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Chapter 3 – The deflowered Scum Gong isn’t that good.

“Yaoyao……” Quickly stop, if you keep going on like this, we’re not going to have a Happy End. If you put on your pants, we’re still good boyfriend. Thousands of words gathered in Wei Ziqian’s heart, but they were all blocked by Shen Shuyao’s fierce kiss.

It was an extremely violent kiss, and rather than a kiss, it would be more appropriate to call it a bite. It was as if Shen Shuyao was about to avenge all the hurt he had suffered in his past life through this kiss.

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On the day he had realised he was reborn, he had sworn that he would never get involved with the man in his arms anymore. He thought that he could do it, could hardened his heart, because he truly hated this unrestrained and romantic, yet inconsistent and fickle man.

But when he met the current Wei Ziqian in this life, who didn’t know anything, and was still mixing around with various men and women, in addition to the deep resentment, his eyes were full of yearning and longing for the person in front of him. Driven by jealousy, he couldn’t help but move step by step and slowly erode away everything that Wei Ziqian had. Until this moment when he could finally hold this man in his arms again. His nose was filled with the other party’s scent, and it was so beautiful that he couldn’t let go. Since in his past life, his pathetic and pitiful self could only get Wei Ziqian’s disdain back in return, then in this life, let him use despicable means to take everything from Wei Ziqian, and not let him see anything other than himself!

Now, he wanted to taste this body, and see how Wei Ziqian would be like if he couldn’t say anymore heartless words, and could only cry out in pleasure after being fucked by him. Watch how from inside and out, Wei Ziqian would be covered in his traces, and had no choice but to fall because of Shen Shuyao!

Pressing Wei Ziqian, who was flushed and panting onto the bed, Shen Shuyao let his eyes wander over every inch of Wei Ziqian’s naked skin. In his last life, he already knew that this heartless man had an expectionally beautiful body. His wheat-colour skin seemed to be covered with a layer of honey when he sweated, like a sweet milk coffee candy that made him want to taste him all over with his lips, tongue, and teeth. The lines of his muscles were smooth and distinct, his limbs were long and his shoulders were wide, yet his waist was so thin it made him go crazy, and when he twisted about, it showed a flexible strength.

Just simply made him go insane!!

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In this life, Shen Shuyao never intended to treat himself badly, so he forced his body in between Wei Ziqian’s legs and worshipped every inch of Wei Ziqian’s body with his lips and tongue. Then, he brought into his mouth the nipple that had swelled up due to him playing with it. Shen Shuyao sucked it like he was extremely hungry, and due the sharp pleasure coming from his nipple, Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but curl up his legs to wrap around Shen Shuyao’s slender yet powerful waist.

With little whimpers escape from his mouth, Wei Ziqian twisted his hips in an attempt to get away from this demon-like lips and tongue, but all he recieved was a slap on the ass. A strong sense of shame struck him, abd he froze, not daring to move again.

My right nipple really itches…… Wei Ziqian thought in a daze, and decided to follow his body’s instinct. He reached out and tried to move Shen Shuyao’s head to the right side of his chest, “Yaoyao…… the right side too……”

“Heh, your nipples have also turned into a place that can make you feel good.” Shen Shuyao used his hand to play with Wei Ziqian’s hardening member, and cooperatively used his teeth to carefully grind against the hungry little stiffened nipple, “what do you want? Say it out, Ziqian.”

Next, he started a business and called it Wei’s Corporation.

Wei Ziqian’s handsome and determined face flushed red, “……lick, lick it.”

But when did his Cheap Shou have such amazing abs? Wrong, he seemed to have become taller too, especially at the bottom, the area exposed to the outside was thick! Long! Hard! This size didn’t seem to be right!?

“Just licking?”

What a beautiful face it was — slight freshness in his charm, some coldness in his cuteness, which could fascinated him so much he became confused. Wrong! Wasn’t this his Cheap Shou?

“……and suck!” Stop speaking so much nonsense and get it done–” Damnit, the great me’s going to wilt! ”

As soon as his eyes opened, Wei Ziqian did not, like most protagonists in transmigration novels, see a white ceiling at first glance.

Before he could even finish complaining, Shen Shuyao had already sucked, licked, and bit the little red nub that had been seducing him for a long time. At the same time, his hand didn’t forget to play with the other side, and Wei Ziqian couldn’t even cry out.

It would have been fine even if he got involved in both legitimate and illegitimate businesses, but he also got involved with the entertainment industry. Now, Wei Ziqian had a new title — President Wei.

While playing with Wei Ziqian’s red and swollen nipples, Shen Shuyao couldn’t resist as he reached to grab Wei Ziqian’s round butt, and lasciviously followed the curve down, before rubbing against that hidden little hole.


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Wei Ziqian wasn’t calm anymore, and status as a pure top had been strongly attacked by reality. For the first time, he wondered if he had communication difficulties, because he never heard a word of rejection popping out from his mouth, other than the sound of a few resisting whimpers.

“Here, it’s never been used before, has it? Unlike the one in front, I’m the first one to enter here.” Shen Shuyao said, and suggestively used his fingertip to suddenly enter, before quickly pulling out when he felt the dryness and tightness.

“If you’re awake, then don’t pretend to be dead. I said it just now, if you don’t want to continue and try my methods, you should be a good boy.” Shen Shuyao squinted and looked impatiently at the man underneath him who widened his eyes and was staring at him in a daze.

Wei Ziqian widened his eyes pitifully, and didn’t have to strength to resist. He felt the teasing fingers in his extremely secret place, before he stuttered as he pleaded, “no, don’t……”

There was no way he couldn’t bend! If he didn’t bend, how could he follow along with the development of the plot and meet the Cheap Shou that belong to him?

Please let off my pure and untouched chrysanthemum!!

At this time, Wei Ziqian, who was only 26, was handsome and rich. Both of his parents were dead, he had a car and a house, and he was also a President! And so he naturally bent — the reason was unclear.

“Be good, I’ll expand it well. Such a small and tight place, I’m really afraid of tearing it……” Shen Shuyao’s pale skin was flushed with excitement, and held a tube of lube and  waved it in front of Wei Ziqian. The colour of the other man’s hole was quite pale, and even came with the scent of virginity, which made him feel even more passionate.

“…Ah?” For a moment, Wei Ziqian didn’t respond. What was going on? Why was he like an untouched unmarried young lady about to be taken, lying naked under his little white rabbit?

“I said–” A dangerous storm was brewing in Shen Shuyao’s dark eyes, “lick!”

No! It’ll definitely break! Wei Ziqian stared bitterly at the other man’s large cock which really didn’t fit with his appearance, and thought, I haven’t seen much of the world, don’t make fun of me, this must be the Golden Finger only seen in legends, right!

He thought in his heart that if this man dared to go back on his word after coming to this point, then he would give him a good lesson today.

Shen Shuyao no longer slowed his actions down, and he lifted the other’s slender legs with one hand, staring unblinkingly as he appreciated Wei Ziqian’s panicked expression. Squeezing the tube of lubrication into his hand, he thrust his middle finger into Wei Ziqian’s unresisting hole, and after spreading his walls apart, started to massage and thurst his fingers in and out, carefully applying the thick liquid all over.

“Ng, hn–” Wei Ziqian couldn’t bear it and started to let out some whimpers. The most secret and shameful part of himself was being played with by a restless finger, and unexpectedly, he didn’t feel any pain, and he even felt his own dick getting stiffer. As long as he remembered that the one playing with his body was Shen Shuyao, the person he loved the most in his past life, then even such a shameful and humbling thing had some beauty.

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Probably because he felt the other party’s damp and warm walls gradually changed from the resistance in the beginning to the gradual accommodation, Shen Shuyao excitedly inserted the second finger into him. Twisting both of his fingers around in the vulnerable passage, he finally kissed Wei Ziqian again.

“Um… En… En–” With seductive moans, Wei Ziqian used the tip of his tongue to push against the other man’s tongue as he tried to bully his way in, but it seemed as if he was trying to actively engage with him. At this moment, both his upper and lower mouths were being played with either fingers or a tongue, and his tall body was twisting all over the bed.

His hole had been opened up until it was incomparably soft, and when the two fingers left, it even involuntarily tightened to try and retain them, despite Wei Ziqian’s own wishes. Shen Shuyao’s long fingers accidentally rubbed against an unmentionable place, and even though it was just a little touch, it made Wei Ziqian’s already pilant body spring up. Wei Ziqian reached out with a trembling hand to grab Shen Shuyao’s arm, trying to prevent him from continuing on.

“Don’t… there… Don’t…” That sensual feeling was too strong, until the point where he could no longer care about his own small self-esteem as he started to ask for mercy. It was a strange pleasure; so delicate yet intense, until it couldn’t be ignored at all, and had spread out from the area where it had been touched, causing him to almost cry out.

Shen Shuyao’s eyes darkened, and he ignored Wei Ziqian’s pleas for mercy as he used a strong finger to press against the gland behind the thin and tender flesh–

“Nn, Ah–! No……” His most sensitive spot was punished in such a manner, and this time, Wei Ziqian could only whimper and silently clench his behind. His eyes reddened due to the waves and waves of shameful feelings, and the large room was echoing with the sound of liquid coming from his lower body.

“Does it feel good, Ziqian?” Shen Shuyao panted out, voice as low and hoarse, clearly showing that he was unable to bear it too. His fingers were still constantly rubbing and torturing Wei Ziqian’s prostate, and wasn’t hindered at all by the man holding onto his arm. “……Having your butt played with by the person you hate, until the point you feel so good you’re crying, if I had known–”

The feeling of being violated to the deepest parts of his body was too sweet, and except for helplessly whimpering and sobbing to vent his emotions, there was nothing else he could do.

If I had known that your body was so beautiful, I should have just taken you first in my past life!

He felt as if his organs were about to get squeezed because of this oversized cock, and even breathing became difficult for him. The terrible fear of being split into half because from his back entrance caused him to arch his neck, and because of the pain, large instinctive tears dropped from the corner of his eyes.

The other man’s cruel and straightforward words were like a cruel whip that slashed against his mind. Wei Ziqian’s head was shaking slightly due to the embarrassment, and his ass that was being played by the other man tightened even more due to the increase in sensitivity. Shen Shuyao was also almost overwhelmed by the other man’s tiny groans, and pulled his fingers out of the already slippery hole, without regards of the passage’s wish for his fingers to stay, and instead replaced it with his own hot and thick cock.

“Really, this ass is naturally born to be fucked. Clearly it’s your first time, yet you’re twisting in such a lewd manner.” Shen Shuyao’s breathless voice seemed to be coming from a distance, like it was unreal, and Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but tighten up in shame, which caused his hole to be cruelly opened up again.

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“Ziqian, look at me.” Shen Shuyao panted, adjusted Wei Ziqian’s head, and let his watery eyes reflect his own appearance, “remember, today, nobody forced you to lie here. Everything here was done on your own initiative. We’re both men, and if you really don’t want it, there’s no way I could force you. If you want to escape, you can do so now.”

Scared of being simply pierced through like this, Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but lift his hips and twist his waist as he was being fiercely fucked, yet such behaviour was a powerful stimulus to the man behind him.

You come and say this after you made me burn with desire and left my lust unfulfilled!? Wei Ziqian would really like to give him a punch, and why would he want to escape? Although he didn’t know why the person in front of him had awakened this sinister, animalistic, part of him, he was still the little white rabbit he was in love with until the end of his last life!

“Is it here? Every time I grind across here, your ass would twitch like this, taking the initiative to swallow my cock.”

Times had changed, and this was the retribution he had to face in his current life!

So Wei Ziqian simply sat up and hugged Shen Shuyao’s neck, and trembled as he blocked the other’s mouth.

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