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Chapter 78 – Fuck! Where’s my house?!

Lin Mu had no idea that his house had been physically removed.

He stood at the front and watched as Wu Gui made several phone calls in a row, then the police stationed there began to evacuate the crowd.

After two minutes, two teams of armed police came in with sirens blaring.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at the humans over there, motioned for Da Hei to bring away the little monster that Lin Mu was holding, and directly pulled Lin Mu across the cordon to stand in front of the crowd.

Several officers that saw this came up, and Wu Gui and Da Hei stepped forward, searched for some time, and finally found a certificate and gave it to the policemen.

Lin Mu’s hand was gripped by Yan Xuanjing, and he looked up towards that direction, and was somewhat confused about Yan Xuanjing dragging him to the front, “what’s wrong?”

Yan Xuanjing slightly lowered his head, found a few array plates and took them out, then turned towards Lin Mu and said, “resentful energy will retreat upon encountering you.”

Lin Mu looked at the greyish chaos around him, and found that indeed, these resentful energies all went around him, as if they couldn’t wait to be as far as possible.

“What can I do?” Lin Mu asked.

“Slowly.” Yan Xuanjing said, and placed his palm against Lin Mu’s back.

Lin Mu hadn’t learnt how to actively use his monstrous power before, and now, when they needed his help, it was a little troublesome.

Yan Xuanjing looked down at Lin Mu, and Lin Mu looked up at him, without any sense of precaution at all.

Such trust was rare in the Great Wilderness.


Yan Xuanjing’s gaze subtly shifted away for a moment, then he looked back again.

And couldn’t help but remind, “don’t trust too much.”

After reminding, he paused, and added, “other than me.”

Lin Mu heard him say this, and couldn’t help but smile.

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Yan Xuanjing looked away, and focused on the resentful energy that was restricted by the array, but was trying to break through.

Lin Mu felt something cool and calm passing through his back from the hand on it, flowing through his four limbs, and couldn’t help but shiver.

The power of the nine-tailed fox couldn’t be considered gentle, and even though Yan Xuanjing had tried his best to suppress and restrain himself, Lin Mu was so cold that his face became pale under the bright sun.

Fortunately, Yan Xuanjing quickly introduced Lin Mu’s power into the array. Seeing that the resentful energy suddenly shrank back into a certain floor of the residential building, the nine-tailed fox quickly took back his hands, held Lin Mu in his arms, and pulled out several spiritual medications to replenish his strength and temperature.

Yan Xuanjing’s limbs were long, and in Lin Mu’s current state where he had shrunk and was shivering from the cold, he almost could wrap around his entire body.

He was warm, and the sun spared no effort in radiating its heat.

Yan Xuanjing patted Lin Mu’s back, looked up to where the resentful energy shrunk to, and glanced at Wu Gui.

Wu Gui looked around, realised that the fairly chaotic situation before had improved a lot, so he took out something from this toolbox.

Lin Mu shivered and looked out from Yan Xuanjing’s hug, and his hands that were as cold as ice weren’t modest at all as he reached into the collar of Yan Xuanjing’s clothes, absorbing his heat with a shirt between them.

Lin Mu asked, “what should be done next?”

“Get the rest of the people in the building out.” Wu Gui was quiet adept in dealing with such matters.

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Today was a work day, so there weren’t many people left in the neighbourhood.

Coupled with the fact that someone was just about to jump off the building, almost all the people that remained in this not-so-large community ran out to see what was happening.

The number of people who remained could be counted on two hands, and would come out with a suggestion.

The little monster at the side watched them get busy, pressed his lips together tightly, and in Da Hei’s arms, said softly while holding back his tears, “I…… What about my brother……”

Lin Mu heard his small voice and looked at Yan Xuanjing, “do we need to go in?”

Before, when he called, his father had said that it was very dangerous.

“No need.” Wu Gui glanced at Lin Mu, then from his tool box, took out a…… drone.

Lin Mu: “……”

The present was the most important thing.


Da Hei was also startled, and he picked the child up and took a tissue for him to wipe his tears, and asked, “tell us what’s going on first? Ah? What crazy, who’s your brother?”


The office door was pushed over, and crashed into the wall with a ‘bang’, shaking the area.

Lin Mu was startled and turned to look over, and saw a crying little child running in from the outside who went to hug Da Hei’s thigh, and cried out, “help me! My brother is going crazy! He’s going to die!”

He had been with monsters too long, and had long forgotten the convenience of human technology.

Lin Mu pushed open the office door, reported to Wu Gui about Nie Shen returning to the Great Wilderness, and went to the flower stand to work with a couple autumn chrysanthemums that were about to bloom.

Lin Mu quietly shut his mouth and stuck to Yan Xuanjing, taking his warmth.

The drone flew into the building, and was unhindered as it entered their target floor.

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The corridor and the house were covered with blackish-grey fogs so think that they almost became a liquid. They covered the whole screen, and even through it, people could start to feel an inexplicable anxiety and irritability forming in their hearts.

And with this sense of irritation, there was an inexplicable sense of danger and stress, that caused all of Lin Mu’s goose bumps to stand up, and cold sweat to drench his back.

The camera showed nothing else other than the greyish-black colour, so Wu Gui changed to the thermal camera, and the greyish-black colour suddenly disappeared, and they could finally see another colour.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at the display and quickly raised his hand to cover Lin Mu’s eyes.

The little monster next to him saw the image and sobbed.

In a corner of the thermal image, on the edge of the red colour that represented heat, laid a human form that had already turned blue due to a lower temperature.

But in fact, in the world, how could there be so many things that could be easily accomplished? On Di Wu’s side, he would easily fall into the deepest abyss with a single wrong step.

Already cold.

Lin Mu seemed to have noticed something, and waved his hand in front of Di Xiu’s eyes and mumbled, “don’t hide it from me, Dad, I’m not a small kid anymore.”

Those red spots were also fading at a speed visible to the naked eye, and eventually disappeared from the image.

It was as if he could only keep these things away from Lin Mu’s mind — he had been absent for too long, and now when he wanted to compensate Lin Mu for the things he missed, he didn’t know if it would be too late.

Da Hei, whose ability wasn’t that strong, turned and sighed as he covered the little monster’s eyes. He frowned and said, “this is still a little too strong.”

Not to mention that the unexpected could happen, and nobody knew when an accident would fall on their own head, and as an elder, there were lesser things that he could do now.

Wu Gui agreed, but after thinking about it, Di Wu’s resentful energy was about twice as old as him, this three-thousand-year-old Old Turtle.

After accumulating more than 5000 years of resentment, if he wasn’t strong, then there’ll be a problem.

Especially since there was Di Wu’s power.

Di Wu’s power was quite uncomfortable for monsters — now, Lin Mu was considered half a monster, and could also detect this sense of being restricted.

Lin Mu muttered, “when Di Wu separated his resentful energy at first, did he not think that there would be such a result?”

“He wouldn’t had thought of it.” Yan Xuanjing said, “because, logically, his power was at odds with his resentment, so it wouldn’t take long for his resentment to disappear. β€œThis was also what the monsters thought when they decided to suppress the power instead of separating it, because it was too hard, and they didn’t take this matter to heart in the first place.

Nobody ever though that such a thing would happen, and even Di Wu himself didn’t expect it.

Lin Mu felt much warmer, came out from Yan Xuanjing’s arms, and began to look around to check the situation.

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Ordinary humans had already been evacuated, after Wu Gui had estimated the area that might be affected if an accident occurred, the human’s side had simply been urgently evacuated.

As a country that was at risk of flooding, the reaction and response to such early warnings was extremely quick, and it was so efficient that Lin Mu, who had never experienced such an evacuation before, was amazed.

Yan Xuanjing followed Lin Mu’s gaze and observed thoughtfully. Recently, he had been seriously considering some of the means humans had, as well as their social systems. He was thinking that if he could, he still hoped he could change the Great Wilderness a little — if the Great Wilderness was impossible, then at least, he could do something about Qingqiu Country.

After all, Qingqiu Country was his in the future.

And if some of the measures implemented by Qingqiu Country wasn’t bad, naturally, he wouldn’t have to worry about other places not following.

The future was very long, and Lin Mu could come to the Central Plains once in a while to play, but he couldn’t stay for long.

Di Xiu paused, looked at Lin Mu for a long while, and finally showed a small smile.

“Just a kid.” He said, but didn’t hide it from Lin Mu anymore. “He probably went to make some trouble for Di Wu’s resentful energy.”

His unchanging face was one fact, and the on the hand, he might not be able to bear the reality of his friends aging and dying.

After several thousand years, what the power and resentful energy that had been abandoned by Di Wu was like, and any possible changes, their entire group of great monsters were blinded to that.

Yan Xuanjing glanced at the image on the drone, then looked at the residential building, and realised that there was no need for the drone anymore.

All they knew was something that Yan Gui had mentioned before — that was, Di Wu’s resentful energy caused all the monsters who split his power to become restless.

To be precise, there would be occasional violent surges, just like a timed bomb.

There was a thick black fog that crawled out from that floor’s window, like a puddle of mud. It was so dark until the point as if the surrounding light was going to be swallowed into it.

The black mud stretched out a few tentacles to test its surroundings, but it didn’t seem to be able to see, and relied only on perception.

Suddenly, the tentative black mud paused, instantly disappeared from their sight, and in the next second, there was a ‘crash’ as the mud slammed into a wall formed by the array.

It slammed against it again and again, and was repeatedly scorched by the flames of the Morning Dusk and the array.

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Vaguely, they could hear some sharp and jumbled sounds from it. It wasn’t a voice, and even if they covered their ears, it could reach their minds, and it felt like being pierced by needles.

Lin Mu shook his head and felt like it was ringing.

Quickly, Yan Xuanjing took Lin Mu away from the mud, and looked along where the mud was slamming against the wall, and sure enough, he saw Di Wu with a disgusted expression floating in the air.

From Di Xiu’s point of view, his son had suffered many things that he shouldn’t have at this age, and didn’t need to be stained with any other gloomy colours.

No matter whether it’s him, Di Wu, Yan Gui or Yan Xuanjing, they all subconsciously downplayed many serious things in front of Lin Mu, and tried to speak with him in as light a tone as possible, as if everything was well-thought out.


He just stroked the little sapling on Lin Mu’s head, which Lin Mu had let out to bask in the sun.

The little sapling became full of energy under the caress of its bloodline, and worked hard to shake down a little bit of light which landed on Di Xiu’s hands, bringing with it a touch of warmth.

The small, faint, budding power that belonged to a Relaxed Emperor.

Therefore, still a child.

Lin Mu didn’t notice anything and tilted his head to look at Di Wu and said, “I heard you tell him about the Relaxed Emperor’s Valley, so would he go there?”

And there was no need to think too much about the future either. How long the future is, who could finish thinking about it?

Di Wu had just emerged from Qingyao Mountain.

The great monsters shared the same view, that the battle should be held in the mountains — it was best if it could be near the passageway, after all, once they fought, it would be a big problem, so it was better to gradually move the battlefield to the Great Wilderness.

A Relaxed Emperor’s power, towards such things like resentful energy, was something that could restrain it. So Di Wu rushed and found a plot of land, buried Di Xiu there, and gave the rest of his body back to him, allowing him to turn back into that lush and large green tree.

— Although his healing power towards severe injuries was greatly reduced, it was better than nothing.

Di Wu was a little nervous.

After all, now, he was rather weak.

To put it bluntly, his current combat effectiveness was about half of Yan Xuanjing’s.

If they fought directly, he certainly couldn’t defeat Yan Xuanjing, but he had survived for thousands of years, and the means and the filthy methods in his heart was a Yan Xuanjing3.

Di Wu, who was standing nervously in the sky, noticed Yan Xuanjing’s gaze, and after a while, he said, “I never expected it to look so ugly.”

Existing for thousands of years, even as resentful energy that had gained a soul, it wouldn’t be very difficult to provoke two great monsters to fight, let alone tricking a little half-monster who didn’t know anything.

Yan Xuanjing looked at him expressionlessly, and took out the already activated array plate in his arms.

Just thinking about it was enough. The owner of the Marsh of Dreams had always been solidarity, had a special ability, a low sense of existence, and was especially good at camouflaging and hiding.

Di Wu watched the little fox’s straightforward action, scolded something, and ran away like the winds with his head still buried in sand the moment Yan Xuanjing deactivated the array.

At first, that resentful energy might have even planned to kill and replace the Shen.

That action was worthy of being called as natural as flowing water, without any stagnation, and he was so skilled at that, like the act was at his fingertips.

As resentful energy, he needed to stay hidden and disguised, if not he would be found and killed or supressed by other monsters. Naturally, he would be moved by the Shen’s powers.

It looked as if he had done a number of similar acts in the past.

But the Shen was too strong when she was alive, and she didn’t have much sins. With a clean and pure body, she even directly transformed in a fog that enveloped the entire Marsh of Dreams when she died, and didn’t disperse for decades.

which was why even if it had become sentient, it would be difficult to cause a fuss.

Yan Xuanjing watched as the resentful energy chased after Di Wu with his teeth bared, without paying any attention at all to the monsters who were supressing him before.

The next battle belonged to their elders, and had nothing to do with them, their juniors.

Wu Gui looked at the screen after the resentful energy had disappeared, and said, “the passage is gone. Seems to be one-time only.”

After that, he fell silent and glanced at the little monster, sighing.

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There was no saving his brother, he was already dead.

Da Hei scratched his head, patted the little monster’s back, and said, “you’ll stay with us for a while, and we’ll send you back to the Great Wilderness in the future — or it’s okay if you want to live in the Central Plains too.”

The little monster made a sound in response, laid on Da Hei’s shoulders, and started to silently cry.

He didn’t question why they had failed to save his brother, and had very smoothly accepted his brother’s death. He didn’t react in a noisy manner, or insisted that it was unbelievable, and simply felt sad about it.

Lin Mu looked over and saw the monsters who started to work on the matter in an official manner, then looked at the indifferent Yan Xuanjing, and once again, realised how different the idea of ‘normality’ was in the eyes of monsters.

He silently pursed his lips and shrank into Yan Xuanjing’s arms.

“I’m going to follow it into the mountains.” Wu Gui put everything away, and made several phone calls explaining how the matter had progressed, then disappeared in front of them while carrying his toolbox.

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“Go home?” Yan Xuanjing asked.

Lin Mu nodded, and was grabbed and thrown onto his back by Yan Xuanjing who had turned back into his original form. He crawled over to his head and asked, “Milky, nothing will happen to Dad and the rest, right?”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t dare to say that nothing would happen, he thought for a bit, and said, “they won’t die.”

Each of these great monsters were smarter than the other, and they definitely wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for justice.

This was the first one that caused the whole Great Wilderness to become restless.

Lin Mu responded, buried his head into Milky’s fur, and after a while, looked down at the time on his phone and paused.

Thinking of it in this way, for the list of cities and kingdoms that Nie Shen had taken off the map, almost all the territories of the monsters who had acted against Di Wu was on it.

It had already been ten minutes, why hadn’t they reached home yet?

And when those monsters had divided Di Wu up, they made the most of him, afraid that they would lose something.

So Di Wu was ripped apart beyond recognition, and not only was his original body and soul, but even his power had been taken apart.

Lin Mu sat up, realised that Milky had stopped, and climbed back up onto his head and asked, “what’s the matter?”

But who knew that such a suppression could supress a problem that would appear thousands of years later.

Yan Xuanjing lowered his head in silence, looked at the huge dirt pit that should have been a beautiful little yard, and his heart was filled in a rarely seen confusion and loss.

A power without a physical body was no different from natural spiritual energy from the world, and resentful energy was also very easy to deal with; either suppression or killing, choose one. However, at that time, Di Wu’s resentful energy and his power were closely intertwined, so the monsters simply chose to supress.

For a while, Lin Mu didn’t get an answer. He felt that it was a little strange, and carefully grabbed Milky’s fur and climbed to the side of his back to take a look, and then, he also paused as his heart was filled with confusion and loss.

“Where’s my house?” Lin Mu murmured.

Where’s my family?

Where’s my house?

There was such a large yard here, more than 400 square meters, how beautiful!

It was here before I went to work!


Where’s my house?!

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