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Chapter 9 – Da Hei: I’ll kill myself.

“Wuaaaaaaa! Don’t, don’t eat me!

The little baby sat on the floor with a bare butt1He isn’t naked, he’s wearing a dudou, like the one shown in the pic. and cried extremely loudly.

Yan Xuanjing frowned at the noise, and with a raise of his paw, the little baby’s crying sound immediately stopped.

The Ginseng Baby felt wronged.

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He was going to be cooked, yet he wasn’t even allowed to cry.

The little baby twitched and whimpered, but didn’t dare to move under the gaze of the white ball of fluff beside him. He also didn’t dare to cry out too loudly and just sniffled a couple of times, paused, then sobbed a couple of times. Then, he cautiously looked at Lin Mu before moving his line of sight to the furry ball block the door and started to sniffle again.

Even though Lin Mu had seen Da Hei transform into a human before his very eyes, it was still quite exciting to see a ginseng turn into a cute little baby.

Lin Mu could recognise from a single glance what the little red fruits on top of the baby was.

He placed down the food in his hand and walked to where the Ginseng Baby was curled up into a ball and sniffling, “you……”

The Ginseng Baby looked towards Lin Mu who was walking over, and his whimpering started to sound even more miserable.

“Wuwuwu2sound of crying, don’t, don’t eat me……”

Only then did Lin Mu realize how bad a kitchen was for a ginseng.

“We won’t eat you,” Lin Mu said.

The Ginseng Baby looked at him, helpless, and sniffled, “really?”

Lin Mu nodded, “really.”

The Ginseng Baby turned to look at the ball of fluff that was standing in the doorway. Lin Mu paused then also turned to look at his family’s dog.

Milky laid motionless under their gaze, his left paw was placed above his right paw, and his posture was extremely dignified.

The rain lasted for a long time, and when it stopped, it was already completely dark outside.

Lin Mu glanced at the dog that was sleeping very sweetly on a pile of old blankets, pulled open the door to see what was the situation outside.

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The clouds had disappeared, and in the middle of the night sky laid a winding starry river, and the washed out sky was expectionally clear.

Those Morning Dusk had been burning for a long time all returned to ashes, landing within and outside the yard, before growing out again. Smatterings of little white flowers bloomed in the night, reflecting out a cold white fluorescence.

Lin Mu turned the yard light on, walked to the periphery of the yard, and carefully probed around.

Ordinary flowers and plants have no signs of being burned, but in the areas where the Morning Dusk were densely packed, there were a lot of black ashes, which were fluttering and flying around as the wind blew.

“He won’t eat you either.” Lin Mu took back his gaze and asked, “how did you get caught by him?”

“I…… I am here to pay respects to this stronghold.” The Ginseng Baby sobbed and wiped away his tears and his chubby face was full of grievance, “I was originally hiding away in Qingyao Mountain, but recently, more and more monsters came to Qingyao Mountain and I had nowhere to hide. Yesterday, I saw a lot of evil spirits and fierce ghosts being burnt here, so I wanted to ask for shelter.”

“So it’s like this,” Lin Mu suddenly realised that the Ginseng Baby was talking about the time when the Morning Dusk had started to burn.

“Can I stay?” The Ginseng Baby looked at Lin Mu who was squatting in front of him and whispered, “I, I don’t take up much space. In the yard…… I can stay outside in the yard, I, I can also help to take care of the plants in the yard, I can help to loosen the soil, I……”

“I’m very useful QAQ.” The Ginseng Baby said as he started to twitch and whimper again, “I’m really very useful.”

“Don’t cry, you’re not going to be driven away.” Lin Mu had never taken care of a child before. He was so overwhelmed by the Ginseng Baby’s tears that he could only turn around to pull out a piece of tissue for the Ginseng Baby to wipe away his tears. He stood up and quickly changed the topic, “what do you like to eat?”

“I don’t need to eat,” the Ginseng Baby replied in a stunned manner, and only then did he react to what Lin Mu had said. With a little grunt, he climbed up from the ground without any visible dust on his buttocks. He pattered his way towards Lin Mu and grabbed his thigh, asking in a childish voice, “really? I can stay? You won’t chase me away or eat me?”

“Yes, you can stay, you won’t be driven away, and you won’t be eaten.” Lin Mu answered.

The little Ginseng was dumbfounded for a couple of seconds, then he burst into laughter. With a silly smile, he released his hands from Lin Mu’s thighs and happily bounced around a couple of times, rubbing his hands together, “then I’ll help you raise flowers!”

Lin Mu directly moved the dog to his room.

Lin Mu’s room wasn’t small, and there was more than enough room for a dog.

He looked at the dog that was checking out the surroundings after being brought up, thought for a bit, and explained, “I’m a light sleeper, if anything happened at night or if there’s any movements, I’ll wake up.”

No matter what, the dog was still an injured party, and more care would be required.

In any case, this dog hadn’t been burnt by the Morning Dusk, so Lin Mu felt that this problem wasn’t big.

He put the dog in place, took a bath, blew his hair dry and laid on the bed, saying good night to the dog next to him.

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After saying that, he froze a long while, and looked at the pile of fluff lying on the blanket a long time, then suddenly laughed and turned off the light when the dog looked up.

Lin Mu felt that it was quite easy for him to be happy.

He was very happy to have somebody to say good night to before he slept.

Lin Mu looked at this little Ginseng and decided to get a couple of empty pots for him to toss about. He turned and took out a couple of apples from the refrigerator, made juice and filtered the pulp, then poured a cup for the little Ginseng and took the opportunity to say, “I’m called Lin Mu.”

The little seemed to be a little stunned. As he was carefully holding the cup, he looked up at Lin Mu, and the expression on his face looked as if he was going to start crying again. There was a nasally tone in his childish voice, “Lin Mu!”

“En, en.” Lin Mu nodded and smiled at him.

“Lin Mu!” The little monster shouted again, and sniffled. He appeared to have something he wanted to say, but still felt a little helpless, “but…… I don’t have a name.”

“Ah?” Lin Mu was stunned and didn’t expect it.

Indeed, out of the few monsters he knew, most of their names were quite casual, except for Yan Xuanjing, which sounded like a proper name.

The Old Turtle was called Wu Gui.

Da Hei’s name was given to him by the old lady.

”Then how about you give yourself one?” Lin Mu said.

The little Ginseng held the cup and took a sip of the juice. He hesitated for a while and asked, “can I take your surname?”

“Sure.” Lin Mu had turned back to wash the vegetables while the little Ginseng was hesitating. Hearing his words, Lin Mu nodded.

“Then I’ll be called Lin Ginseng!” The little Ginseng lively said.

Lin Mu snorted, coughed and gave a gentle smile, then he solemnly nodded with a serious face, “yes, it’s good.”

The little Ginseng bowed his head down and laughed a couple of times and happily repeated his name a few times. He watched as Lin Mu started to get busy, looked around, then tried to move to the door step by step.

Yan Xuanjing, who was sitting at the door, glanced at him lightly then took his line of sight back. His eyes fell on Lin Mu again.

There was no other reason, but Lin Mu’s scent always made him feel so comfortable. In fact, it was so comfortable that just simply looking at this half-monster became a comfort.

Yan Xuanjing was really curious about Lin Mu’s blood lineage.

Unfortunately, before he had left Wu Gui’s place, he had chatted with the dog monster for a little and found out that even Lin Mu himself didn’t know it. Not only had he not known about his lineage, but before this, he didn’t even know that he was a half-monster.

Yan Xuanjing thought of the furnishings in Lin Mu’s room, and remembered that there was a photo on Lin Mu’s desk, which was probably taken with his mother. It looked like it had been taken in the wilderness. The mother was embracing the boy’s neck, smiling like a young girl, dazzling and bright. Yet, the teenager in the photo pouted slightly and had a reluctant look on his face.

There was no father.

After all, these weak monsters basically had no ability to commit any evil, and they were regarded by the fiercer monsters and as a nourishing meal, there was no harm in running to a protection circle made of Morning Dusk.

Yan Xuanjing slowly took back his gaze from the windowsill and glanced at Lin Mu. This half-monster that claimed he was a light sleep, while the Ginseng Baby climbed up and then fell down, didn’t even change his breathing, and was still sleeping ever-so-sweetly.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

Ha, half-monster.

He retracted his gaze and laid down again.

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Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu, and knew that this half-monster’s blood came from this unknown father.

When he learned of such an existence, for a moment, he was somewhat confused about how to evaluate such a father.

Not even mentioning the fact that he abandoned his wife without even showing his face, but even his son was raised without knowing that he was a half-monster.

But it wasn’t right to say that he wasn’t the responsible type — it wasn’t a simple thing to cover his child’s stars.

As a great monster himself, Yan Xuanjing knew very well that it was due to Lin Mu’s blocked stars that Lin Mu hadn’t been harassed by other monsters and lived safely for so many years. This star blocked both Lin Mu himself and others from noticing him, and if it wasn’t for Lin Mu taking the civil service exams and sending himself to the door, his entire life would probably end as a normal human.

Just like animals that didn’t realise they had gained spiritual wisdom, he would have grown old and died as a normal human being.

Thinking of it in this way, it was quite a good end too.

After all, the possibility of half-monsters dying midway was much higher compared to the chance of them living in safety for seventy or eighty years.

So Yan Xuanjing became even more unsure about how to evaluate this unknown monster.

He looked at Lin Mu, and after noticing that the Ginseng Baby was approaching carefully, turned his head.

The Ginseng Baby was so shocked he took a step back whilst hugging the cup, and asked softly, “you3regular 你… what is your4More polite version of you (您). name?”

Yan Xuanjing did not answer, but Lin Mu heard the movement beside him and casually replied, “he’s called Milky.”

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

Ginseng Baby: “……”

The little Ginseng froze for a while before before he stammered out his reply, “Mi, milk, milky, qu, quite good.”

“Right?” Lin Mu chopped away at the vegetables and happily said, “I also feel that it’s quite good, especially suitable for him, such a big pile of white fluff, so sweet and lovely.”

Ginseng Baby: “……”

Yan Xuanjing shook his ears and was too lazy to listen.

He got up and went outside, strolling around the yard a few times to stretch his paws and leave his mark everywhere, circling the small yard to warn away other evil monsters.

The little Ginseng looked at Yan Xuanjing who went outside, then looked at Lin Mu who was humming a song, and quietly continued to sip the juice in his hands.

After dinner, Lin Mu took out some empty flowerpots for the Ginseng Baby and passed a few succulents over for the child to play with.

Next, he went over to trim some potted plants that were near their shipping date and moved them inside. He picked an area with suitable lighting and angles to take a few photos for memory’s sake and then sent the pictures to the clients. After he had gotten approval, he sent them out to his circle of friends as advertisement. Then, he pulled over a stool and got started on the accounts.

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Yan Xuanjing casually glanced at it, pretended he saw nothing and turned and left.

He also had something on.

— About the passage between the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness.

The Central Plains also had a mosnter responsible for guarding the passage, and Yan Xuanjing got an address from his father before coming over.

A City Central Plains, Qingyao Road No.404, Qingyao Subdistrict Office.

This was the address for the mosnters responsible for guarding the passage in the Central Plains.

Lin Mu had been planning to make a small greenhouse for the yard.

His mother always used to look at other people’s greenhouses with envy. Unfortunately, at that time, their family’s conditions weren’t good and his mother had to support him too, so up until now, the greenhouse had never been built.

But now that Lin Mu only had a single person in the house to feed, and had also saved up quite a sum, he was thought about building one.

And if there was a greenhouse, he would save a lot of energy when taking care of these potted plants.

His yard was a total of about 460 square meters and his house, about 160 square meters, was in the middle of this yard. The yard was quite spacious and it wasn’t covered in concrete, but with grass. Other than the area where the potted plants were laid out, there was only a swing made by Lin Mu and his mother when he was young.

With five days left to go, Lin Mu looked at his balance and decided to take advantage of these few days to confirm the cost of this project, and if it was possible, quickly build the greenhouse.

As a result, Lin Mu found out that his family’s dog was even busier than him.

He would run out everyday after breakfast and only returned when it was getting dark.

And that wasn’t even it. During the weekend, Milky didn’t even return for two days!

Since Lin Mu was going to work today, he got up early in the morning. After washing up, he found that Milky, who had disappeared for two days, was lying and sleeping quite comfortably in the newly bought dog bed, looking very soft.

Still knew how to come back!

Lin Mu stared at the dog with round eyes and wanted to wake him up, but just as he reached out, he shrunk back his hand and glared at the dog who was sleeping soundly for a while.

The dog was sleeping very soundly, and did not notice Lin Mu’s killing intent.

Lin Mu stared at the dog for a while and felt his anger leak away as he gave an angry huff and rubbed the dog’s head.

Maybe this was what it felt like to raise a son.

Lin Mu gave a sigh of old age and went thumped down the stairs to cook a meal for the dog.

“Little Ginseng?” Lin Mu pushed the small electric scooter out of the house and shouted, “I’m going to work, there is food for Milky in the pot, when he wakes up, can you help me feed him?”

After hearing the childish sounding tone respond from somewhere within his place, Lin Mu said goodbye to the little Ginseng hiding somewhere in his yard. As he left his house on his small electric scooter, Lin Mu started to think about his problem, and the more he thought about it, the less at ease he felt.

He decided to go and find Da Hei, who was also a dog, to ask about what Milky had been doing recently.

“You still need to ask this?” Da Hei was slightly surprised, “you’re being treated as a backup plan!”

“What?” Lin Mu was shocked, “you can raise yourself into a backup plan while raising a dog?”

“Humans know that they can’t place all their eggs into the same basket. A stray dog, and one that might had spiritual wisdom, isn’t it normal for him to choose a few people to raise him? Oridinary dogs also do this on occasion.” Da Hei said, “he might be eating from hundreds of families.”

Lin Mu heard his words and was dumbfounded for a long while, opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something and closed it again, and his whole person became depressed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“…… Then should I just go and find another dog to raise.” Lin Mu whispered.

“Then your Milky might just run away.” Da Hei paused, and added, “or he might bite the dog you just got to death.”

Lin Mu hesitated.

“Let’s do this.” Da Hei suddenly received an inspiration, “today, I’ll follow you back. If he runs, you should get a new one. If he wants to fight with me, he’ll definitely be unable to win against me. At that time I can talk with him, how about it?”

Lin Mu’s eyes lit up and felt that this was feasible.

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Yan Xuanjing: Oh?

Da Hei: I’ll kill myself.

Translator has this to say:

Dog (One Tail) vs Fox (Nine Tails). Place your bets.

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