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Extra 4 – Qingqiu Country’s disaster.

Yan Gui, after solving Nie Shen’s issue with the resentful energy, learned from his son that his wife told him to go back as soon as possible, so he didn’t hesitate at all then patted his butt and left

Yan Gui thought of ten thousand different ways his wife would be waiting for him, and no matter which type it was, it made him feel very excited.

A gentle and adorable style was fine, a virtuous and righteous style was fine, or a ** passionate style was fine, Yan Gui felt that he would be fine with anything.

The leader of Qingqiu Country ran out of the passage, ran back towards his own capital, and ran unimpeded all the way to the palace hall.

The Queen of Qingqiu Country reclined lazily on the throne that belonged to her husband. None of the monsters had the courage to say anything inappropriate, and they all quickly evacuated the scene after finishing their report.

It had been some time since Yan Gui returned from the Central Plains after taking care of his friend’s nephew and Di Wu, that burden. After so long, he didn’t even look at his left and right armed subordinates, but went straight to the throne with joy.

As soon as the queen looked up, she beckoned at her husband with bewitching eyes.

This single look had turned Yan Gui’s bones limp, and just as he skipped over and called out towards his wife, his wife had used a single hand to lift up his chin, and with a wave of her hand, laid out a bunch of photos that covered the table.

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All of them were all sorts of fluffs.

Yan Gui looked at the photos that shouldn’t have appeared in the Great Wilderness, was stunned for two seconds, and all the possible culprits flashed across his mind, before he accurately threw the blame onto his own son.

Di Wu wouldn’t be that bored, and other than Yan Xuanjing, who could do this sort of virtue-less thing!

The Queen shook the hand that was holding Yan Gui’s chin and picked up a photo from the table. She shook it in front of Yan Gui’s eyes, and said softly, “Be good? My, sweet, heart.”

Yan Gui felt wronged as he turned into an American Shorthair, jumped onto his wife’s legs, shrank into a ball, and stopped moving.

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The monsters in the hall looked at their Sovereign good-for-nothing manner, gave a long sigh, and continued to do what they did, as if they were accustomed to it.

Qin Chuan waited and waited, waited and waited, waited for a long time and didn’t manage to wait out a response. After a long time, he realised he was cheated.


He widened his eyes, pursed his lips, and cried again, “why are you like this, you big woodblock ahhhhhh wuwuwu!!!!”

Di Wu took in a deep breath. Damnit. So annoying!

He decided to take it as if nothing was happening, and let this little idiot cry.

Qin Chuan cried for quite some time, and did not get any reaction from the woodblock here, nor an offering from the emperor, cried and cried, then burped, and stopped crying.

He sat on the big wooden block, and said in a low voice while crying and burping, “I, I’m called Qin Chuan. The Eight Hundred Li Qin Chuan that humans refer to is me, what’s your name?”

Di Wu didn’t know what was the Eight Hundred Miles Qin Chuan was, and felt that this Dragon Vein was a real idiot.

Yan Xuanjing and Lin Mu came to the Great Wilderness two days later.

Lin Mu nervously carried the fabric bag and entered into Qingqiu Country’s capital beside Yan Xuanjing — the social gap here was much bigger than he had imagined. When Yan Xuanjing had appeared, almost all the monsters gave way, and nobody dared to stay in front of the road that the future young leader was taking.

They didn’t even dare to look up, they didn’t even dare to harbour a little curiosity about the half-Monster around their future young leader.

Lin Mu pursed his lips, a little unaccustomed, and Yan Xuanjing glanced at him, gently scratched his palm, then clenched Lin Mu’s hand and sped up his pace.

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“Not accustomed to it?” Yan Xuanjing asked.

Lin Mu nodded, “en.”

Yan Xuanjing thought for a while, then said, “we’ll not walk in front of them in the future.”

The future young leader took his little Relaxed Emperor around the streets of the capital, and other than to proclaim his sovereignty, there was no other purpose.

If Lin Mu didn’t like it, then in the future, they would directly go from the sky — until Lin Mu gradually got used to this situation.

He had to get used to it in the end, this unequal relationship.

Perhaps it would change in the future, but it would be difficult to change it within these couple hundreds of years.

As time went by, Lin Mu would eventually get used to it.

But since the little idiot was willing to speak properly, Di Wu was still more or less relieved, “I’m called Di Wu.”

Whether it’s this kind of class difference, or difference in strength, or the survival concepts in the Great Wilderness, he would have to adapt to it sooner or later.

It wasn’t enough to fill the gaps in his teeth, let alone use them.

“Next time, we’ll fly.” Yan Xuanjing said.

Although the offerings that the royal family gave to him were very rich, but what use did he have for them?

Lin Mu heard his words, glanced at Yan Xuanjing, and couldn’t help but purse his lips and smile, revealing the two small dimples at the corners of his mouth. He nodded and responded, “okay.”

Di Wu didn’t say anything.

Seeing that they were near the palace, Lin Mu looked down at the fabric bag, thought about its contents, and hesitantly asked, “will your mother…… really like this?”

Di Wu snorted, somewhat prideful. “How did you become like this?” Qin Chuan looked at the big woodblock under him, reached out and touched it, “it must have hurt……”

Yan Xuanjing nodded unhesitantly, “yes.”

“I seemed to have heard of you before.” Qin Chuan thought for a while, and said in a crying tone, “you’re that awesome tree in the rumours?”

Lin Mu still didn’t feel that it was OK, but when he thought about the things that he had added later, he felt that it should be fine.

Yan Xuanjing said that he didn’t need to pay attention to human etiquette, but Lin Mu felt that he couldn’t just ignore it because others didn’t pay attention to it.

It shouldn’t be.

So Yan Xuanjing and him thought about it and finally bought a fabric bag full of gifts. Although Lin Mu was still very doubtful if she would like it, but Yan Xuanjing had agreed in such a decisive manner that Lin Mu obediently bought quite a bit.

Of course, just in case, he also chose a lot of things according to his own ideas, in case Yan Xuanjing’s view wasn’t right and made her unhappy.

— As meeting gifts for Yan Xuanjing’s mother, he had done his best.

Lin Mu was led into the palace by Yan Xuanjing.

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After entering the palace, the monsters inside were a lot more daring than the outside. Although they didn’t dare to discuss, at least they dared to show some curiosity.

The deeper they went, the less they would see those with a timid attitude that shrunk away. The inside and outside were like two completely different worlds, completely isolated from each other.

He laid in the dragon vein, with confused feelings, and no matter how he thought, he didn’t think that this should have been the case. 

Di Xiu didn’t come with Lin Mu, and he was quite clear that there was nobody in Qingqiu Country who would make things difficult for Lin Mu, so he returned to the Relaxed Emperor’s Valley holding Lin Xueji’s ashes.

He could always find a lot of reasons, but Di Wu didn’t think that the things he did would lead him into being in such a situation.  

After being away for such a long time, he needed to clean up the valley.

Who the hell was going to suffer this sort of thing for fate!

Lin Mu and Yan Xuanjing walked into the hall, and when they looked up, they saw a woman who was ruffling a cat until the cat was showing his belly.

Even rarer, he even felt that his encounter would bring to him a new fate.

Such thoughts were always fleeting, and would be buried at the bottom of his head with a turn.

Lin Mu stopped breathing.

How should she be described — perhaps even all the words of praise that he had in his mind weren’t enough to describe her magnificent looks.

He could even say that the reason Yan Xuanjing looked like this was because Yan Gui’s appearance had brought hers down.

But both Yan Gui and Yan Xuanjing were already pretty good looking.

No wonder, at the start, this father and son pair could say something like “everyone who likes nine-tailed foxes likes their face.”

So Di Wu’s appearance was like a light that cut through the darkness that suddenly broke through Qin Chuan’s noisy loneliness. 

In a daze, Lin Mu stared at the woman petting a cat, who had raised her eyes to look over, and only came back to his senses when she supported her face and chuckled. He suddenly became a little formal, but still praised her extremely sincerely, “you’re1polite version of you really good looking.”

You’re the fucking big woodblock.

Di Wu, who had seen how noisy Qin Chuan was, wanted to play dead on the spot.

Yan Gui was lying on his wife’s lap, letting her pet him however she wanted, and when he heard what the little Relaxed Emperor said, he proudly lifted his tail and gave a ‘meow’ to highlight his presence.

Di Wu woke up from his sleep, opened his eyes, and this little fella was crouching next to him and holding him. Then he opened his mouth and shouted, “big woodblock!”

“Hello, this is the first time we meet, I’m Lin Mu.” Lin Mu gradually adapted to the impact of her appearance, and his cheeks were slightly red.

The first time Di Wu met Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan was still in the form little kid, wearing an unsuitable black royal robe, holding a randomly painted bamboo slip, and looked like a miniature version of the emperor outside.

Yan Xuanjing looked expressionlessly at his mother who didn’t even bother to restrain her talent in charming, and raised his hand to cover Lin Mu’s eyes.

Lin Mu: “?”

Yan Xuanjing opened his mouth, said a little coldly, and snorted, “vixen.”

The woman on the throne raised her eyebrows and slowly walked down holding the cat, “you said that as if you’re not one yourself.”

Yan Xuanjing looked down at Lin Mu, and raised his hands to give him a few layers of magic to calm and focus, and sure enough, Lin Mu’s expression cleared up.

Lin Mu also realized that he had probably fallen into a skill just now, and bowed his head somewhat embarrassedly, but still said, “I brought some meeting gifts……”

He said, and handed the fabric bag to the elders he didn’t know when had approached.

The queen of Qingqiu Country didn’t shy away from this politeness and naturally opened the fabric bag.

Yan Gui stretched out his neck and looked into the fabric bag, and the first thing that popped out was a little dinosaur pet outfit.

Who has such qualifications to let him suffer like this!

Yan Gui’s whole body shuddered and looked unbelievably towards Lin Mu.

His anger became more and more obvious as his merits increased, and eventually, he was found by the Dragon Vein.

“There are pet clothes of any size you want.” Yan Xuanjing glanced at his shocked father expressionlessly, and mercilessly added a knife, “there are toys too.”

Di Wu had always thought so, and the injustice and anger in his heart had never been concealed.

“Oh my……”

The queen of Qingqiu Country made a sound of joy, and put a saliva apron on Yan-American Shorthair-Gui, and happily lifted the cat up to give a kiss, and was obviously quite happy.

“I like it very much.” She smiled and tied a pastel blue butterfly bow on Yan Gui’s tail.

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Lin Mu looked at Yan Gui, who looked like an abandoned cat, then looked at the queen who was cheerfully picking out pet clothes and accessories, and finally chose ladies first.

“It’s great that you liked it.” He said, “besides this, I also bought some modern day soft toys and clothing.”

Of course, the size came from Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Gui, who was dressed up by his wife, had a blank cat face. He looked at his son, then looked at his friend’s nephew, and his eyes showed that he was sharpening knives.

Lin Mu shrank back his neck, and Yan Xuanjing glanced at Yan Gui who was threatening his juniors, took out his cell phone from his pocket very coldly, opened the photo album, and slowly said, “I think you would like to see this, mother.”

In Di Wu’s mind, before three out of ten parts of his soul had returned to him, the only one who was always enthusiastic and talked non-stop was Qin Chuan. 

Yan Gui had a bad feeling upon seeing the phone, and after making an unusually shrill ‘meow’, he pounced with the intention to destroy it.

In the hundreds of years that he carried Di Wu, they got caught together.

But no matter how fast he was, he wasn’t faster than his wife who was always stronger than him, and as soon as he jumped out, he felt the scruff of his neck become numb, and his four paws were waving in the air in his wife’s arms as she leisurely played the video.

But Qin Chuan was different.

Di Wu had always thought that the reason why Qin Chuan was so chatty, was probably because he had always been caught by the human emperors.

Yan Gui listened expressionlessly as he heard his voice choking out a ‘husband’ and ‘little bro’ from the phone, and wondered in his heart how he could pull Yan Xuanjing to die together.

The other Dragon Veins were as quiet and calm as the mountains and rivers they were born in, and didn’t even seem like a monster that had gained spiritual wisdom.

Yan Xuanjing seemed to have perceived the danger, and hurriedly bid goodbye with Lin Mu.

Two seconds after they stepped out of the hall, Yan Gui’s howl came up behind them, each one higher than the one before — as they listened, there seemed to be something else in the sounds that made people blush.

As a result, Qin Chuan jumped on him and jumped all over the place, calling out ‘big woodblock’ as he did so. 

Yan Xuanjing raised his hand to cover Lin Mu’s ears, and remained expressionless.

As for whether a sacred tree raised by the world was older, or a Dragon Vein raised by the world was older, he was long unable to test this point.

From the day they returned, for about two years, Lin Mu couldn’t see Yan Gui’s actual human form.

Oh. Judging from this bratty child’s original body, he should be quite old.

— Why it was an actual human form, because Lin Mu had seen Yan Gui’s various non-human forms within these two years.

— Not only was he squeeze cleaned of everything, now, even where there was a chance to live, he met a bratty child.

Such as a female form, a mermaid, an angel or a demon, a vampire, or all kinds of appearances.

Di Wu pretended to be dead, and as he pretended, he reflected on whether the bad things he had done before was really worth the pain.

At the same time, it wasn’t uncommon to see a variety of fluffs.

Yan Xuanjing was always very keep to move some strange books and images from the Central Plains, on one hand, it was to persuade the subjects of Qingqiu Country to accept new things from humans, and on the other hand, it was to relentlessly prolonged Yan Gui’s bitter days.

Yan Gui gave his son quite a bit of trouble, and the father and son pair were going against each other, and Lin Mu was completely overwhelmed by nine-tailed foxes.

The adult Relaxed Emperor, Yan Gui had never let the other foxes in the clan attract him.

When they couldn’t attract an adult Relaxed Emperor, when the group of foxes saw a little Relaxed Emperor, their eyes all lit up, and dragged the little Relaxed Emperor around to play all day. In return, they told Lin Mu a lot about Yan Xuanjing’s black history, and also taught him a lot of spells.

It was very different from Yan Xuanjing’s straightforward manner of teaching. There were many nine-tailed foxes that were good at teaching, so Lin Mu made rapid progress, and his entire tree was so happy he forgot about everything else.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu who was in a pile of nine-tailed foxes, and was a little jealous, but he was never the type to make a move towards fellow clan members that did nothing wrong, and besides, he couldn’t kill a fox with just his eyes. There was a pile of fluff over there, and Yan Xuanjing couldn’t squeeze in, so he was angry.

But seeing that Lin Mu was still going home to sleep with him at night, he bared with it.

Until one day, Yan Xuanjing woke up one morning and found himself shrunk into his childhood human form. Lin Mu was holding a small skirt he had a strong impression of, and trying to get him to put it on. The country’s future young leader couldn’t take it anymore, turned and ran with his short legs to his parent’s bedroom, and threw out a bunch of photos again.

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On that day, the future young leader in a small skirt stood by the pond of the palace, beside a dolphin-shaped Yan Gui lying on his back, pretending to be a salted fish.

“You gave the skirt to Lin Mu.”

“You gave the photos to your mother.”

“You were the one who placed the metamorphosis drug in yesterday’s meal.”

“You were the one who gave the little videos to your mother.”

“You were the one acting flirtatiously.”

“That wasn’t the reason you gave it to your mother to see.”


Di Wu didn’t understand. Other monsters all went with brilliant and divine-like adult forms when they turned into a human form, unless their original forms were in that childhood state too. 


He stirred up trouble, gained hatred, and belittled the enemy — or some other reason.


In the past, he was very prideful, and there were plenty of times he had relied on being favoured by the world to do some bad things.

He couldn’t win if he fought.

He used to follow Yan Gui everywhere and gained a lot of hatred, but Yan Gui had Qingqiu Country backing him, and he didn’t.

And he had to suffer if he shoved him into a pit.

After all, their power would be the strongest in their adult form, and which monster would find themselves too strong?

There were many reasons.

Yan Xuanjing gritted his teeth, turned around and worked diligently, spent about a hundred years to complete the things that he had written in his plan before, then cruelly and ruthlessly set up the internet in the Great Wilderness, bought a bunch of video game copyright back, and coaxed his mother to play games.

After more than 100 years of comfort, with his son gradually taking on more responsibility, the leader of Qingqiu Country was ready to step down at any time — Yan Gui, who was thinking about bringing his wife on a leisurely tour around the mountains and rivers, watched his wife in front of the computer, going ‘little bro, carry me’, and looked at his son expressionlessly.

Beside him, Yan Xuanjing drank a cup of tea, slowly stood up, dusted off the dust that didn’t exist, and said softly, “I had long promised to take Lin Mu around the Great Wilderness, and didn’t have any time before, so I’ll have to bother father with the recent state affairs.”

He said, and showed his father an expression that was one parts gentle, two parts happy, three parts relaxed and four parts mocking, then slowly left.

Yan Gui turned to look at his wife, and the queen, who was just been obsessed with the game, was looking at him with a smile and whispered with feeling, “our son grew up very well, you’ve done a great job.”

Yan Gui pointed at Yan Xuanjing’s back, then pointed at himself, then stared at his wife who was quietly cooperating with their son, and his heart was filled with swears without anywhere to vent. He felt extremely wronged.

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I’m just a small, pitiful, and helpless fox.

This shouldn’t be the case.

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