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Chapter 8 – Yan Xuanjing had lived for over five hundred years and this was the first time he had met a monster than could be mesmerised by his face.

Lin Mu had never seen as a good looking person.

So good looking that a single glance would make one’s whole body turn soft and numb, causing even the simplest movements to become weak. Their brain would felt like it had been stirred into a paste and everything else had frozen, making one wish to simply stare at him the whole day.

Lin Mu watched as the most beautiful man ever walked past him. The texture and ornaments on his clothing were on a level so exquisite that it was visible to the naked eyes, and with long hair that was hanging behind him with its tail end bundled together, it added a hint of casualness to his entire body.

He lowered his hands as he walked, and stopped a couple of steps away from the entrance, looking around. His simple movements excluded elegance that seemed as if they had been carefully crafted.

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Da Hei turned his head over and also froze for a moment, before quickly shaking his head and returning back to his senses. He turned to glance at Lin Mu, who was still stunned, then patted him on the shoulder.

Lin Mu jolted, and his soul that had ran away was quickly collected, but there were still some wisps of amazement left behind.

Da Hei looked at the person standing at the door and asked, “hello, is there any procedure you need to go through?”

The man nodded slightly, “I’m here to look for Wu Gui1吴归 (wúguī), sounds a lot like 乌龟 (wūguī) aka turtle.”

His voice was a little deep and his tone was calm, making it seem a little cold and detached.

But it was still very nice to hear, and if one wanted to use any suitable words to describe it, it would be like the cold snow atop a mountain, a bone chilling cold that reached until the heavens.

Lin Mu listened to this sound, and in a trance, his soul that had just been recovered drifted away again.

“Wu Gui, Wu Gui isn’t here today……”

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Before Da Hei could finish his sentence, a white haired but hale and hearty old man walked in from the door.

He was wearing a loose mandarin coat2 with his hands in its sleeves. He looked at the three who were standing around the office and said in the calm and steady manner, “why are you standing at the door for?”

Da Hei gently pushed Lin Mu back to his seat, waved his hand in front of his eyes and saw that Lin Mu still a little confused. Helpless, he turned to look at the old man who had just walked past the door’s threshold.

The old man glanced at Lin Mu, walked up to him and opened his palm, then suddenly gripped it. Looking at Lin Mu whose eyes had gradually begun to clear up, he tutted twice, “young people.”

Lin Mu reacted after a couple of seconds, and somewhat shamefully rubbed at his lips. “Sorry,” he said, and two shallow and small dimples formed at the corner of his mouth.

Da Hei told Lin Mu, “this is the Old Turtle I told you about, his name is Wu Gui.”

The old man glanced at Da Hei, gave a cold humph and then raised his hand to pat Lin Mu on the back, “serve tea.”

Lin Mu greeted the old man, nodded, and went to the water dispenser. Da Hei also followed and nudged closer, “came back to your senses?”

“En.” Lin Mu nodded, quite embarrassed, “that is……?”

“I’ve seen that face in the information before, a nine-tailed fox.” Da Hei whispered, “the next sovereign of Qingqiu Country3青丘国Lit Green Hill Country. A country of legend in ancient china times. in the Great Wilderness. He’s called Yan Xuanjing.”

Lin Mu didn’t have much opinions about this, and only felt that that probably was extremely powerful.

Lin Mu thought about how soft of a person his mother was, about how she did not go back to ask for help even after all these years, and felt that there was something fishy, so he didn’t go for help, and instead silently did everything by himself.But how big was Qingyao Village? The matter had spread quickly, and some bored folks posted the matter onto the Internet, attracting his grandfather.But his grandfather had a poisonous mouth and looked down on Lin Mu, but felt that at least he was a boy. So, he put on a charitable attitude to get Lin Mu to return with him, but after being mocked by Lin Mu, he angrily rushed away.Lin Mu was the type of person to hold a grudge, and at that time hated everybody so much he nailed all the fences in the courtyard that very day and threw piles of broken glass and wood all over the yard, causing those reporters that tried to climb over his walls and nosy villagers to be taken to the hospital.That was the mess that happened at that time, and now he had a way to make money, of course he wouldn’t want to share it with others. Confused? Check out thepotatoroom.com.

“He’s very good looking.” Lin Mu also whispered back.

Da Hei smacked his lips, “You’re getting swayed by the nine-tailed fox’s charm every minute, how’s your willpower so weak?”

Lin Mu gave him a blank look, “…… ah? ”

“Well, a nine-tailed fox. Specialises in looking for weak-willed guys like you obsessed with beauty to trap.” Da Hei threatened, “later, if we’re not by your side, remember to run when you see him. Otherwise, you’ll get sold after looking at that face and still help him count the money.”

“Ay?” Lin Mu paused, just realising that there was something wrong with his previous abnormal state. He couldn’t help but turn his head back to look at the man who was talking with Wu Gui in a low voice. He thought for a moment, and then said, “but he’s very good looking.”

Da Hei also followed and turned to back look, then kept quiet and stopped talking.


Over there, Yan Xuanjing, who was talking to Wu Gui, also paused for a moment.

Great monsters have good eyes and ears, and could clearly hear the conversation that had just happened.

Wu Gui noticed his pause, looked over and said, “two young children, don’t pay it any heed.”

Yan Xuanjing shook his head and continued with the topic that they were talking about, “I’m here to help guard the passage, and I also need to check the records.”

“Alright, the reference room is on the second floor.” Wu Gui said, and looked carefully at the young nine-tailed fox in front of him before continuing, “currently, I’m still able to control the passageway, there’s no need to you to worry too much. First, take care of your wound.”

Yan Xuanjing wasn’t surprised that his injuries would be discovered by the monster in front of him. After giving a light nod, he took out a few fresh and plump spiritual medication and placed them on the table, “also, could I ask you4polite version of to divine about the recent happenings in the Great Wilderness?”

Frowning, Wu Gui  stared at the spiritual medication for a while, before accepting them. He raised his eyes to look at Yan Xuanjing, “I see that your connection with our little half-monster is quite deep.”

Yan Xuanjing paused.

Wu Gui was famous for his impressive astrological and array divinations throughout the whole monster world. Even in the Great Wilderness, there was no monster who could compare to it. He said so, therefore it would be true.

In fact, it was true.

From the start, the reason he had ran to the courtyard surrounded by the Morning Dust was with the intention of making a good relationship.

The only issue was that Yan Xuanjing could not tell what Lin Mu’s original form was.

Seeing that Yan Xuanjing didn’t respond, Wu Gui couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow, “what’s wrong? In this day and age, do you still discriminate against half-monsters?”

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Lin Mu was currently coming over with the tea, and was happily thinking about wanting to say hello with this extremely beautiful monster. As a result, he heard such a sentence and couldn’t help but feel a little stunned. He silently placed the tea down and turned away.

Yan Xuanjing watched Lin Mu’s back as he slipped away, was stuck for a couple of seconds before he said ‘no’.

But Lin Mu couldn’t hear it, and it would seem quite strange to chase after someone and say that he didn’t discriminate against half-monsters.

Yan Xuanjing fell silent for a long time, then he turned back to ask Wu Gui, “do you know what this half-monster’s blood lineage is?”

Wu Gui placed his hands in his sleeves and shook his head, “I don’t know. His stars are all so heavily blocked that I can’t see them at all. Most likely, he is the descendant of some extremely remarkable monster.”

Nodding, Yan Xuanjing and Wu Gui said a few more words before they went up to the second floor together.

Looking at their disappearing backs, Da Hei turned and ran towards Lin Mu, who has planning to install the window.

There weren’t any feelings being expressed on Lin Mu’s face, and he looked no different from how he usually looked. However, Da Hei could tell that he was a little unhappy.

Da Hei kicked and rolled across while still sitting on his chair, “what’s wrong?”

“That nine-tailed fox……”

“Yan Xuanjing,” Da Hei answered.

“That Yan Xuanjing, seem to not like half-monsters.” Lin Mu said.

Da Hei didn’t take it that seriously, “not only is he a monster from the Great Wilderness, but he’s one of those with a high status. It’s normal that they don’t think much about little monsters or half-monsters like us.”

“Oh, true.” Lin Mu nodded and sullenly collected his expression as he clanged his way through fixing the window. After collecting his tools, he asked Da Hei for a way to contact him, said that he would come back next week when he officially joined, and then turned to leave the office.

Lin Mu wasn’t short, yet he couldn’t be called tall. From behind, he looked like an angry penguin, carrying a pile of heavy objects, huffing and puffing all the way home.

When Lin Mu arrived home, the sky was already covered with layers of sunset clouds.

He sullenly placed the tool bag on the table and looked down at the time, before remembered that there was a dog at home that didn’t have lunch to eat and ran upstairs in a panic and looked into his room, but found that it was empty.

Lin Mu stared at the old empty blankets for a while, bit his lips, and looked around the house for a while but didn’t find that pile of white fluff.

He had no choice but to turn computer on to check the surveillance and found that this morning, shortly after he left, the dog had followed him and also left. It seemed that the dog had no problems walking, but there still were some minor defects in his left front leg.

Lin Mu turned off the surveillance record, and like a punctured balloon, his whole person deflated.

He bit his lips and rolled onto the bed, and with a single pull of his thin blanket, his whole body burrowed into it, feeling quite miserable.

Such a good looking monster, Lin Mu thought.

Although it’s a little superficial to look at a person’s face, Lin Mu felt that if he chatted with good-looking people every day, he would feel happy for the entire day.

Even simply being friends was also good.

Pity that the other person was good looking and had a high status, and had no interest in half-monsters.

Of course, this was only a small blow towards Lin Mu.

This was an extremely ordinary incident; he didn’t even know if he would meet that great figure in the future.

For Lin Mu, the biggest blow was this — even the dog didn’t want him.

His Milky ran.

He was looking forward to the dog staying and calling him Milky, but the dog ran.

Lin Mu rolled into a ball in his bed, buried his head in his pillow and felt that his method of self-isolation met all criterias.

He isolated himself for quite a while, before he started to feel a little stuffy in his bed. Reaching out a hand beside his pillow to touch about, Lin Mu finally found the switch for the small electric fan, turned it on, and came out from under the blanket, sighing.

Forget it. If old things didn’t go, new things wouldn’t come.

It was time to go to the pet store and pick a new dog back.

Although this new dog might not be smart and might not be able to gain spiritual awareness, but a silly dog had the benefits of a silly dog, and at least they wouldn’t run.

Lin Mu thought about it, and like a squid jumping out of the water jumped out from the bed, put on his shoes, took his keys and thumped down the stairs.

As soon as the door opened, the light orange sunset rushed into the house, bringing along with it the cool breeze of the summer evening.

Lin Mu’s eyes met with Yan Xuanjing, who had turned back to his original form.

Lin Mu froze.

It was his mother holding a hose, trying to get a dusty Samoyed to bath. Lin Mu knew this Samoyed, it was raised by his mother’s mentor, called Milky. Last year, he had died. This mentor had taken care of Lin Mu’s business and was an old customer. Many customers had been introduced through this teacher. Lin Mu looked at that picture for a long while and suddenly felt that it was quite lonely living as a single person living in a house with two floors and a large courtyard. His eyes swept across his mother who was happily smiling, and decided to go to a pet shop in a few days to see if any puppies made eye contact with him. Preferably a Samoyed. Confused? go to thepotatoroom.com to clear your confusion.

Yan Xuanjing also froze.

A person and a fox looked at each other for a long time in the sunset. Lin Mu took the lead in responding, and his whole person became brighter as he happily ran out and opened the door for the lost and found Milky.

“You came back!” Lin Mu let the dog in, and the first thing he did was to squat down and examine the area where the dog had been injured.

After a day, these injuries had almost all recovered, leaving only some harmless scabs and scars. Once the scabs fell off, they should all be healed.

“I thought you were gone.” Lin Mu let out a sigh of relief, then happily said, “since you came back, shall I give you a name? How does Milky sound?”

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu, and didn’t say anything.

He wanted to turn back to his human form, since it was more convenient, but this little half-monster couldn’t handle the charm of a nine-tailed fox, and was throwing out his soul ever other minute – even if Yan Xuanjing, a nine-tailed fox, didn’t have the slightest intention of charming this little half-monster at all.

As a nine-tailed fox who was civilized and polite, he had long gotten away from having such low-levelled taste, and he didn’t need to rely on the souls of humans or monsters to survive. Yan Xuanjing had reigned in his talent since 800 years ago, and the part that he couldn’t restrain generally would not affect other monsters.

Who could imagine that the half-monster’s resistance to his human form was so weak.

— Even his voice could take Lin Mu’s soul and run.

As long as he kept to his original form, this little half-monster would still be normal.

To be honest, Yan Xuanjing had lived for over five hundred years and this was the first time he had met a monster than could be mesmerised by his face.

In the Great Wilderness, although there were half-monsters, none of them were as bad as Lin Mu.

At least Yan Xuanjing had never met any.

Yan Xuanjing followed Lin Mu into the house.

Lin Mu was talking about what happened today, and every sentence was about the beautiful fox spirit he had saw today.

Little pervert.

Yan Xuanjing was thinking with a blank face, then looked at Lin Mu who as walking into the kitchen. When he was just about planning to find a clean place to sit down, he suddenly turned back into the yard, as if he had remembered something.

Lin Mu had just steamed the rice and turned around and saw his family’s Milky standing at the doorway of the kitchen, with a struggling ginseng in his mouth. Seeing that Lin Mu had looked over, he threw the ginseng onto the ground.

The ginseng rolled around on the ground, and rolled into a fat and pale little baby, with a string of red ginseng seeds on his head. He nervously looked around before his sight finally fell onto pot on the stove, was stunned for three seconds, before letting out a “wa” and started to cry loudly.

The author has this to say:

Ginseng Baby: QAQ.

The translator has this to add:

Milky >>>>> Yan Xuanjing

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