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Extra 3.2 – Di Wu & Qin Chuan | Big Woodblock!

Merits weren’t enough to keep Di Wu awake for a whole time, and even if he had woken up, his mind was still fuzzy and chaotic.

He could hear some sounds.

Someone was talking, some were arguing, some were crying and some were screaming and shouting.

— Then, there was the smell of blood.

Di Wu woke up again.

The little idiot laid on him, and it seemed that he had grown up a little.

He rolled about excitedly on the big wooden block, as if someone was talking to him, and said to himself excitedly, “the humans above are fighting again! I heard that they’re planning to burn the palace above my head! Ah! If it’s burned, I can run! Di Wu, where should we go first! I have a map here! We can go anywhere!”

“Hey, although you haven’t woken up yet, but it doesn’t matter, by the time you wake up, we’ll have already run outside!” Qin Chuan happily unfurled the map in his hands and said cheerfully, “I don’t know what the outside world’s like anymore after so many years, and these few years, I couldn’t eat sugar cakes anymore, so I couldn’t save any for you. But there should be some outside!”

Di Wu listened to Qin Chuan mutter, and with a little bit of confusion and dazedness upon waking up, it was some time before he realised what had happened.

This scent of blood; humans were probably about to change dynasties again.

The thing that supressed Qin Chuan had always been the array formed by the palace over them. Every day there would be people coming and going, and the array would take some spiritual and blood energy of those who walked around, to lock down the Dragon Vein and prevent it from swimming away.

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As long as more than half of the palace above was gone, Qin Chuan would be free.

There was a burning smell coming from all directions, and Qin Chuan excitedly rubbed his hands and looked forward with anticipation in his eyes.

Di Wu glanced around this dim underground, and it was just as it was before he went to sleep, unchanged.

Being able to go out was also good, Di Wu thought. There wouldn’t be any hope if they just stayed here, and if they could go out and walk around, they might even be able to stumble into an opportunity.

But in the end, he had thought too highly of Qin Chuan.

No, it should be said that he hadn’t realised how bad Qin Chuan’s luck was.

It was so bad that just as they ran out from under the half-burned palace, they were caught by human cultivators before they even walked out three Li11.5km.

Qin Chuan was locked into a little black house, leaned on the large wooden block, and his eyes were filled with tears as he cried about how pitiful he was.

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Di Wu was also stunned for a while before he reacted, and looked at the arrays that had been roughly laid down because of haste, and based on his many years of experience, he found the exit to the array.

Di Wu cleared a throat that didn’t exist and said, “three steps towards in the direction of Water.”

Qin Chuan, who was crying, paused and turned to look at the big wooden block he was leaning against and called out somewhat dazedly, “Di Wu.”

“Yes, listen to me, and I’ll bring you out.” Di Wu responded, and repeated, “three steps in the direction of water.”2 Follows the Fengshui Bagua, an octagon split into eight elements, very similar to “at your three o’clock!”

“?” Qin Chuan sniffled. “What do you mean?”

Qin Chuan waited and waited, waited and waited, waited for a long time and didn’t manage to wait out a response. After a long time, he realised he was cheated.

“……” Di Wu took in a deep breath, and told Qin Chuan about the basics of array formations from the start.

He widened his eyes, pursed his lips, and cried again, “why are you like this, you big woodblock ahhhhhh wuwuwu!!!!”

After a few hours, the Dragon Vein carried Di Wu and escaped from this dangerous situation, and as if his heart filled with grievances finally had someone to rely on, Qin Chuan’s previous whimpering turned into an uncaring wailing cry.

Di Wu took in a deep breath. Damnit. So annoying!

“Wuahhhhh, Di Wu, why did you just wake up wuwuwu……” Qin Chuan ran as he cried, “all the sugar cakes that I brought for you have spoiled! Sugar cakes are very nice to eat! Wuwu, I’ll, hic, bring you to somewhere to eat it.”

He decided to take it as if nothing was happening, and let this little idiot cry.

On the back of a dragon, Di Wu felt as Qin Chuan followed along the mountains and rivers, and slowly asked, “you have money?”

Qin Chuan cried for quite some time, and did not get any reaction from the woodblock here, nor an offering from the emperor, cried and cried, then burped, and stopped crying.

Qin Chuan cried and asked, “what’s money?”


Di Wu gave a heavy sigh.

This time, they had stayed outside for quite some time, and Qin Chuan also realised that Di Wu had no way to eat in this form.

So, he always brought Di Wu to mountains that didn’t have people, looked around like a thief to make sure that there was nothing around, then moved Di Wu out of the ground to bask in the sun.

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Di Wu occasionally woke up from his sleep, and once in a while, when he was in the mood, he would take the initiative to talk to Qin Chuan.

“Why turn into a child form?” Di Wu asked.

Qin Chuan shook his head while basking in the sun and said, “I see that monsters and humans generally treat children very well — except for special circumstances.”

So, he also wanted someone who could treat him well.

But obviously, Qin Chuan, who was a Dragon Vein, didn’t have this blessing.

It would be considered good if he wasn’t captured and suppressed, what else did he expect?

Sometimes, Qin Chuan would ask Di Wu, “how did you become like this?”

Di Wu never answered him, until one day, he woke up and found that Qin Chuan was caught by humans again, and he replied fiercely, “why you got caught, was why I became like this!”

Qin Chuan had been caught for several years, and had finally waited for Di Wu to wake up with great difficulty. Hearing him say this, he sighed, “humans are so bad.”

Di Wu didn’t know what was the Eight Hundred Miles Qin Chuan was, and felt that this Dragon Vein was a real idiot.

“Monsters too.” Di Wu said, and tried to find a way out.

But since the little idiot was willing to speak properly, Di Wu was still more or less relieved, “I’m called Di Wu.”

Qin Chuan, this little idiot, didn’t understand arrays even though he taught him for a hundred times, and he was so stupid that Di Wu thought Qin Chuan was acting.

“I seemed to have heard of you before.” Qin Chuan thought for a while, and said in a crying tone, “you’re that awesome tree in the rumours?”

It was until Qin Chuan was caught as many times as he managed to run, that Di Wu finally realised that it wasn’t Qin Chuan being stupid, but that this was his fate.

“I seemed to have heard of you before.” Qin Chuan thought for a while, and said in a crying tone, “you’re that awesome tree in the rumours?”

He had never met a Monster that was this unlucky, Di Wu thought.

“I seemed to have heard of you before.” Qin Chuan thought for a while, and said in a crying tone, “you’re that awesome tree in the rumours?”

He was this unlucky, so other than destiny and fate, there couldn’t be any other reason.

When Di Wu woke up again, he wasn’t that surprised to find that Qin Chuan was caught once more.

This little idiot who had already turned into a teenager’s form supported his face and sighed in an old and experienced manner, “humans……really are bad!”

Di Wu was expressionless as he thought for a bit to find a solution, then said, “let’s go to the monsters’ side then.”

Dragon Veins didn’t need to go through the passageways to pass through the three realms.

Qin Chuan happily flicked his tail and thought that this was possible.

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As a result, as soon as he arrived in the Great Wilderness, he almost died on the stop and followed in Di Wu’s footsteps, getting his skin peeled off, bones broken, and eaten.

Qin Chuan ran away in tears, and prepared to hide in the ancestral Dragon Vein for hundreds of years and never go out again. As a result, just as he approached the ancestral Dragon Vein, he directly bumped into two other veins.

— And directly hit three parts of Di Wu’s soul together.

Finally, he had a companion outside of Di Wu, and Qin Chuan was so excited he followed and stuck to the two other Dragon Veins every day, and pestered them daily.

It wasn’t enough to fill the gaps in his teeth, let alone use them.

The memories passed from the other parts were far less abundant compared to the ones with Qin Chuan. The other two Dragon Veins were as steady as mountains and silent, and even less like Qin Chuan who would be unlucky for three steps with every single one he took. In the years that they spent together, there weren’t many things that left an impression on him.

Di Wu snorted, somewhat prideful. “How did you become like this?” Qin Chuan looked at the big woodblock under him, reached out and touched it, “it must have hurt……”

But staying with Qin Chuan was like trying to survive every day, quite exciting.

Di Wu didn’t say anything.

The other two Dragon Veins probably hadn’t seen someone as sticky as Qin Chuan before, and couldn’t leave while being pestered on a daily basis, so they simply stayed near the ancestral Dragon Vein. They opened a cultivator’s abode, guarded Di Wu and helped him recover. They chatted and played, and occasionally, they would walk around the human towns, finding food and other things.

Although the offerings that the royal family gave to him were very rich, but what use did he have for them?

After that……

It wasn’t enough to fill the gaps in his teeth, let alone use them.

After that, Di Wu felt that he could start doing things again, and simply removed the table and patted his ass to take revenge.

Afterwards, not many people knew about what happened.

Di Wu spent more than 500 years in the Central Plains to repair his soul and strength, and with great difficulty, used the organization left by Di Xiu to gain enough merits. Just when he felt that his state was stable enough to return to the Great Wilderness, a letter came from his old friend, telling him to return and fight.

Di Wu’s return to the Great Wilderness caused a great stir in the already chaotic situation.

— Because he came back with a bunch of interstellar weapons, and could practically be called a mobile arsenal. In fact, he didn’t even need his own power to chase other monsters and beat them up.

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On Qingqiu Country’s side, the monsters were armed to the teeth with the weapons and equipment brought by Di Wu. The battle afterwards could be called chopping vegetables, as they destroyed and flattened all their enemies the whole way through, and happily began to open up interaction between the Central Plains and the rest of the universe.

Now, monsters were no longer considered a rare species, and they got along quite well with human beings. And Di Wu, as the No. 1 arms dealer in the Great Wilderness was busy every day, and felt that life was just too full.

Of course, it wasn’t without flaws.

Di Wu was smoking a cigarette, looked expressionlessly at Qin Chuan, who was crying as he ran towards him from a distance, and was uselessly being chased by a few little monsters.

Glancing at the little monsters, Di Wu realised that they were all the ones working in Di Xiu’s haunted house.

“Di Wu, wuwuwu, ahhhhhh!”” Qin Chuan rushed over in tears, dove into Di Wu’s collar very skilfully, wrapped around him, and poked his head out to complain, “these little monsters, they have no regard for law and order! Help me beat them up wuwuwu!”

Di Wu said coldly, “get out.”

“I won’t!” Qin Chuan wrapped even tighter around him, shook off the soot on his head, and said in a righteous manner, “help me beat them!”

So Di Wu’s appearance was like a light that cut through the darkness that suddenly broke through Qin Chuan’s noisy loneliness.

Di Wu looked at the little monsters who turned around and ran away after seeing him, and coldly replied, “no.”

The first time Di Wu met Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan was still in the form little kid, wearing an unsuitable black royal robe, holding a randomly painted bamboo slip, and looked like a miniature version of the emperor outside.


“Don’t bother me.”

The first time Di Wu met Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan was still in the form little kid, wearing an unsuitable black royal robe, holding a randomly painted bamboo slip, and looked like a miniature version of the emperor outside.

“I’m a cold-blooded animal, I’m helping you keep cool when the weather is so hot.”


“If you don’t want me to pester you, then don’t wear a blouse in the future. What era is this, and you’re still wearing a blouse. Tacky.”


sorry to readers who use mtl translations or readers, but this is copy protection. Simply erase the parts that don’t match the original on the site for MTL.

“I feel that as a person, you should learn from Yan Xuanjing, and say whatever you’re thinking about.”

Di Wu raised his brows, “what am I thinking about?”

Qin Chuan flicked his tail and said in a proud matter, “thinking of me.”

Di Wu gave a cold ‘oh’, tore down the dragon tangled around him, single-handedly shoved the dragon’s head into the soil, planting him into an upside-down garden eel, then went far away slowly with a cigarette.

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