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Chapter 5 – Then I’ll be your father!



A man and a dog faced each other.

Lin Mu was confused.

He glanced at the burning fire then looked at the dog that had a wound visible to the naked eye, and for a moment, didn’t know what to do.

The fire didn’t spread to the yard.

In the midst of the rain and thunder, a few screams could be heard from the outside, piercing their way through the heavy rain to reach one’s ears, after which came a biting coldness that made one’s whole back feel cold from the icy winds and raindrops.

Lin Mu turned back and continued to stand in the rain in a moment of stupor. He realised it was the ‘protection against monsters, demons, fierce ghosts’ that Da Hei had said and couldn’t help but shiver. Not daring to look carefully at the burning fire, he turned his line of sight to the dog that hadn’t been burnt by the green flames.

The dog hadn’t been burnt, which meant that it1Chinese has different words for he/her/it (他/她/它) respectively), but they all sound the same (ta). wasn’t some sort of demonic or monstrous outsider.

This made Lin Mu feel a little relieved.

It wasn’t clear if it was due to the dog being wet that cause its fur to shrink, but the dog wasn’t as big as an adult sized one. The rain that fell on it mixed with its blood and flowed down, making it look very miserable.

But strangely, it showed no signs of begging or weakness.

The dog just coldly and indifferently moved its sight and struggled to stand up under Lin Mu’s watchful eyes, but could not get up at all.

Lin Mu swept his eyes over it and found out that its front leg was swollen so badly, the dog was probably unable to exert any strength using it.

Lin Mu looked at the exhausted dog and slightly bent his body down. Just as soon as he reached out, the dog quickly raised its head and narrowed its eyes to look up at him.

Lin Mu paused his actions and squatted down under the dog’s gaze, spreading bout of his hands out to show that he wasn’t holding anything.

“Let me help you?” The moment he spoke, his voice was broken up by the rain and he couldn’t help but frown.

Now that it was raining and burning outside, Lin Mu didn’t dare to go out at all — who knew what he would encounter if he went out, and the dog probably couldn’t either.

Lin Mu tried to get closer to the dog, but realised that as soon as he got closer, the dog would become unusually alert and acted as if it wanted to bite him. Therefore, he gave up on that idea and turned around to take an umbrella out of the house, opening it up to help the dog block the rain before continuing to work on his rain shelter.

Anyways, what was outside couldn’t come it, and what was inside didn’t dare to go out. He might as well continue to save his plants that were getting messed up because of the rain.

Although not all of them were custom ordered, the rest could also be sold for some money.

Thankfully the pots that were left outside were all resistant to the rain.. Lin Mu turned his head after he had finished propping up the rain shelter and found that the dog was licking its wound.

Lin Mu thought for a bit and decided to walk over again.

The dog stopped and turned to look at him.

Lin Mu once again spread his hands out in front of the dog and asked, “go in?”

The dog looked him up and down, as if it understood what he said and no longer rejected his approach.

Lin Mu let out a slight sigh of relief and carried the dog into the house, carefully avoiding its wound.

Causally dropping the off raincoat to the side, Lin Mu felt for his phone and searched for what had to be done.

The dog’s injury wasn’t light. The front right leg was swollen and the left paw was bloody, and both its hind legs and sides had wounds.

Lin Mu took a look at the scratches, and no matter how he looked at them, they looked as if they had been caused by the bamboo fence in his yard.

— The fence might have scratched the panicking dog that ran in.

Lin Mu looked at these frightening wounds, gently tsked then turned to look at the heavy rain that was accompanied by green fire and vague cries of screams and curses. He dismissed the idea of sending the dog to the vet and started to look at the steps needed to treat an injured dog on his phone and found his medical kit.

Use a clean and sterile bath towel, clean the wound using saline water, shave the fur before applying medication, and then use

“Erythromycin Ointment, Erythromycin Ointment……2Actual word used was 红霉素 (Hong Mei Su), a brand of ointment used to prevent infections.” Lin Mu muttered as he rummaged the medical box, before finally managing to pull out a tube of ointment with some difficulty, then felt for the gauze and bandage before stumbling his way through dealing with the wound. 

Lin Mu looked at the bandaged wound, let of a sigh of relief, and continued to treat the next one.

He lowered his head slightly, and even didn’t care that his hair was still wet and dripping. He carefully cut the dog’s fur on the edge of the wound and applied the medicine very seriously.

The dog stopped all its movements as soon as he leaned over and looked him up and down again.

This was what happened.

Yan Xuanjing is a fox. A nine-tailed fox. As soon as he was born, he lived in the world of monsters, known as the Great Wilderness3大荒 (dàhuāng). Refers to a remote and desolate place, also can mean a large scale famine or disaster..

But recently, some problems happened in the Great Wilderness and he was injured whilst pursuing the enemy. His father had immediately thrown him to the rear and made him responsible for guarding the passage between the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains.

The Central Plains — this was what they called the world that humans lived in.

Yan Xuanjing was forced to descend into the Central Plains penniless and his understanding of this place was limited. Once he had arrived, he had just hidden his conspicuous nine tails and was instantly targeted but a group of monsters drawn by the blood of a nine-tailed fox.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t think much about these little monsters and he could kill them all with a twitch of his fingers, but he still needed a safe and peaceful place to recuperate.

So Yan Xuanjing left a string of little followers behind him and searched around for a suitable place. As he searched, he smelled a smell that did not belong to the human world.

Then, he saw the small courtyard that was surround by the Morning Dusk.

Of course, Yan Xuanjing knew what the Morning Dusk was, so he was extremely surprised.

For there to be Morning Dusk in the Central Plains, it meant that it must have been planted by someone.

And for someone to be able to grow a living Morning Dusk in the human world, they must have had a pure soul that was mandated by the world.

What was a pure soul mandated by the world?

It basically meant that they were good person who had a pure heart, without the slightest darkened spots. Once their predestined life-span reached an end, they would be able to break themselves away from their physical body and ascend to immortality!

And from far, that courtyard looked imbued with vitality and full of life and seemed that was a good place to recover from injuries.

The owner of the courtyard would definitely be a good and kind person.

So Yan Xuanjing simply ran to the small courtyard and was ready to make a good relationship with this person who was destined to join the ranks of immortals.

And as he went, the string of little followers behind his butt naturally followed.

When the dark clouds covered the sky, there were always a lot of evil creatures that came out to make trouble.

The Morning Dusk was happily burning outside, and Yan Xuanjing, who had not been burnt, was planning to jump across the fence and politely knock on the door to give a greeting when a sharp nail on the fence made him jump and roll into the yard, falling at the foot of the yard’s owner.


What state of mind would one need to have in order to hide nails in your own fence?

Even if it wouldn’t hurt people, it’s not good to hurt innocent little animals!

The innocent little animal Yan Xuanjing couldn’t help but wonder.

But the respectable nine-tailed fox continued to firmly maintained his arrogant image — and with the host’s third invitation, consented to stay in the yard.

But there was something wrong with how the courtyard’s owner smelled.

Yu Xuanjing hesitated and sniffed the scent of the person before him, who was carefully washing his wound.

Although it has been washed away by the rain, but in addition to the human smell, there was indeed a faint monstrous scent, a clean and pure aroma of vegetation, slightly sweet, and a single smell made him want to hum and reveal his belly.

This wasn’t a pure human.

And it wasn’t an accidental stain either.

This is a half-monster.

…… half-monster.

Yan Xuanjing realised this and suddenly frowned, then was placated by the light and slightly sweet scent, and even the wounds on his body didn’t seem as painful.

Without the pain, his drowsiness and fatigue surged and overwhelmed him and comforted his spirit, giving him a feeling like he could leave all his troubles and sorrows behind.

It was like being soaked in warm water, his whole body was comfortable and at peace.

Lin Mu looked at the dog who had slowly closed its eyes while he was treating the wound, before it suddenly startled and struggled to stay awake, but then started to fall asleep without its control.

He stopped his movements and watched the dog struggle for a few times, before finally, its head fell into the towel with a muffled ‘thump’, and went to sleep in a second.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but laugh.

His actions changed from unfamiliar to skilled after bandaging only four wounds. He had always learned things quickly, and after he became proficient, he quickly handled the wounds on the dog that he could handle. As for the remaining wounds, Lin Mu was afraid that they would have to go to the vet.

Lin Mu looked at the dog’s miserable two front paws, sighed, and took out a hair dryer to blow dry its wet hair. With a closer look at the fluffy and clean fur, it seemed that it was the Samoyed he wanted.

The dog was currently lying down and sleeping on the already soaked towel. Holes had been cut into the fur of its body by Lin Mu, but the parts that had to be dealt with were all dealt with, and the dog no longer looked as awful as before.

Lin Mu was quite satisfied with this result. He looked at the dog who was snoring while sleeping and felt that if it was willing to stay, then the name of Milky could be inherited.

“If you are willing to stay……” Lin Mu packed up the medical box and talked to himself and thought about his position within the family for a long time before finally making a choice, “then I’ll be your father!”

The author has this to say:

Yan Xuanjing: ????

Lin Mu: ? What’s wrong with having a dog as a son?

Translator’s note:

Let’s play guess the actual doggy! (Hover/click to reveal)

Can’t blame Lin Mu.

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