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Chapter 10 – Fuck! This! Bowl! Of! Braised! Pork!

A dreamless night.

In the summer, the sun always came quickly. Lying in bed, Wei Ziqian felt as if his eyes had been hurt by the light shining into the window, so he impatiently pulled the blanket over to cover his head.

Somebody used a hand to pull the blanket on his head down, and before Wei Ziqian had the time to frown in protest, the curtains were pulled closed, and the quiet bedroom once again fell into darkness.

“You can continue to sleep.”

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Somewhat in a haze, Wei Ziqian felt as if he had heard Shen Shuyao say something, and after he gave a somewhat slow reply, he continued to sleep without thinking much of it. The sound of water running came from the bathroom, and following that was the sound of someone going down the stairs. He didn’t know how long had passed, but Wei Ziqian vaguely felt someone standing beside the bed and staring at him.

“……I’m going out.”

Half-asleep, Wei Ziqian felt that no matter how he thought about it, this sentence was comparable to a scene of a pair of newlyweds on the first day of work, where they hated to be apart from each other as if they would never meet again. He thought to himself; in order to be a good wife, ah, no, a good husband, he should take some action at this time to show his love.

So, Wei Ziqian suddenly got up and hugged Shen Shuyao’s waist, and was totally unconcerned about the other man freezing as he landed a kiss on his pale face. After nibbling he even smacked his lips, and continued to roll back into the bed with the blanket.

Shen Shuyao, who was taken liberties with, looked dangerously at Wei Ziqian who was sleeping in bed, and had a fierce battle in his heart – eat, or not to eat? If he ate, how should he eat?

Suddenly, he felt a chill in his heart, could it be that this fella intended to turn him into an emperor that didn’t hold a morning court and squeeze him dry, then take advantage of the time when his willpower was weak to retaliate, and then instantly turn into an evil yet sexy and scheming shou to take revenge, to seize back everything that once belonged to him, after which the plot would develop into a love-hate mutual-abuse relationship!?

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Shen Shuyao, who was extremely (very) shocked (happy) because of the other man’s actions until the point his imagination went beyond its normal range felt that even if that wasn’t the case, it wasn’t that far from the truth, so he pulled open the blanket, and directly took a mouthful of that firm and round butt, then left the room under Wei Ziqian’s baffled and wronged gaze with a pair of red ears.

After the harasser left, Wei Ziqian laid on the bed and listened to the sound of a car starting, then couldn’t sleep anymore. Although he was awake, he still laid in bed and didn’t want to move. Closing his eyes, he quickly went over what happened yesterday in his mind.

Wei Ziqian would never believe that Zhao Yan had actually betrayed him. They could be considered childhood sweethearts,1term used is 青梅竹马, usually used to describe a couple that grew up together. and he always had a deep understanding of that man’s ‘cold on the outside but caring on the inside’ manner, the way he would say one thing but mean another and his awkward personality. He believed that even if everybody around him betrayed him, Zhao Yan wouldn’t, and yesterday’s seemingly meaningless conversation also showed two things: 1. He successfully infiltrated the enemy, and 2. His family wasn’t revealed.

“Shut up.” Shen Shuyao’s face darkened as he threatened, “if not, I won’t mind doing you here right now.”

Please… Please don’t cause a traffic jam!

Logically speaking, Wei Ziqian was born into a wealthy family, and was also the head of a large family, so how could he only have a small entertainment company?

Wei Ziqian, who was scared that his chrysanthemum would be ravaged by someone via car sex kept himself in a quiet, reserved, nervous and jittery state, and watched as Shen Shuyao followed a familiar route to a familiar neighbourhood, and park his car into a house so familiar that it might just be his own! — Wasn’t this the villa that had been taken away from him!

Just after Wei Ziqian succeeded in winning the family inheritance rights, and with the identity of an illegitimate son, stabilized his position with swift and decisive measures through getting their hearts of the other family members, he came to this city and opened up an entertainment company without anybody knowing under his own individual name. This enterprise was completely separated from the Wei Family, and it was considered Wei Ziqian’s private property. With the exception of a few confidants, nobody else in this city knew the relationship between Wei Ziqian and the Wei Family, including the previous life’s Shen Shuyao, who only knew that Wei Ziqian was somebody who managed an entertainment company.

Wei Ziqian withered.

As for why he had to make such a troublesome move when he already had a high position and money, which was enough for him to eat, drink, and be merry without worry? There was only one reason.

Wei Ziqian, who was scared that his chrysanthemum would be ravaged by someone via car sex kept himself in a quiet, reserved, nervous and jittery state, and watched as Shen Shuyao followed a familiar route to a familiar neighbourhood, and park his car into a house so familiar that it might just be his own! — Wasn’t this the villa that had been taken away from him!

On the surface, the Wei family was a philanthropist company, yet it was black and red on the inside, dark and clotted. When Wei Ziqian had first gotten in contact with his family’s core, he almost had the piss scared out of him by this extraordinary black colour. By the time it reached Wei Ziqian’s father’s generation, the situation had became even worse – there was no other reason, Wei Ziqian’s father was a man with severe chunnibyo, and he even was a man that called evil acts justice, a non-mainstream chunni that took violence as something cool. And when this chunni was rich, had power, and his IQ wasn’t low, the Wei family, which wasn’t that white in the first place, officially started on a dark path, until the point where they didn’t even bother to cover up on the surface.

Wei Ziqian didn’t dare to say that he was a holy mother with a halo that shone down on earth, but he definitely could be called a good citizen with the correct three views and integrity. At that time, when the Wei family that was so black it couldn’t be bleached white was handed to him, and Wei Ziqian couldn’t throw nor keep this hot potato. Originally, he wanted to run away with his private money, but he wouldn’t be assured if he had let this disaster continue to burn, kill, plunder, sell drugs or sell weapons, so, he gave a sigh about his great and mighty noble character, and he took the position.

After taking this position, Wei Ziqian became committed to bleaching this industry white. However, it was a pity that the Wei Family was like an apple filled with worms. Although its appearance was bright and delicious, when it was cut open, it was so rotten that one couldn’t bear to look at it. Wei Ziqian bleached and bleached and almost paid himself over, so he hurriedly ran away from this house, and went to another city to open a ‘clean and tidy’ enterprise. On one hand it was to take care of his own safety, and on the other it was to throw that mess to someone else and control it remotely. If something went wrong, it wouldn’t fall to him – it was also easier to go on the run.

And it was precisely because Wei Ziqian ran too far, and most of the power was thrown to his family to control, which resulted in this world’s Wei Ziqian being defeated under Shen Shuyao’s fierce and ferocious attack. By the time he finally woke up and was ready to go back to the family and ask for help, his documents were seized, and when he wanted to go out of the city, he found himself like a high-risk criminal, and all that was lacking was the high-voltage net used to catch him. At this time, the Wei Family was unfortunately being watched by the International Police, and didn’t dare come into direct contact with him, as they were afraid that there would be a Game Over if Shen Shuyao got ahold of this information.

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So, Wei Ziqian landed in such a state, where he had no right to personal freedom and was forced to serve his patron, oh, no, was being served by his patron.

After thinking through this, Wei Ziqian only felt that his heart was beating hard, and he didn’t have to mood to stay in bed anymore. So he got up and washed up, and at the same time calm his restless nerves down, then went down to eat the breakfast Shen Shuyao left in the dining room. Then, he looked at the note the other party had left: I’ll be coming back at noon to cook for you, so don’t run all over the place.

Looking up at the clock hanging on the wall, it was only 9, a long time before Shen Shuyao would come back, which was enough time for him to contact the main family’s side.

In a trance, he followed Shen Shuyao into the familiar house, and Wei Ziqian was somewhat surprised to find that the furniture and layout of the house hadn’t changed at all, and only a few small items and furniture’s that was Shen Shuyao’s style had been added. Having returned to a familiar environment, Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but relax a little, and simply took off his socks and shoes, didn’t bother to get the slippers, and walked barefooted on the cold wooden floor, sighing comfortably.

So Wei Ziqian went upstairs to the bedroom again, sat at the desk beside the window, and turned on the computer that looked extremely high-end and stylish. Because he was afraid that his family’s Yaoyao had installed some kind of monitor to have a Videotape Play, Wei Ziqian first opened a movie, and set it to full screen as a cover, then used his tall built to black the screen. He opened as small page to input a code at the lower left corner, and after quietly entering a string of numbers, an inconspicuous square dialog floated at the bottom.

After rinsing off in the shower and rolling into the large bathtub to soak until his skin turned red, Wei Ziqian already felt that the fatigue on his body and faded a lot, so he got up and wiped himself clean, very uncomfortably put on the underwear that could be considered an adult product, then wore the clothes. He only felt as if his lower half was so empty, it felt like a vacuum.

He quickly checked the unread messages inside, which was from as early as half a month ago to yesterday’s, and they turned out to be all sorts of nonsense. After he finished reading it, those messages soon deleted themselves. Although he was puzzled, but Wei Ziqian still sent out a message to prove that he was still in one piece, and that he had never forgotten his ambition of making a comeback once more.

Forgive him, for until now, he didn’t know that his family’s Yaoyao had such a fiery inside heart. But, he couldn’t find any other underwear after looking through the entire wardrobe, so he could only pick a small thong that had a pitiable amount of fabric and walk into the bathroom.

He never expected that not long after the message was sent out, someone immediately replied.

[Boss, is your chrysanthemum still safe]

…… Why are you asking me something like that what do you know!? Wei Ziqian felt depressed.

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[I heard that you’re in the process of selling yourself for wealth and fame, and deep into carnal desire, unable to free yourself]

Downstairs, the kitchen was next to the living room, and the only thing that separated them was the transparent door in the middle. Shen Shuyao had already started to place a variety of attractive dishes on the table, and he was even wearing an adorable pale yellow apron with flowers adorning the top. Wei Ziqian looked at it with great pleasure, and almost gave a whistle like some sort of pervert.

Wei Ziqian realized, it was definitely Zhao Yan, that son of a bitch, who sent the news to the main family, and destroyed his image on the way!

The first thing Shen Shuyao did when he saw Wei Ziqian was frown, “why didn’t you dry your hair?”

[Shut up, tell me the situation over there] [Oh, your uncle has rebelled]

Wei Ziqian vomited out of mouthful of blood.

It was then that Wei Ziqian realised his short black hair was still pressing damply against his ears, so he scratched his face somewhat embarrassedly, and gave a couple of dry laughs, “I was hungry, so I forgot. Why not, I’ll blow dry it after we eat?”


You motherfucker, at least say a complete sentence! Wei Ziqian’s whole body was trembling as he tried to stay calm, each one of you are having the time of your life playing with your boss, aren’t you!

The other party still continued to give him the details in bits and pieces, and Wei Ziqian remembered his uncle. His uncle was the third younger brother of that chunni father of his – the second brother died in the battle over the residence. At that time, Wei Ziqian was still waiting to seize power with covetous eyes, and his uncle saw that he handled his affairs in a firm and resolute manner plus the fact that he had such a unique protagonist vibe, so while he secretly sucked up to Wei Ziqian’s five brothers, his heart was also biased towards him. Wei Ziqian saw that even though this man was timid and a little treacherous, but he also was a real nasty character, and had some talents, so, after he left the Wei family, he made his uncle the ‘Regent’, and secretly passed all of the Wei family’s larger and somewhat illegal loopholes to this scapegoat to deal with.

if you see this, this is a scrambled version.

He could also tell that his uncle was very bold, and while on the surface his uncle was helping him cleanse the household, but actually, he really wanted to get rid of the current person in charge and become the head himself. So, Wei Ziqian also sent people to carefully keep an eye on him, and didn’t give the other man any chance to collude with anybody, and only granted him some unimportant rights. In his previous life, all of his uncle’s small actions were stopped by him in time, so no big mess had ever been made.

This time, he was covertly placed into custody, and somehow, that person got wind of it, and although he wasn’t sure of it, he still started to make some moves. Wei Ziqian also felt a headache about this poisonous snake that was always planning to bite him, but since this person still had some use, he should be kept, so he told his informant to watch his man closely, and give some half-truths to the other party so that he wouldn’t dare to take any rash actions. Some sweetness and powers could be given when appropriate, and they could also take this opportunity pull out those who have the same kinds of thought, get them together, and use them as an example.

[By the way, Boss, my side has been targeted by the cops lately, on the internet too. I’ll send the information to Mr. Zhao using a special method, and you can contact me through him in the future]

Of course, the quality of the underwear that Shen Shuyao bought was the best, and he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it, only…… from time to time, that string would rub against his swollen chrysanthemum when he walked, and this strange feeling made him feel as if somebody’s finger was rubbing against it. Wei Ziqian’s whole body felt stiff, his family’s Yaoyao could really wear this all day long? Wei Ziqian respected him.

Wei Ziqian was dumbfounded. He was currently in the state of being kept, and was even kept under house arrest, so he briefly mentioned his situation to the other party, and also changed his patron to ‘a sweet~ sweet~ little~ lover~ that has jealously streak higher than the skies and possessiveness deeper than the seas and an abnormal desire to control’.

A dreamless night.

[I’m very sorry for your current situation of being kept, it’s just that Mr. Zhao said that if you don’t go and find him within this time limit and give him the approximate signal, he would immediately jump ships to your uncle, and upload your picture onto a gay dating website]

In the summer, the sun always came quickly. Lying in bed, Wei Ziqian felt as if his eyes had been hurt by the light shining into the window, so he impatiently pulled the blanket over to cover his head.

No matter how he looked at it, there was something wrong with this last sentence! He obviously didn’t mention ‘being kept’ at all you bastard!

Somebody used a hand to pull the blanket on his head down, and before Wei Ziqian had the time to frown in protest, the curtains were pulled closed, and the quiet bedroom once again fell into darkness.

[Unfortunately, as a reminder, the time limit is tomorrow]

Wei Ziqian faded.

[As your wise partner, I recommend that you use your current status to please your patron within reason] [Speak human] The great me obviously didn’t mention the word ‘patron’ at all!

[Climb onto your patron’s bed]

Wei Ziqian spit out his kidney.

[Friendly tip: A damp body with a white shirt, naked apron, animal ears and tail, Thomas-style chandelier position is a good fit]

What’s the last part about the great me can’t understand! Wei Ziqian roared.

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