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Extra 3.1 – Di Wu & Qin Chuan | Big Woodblock!

Early on, Di Wu had reflected on why he had ended up in such a state.

His soul had been separated, and his body was broken up too, and those monsters who were accustomed to breaking the bones of others and sucking their marrows didn’t disappoint him, and even his power wasn’t let off.

For those years that he was buried in the Dragon Veins with a broken soul, he was in an extremely muddled state, but occasionally, he could get bits of fragmented ideas.

Later, after his accumulation of merits gradually increased, he could finally string together those scattered thoughts.

Why did this happen?

There were many reasons.

He used to follow Yan Gui everywhere and gained a lot of hatred, but Yan Gui had Qingqiu Country backing him, and he didn’t.

In the past, he was very prideful, and there were plenty of times he had relied on being favoured by the world to do some bad things.

He stirred up trouble, gained hatred, and belittled the enemy — or some other reason.

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He could always find a lot of reasons, but Di Wu didn’t think that the things he did would lead him into being in such a situation.

He laid in the dragon vein, with confused feelings, and no matter how he thought, he didn’t think that this should have been the case.

Even rarer, he even felt that his encounter would bring to him a new fate.

Such thoughts were always fleeting, and would be buried at the bottom of his head with a turn.

Who the hell was going to suffer this sort of thing for fate!

Who has such qualifications to let him suffer like this!

Di Wu had always thought so, and the injustice and anger in his heart had never been concealed.

His anger became more and more obvious as his merits increased, and eventually, he was found by the Dragon Vein.

In Di Wu’s mind, before three out of ten parts of his soul had returned to him, the only one who was always enthusiastic and talked non-stop was Qin Chuan.

The other Dragon Veins were as quiet and calm as the mountains and rivers they were born in, and didn’t even seem like a monster that had gained spiritual wisdom.

But Qin Chuan was different.

Di Wu had always thought that the reason why Qin Chuan was so chatty, was probably because he had always been caught by the human emperors.

In the hundreds of years that he carried Di Wu, they got caught together.

That was also the time when his merits and virtues accumulated the fastest, and was also the time when Di Wu had finally broken free from his muddled and chaotic state.

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When he woke up from the confusion, the first sentence he said was, “noisy.”

At that time, Qin Chuan had just been locked up, and would also throw tantrums in the human emperor’s dreams. After throwing a tantrum, he would cry, and after realising that it didn’t work, he would run about in the palace all night long, and everybody in the whole palace thought that it was haunted, and it was generally chaotic and noisy.

And even the block of Di Wu he was carrying around felt that it was so noisy he shook.

Then, he was discovered by Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan’s impression of this big piece of wood carrying a lingering soul was pretty good, because he knew if it wasn’t for this big piece of wood, he would still be locked in a little black room.

Although his circumstances weren’t that good now, but at least there’s one thing — he still could spare a bit of consciousness to vent his dissatisfaction.

Human emperors didn’t know that much, and after being given a dream a few times, basically, it would be either getting into a panic and getting someone to get rid of monsters, or simply getting some delicious meals and drink for this noisy ancestor.

But there weren’t many people that could chat with Qin Chuan.

His territory was basically equal to that of the human emperor, and in this sort of place, there’s no need to mention monsters. Other than humans, there weren’t many beings that gained spiritual wisdom.

There were the clattering sounds of tiles being shuffled from Di Wu’s side as he lazily said, “yeah, bring something to eat and drink too. Waiting for you.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone

Besides, he couldn’t run into the dream of the emperor every day.

Lin Mu paused, and looked at Yan Gui who was fighting, and hesitatingly asked, “playing mahjong?”

He was busy and worked overtime until late at night, what if he didn’t sleep well and suddenly died?

Lin Mu answered Di Wu’s call, and was just planning to ask about Di Wu’s safety, when he heard what Di Wu said, “Big nephew, we’re missing someone for mahjong. You want to come over? We’re in the heart of Qingyao Mountains main peak, near the passageway.”

The sudden death of an emperor would bring a lot of trouble, in the case of something chaotic happening, the blame would all fall on him.

So although Qin Chuan would make trouble, but he was actually really lonely.

There weren’t many people who could see him, and there were even less who would talk to him.

Although the offerings that the royal family gave to him were very rich, but what use did he have for them?

It wasn’t enough to fill the gaps in his teeth, let alone use them.

So Di Wu’s appearance was like a light that cut through the darkness that suddenly broke through Qin Chuan’s noisy loneliness.

The first time Di Wu met Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan was still in the form little kid, wearing an unsuitable black royal robe, holding a randomly painted bamboo slip, and looked like a miniature version of the emperor outside.

Di Wu woke up from his sleep, opened his eyes, and this little fella was crouching next to him and holding him. Then he opened his mouth and shouted, “big woodblock!”

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You’re the fucking big woodblock.

Di Wu, who had seen how noisy Qin Chuan was, wanted to play dead on the spot.

As a result, Qin Chuan jumped on him and jumped all over the place, calling out ‘big woodblock’ as he did so.

Di Wu pretended to be dead, and as he pretended, he reflected on whether the bad things he had done before was really worth the pain.

— Not only was he squeeze cleaned of everything, now, even where there was a chance to live, he met a bratty child.


Judging from this bratty child’s original body, he should be quite old.

Di Wu, who was opening the mahjong box, wasn’t willing to accept it, “why?!””Because this is your fault.” Di Xiu said, “in any case, you can’t follow us back to the Great Wilderness in your current state.”

As for whether a sacred tree raised by the world was older, or a Dragon Vein raised by the world was older, he was long unable to test this point.

Qin Chuan’s whole entire Dragon Vein was filled with joy, “then I’ll stay together with Di Wu!”

Di Wu didn’t understand. Other monsters all went with brilliant and divine-like adult forms when they turned into a human form, unless their original forms were in that childhood state too.

Di Wu clicked his tongue, and just as he wanted to say something, Qin Chuan wrapped around him.

After all, their power would be the strongest in their adult form, and which monster would find themselves too strong?

The wind brought along a little noise, and when it entered his ears, it seemed particularly noisy.

There wasn’t, they don’t exist.

But there was this little idiot in front of him.

After being caught so many times by humans, he was still stupid enough to transform into a child.

Perhaps he felt that the amount of times he was caught wasn’t enough. As soon as Di Wu thought about this, he was stepped on the face by this little idiot.

This little idiot couldn’t tell where the head of a piece of wood was, and the other party ignored him, so he sat down on the big piece of wood he had been carrying around, and sighed, “big woodblock, why are you ignoring me?  I’ve carried you for so long, I’ve worked hard even if it wasn’t perfect.”

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“I’ve just heard you speak, and you said that I was noisy …” When the little idiot said this, he abruptly froze. It was as if his whole entire person was struck by lightning, like he couldn’t believe that he was suspected of being noisy.

He sniffled, then cried out with a ‘wah’, “you’re so bad, you piece of wood. You didn’t speak for so many years, and the first thing you said was that I’m noisy.”


Di Wu, whose face was ridden, had a wooden expression.

Di Wu, who’s mind was ringing so badly because of the noise, felt as if he had two heads hurting.

Di Wu, who was listening to the cries, had no fluctuations in his heart, and even felt that he could punch a Dragon Vein.

“Why are you so bad!” Qin Chuan laid on the big wooden board and rolled, and his two short legs were kicking, “You talk wuwuwu, you speak to me wuwuwu……”

The demonic sound penetrated his brain.

Daytime in the Great Wilderness wasn’t as bright as the Central Plains, and the sky was always covered in a light reddish mist, and beyond the mist was a ball of fire burning fiercely; that was the sun essence that was projected from the Central Plains.

Di Wu tried to stand it.

The blue would fade away, and the silk-like sky would be saturated with black, and there would be countless of moon essence falling in from the Central Plains, nourishing the Great Wilderness over and over again, giving the many creatures of this land the conditions for survival.

Di Wu couldn’t stand it.

The light of the sun and the moon first fell into the Central Plains, then entered into the Great Wilderness from it.

Nie Shen sobered up from his memories and turned to look at the direction the sound came from.

“You get off my body!” He yelled, “noisy!”

Nie Shen laid down in this small world, and through layers and layers and branches and leaves, and when the wind blew, he could vaguely see a glimpse of starlight.

The light of the sun and the moon in the Great Wilderness are fake.

Qin Chuan was yelled at, and choked, held his long sleeves as he climbed, then stepped on the big wooden block with his hand on his waist, “why are you so fierce!!! Even the emperor outside doesn’t dare to be fierce towards me!!”

The wind chime shook and made a few crisp noises.

“Oh.” Di Wu gave an indifferent response, “I’m much more awesome than the emperor outside.”

“…” The weeping little fella heard his words, and seemed to have forgotten about crying, wiped away his tears and snot, then asked in a weak and tearful voice, “… really?”

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Di Wu let out a sigh of relief, “really.”

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Qin Chuan shyly tugged at the dragon robe1emperor’s clothes on his body and said, “then you get up and beat him up, then take me away.”


Di Wu instantly fell into a high quality silence.

Qin Chuan waited and waited, waited and waited, waited for a long time and didn’t manage to wait out a response. After a long time, he realised he was cheated.

He widened his eyes, pursed his lips, and cried again, “why are you like this, you big woodblock ahhhhhh wuwuwu!!!!”

Di Wu took in a deep breath.


So annoying!

He decided to take it as if nothing was happening, and let this little idiot cry.

Qin Chuan cried for quite some time, and did not get any reaction from the woodblock here, nor an offering from the emperor, cried and cried, then burped, and stopped crying.

Before that, the Shen had never cared about what colour the sky in the Marsh of Dreams was.

He sat on the big wooden block, and said in a low voice while crying and burping, “I, I’m called Qin Chuan. The Eight Hundred Li Qin Chuan2About 400km. An actual location in China. It is known for being to the foundation land for the rise of the Qin Dynasty. that humans refer to is me, what’s your name?”

Nie Shen looked at the flittering light filling the sky, and countless of moon essence fell into the valley, and together with the Di Xiu’s tree which was shining brightly, it looked like a romantic summer night where the fireflies would gather.

Di Wu didn’t know what was the Eight Hundred Miles Qin Chuan was, and felt that this Dragon Vein was a real idiot.

But that was after his father had accidentally strayed into the Great Wilderness, and broke into the Marsh of Dreams in a panic.

But since the little idiot was willing to speak properly, Di Wu was still more or less relieved, “I’m called Di Wu.”

He remembered that the luan phoenix had said, the Marsh of Dreams’ sky was always a beautiful shade of light blue and turquoise.

It was a colour that seemed to have soaked up the mountains and rivers.

“I seemed to have heard of you before.” Qin Chuan thought for a while, and said in a crying tone, “you’re that awesome tree in the rumours?”

He waited quietly, in a daze, looked at countless cycles of day and night, and finally remembered a lot.

There were places where the skies weren’t covered in red. v

Di Wu snorted, somewhat prideful.

“How did you become like this?” Qin Chuan looked at the big woodblock under him, reached out and touched it, “it must have hurt……”

Di Wu didn’t say anything.

He felt a little weird to be pitied by such a small little idiot.

No, he didn’t need the pity of others.

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This was the result of him belittling the enemy, so there was nothing to say about it.

A real man knocked down teeth and swallowed blood, and it really wasn’t that good to be pitied by a little brat.

For those years that he was buried in the Dragon Veins with a broken soul, he was in an extremely muddled state, but occasionally, he could get bits of fragmented ideas.

Qin Chuan poked at the big woodblock under his butt and asked, “why aren’t you talking anymore?”

Why did this happen? Di Wu instantly fell into a high quality silence.

“Tired.” Di Wu casually said.

Later, after his accumulation of merits gradually increased, he could finally string together those scattered thoughts.

“Oh, then sleep.” Qin Chuan climbed down from the wooden block, and it looked like he was preparing go into the palace to make some noise again, but when he took two steps forward, he ran back again and said, “what do you like to eat? Do you like sweets? Do you like meat? Or something else?”


Do I look like I can eat in my current state?

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“Are you asleep?” Qin Chuan asked, and didn’t receive an answer, so he turned back, mumbling.

Di Wu watch as this little idiot went away, looked at the dark ground where the Dragon Vein existed, fell in a trance for some time, and then gradually fell asleep.

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I’m not sure who is unluckier. Qin Chuan or Di Wu. 

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