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Please respect the occupation ‘Evil Spirit’

Please respect the occupation 'Evil Spirit'

Title: Please respect the occupation ‘evil spirit’
Raw Source: 请尊重恶灵这个职业
Author: 吕天逸 (Novelupdates)
Chapters: 4 [19 Parts] (Completed)
Status: Completed (NU)
Translator: Sleepy Potato


Ye Tong was a timid and useless evil spirit.

Lu Yan was an extremely bold and incomparably talented man that could touch evil spirits.

Evil spirits needed to rely on absorbing human fears for sustenance, but Lu Yan wasn’t afraid at all, and Ye Tong was an earthbound spirit so he couldn’t leave……

So Ye Tong had to worry about being hungry everyday, and get frightened by Lu Yan, get mocked by Lu Yan, had this and that done to him by Lu Yan……


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4


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    jksjdksjksk this is a really gud novel ah so light n fluffy and its all really funny hehe lu yan is a good lao gong~

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