any time.” Di Xiu frowned.

If this channel exploded, even if Yan Gui went over, although he wouldn’t die, a layer of his skin would be peeled off.

“No problem.” Lin Mu comforted her, then turned his head to look at the fog. Through the sparse forest, saw a very simple forest hut.

No one should be risking their life for this.

The young lady paused, hesitated for a moment, and still shook her head.

“Then, like this. Just in case, the humans should withdraw, and we’ll let him come over completely first.” Yan Gui simply said, and didn’t drag the matter, “he probably came over to find Di Wu. Even if he didn’t, he would definitely chase after Di Wu if he met him. Di Wu, you’ll go and be bait and lure him into the mountains. Even if there’s trouble, the losses wouldn’t be that big after entering the mountains.”

Both of them went in to register. The human guarding the array said, “the fog in the mountains suddenly appeared two days ago. At present, there’s nothing abnormal, and no monster ran out from the mountains to ask for help, but it’s still unknown. Be careful.”

Lin Mu nodded, turned and glanced at the nervous young lady, and suggested, “why not…… I go alone?”

There was a moment of silence on both sides of the phone.

Di Wu turned to look at Yan Gui, took a deep breath, and threatened, “if something happens to me, I definitely won’t die. For the happiness of the rest of your life, I advise you to think again.”

“Think your ass! Wasn’t this your trouble in the first place.”

Yan Gui lifted his foot and kicked, took Di Wu’s phone and hung up, rolled up his sleeves and dug all the Morning Dusk out and threw them to the side. Then he ordered Di Wu, “bring Di Xiu to the mountains to restore his original body, and wait for me to dig up Lin Xiaomu’s precious yard and hide it.”

Otherwise, if the resentful energy smelled it’s way here, he would probably destroy Lin Xiaomu’s yard in a craze……

Not only would Lin Mu go crazy, but Di Xiu would probably be quite close to insanity.

After all, the was the only thing Di Xiu’s wife had left.

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Yan Gui put himself in their shoes and thought for a bit, and felt that if it was him, he would probably go crazy too.

That would be bad.

There was only two Relaxed Emperors left in the world, they had to be protected.

As for Di Wu, as long as he didn’t die it’s fine, who would care about that Di Wu’s mental health, that nosy and naggy fella.

If I take care of him, who would take care of me!

Just thinking about his black history in Di Wu’s album made him angry.

He muttered as he lifted the ground, and dug up the whole yard along with eight meters’ worth of soil underneath it, held a huge of piece of land hundreds of times larger than his figure, and went to the open land in the north-western side of the country.

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