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Chapter 1 – Once upon a time, there was a Scum Gong.

Warning, warning, warning! Important things must be said three times! This story is filled with 18+ scenes! With XXX here and XXX there and XXX everywhere. Please apply discretion!

Wei Ziqian is a Scum Gong.

As a very cliche Scum Gong, he was born in a so-called wealthy family, and on one side had housekeepers and maids, and on the other had countless bodyguards. In order to make the plot a bit more realistic, Wei Ziqian also had five brothers, and all of them were brutal, cold-blooded, and didn’t have a sense of shame.

If it was just like this, it wouldn’t have been enough. So Wei Ziqian still had another identity — his father didn’t like him, his mother died early, every brother was thinking of a method to kill him, and he was a! Illegitimate! Son! Such a weak and suffering pure naive little idiot, coupled with his lasting childhood traumas such as experiencing a failed kidnapping or being poisoned, as well as other important factors such as his father’s obviously different treatment against him.

So inevitably, the development of the plot embarked on a reign of terror with brothers killing each other, a fight over the residence and darkened retaliations, and all sorts of messy paths. As a protagonist, Wei Ziqian still had some Protagonist Halo, such as the inherent overbearing aura and the handsome, sexual, yet evil smile.

Therefore, Wei Ziqian took a group of younger brothers that would die for him, spread his overflowing charm everywhere, and righteously got rid of all of his brothers who were evil-er than the one before them. Then, he angered his irresponsible father to death and stood atop a pile of cannon fodders to become the final winner.

Next, he started a business and called it Wei’s Corporation. It would have been fine even if he got involved in both legitimate and illegitimate businesses, but he also got involved with the entertainment industry. Now, Wei Ziqian had a new title — President Wei.

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At this time, Wei Ziqian, who was only 26, was handsome and rich. Both of his parents were dead, he had a car and a house, and he was also a President! And so he naturally bent — the reason was unclear.

There was no way he couldn’t bend! If he didn’t bend, how could he follow along with the development of the plot and meet the Cheap Shou that belong to him? Therefore, after Wei Ziqian spent a year honing various kinds of skills that made things convenient for the plot to progress on all sorts of little hussies, and successfully won the title of Ruthless Scum Gong who leaves after the deed, he finally ushered in his own Cheap Shou.

The little Cheap Shou was a beauty, and according to the important law that all beautiful people must be named Shen, the little Cheap Shou was called Shen Shuyao.1书 (Shu) means book, and 杳 (Yao) means distant, mysterious, deep and dark

A poetic and artistic name for a poetic and artistic person. This Shen Shuyao was a third-rate little star who had just debuted, and was drugged in a plot so dog-blood that even the dog didn’t want it, and was saved by Scum Gong Wei. Wei Ziqian saw that this beauty was the type that he liked, so he half saved and half dragged the drugged Shen Shuyao home and…… rubbed him a few times.

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When Shen Shuyao woke up the next day, he was instantly moved into a complete mess by Scum Gong Wei’s demeanor as someone who didn’t take advantage of him when he was in trouble. As it happens, Wei Ziqian also had a handsome, elegant, honest and determined face, which simply fascinated Shen Shuyao. So, like every other baffling Cheap Shou, Shen Shuyao also inexplicable paid his heart over.

Wei Ziqian cried and twisted his waist in an attempt to avoid the fierce ♂ weapon grinding against his most sensitive points, but his waist was mercilessly grabbed and he was entered even rougher.

Therefore, Wei Ziqian naturally kept Shen Shuyao who was as naive as a little white rabbit. Shen Shuyao was really so beautiful that it was tragic beyond comparison, and there was a slight freshness in his charm, some coldness in his cuteness, which made Scum Gong Wei so fascinated that he became confused. And Shen Shuyao, like the vast majority of Cheap Shous, abandoned his career for the sake of the Scum Gong, and other than possessing cooking skills that would anger chefs, he was also proficient in housework and was very good with yarn! He basically was a fighter wife in a group of wives.

But the plot indicated that as a Scum Gong, it was impossible for Wei Ziqian to hang himself on a single tree, and this needed to be corrected, even if that tree was beautiful enough to anger both men and gods!

So Wei Ziqian started keeping an eye on other people’s cake while eating the one in his hand, supporting his little secret lover yet committing all sorts of indiscriminate acts with others. And little Cheap Shou Shen Shuyao was also very cooperatively acting out a scene of him sitting in front of the dining table becoming hopeless apathetic, while the food was becoming cold as he waited for a drunken Scum Gong Wei. All the while, cannon fodders 1, 2, 3 would pop up in front of Shen Shuyao. As a young Cheap Shou, Shen Shuyao naturally wouldn’t go to Wei Ziqian, and could only endure, and endure, and eventually endure out stomach cancer!! What an unscientific and completely reasonable development this was!

If the mouth on top wanted to scold, then the mouth below would have to bear the consequences.

Before he could tell Scum Gong Wei about it, Wei Ziqian’s side had a new side story — he had to marry XX Family’s eldest daughter, or unscientifically, his fragile and sketchy Wei Corporation would be suppressed and acquired.

His mind couldn’t bear the overwhelmingly wonderful feeling and the overstimulating sensation, and finally Wei Ziqian successfully fainted. His last memory was of a steady stream of hot liquid pouring over his sensitive inner walls, a never-ending ejaculation.

Wei Ziqian had the conventional thinking pattern of Scum Gongs — he would get married first, the sensible little Cheap Shou he had at home would definitely understand him, and in the future, he would take the chance to get rid of XX Family’s eldest daughter, then wouldn’t he have the perfect happy ending?

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But Shen Shuyao quit! Cheap Shous also had their dignity and bottom line! So, he resolutely concealed his stomach cancer and hurriedly left with all of his belongings. Then, in the next scene, the Cheap Shou must be in an empty hospital, weakened like a willow tree swaying in the wind as he watched the Scum Gong getting married with the cannon fodder woman. First, his heart must die, then his eyes would dull, and he must become an empty shell, and at that moment, stomach pain must also rear its head!

He didn’t know how long it had been, and perhaps it was the entire night. Finally, after his prostate had been rubbed over again and again by Shen Shuyao, Wei Ziqian didn’t know which climax it was as he came, and some sparse cum dripped down from the tip of his cock.

After Wei Ziqian got married and finally went to find his own Cheap Shou, he could only get the news that his Shen Shuyao had died alone in the hospital bed. The heavens would bring down a rainstorm for this occasion, and Wei Ziqian would be thunderstruck as he suffered a heavy blow. It would be as if a piece of his heart had been dug out, and in a split second, he would be filled with so much grief that he wished he was dead.

It would be then that Wei Ziqian started to cherish his time, and everything that had been overlooked by him in the past would run across him like a bunch of runaway wild horses, and he wouldn’t be able stop it even if he wanted. Instantly, ‘Other than the food my Yaoyao makes, everybody else’s is rubbish’, ‘without Yaoyao my house is so dirty and messy, all my housekeepers had been driven away by me, this idiot’, and ‘ah, when I’m sick, nobody would take care of me other than Yaoyao, I’m this idiot who can’t even take medicine’, etc, these self-abusing thoughts would emerged.

So Wei Ziqian blackened again, and cut up the XX Family and XX Eldest daughter like little dishes, and unreasonably but consistently with the development of the plot ended all of them at once, because if a person doesn’t perish in silence, then they would blacken in abnormality! Then Wei Ziqian became even more abnormal. Wei Ziqian, who was an abnormal Chuunibyou,2aka eighth-grader syndrome aka that thing in anime where the character thinks of themselves as more awesome than everyone else because of experiences, abilities, and even special powers that they clearly don’t have felt that everything was society’s fault, and that it was the world that wanted to tear apart me and my Cheap Shou, and all of them were great fools and he was the biggest fool of all of them……

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In the end, Scum Gong Wei, who felt that it was becoming troublesome even to breath, was stabbed to death while he was crying and cleaning his Cheap Shou’s grave. But would the plot let him go so easily?

Of course not, so he was reborn.

In a state of confusion, Wei Ziqian heard a voice telling him, that he had the chance to be reborn to three years ago, and it wasn’t a chance to be missed. After being reborn, please strive to be an extremely loyal dog cheap gong that that had only sex on his brain.

Wei Ziqian was dissatisfied, go fuck your dad’s extremely loyal dog cheap gong that that had only sex on his brain.

Pressing Wei Ziqian, who was flushed and panting onto the bed, Shen Shuyao let his eyes wander over every inch of Wei Ziqian’s naked skin. In his last life, he already knew that this heartless man had an expectionally beautiful body.

The voice told him darkly that if he didn’t follow the script, it would turn him into a 37, 25, 35 busty beautiful girl, and then make him go to India for a day trip!

The lines of his muscles were smooth and distinct, his limbs were long and his shoulders were wide, yet his waist was so thin it made him go crazy, and when he twisted about, it showed a flexible strength.

Wei Ziqian was scared awake.

His wheat-colour skin seemed to be covered with a layer of honey when he sweated, like a sweet milk coffee candy that made him want to taste him all over with his lips, tongue, and teeth.

As soon as his eyes opened, Wei Ziqian did not, like most protagonists in transmigration novels, see a white ceiling at first glance.

What a beautiful face it was — slight freshness in his charm, some coldness in his cuteness, which could fascinated him so much he became confused. Wrong! Wasn’t this his Cheap Shou?

But when did his Cheap Shou have such amazing abs? Wrong, he seemed to have become taller too, especially at the bottom, the area exposed to the outside was thick! Long! Hard! This size didn’t seem to be right!?

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“If you’re awake, then don’t pretend to be dead. I said it just now, if you don’t want to continue and try my methods, you should be a good boy.” Shen Shuyao squinted and looked impatiently at the man underneath him who widened his eyes and was staring at him in a daze. He thought in his heart that if this man dared to go back on his word after coming to this point, then he would give him a good lesson today.

Now, he wanted to taste this body, and see how Wei Ziqian would be like if he couldn’t say anymore heartless words, and could only cry out in pleasure after being fucked by him.

“…Ah?” For a moment, Wei Ziqian didn’t respond. What was going on? Why was he like an untouched unmarried young lady about to be taken, lying naked under his little white rabbit?

“I said–” A dangerous storm was brewing in Shen Shuyao’s dark eyes, “lick!”

Then, Scum Gong Wei noticed that their positions had changed, and Shen Shuyao was sitting with his back against the wall, and pressed against his own head was something upright that excluded a horrible heat, a large! Big! Meaty! Cock!

Wait! Script, return me my gentle and pleasant little white rabbit!!!

The author has this to say:

CP is infatuated, vicious, blackened Gong x forced to suffer adorkable Shou

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