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Chapter 2 – You can’t provoke a blackened vinger-drinking Gong.

Wei Ziqian faced this terrible weapon, and the back of his head was still imprisoned by a hand that seemed slender but was actually very powerful, so he couldn’t even retreat. However, he really didn’t want to lick this ferocious looking large rod, so he could only raise his head pitully and use a sincere look to express to the other party: how about letting me go so we can talk about life first?

The hand that was holding his head down actually moved away, and what replaced it were two long and beautiful fingers with a vicious grip on his chin.

“Wronged? You still feel wronged?” Shen Shuyao looked at him with a darkened expression, approached without a single explanation and gave a fierce kiss upon Wei Ziqian’s slightly opened lips. His flexible tongue drove in, stirring through Wei Ziqian’s mouth, entangling with his soft tongue and erotically licking across, causing Wei Ziqian feel out of breath.

No, I don’t feel wronged at all! Wei Ziqian grumbled in terror, where was the conversation through eye contact that we had agreed on!

Shen Shuyao plundered and bullied Wei Ziqian’s mouth, before reluctantly separating their lips. Various emotions were intertwined in his deep eyes as he started at the breathless Wei Ziqian in his arms.

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“Wei Ziqian, you should know, my temper isn’t that good. If you can’t obey me obediently, I can only deal with you in the way I like……” The corner of Shen Shuyao’s mouth curled into the gentle arc, and his beautiful tone lingered like a clear spring, yet the restless fierceness in it couldn’t be ignored.

Wei Ziqian was frightened by this different and blackened version of Shen Shuyao in front of him, and thought that perhaps this was the legendary butterfly effect, but damnit, he had just returned, wasn’t this butterfly’s wings flapping a little fast?

Without even waiting for his confusion to be over, Shen Shuyao pressed his head down again, and used the tip of his dick to rub across Wei Ziqian’s slightly red and swollen lips.

“You…… be good.”

Wei Ziqian looked at Shen Shuyao’s handsome face, which was covered with an ambiguous shade of red because of his dissatisfaction. He looked like a spirit in the mountains, lively and appetising, capable of stealing someone’s soul away.

You seductive little vixin!

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Wei Ziqian heart softened. This was the culprit of his Chunnibyo in his last life, the one at the top of his heart, his little white rabbit! Its said that when a man is dissatisfied, his personality would change and he would become short tempered. Wei Ziqian firmly believed that his little white rabbit was in such a state, and thought that he would help to extinguish the fire before talking about other matters. Wasn’t it just oral sex? He’s heard about it and seen it before!

Thinking so, he immediately put it into action. Wei Ziqian stuck out a small red tongue, and hesitatingly started to lick along the thick shaft. Shen Shuyao’s organ didn’t have that strong of a taste, but instead, carried the fragrance of a shower gel. Every time the tip of his tongue brushed the sharp blue vein, Shen Shuyao would let out a comfortable sigh. His fingers were like a compliment, slowly stroking over Wei Ziqian’s black hair, then moving to the back of his neck, kneading and soothing it like he would pet a cat.

Wei Ziqian licked and licked, and managed to lick out some feelings. He was also encouraged by the touch at the back of his neck until he swelled with self-confidence, so he stretched out his head to and opened his mouth and hold the thickest tip of Shen Shuyao’s cock in it.


Shen Shuyao was really so beautiful that it was tragic beyond comparison, and there was a slight freshness in his charm, some coldness in his cuteness, which made Scum Gong Wei so fascinated that he became confused. And Shen Shuyao, like the vast majority of Cheap Shous, abandoned his career for the sake of the Scum Gong, and other than possessing cooking skills that would anger chefs, he was also proficient in housework and was very good with yarn! He basically was a fighter wife in a group of wives.

Using a flexible tongue to lick the large head in his mouth, a salty taste had spread out, which made him feel a little uncomfortable, and try to spit out the foreign object in his mouth. Just as he moved his head a little backwards, Shen Shuyao discovered his intentions and reached out to press the back of Wei Ziqian’s head again, pressing the hot sex object deeper into the other man’s mouth.

But the plot indicated that as a Scum Gong, it was impossible for Wei Ziqian to hang himself on a single tree, and this needed to be corrected, even if that tree was beautiful enough to anger both men and gods!

Poor Wei Ziqian could only use the soft tip of his tongue to push against the hard object in his mouth with reddened eyes, which made Shen Shuyao feel so good he started to breath heavily. As it got deeper into his throat, Wei Ziqian felt that his mouth was completely filled, but was horrified to find that the other party still had one-third left outside. Perhaps Shen Shuyao also felt that it was a bit unscientific to put everything in, so he showed regretful eyes as he let off the choking Wei Ziqian and began to thrust slowly, savouring the hot and humid place.

Times had changed, and this was the retribution he had to face in his current life!

So Wei Ziqian simply sat up and hugged Shen Shuyao’s neck, and trembled as he blocked the other’s mouth.

Shen Shuyao used the head of his dick to press against Wei Ziqian’s thorat, which was forced to contract, and the rest cruelly rubbed against the other’s sensitive mouth. Although he would occasionally rub against Wei Ziqian’s teeth, it didn’t reduce the great pleasure that he got from it.

Sure enough, Shen Shuyao’s handsome face which had a trace of a gentle smile instantly darkened by half, and the originally creepy and scary atmosphere which had been retracted suddenly launched a massacre.

“Yes, you’re doing well…… lick harder with your tongue, open your mouth wider, ah- feels good.”

He looked at the other man’s mouth with both love and hate while it was filled with his own dark cock. Occasionally, a whimper leaked out, which simulated Shen Shuyao’s nerves, and his lower half swelled a little again.

Save me! Wei Ziqian was afraid that his throat would be pierced through by this terrible organ, and some tears beaded up at the corner of his eyes. However, he still tried his best to move his tongue, and tried to make Shen Shuyao, who was currently enjoying his mouth, feel better.

Where was the agreed upon, delicate and beautiful, lovely, jade! Pillar! Right?! Shouldn’t this vicious and cruel object be growing on some beast instead? Script, return to me my three views!

It obviously should have been an extremely uncomfortable thing, but when he thought that the one he liked was moaning comfortably under his service, Wei Ziqian’s lower body also became slightly tingly and hot. As he worked hard on taking in the other man’s dick, his own began to harden without his control, and the air around them started to be filled with ambiguous sweetness.

Thinking about the fact that he was naked, kneeling in front of a man’s crotch, shamelessly devouring a large dick in his mouth while his own had also began to swell without him even touching it…… Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but shamefully and quietly close his thighs, for fear the Shen Shuyao might discover his situation.

“Ha……” Shen Shuyao made a low chuckle that would cause people to feel weak and numb, “Ziqian, you’re excited too.”

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“En, nh–”

Wei Ziqian felt so ashamed that his slightly tanned body instantly flushed with a light red that would arouse someone’s appetite, and the movement of his tongue within his mouth stopped, and he let the thick organ fill his mouth without even daring to look up.

“Does a man’s dick taste that good……? You can also feel something from this, what an indecent body……”

“Ziqian, look at me.” Shen Shuyao panted, adjusted Wei Ziqian’s head, and let his watery eyes reflect his own appearance, “remember, today, nobody forced you to lie here.

Shen Shuyao reached out with a pale hand, followed down Wei Ziqian’s chest, which was covered with a layer of smooth muscles, and accurately grasped a small nipple and started to knead and play with it. The strange simulation that came from his chest caused the tip of Wei Ziqian’s erected cock leak out some transparent liquid.

Everything here was done on your own initiative. We’re both men, and if you really don’t want it, there’s no way I could force you. If you want to escape, you can do so now.”You come and say this after you made me burn with desire and left my lust unfulfilled!? Wei Ziqian would really like to give him a punch, and why would he want to escape? Although he didn’t know why the person in front of him had awakened this sinister, animalistic, part of him, he was still the little white rabbit he was in love with until the end of his last life!

“Nng– en……”

Watch how from inside and out, Wei Ziqian would be covered in his traces, and had no choice but to fall because of Shen Shuyao!

That poor little bit of flesh was pinched between two fingers, and sometimes twisted and rubbed, with an occasional scratch across the slight bend in the middle. Whenever Shen Shuyao pulled the poor nipple, Wei Ziqian had to lift his chest forward, which forced the cock in his mouth to enter deeper.

“Then…… I’m going to do a good job of grinding my ‘iron bar’ today,” he started to ferociously fuck through the tight and smooth hole, “using your cute ass!”

No, don’t do it like this! Too– too simulating–

Shen Shuyao cruelly punished the other man’s pitiful point again, and played with Wei Ziqian until his eyes had rolled back and his waist became limp. The sweet pleasure in his rear piled up more and more, in front, his neglected dick was so hard it continuously let out a transparent fluid, yet he couldn’t let it out.

Making a seductive moan, Wei Ziqian had never knew that a man’s nipple could be so sensitive. Although his jaw was sore by the rough movements, and his nipples were hurting and tingling, every time the man kneaded it with his fingers, a current would flow to the deepest parts of his body, making him feel so weak he wanted to just collapse onto the bed. He wanted to reach out and stop the man who was wrecking havoc on his chest, but only managed to exchange a sharp pinch.

“Your nipples are quite sensitive too.” Shen Shuyao gave a ruthless push inside his twitching mouth, and coldly ordered, “……now, play with your own dick and don’t stop.”

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Wei Ziqian reached out and started to play with his own cock. His position had changed, and now, he was using his shoulders to support his body. With his face buried in the other man’s crotch, he felt the rough hairs rubbing against his face. His waist was bent in a sexy arc, and his legs were spread apart, revealing the rigid cock between them.

Now, his mind was buzzing. While greedily devouring Shen Shuyao’s huge cock, he couldn’t help but play with his own. His left nipple was played within until it became swollen, and was greedily calling out hungrily. His lonely right nipple had also perked up, and an indescribable desire made him want to grind his chest on the sheets.

Don’t do it like that…… I’m, going–

Noticing the movement on Wei Ziqian’s side, Shen Shuyao placed both hands on his head, and somewhat uncontrollably thrusted into his mouth. The last thrust pushed in hard, and the head of his cock went into his throat, and a stream of hot cum felt like it was scorching Wei Ziqian’s throat. Wei Ziqian, who was forced to receive this cum, had tears instinctively following out. His throat was forced to swallow the other man’s salty cum. Yet, those that he didn’t manage to swallow flowed out of his red lips, that were rubbed raw, onto the bed sheet.

Unable to even imagine his own shameful appearance, the cock in Wei Ziqian’s hand came the moment he was forced to swallow the other party’s cum.

“Ha…… ha.”

Finally managing to escape from the man’s confinement, Wei Ziqian collapsed onto the bedsheet, coughing and panting. Who the fuck was this scoundrel who had the aura of a villain! Wei Ziqian wanted to cry, but didn’t have the tears to do so. Whether it was on his face, chest, or lower half, his entire body was covered with his and Shen Shuyao’s cum, and his whole person looked pitiful, and in a mess.

Shen Shuyao let out an extraordinarily evil yet charming laugh, and it scared Wei Ziqian so much he started to shiver as he widened his teary eyes and didn’t dare to move. His lower half also meekly squeezed the other man’s dick, which seemed to have swelled up again, in an attempt to curry favour.

Shen Shuyao, who had climaxed, was gradually calming down. After releasing his desires, Beauty Shen was even more beautiful, and even the viciousness in his eyes had lessened, which made Wei Ziqian, who hadn’t learnt his lesson, confused and disorientated. Shen Shuyao pulled Wei Ziqian, who was still laying on the sheets, up, and let him lay naked on top of his body, bare flesh pressing against each other. He started to gently kiss and nibble Wei Ziqian’s honey-coloured neck, trying to dye it with his own mark.

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Wei Ziqian was anxious, where was the promised refractionary period! In order to avoid the next round of passionate exchanged, he hurriedly said, “wait…… wait for a bit, don’t, yet! Yaoyao!”

The moment it was inserted in, Wei Ziqian’s mind turned blank, and all his senses were concentrated on his hole that was gradually being filled and rubbed.

The other man’s actions had really paused, and before Wei Ziqian could even use his still somewhat muddled brain to find some suitable words, he felt a hot, rod-like object pressing against his ass, erotically rubbing against it. As a man, of course, he immediately understood what it was, and looked at Shen Shuyao with an ‘you’re ridiculous, you scoundrel, you beast’ expression, as if he was going to cry.

Out of breath, he cried and struggled forward, wanting to escape that burning heat that made his bones feel as if they were going to melt. Yet, his waist was easily grabbed by Shen Shuyao and was pulled back, the thick rod pushing directly to his deepest parts.

“Ha…… I like you calling me that. You’ll call me that in the future.”

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