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There’s something wrong with this development!

There's something wrong with this development!

Title: There’s something wrong with this development! (NU)
Raw Source: Long Ma
Author: 小白花真白 (NU)
Chapters: 23 + 8 Extras
Translator: Sleepy Potato


This script was originally supposed to be about a Scum Gong x Cheap Shou — the Scum Gong abuses the Cheap Shou, the Cheap Shou became hopelessly apathetic, the Scum Gong became a Cheap Gong, and the Cheap Shou abuses the Cheap Gong.

That should have been the case!!!!!

But the script began to unfold—-

The Scum Gong was reborn to the past, and encountered the Cheap Shou who also got reborn.

The Scum Gong was horrified to discover that the Cheap Shou had changed his job and became a beast-like, ruthless, blackened Gong, ahhhhh help!

The fucking miserable Scum Gong was taken and defiled, then defiled and taken, then after being taken from the front he was taken from the back, and finally he was taken into a loyal dog, sensual, tsundere Shou!

PS: The Gong and Shou didn’t do much in the previous world, at best they used their hands.

PPS: Meat Text



Cheap Shou (贱受): Refers to the style of Shou that doesn’t scream when it hurts, won’t resist when they’re abused or beaten, and constantly chases after the Gong, even if he’s an absolute Scum.


This story is filled with 18+ scenes, with XXX here and XXX there. Please apply discretion, especially if you’re underage.


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  1. Loloolo

    Excuse me but the guy in the title cover looks like gary from ib he even has the blue rose.

    1. Yuyu

      It’s him

  2. IdleBones

    Oh my. *blushes

  3. AnonymousWildAster

    Gonna read after I finish NHSO. *binge reading leftover chapters incoming* QwQ

  4. Sythia Cao

    very smutty tyvm~

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