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Chapter 80 – Nie Shen discarded a tile, all my tiles are the same suit in sets of threes! Another sticker!

Lin Mu thought about the sound mahjong he heard just before he hung up, glanced at Yan Gui, and thought that perhaps this was a bit too much?

He gently pulled Yan Xuanjing’s fur, and before I could say anything, Yan Xuanjing had simply turned and headed towards the city centre.

Lin Mu’s head was full of question marks, “where are you going?”

Yan Xuanjing answered in an extremely calm manner, “to buy some food and drinks.”

Lin Mu: “?”

Really don’t understand you great monsters.

“Can we just leave Yan Gui alone?” Lin Mu asked.

“In any case, we can’t help. As long as we don’t drag him down, that’s fine.” Yan Xuanjing turned back into his human form when he landed, and led Lin Mu into the mall.

What happened in the mountains didn’t reach the city, and the city centre was still as lively as always.

Looking out from the transparent skylight of the mall, one could see the financial centre just across the road.

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Lin Mu’s impression of this place was quite deep, since the location he originally wanted to opened a flower shop at was near this area.

He had seriously examined this area before, and the rent was quite high, and of course, the flow of people was quite amazing.

Lin Mu still remembered the plans he had before he entered the sub-district office.

— First he would get a regular civil service job, then after saving a little, he would find a way to make some small investment or something. Slowly, he would save up money, then quit his job and open a store across the financial centre.

Lin Mu knew, many white-collared workers would buy a bunch of flowers on their way to work to decorate their cold office. With so much potential profit, as long as his deposit was enough, it wouldn’t be difficult to persist until he made a profit.

Opening a flower store and spending time with plants everyday was a life that his mother had hoped for.

At that time, he had always wanted to keep more memories about his mother — after all, that was the beginning of his existence in this world, and was his root.

It’s just that all the plans that he had made before died the day he started work.

Lin Mu didn’t come to the city centre very often, and now that he did, he was filled with emotions.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t intend to avoid how others looked at them, and boldly held Lin Mu’s hand into the supermarket.

When Yan Xuanjing had stopped in front of the shelves, Lin Mu was still in a daze, and crashed right into him. Before he could even respond to it, he had hugged Yan Xuanjing’s waist.

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The fox spirit tilted his head, “what are you thinking about?”

“Thinking about the me before.” Lin Mu followed behind Yan Xuanjing and rambled on about the childish and naive thoughts he had in the past.

“Now that I think about it, it was really naive–” Lin Mu smiled after he said that, then turned around to push two shopping carts over.

“Isn’t the group you talked about not doing too well lately?” As Yan Xuanjing said, he directly swept across a whole shelf, taking two of each item.

“Ay?” Lin Mu paused, “you actually pay attention to such things?”

Lin Mu himself didn’t care too much about financial matters, so he didn’t pay much attention to this type of news at all. Naturally, he didn’t know much about his grandfather’s situation.

To pay attention to his grandfather’s situation was something he did when he was still insensible a few years ago, always watching the news while hoping for something to happen to them. This kind of behaviour was a bit like a rat in a gutter, incapable of doing anything, and could only get angry.

In any case, after he had something he wanted to do, Lin Mu stopped looking at those things.

He didn’t know when the large hand had sneaked into his hem, and Lin Mu’s hand on Yan Xuanjing’s shoulder suddenly tighten, when two heavy knocks came from the study window.

After all, nothing was as important as having a good life himself.

Qin Chuan laid outside the window patting it with his tail, and his whole dragon’s face was filled with bitterness, while the rest of his body had ‘jealously’ written all over it.

Lin Mu raised his hand to cover his face in shame, whispered “I’m going back into my room”, and ran out of the study like his life was on the line.

Yan Xuanjing shook his head, “just incidentally saw it.”

Lin Mu shook like a kid who was caught doing something wrong, jumped down from Yan Xuanjing’s lap in a panic, and looked up at the window.

Lin Mu knew that recently, Yan Xuanjing was doing research on human society, so it wasn’t surprising that he had collected newspapers and read it.

Yan Xuanjing sat motionless on the chair and remained silent for a long time, and finally, when he had calmed down, he turned with a gloomy expression to look at the Dragon Vein outside on the window sill. Getting up, he pushed open the window, directly jumped off the second floor and threw down a silencing array, and grabbed the dragon for a violent beating.

“Well…… now, I don’t really care.” Lin Mu looked at the shopping cart which had gotten filled within minutes, and brought another one over, “instead, I hope that both Uncles could have a better result.”

Several little monsters that were hiding in the glass room were shocked awake, and nervously, they got close to the door and craned their necks to check the situation.

“I can no longer be considered a pure human being now…… thinking of it this way makes me feel like I’m living in a separate world from them.”

Lin Mu muttered.

“It feels as if a layer of film separates me from things I used to care about before, and slowly, I can’t really remember them at all.”

Yan Xuanjing heard his words, turned his head to look at Lin Mu while holding a bag of chips, then nodded, “en.”

The nine-tailed fox wasn’t that surprised about this point.

After leaving the category of ordinary humans, strictly speaking, they couldn’t be regarded in the same species as humans.

If the current Lin Mu went out with or for a meal with his previous friends and classmates, he was bound to feel out of place.

It’s not about xenophobic pride or something, but it was the truth that they were living outside the ordinary human race, so indeed, there was a sudden sense of heterogeneity.

After spending some time in the Great Wilderness, Lin Mu would have much less involvement with the human side, and in the end, what would be kept in his head, will only be his mother who gave him his most wonderful memories.

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“I’ll push a few more shopping carts here,” Lin Mu said.

Yan Xuanjing nodded, and went to take another bunch of drinks again.

Many monsters had slipped through the passage when something had happened, and those that were left behind were weak and pitiable monsters that would die without a body if they entered into the Great Wilderness.

And Di Xiu had firmly protected the main peak of the Qingyao Mountains, because as long as nothing happened to the main peak, the mountain god would be fine.

It’s just that there was a matter of taking another person’s territory as a battlefield. Although Di Wu was thick-skinned and didn’t think much of it, Di Xiu still felt embarrassed.

“It’s okay.” Qin Chuan search and rummage, and pulled out a pack of poker cards and box of mahjong. He said, “it’s not a big deal, at most I’ll stay here a couple of years to help grow your mountains back.”

The mountain god heard his words, lifted his eyes, and sighed sadly.


Di Xiu thought about it and said, “Di Wu will stay behind to help you fix the mountain.”

Di Wu, who was opening the mahjong box, wasn’t willing to accept it, “why?!””Because this is your fault.” Di Xiu said, “in any case, you can’t follow us back to the Great Wilderness in your current state.”

Di Wu clicked his tongue, and just as he wanted to say something, Qin Chuan wrapped around him.

Qin Chuan’s whole entire Dragon Vein was filled with joy, “then I’ll stay together with Di Wu!”

Lin Mu answered Di Wu’s call, and was just planning to ask about Di Wu’s safety, when he heard what Di Wu said, “Big nephew, we’re missing someone for mahjong. You want to come over? We’re in the heart of Qingyao Mountains main peak, near the passageway.”

Lin Mu paused, and looked at Yan Gui who was fighting, and hesitatingly asked, “playing mahjong?”

Probably because of fate, Lin Mu met his second uncle’s family while taking the cart.

Both him and his second uncle paused.

“……” Lin Mu froze on the stop for a while, then nodded and called, “second uncle.”

Lin Hongkuo was stunned by his cry, and his lips trembled twice. He twitched out a smile and greeted back.

“This is Lin Mu — the one I’ve been telling you about all the time,” he told his family.

“I remember.” The gentle-looking woman smiled at Lin Mu, “the autumn chrysanthemums at home are blooming well.”

“Hello, Auntie.”

Lin Mu smiled at them and pulled out three shopping carts.

This was the first time Lin Mu had officially met his younger uncle’s family.

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Their days seemed to be quite good. Lin Mu remembered that the boy who should be considered his younger cousin was in his third year of university, and his sister should be in her first year.

Lin Mu greeted them and pushed the cart away, ready to leave, “have fun shopping, I’ll……”

“Let’s shop together.” His second uncle said.

Lin Mu hesitated for a bit, and said, “I came with my boyfriend.”

His second uncle’s whole family paused, “boyfriend.”

“En,” Lin Mu nodded.

His second uncle was confused.

It was his aunt who had responded first, “is he good to you?”

“Really good.”

Lin Mu showed a smile again, but this time, his smile was much more real than before, and the two sweet dimples at the corner of his mouth appeared, and he looked as if he was in a much better mood.

Di Xiu went along with it, “attacking a tree is also not allowed.”

The atmosphere got better, and his second uncle wanted to speak, but didn’t know how to say it, and in the end, swallowed his words back into his stomach with a step from his aunt.

Although the Sovereign of Qingqiu Country was known for being unrestrained, but few monsters had the courage to treat him as a very casual monster, just because of his unrestrained name.

He pushed the shopping cart following his son and daughter, and didn’t say a single word.

Nie Shen hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “no…… I just didn’t expect great monsters to be like this.”

Di Xiu hadn’t actually seen many monsters, as he had been protected very well by a group of great monsters headed by Yan Gui, and before Yan Gui and appeared, all the monsters that approached him had their attitudes soothed by his power.

Lin Mu glanced at him, thought for a bit, and still said, “recently, I’ve been planning to go abroad with him — and probably won’t come back in the future.”

Yan Gui muttered and continued to play his mobile game beside Di Xiu, and Di Xiu noticed Nie Shen’s gaze and asked, “what’s the matter? Did you remember something again?”

His second uncle’s eyes widened, and just as he wanted to say something, he was dragged back by his own children as they told him about the environment homosexuals had to face within and out of the country.

Nie Shen sat beside them and moved his eyes away from the pendant as he looked up at Di Xiu and Yan Gui, a little confused.

His aunt nodded understandingly, and said, “that’s good too.”

“I’ll trouble you to tell my first uncle too.” Lin Mu said.

He didn’t have much ties.

His old classmates wouldn’t come looking for him, and he didn’t have really close friends. He did have people from the same village, but it wouldn’t matter once he moved away, and he only had these two relatives.

If he counted it carefully, if he wanted to go to the Great Wilderness, all the people he needed to inform could be counted with a single hand.

“Then what about Qingyao Village’s demolition?” His second uncle asked in a low, muffled voice.

“Still need.” Lin Mu answered, “could I try to buy that land down?”

His second uncle asked, “aren’t you going abroad?”

“But I want this land.” Lin Mu looked at Yan Xuanjing who was currently holding a bunch of snacks with nowhere to put them, and the two shopping carts that were filled with items, smiled and said lightly, “what if one day, Mum comes back? I’m scared she can’t find her way home.”

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Yan Xuanjing glanced over, and Lin Mu ran over pushing the three shopping carts, and let him put everything in his arms into the cart.

The several humans stared at Yan Xuanjing, and it wasn’t until the fox spirit’s cold glance swept over them that they shivered, suddenly returned to their senses and took back their gaze.

They stood at the end of the shelves, and hesitated, but stopped moving forward.

Yan Xuanjing asked in a low voice, “is that your uncle?”

“En.” Lin Mu nodded, glanced over in that direction, and realised that in the end, they had approached. He told Yan Xuanjing, “I’m planning to buy the land.”

— Strictly speaking, a reincarnated soul wouldn’t have anything to do with their past life.

Yan Xuanjing was planning to say that, but when he looked at Lin Mu who was looking down and picking snacks, the words that reached his mouth made a circle and ran back. He nodded his head, and said, “let Qin Chuan and the rest watch it for a while.”

If not.

It was also possible to build an additional management office there, since it was close to the passageway.

Lin Mu reached out with a hand, “I might not have enough money.”

Yan Xuanjing simply gave him the card.

Anyway, this money was provided by Di Wu’s subordinates, it would be a waste not to spend it.

Nie Shen looked down at the pendant in his hand and asked, “have you met my mother before?”

Lin Mu put away the card, and his whole entire person became a lot happier.

When he had put on his clothes and stood in front of the mirror to blow his hair dry, Lin Mu began to seriously consider moving out.

The few humans who had listened to Yan Xuanjing’s and Lin Mu’s conversation had somewhat complicated feelings. They looked back and forth between Yan Xuanjing and Lin Mu, and even until after both of them had swept all the snacks off the shelves, they still didn’t say anything.

After Lin Mu returned to his room, he took an urgent cold shower, and after feeling that the heat and activity in his body had calmed down, he came out of the shower with a calm expression and wiped his body down.

— Every time they wanted to say something, the chilling gaze of Lin Mu’s boyfriend would sweep over them, and his expression was so cold that people wouldn’t dare to speak out.

Nie Shen then took back his sight, opened the pendant, and stared at the picture of the Marsh of Dreams in a daze.

Lin Mu had greeted the only relative he needed to greet, and cheerfully left the supermarket pushing a bunch of shopping carts. He found a small corner that didn’t have any surveillance and shoved the snacks into the small fabric bag, and was carried by Milky all the way back. Just as he entered the mountains, he was met with a face full of fog.

“Your mother was too withdrawn, so I’ve never seen her before, and only heard some rumours, but rumours aren’t the truth.” Yan Gui waved his hand, “you should save your questions for the luan phoenix.”

Lin Mu made a light sound of astonishment, “this is…… Nie Shen, right?”

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“En. He had probably turned back because he sensed the resentful energy.” Milky’s vision was unobstructed, and went onto the familiar path towards the main mountain peak.

The Morning Dusk’s characteristic was that once it was stuck, it couldn’t be gotten rid of. As long as it didn’t burn out, it would be able to burn continuously.

Just like beans that were ignited, as long as it didn’t burn out, the flame wouldn’t go out.

Yan Gui looked at the resentful energy surrounded by the green flame, and felt as if a [HP -1] prompt was constantly appearing on his opponent’s head.


Although it was minimal, it indeed caused it to weaken a little.

After Yan Gui had blasted two mountain tops as a test, he didn’t feel panicked at all.

When he used to fight with Di Wu, it was a 50-50 thing. Although they were never serious, they were basically around the same level

This resentful energy was much weaker than Di Wu himself.

As soon as they entered, they heard the shuffling of tiles.

A mahjong table, a Fight the Landlord game, and a bunch of little monsters at the side playing Hopscotch and jump rope.

There were two victims sitting with their backs facing each other, one on the mahjong’s side, and the other on the Fight the Landlord’s side.

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One was Nie Shen, the other was Qin Chuan. They were covered in pieces of paper, and one could vaguely see that under those papers, their limbs had ugly flower tattoos drawn all over them, and there seemed to be a giant turtle on their face.

Di Wu rubbed his hands, “Nie Shen discarded a tile, all my tiles are the same suit in sets of threes! Another sticker!”

Lin Mu looked at Nie Shen’s expression under the layers of notes, and he seemed even more confused than the first time they met.

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