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Evil Spirit – Chapter 4 [End]

I’m responsible for scaring people to support this family.


Lu Yan held an ice cream in his left hand and a shopping bag in his right as he opened his house door.

Ye Tong instantly flew onto his body and cried out, “they said I play League like a primary school student!”

Lu Yan took a bite of ice cream and asked with a straight face, “did you play the game after finishing all your homework?”

Ye Tong immediately started to beat him, “you’re also bullying me!”

Lu Yan pinched Ye Tong’s nose, “come, let husband help you oppress them.”

“I want to eat ice cream,” Ye Tong mumbled as he draped himself on Lu Yan.

Lu Yan took a big bite, “oh.”

Ye Tong, “you’re making me angry!”

Lu Yan lowered his head and kissed him.

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Ye Tong’s face turned red as he licked his lips.




Ye Tong became speechless, “I was talking about the ice cream!”

Lu Yan laughed, “what else do you want to eat? I’ll feed you.”

Ye Tong rolled his eyes, “you actually just want to kiss me.”

Lu Yan said in a righteous manner, “what’s wrong with letting your husband kiss?”

Ye Tong buried his head into Lu Yan’s shirt, “aiyah, don’t speak!”



On this day, Lu Yan got up early and dressed himself up.

Ye Tong floated past with a face full of resentment, “are you going for a date.”

Lu Yan, “en.”

Ye Tong was speechless, “Lu Yan!”

Lu Yan glanced at him, “jealous?”

Ye Tong, “you think!”

Lu Yan chuckled, “I’m joking. I received a job to expel some spirits.”

Ye Tong let out a sigh of relief and helped Lu Yan arrange his collar like a virtuous wife, “you must be careful, not all evil spirits are as useless as me……”

Lu Yan raised his eyebrows, “as long as you know you’re useless.”

Ye Tong raised his middle finger, “screw you, don’t come back.”

Lu Yan patted his face, “husband is going to work.”


Lu Yan continued to tease him, “remember to prepare dinner for your husband.”

“You speak as if I can touch things.”

“Then stay at home obediently and play your games, practice your skills and don’t throw your teammates into a pit.”

Ye Tong: ……

Lu Yan said in a sincere and heartfelt manner, “it’s good to start slowly.”

Ye Tong decided not to speak with Lu Yan anymore, “scram.”



During this period, Lu Yan suddenly became busy and went out for a few days. In addition to exorcising ghosts, he also helped others look at Fengshui*, which helped to sweep away his lazy NEET manner.

Lu Yan hesitated and then frowned, “if I’m not scared then I’m not scared, there’s nothing I can do.”

Ye Tong turned his head a full 360 Degrees, “look at me, I’m scary right?”

Lu Yan calmly placed his clothes into the wardrobe.

Lu Yan glanced at him, “looked.”

“You’re not sincere at all,” Ye Tong said in a disappointed tone.

Just like a bored man who was accompanying his girlfriend to shop.

Lu Yan lit a cigarette, fell silent for a moment, then said, “you want me to praise you?”

Ye Tong: ……

Lu Yan patted Ye Tong’s bloody face, “really nice.”

Angered, Ye Tong flew into the air conditioner, faintly revealing a pair of eyes from the inside.

“Can you respect this occupation ‘evil spirit’ for a bit?”

Lu Yan pressed the air conditioner’s remote, “okay.”

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So as soon as Lu Yan returned home, Ye Tong simply latched onto him and didn’t let go, complaining like a new wife in an empty house, “you’re always not home lately.”

“I’m busy.”

“You have a person outside.”

“I don’t.”

“Then you have a ghost outside.”

Lu Yan calmly replied, “you’ve seen a few ghosts, do you think all ghosts are as good looking as you?”

Ye Tong hit him happily, “aiyah, don’t change the topic!”

Lu Yan kissed him, “I’m really busy, busy making money to support this house.”

Ye Tong was unwilling, “but I don’t spend any money.”

“I need to save money to buy this residence.”

Ye Tong widened his eyes, “why? Do you know how expensive this property is?”

Lu Yan said in a serious manner, “you are mine. How can I be assured if you’re in the hands of others?”

Ye Tong’s face turned red, “what does that have to do with anything?”

Lu Yan was helpless, “you’re the spirit of this old house that gained awareness after having accumulated spiritual energy for many years. You didn’t know that, did you?”

Ye Tong has shocked, “…… what! No wonder I don’t remember how I died!”

Lu Yan facepalmed, “you really are silly.”

Ye Tong hit him, “you only know how to criticise me!”

“Really silly.”

“I’ll hit you, I’ll hit you, I’ll hit you!”



Lu Yan paused and said with a cold voice, “your photo would be ugly too.”

The evil spirit screamed and jumped into the ceiling.

Lu Yan raised his head, “what’s a ghost calling for?”‘

The evil spirit, “I’m called Ye Tong.”

Lu Yan choked, “……”

Ye Tong patted his chest, “you scared me to death.”

Lu Yan sneered, “useless.”

Ye Tong was still in shock, “I haven’t manifested yet, you shouldn’t be able to sense me.”

“Yin Yang eyes,” Lu Yan said as he pointed at his own eyes. *eyes that can see ghosts and spirits.

Ye Tong, “So…… so you’re not afraid of me?”

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Ye Tong asked Lu Yan, “what if one day you die? I’m going to have to become a wandering spirit again.”

Lu Yan took a smoke, “I won’t reincarnate, I’ll stay here with you.”

“That’s good, that’s good. We’ll scare people together.”

Lu Yan, who always had a cold expression on his face, made a grimace, “no, I’m responsible for scaring people and supporting the family.”

Ye Tong was teased and smiled, “what about me?”

Lu Yan gave a gentle smile, “your responsibility is being as beautiful as a flower.”

Ye Tong’s eyes lit up, “en, we’ll always be together.”

Lu Yan, “until demolition.”

Ye Tong gave him a hopeless look, “demolition your ass! Can’t you say until the seas run dry!”

Lu Yan pulled Ye Tong into his arms and kissed his forehead, “until the seas run dry.”



That day, the old house welcomed a new tenant.



The translator has this to say:

This is the end! It’s a cute short story about a man and a ghost, living together without death doing them apart.

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