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Evil Spirit – Chapter 2

I’m going to explode.


During the night, as Lu Yan was sleeping, he suddenly felt something pressing on his chest. He opened the blanket to check and saw Ye Tong lying on top of his body.

Lu Yan was indifferent, “what are you doing?”

Ye Tong said spookily, “scaring you.”

Giving a fake smile, Lu Yan used his finger to scratch Ye Tong’s forcibly blank face, “you’re scaring me by burrowing into my bed in the middle of the night?”

Ye Tong said proudly, “this is a classic scene in ‘Ju-on’.”

Lu Yan, “finished scaring?”

Ye Tong said seriously, “en.”

Lu Yan dragged him up, turned to the side and pulled him over to hug, “then sleep.”

Ye Tong was anxious, “you’re hugging a ghost to sleep?”


“Can you respect me a little, and express some fear.”

Lu Yan said, expressionless, “scared me to death.”

Ye Tong: ……

Lu Yan tightened his arms, “so I need to hug a little tighter.”

Ye Tong struggled angrily, “you pervert!”

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In the morning, Lu Yan patted Ye Tong, who had curled up in his arms to sleep and was even drooling, “time to get up.”

Ye Tong lazily said, “evil spirits don’t need to get up……”

“Continue sleeping, you waste.”

Ye Tong immediately climbed up, “you’re the waste!”

Lu Yan, “oh?”

Ye Tong muttered and counted, “everyday, you only know how to play games. You don’t work, you don’t know to be afraid, what use are you?”

Lu Yan lit a cigarette, “I have a job.”

Ye Tong rolled his eyes, “playing League?”


“Then what?”

During this period, Lu Yan suddenly became busy and went out for a few days. In addition to exorcising ghosts, he also helped others look at Fengshui*, which helped to sweep away his lazy NEET manner.

So as soon as Lu Yan returned home, Ye Tong simply latched onto him and didn’t let go, complaining like a new wife in an empty house, “you’re always not home lately.”

“I’m busy.”

“You have a person outside.”

“I don’t.”

“Then you have a ghost outside.”

Lu Yan calmly replied, “you’ve seen a few ghosts, do you think all ghosts are as good looking as you?”

Ye Tong hit him happily, “aiyah, don’t change the topic!”

Lu Yan kissed him, “I’m really busy, busy making money to support this house.”

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Lu Yan flicked his ashes, “guess. It’ll scare you to death.”

Ye Tong looked Lu Yan up and down and tsked, “kept man?”

Lu Yan got choked by the smoke and coughed.

Ye Tong said with disgust, “I reckon that’s the case. Other than being good looking, you don’t have any other good points.”

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes and grabbed Ye Tong’s wrist, “come, I’ll give you a free service.”

Ye Tong used his strength and broke free “you, you, you…… don’t mess around.”

Lu Yan, “undress, lie down.”

Ye Tong was so scared he cried as he flew all over the house, “you even molested a ghost, are you even human!”



Ye Tong was dying as he laid on the sofa watching Lu Yan eat.

“Lu Yan, Lu Yan, Lu Yan.”


“I’m starving.”


Ye Tong’s tone was full of envy, “your meal seems quite good?”

Lu Yan calmly said, “it’s not good. It’s extremely good.”

Ye Tong gritted his teeth, “how about I mix some bone ashes into your meal?”

Lu Yan choked, but didn’t speak.

Ye Tong went into a frenzy, “Ah, you think, if I casted a spell and suddenly exploded, turning this room into a room full of blood, could you still eat?”

“…… Are you crazy?”

“If I’m hungry you won’t get to eat well either. In the future, when you eat, I’ll use a spell to disgust you. Ashes in you rice, brains in your soup, toes in your stir-fry……”

Lu Yan coldly said, “shut up.”

Ye Tong sneered, “I’m going to explode.”



“I have a way to let you eat.”

Ye Tong’s eyes lit up, “say it, how can you be frightened?”

Lu Yan placed his chopsticks down and walked to the sofa, and went on one knee to look Ye Tong in the eyes.

Ye Tong felt a little ill at ease and gave a light cough, “why are you looking at me in such a way……?”

Lu Yan slowly lowered his head and kissed Ye Tong on the lips.



The incorporeal heart; thump, thump.



The two fell silent for a moment and neither one of them spoke.

Ye Tong touched his face that had no temperature but still felt like it was burning and whispered, “why did you kiss me all of a sudden?”

Lu Yan calmly said, “I didn’t kiss.”

Ye Tong’s eyes widened, “hey, how can you be so brazen? Lying without even blinking?”

Lu Yan smiled, “this is feeding you.”

Ye Tong was startled, and all of a sudden realised that the hunger that had been plaguing him for a long time had suddenly disappeared.

“I was born with a lot more spiritual power compared to the average human. You can absorb spiritual power through the fear of humans, and in the same way, I can directly feed you…… this is also why I can touch you.”

Ye Tong’s words became a little incoherent, “ah, haha, then this is, feeding me…… then……why didn’t you say so earlier, starving me for so long.”

Lu Yan pinched Ye Tong’s chin, “are you full?”

Ye Tong nervously said, “full, full.”

“Have some more.”

Ye Tong waved his hands, “no, no. I, I have to keep fit.”

Lu Yan said nothing and leaned down to kiss him again.

A minute later, Ye Tong was blushing as he pushed Lu Yan away, “enough, enough. I’m already stuffed.”

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“Really, enough.”

Lu Yan showed no expression on his face as he said, “I think you’re still hungry.”

“…… Hey, you, stop! Are you addicted!  Say the truth!”



Ye Tong was unwilling, “but I don’t spend any money.”

“I need to save money to buy this residence.”

Ye Tong widened his eyes, “why? Do you know how expensive this property is?”

Lu Yan said in a serious manner, “you are mine. How can I be assured if you’re in the hands of others?”

Ye Tong’s face turned red, “what does that have to do with anything?”

Lu Yan was helpless, “you’re the spirit of this old house that gained awareness after having accumulated spiritual energy for many years. You didn’t know that, did you?”

Ye Tong has shocked, “…… what! No wonder I don’t remember how I died!”

Lu Yan facepalmed, “you really are silly.”

Ye Tong hit him, “you only know how to criticise me!””Really silly.”

“I’ll hit you, I’ll hit you, I’ll hit you!”

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One night, Lu Yan and Ye Tong were snuggling in bed watching a horror film together.

Ye Tong said, “you’re really interesting, watching a ghost movie with a ghost under a blanket.”

Lu Yan chuckled, “learn some lessons from other ghosts.”

Ye Tong rested his chin on Lu Yan’s arm and lazily said, “not learning. Anyways, I don’t even need to scare people to get food.”

Lu Yan looked down and said, “is it delicious?”

Ye Tong quietly dodged the question, “still…… still okay.”

Lu Yan, “you’re hungry again.”

Ye Tong simply felt wronged, “I’m not hungry!”

Lu Yan calmly became a rogue, “I’ve determined it, you’re hungry.”

Ye Tong, “you determined your ass!”

Lu Yan flipped over and pressed him down, “I’ve decided. The setting like this, you get hungry every ten minutes.”

“I’m hungry? As if!”

Lu Yan chuckled, “you know how strong my spiritual power is.”

“I know.”

“How about I help to exorcise you? Heaven is really good.”

“Don’t. If it’s so good, then why don’t you go?”

Lu Yan, “then……”

Ye Tong, “I’m hungry every ten minutes, every ten minutes.”

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