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Chapter 4 – A blackened Gong: It’s my fault if I fuck you to death.


Hit…… hit the teeth QAQ


Shen Shuyao looked at the other man’s pitiful look and grinned. He was obviously a tall and handsome man, but sometimes acted like a cute and fluffy puppy, that made a person couldn’t help but wish to hold him in their arms and ruffle him all over.

Because of his previous climax, Wei Ziqian’s eyes were still slightly redden, and his injured front teeth were still slightly stinging. But when he saw Shen Shuyao mouth move into a gentle smile with a touch of pampering, his lower half, which had been wilted a bit because of the pain, raised its head straight up in a salute, and his eyes became bright and energetic.

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Seeing the other’s adorkable face and his short-term memory, Shen Shuyao found it both annoying and funny as he went up to cover the other’s lips in slightly sympathy. Shen Shuyao carefully licked it with the tip of his tongue, and Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but reach out with his tongue and entangle it with his passionately. The gentle kiss quickly changed in nature again, and the surrounding temperature which had finally lowered rose once more, and the slick sound of water caused by the entangling mouths and tongues added to the fire.

He would be a fool to forgive him for being unrestrained and wanton in his past life! Finally, they had a happy atmosphere and he could see the Happy Ending finale in front of him. The two of them were pressed up against each other with their mouths attached, how could he leave without firing his gun? The man was simply in a hurry to be eaten!


Vaguely, Wei Ziqian seemed to have heard Shen Shuyao calling his name gently. Shen Shuyao took advantage of the other man’s tight hole relaxing, used both hands to hold Wei Ziqian’s waist to let him sit in his arms. Then, he gently and forcefully pushed the hard object that had been pressed against the other’s entrance, and slowly inserted it.

The moment it was inserted in, Wei Ziqian’s mind turned blank, and all his senses were concentrated on his hole that was gradually being filled and rubbed. He felt as if his organs were about to get squeezed because of this oversized cock, and even breathing became difficult for him. The terrible fear of being split into half because from his back entrance caused him to arch his neck, and because of the pain, large instinctive tears dropped from the corner of his eyes.

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No- No more-!

Whenever he thought that Shen Shuyao had inserted it to the bottom, it continued to open up his back channel and further bullied it’s way in, straight into the depths of the untouched walls that couldn’t help but tighten in response.

So deep– Can’t enter anymore! Wei Ziqian voice was muffled as he whimpered and sobbed.

He was frightened by the feeling of fullness coming from inside his body, and this unavoidable embarrassment made him want to cry and scream, but he only placed his arms tightly around the one who caused it with red eyes, and didn’t say a word as his lower lip trembled. He had never thought that one day, he would be forced his open up his body in such an obscene way to another man.

“Ah….. Ziqian, can you feel it? I’ve filled you up until here.” After stuffing his whole cock into that tight and attractive hole, Shen Shuyao let out an extremely pleasurable sound of admiration. No matter physically or psychologically, he had received a great pleasure.

So inevitably, the development of the plot embarked on a reign of terror with brothers killing each other, a fight over the residence and darkened retaliations, and all sorts of messy paths.

Wei Ziqian gasped pitifully. Currently, his butt was pressed against the other’s hot body, and his hole and swallowed the thick shaft to the root. The coarse pubic hairs were rubbing against the entrance which had been stretched to its extreme, and his hole twitched and contracted in ecstasy. He felt as if a fiery rod had been inserted inside him, hard and hot, and every protruding vein was tormenting his sensitive inner walls. In the midst of the pain, there was a sweet pleasure that could not be extinguished.

Therefore, Wei Ziqian naturally kept Shen Shuyao who was as naive as a little white rabbit.

“Nn… en, uh… don’t move……”

Then, he angered his irresponsible father to death and stood atop a pile of cannon fodders to become the final winner.

Unable to stand the involuntary squeezing, Shen Shuyao started to take advantage of Wei Ziqian sitting in his arms and started to make little thrusts. Although the movement was small, each thrust was like a pile-driver, inserting deep into Wei Ziqian’s depths. Wei Ziqian was somewhat in a trance as he held the man in front of him, and his wheat-coloured body was covered in beads of sweat. The Shen Shuyao’s long and strong arm was clasped around his sensitive waist, and his other hand forced his butt apart, exposing the wet hole to the air.

Therefore, Wei Ziqian took a group of younger brothers that would die for him, spread his overflowing charm everywhere, and righteously got rid of all of his brothers who were evil-er than the one before them.

Shen Shuyao tried to push more of his cock into Wei Ziqian’s body, and his movements became larger and larger. Wei Ziqian only felt that there was a hard to ignore slick, wet and lewd sound coming from inside him. The feeling of being violated to the deepest parts of his body was too sweet, and except for helplessly whimpering and sobbing to vent his emotions, there was nothing else he could do.

As a protagonist, Wei Ziqian still had some Protagonist Halo, such as the inherent overbearing aura and the handsome, sexual, yet evil smile.

“Is it here? Every time I grind across here, your ass would twitch like this, taking the initiative to swallow my cock.”

Shen Shuyao’s white cheekbones were also flushed, and couldn’t resist turning Wei Ziqian over to let him kneel on the bed, and clench his waist from behind, and directly thrusting towards the lewdest part of the other man’s walls.

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“I don’t……en, ah, don’t–”

Wei Ziqian was strongly panting, and his slender and flexible waist twisted helplessly in the man’s arms. His rim had been fucked red, and his drool had flowed down his chin, wetting a large patch on the sheets. It was as if that large penis was insane, with its thick head accurately rubbing against his prostate along his inner walls each time. Whenever it pulled out, it would viciously rub across the sides, making him feel as if his inner walls were about to get melted.

“Ha……” Shen Shuyao made a low chuckle that would cause people to feel weak and numb, “Ziqian, you’re excited too.”

Noticing the movement on Wei Ziqian’s side, Shen Shuyao placed both hands on his head, and somewhat uncontrollably thrusted into his mouth. The last thrust pushed in hard, and the head of his cock went into his throat, and a stream of hot cum felt like it was scorching Wei Ziqian’s throat. Wei Ziqian, who was forced to receive this cum, had tears instinctively following out. His throat was forced to swallow the other man’s salty cum. Yet, those that he didn’t manage to swallow flowed out of his red lips, that were rubbed raw, onto the bed sheet.


Now, his mind was buzzing. While greedily devouring Shen Shuyao’s huge cock, he couldn’t help but play with his own. His left nipple was played within until it became swollen, and was greedily calling out hungrily. His lonely right nipple had also perked up, and an indescribable desire made him want to grind his chest on the sheets.

Wei Ziqian groaned mournfully.

Unable to even imagine his own shameful appearance, the cock in Wei Ziqian’s hand came the moment he was forced to swallow the other party’s cum.

No, don’t hit it anymore! How deep… too fast–

Finally managing to escape from the man’s confinement, Wei Ziqian collapsed onto the bedsheet, coughing and panting.

Scared of being simply pierced through like this, Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but lift his hips and twist his waist as he was being fiercely fucked, yet such behaviour was a powerful stimulus to the man behind him.

Who the fuck was this scoundrel who had the aura of a villain! Wei Ziqian wanted to cry, but didn’t have the tears to do so. Whether it was on his face, chest, or lower half, his entire body was covered with his and Shen Shuyao’s cum, and his whole person looked pitiful, and in a mess.

“Really, this ass is naturally born to be fucked. Clearly it’s your first time, yet you’re twisting in such a lewd manner.” Shen Shuyao’s breathless voice seemed to be coming from a distance, like it was unreal, and Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but tighten up in shame, which caused his hole to be cruelly opened up again.

“Nng…… Ah, Nh, don’t — come in.”

Wei Ziqian couldn’t bear it and begged more mercy in-between pants, but only received the other man plunging his huge cock directly to the root, leaving only two balls outside. The scalding shaft began to circle and grind around Wei Ziqian’s deepest parts, and the burning head scraped across his extremely sensitive inner walls with a force that could break him. The overstimulating feeling made him struggle and cry, and once again, his swollen nipple which had been played with fell into the other man’s hand again.

“Nng…… Yaoyao, Yaoyao, forgive me, Nng ah. Inside…… too hot, going to break.”

“No, I won’t ever let you go in this life…… your sluttish little hole is constantly sucking me in, can you feel it?”

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Shen Shuyao cruelly punished the other man’s pitiful point again, and played with Wei Ziqian until his eyes had rolled back and his waist became limp. The sweet pleasure in his rear piled up more and more, in front, his neglected dick was so hard it continuously let out a transparent fluid, yet he couldn’t let it out.

Out of breath, he cried and struggled forward, wanting to escape that burning heat that made his bones feel as if they were going to melt. Yet, his waist was easily grabbed by Shen Shuyao and was pulled back, the thick rod pushing directly to his deepest parts.

“Want to run, hm?”

Shen Shuyao held Wei Ziqian’s dick and rubbed it carefully. His powerful waist moved at a punishing speed, and kept turning Wei Ziqian’s tender walls around. The melted lubricant mixed with other fluids as it flowed down Wei Ziqian’s honey-coloured thighs, leaving behind a sensual trace of liquid.

Being played in such a way, Wei Ziqian shook his head in a frenzy, as if trying to escape from the pleasure that could drown him. Finally, after Shen Shuyao took a powerful thrust towards his prostate, he whimpered as he tightened his hole around the other man’s cock, wildly twisted his butt in a frantic manner, then shot a stream of semen onto the bed sheet.

Not caring whether the other man had pulled that object out, Wei Ziqian fell limply onto the bed and was speechless for a while. His mind was completely confused, and for a moment, he didn’t know if he should mourn his chrysanthemum that was about to be thrusted into a sunflower, or the long-gone total top career.

Even if the great me is taken by someone, I’m still a 0.99! Wei Ziqian thought so, brightly and mournfully.

“Ziqian, shall we change our position and continue?”

Although he had asked a question, his actions showed that it was actually a statement — and one with an exclamation mark! Then Wei Ziqian was easily flipped over like a fried egg in a pan, and the person that flipped him smacked his lips like there was a lingering aftertaste!

At this time, he found that his ravaged back hole was still stuffed with a big cock with a high sense of existence, and it turned out that after fucking him close to death, that man still hadn’t shot even once! The large and burning cock scraped across the sensitive nerves on his inner walls, and before he even had the time to be angry, his waist went limp again.

It’s said that staying hard too long was a type of sickness, and his little white rabbit was really damn sick!

“…… Yaoyao, rest a little. This…… uh, you know they say an iron bar would be ground into a needle–” 1铁杵磨成针 – part of a phrase that means if you work hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle.

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What the hell am I saying, idiot! Wei Ziqian wanted to stab himself.

Using a flexible tongue to lick the large head in his mouth, a salty taste had spread out, which made him feel a little uncomfortable, and try to spit out the foreign object in his mouth. Just as he moved his head a little backwards, Shen Shuyao discovered his intentions and reached out to press the back of Wei Ziqian’s head again, pressing the hot sex object deeper into the other man’s mouth.

Sure enough, Shen Shuyao’s handsome face which had a trace of a gentle smile instantly darkened by half, and the originally creepy and scary atmosphere which had been retracted suddenly launched a massacre. Shen Shuyao let out an extraordinarily evil yet charming laugh, and it scared Wei Ziqian so much he started to shiver as he widened his teary eyes and didn’t dare to move. His lower half also meekly squeezed the other man’s dick, which seemed to have swelled up again, in an attempt to curry favour.

Save me! Wei Ziqian was afraid that his throat would be pierced through by this terrible organ, and some tears beaded up at the corner of his eyes. However, he still tried his best to move his tongue, and tried to make Shen Shuyao, who was currently enjoying his mouth, feel better.

“Then…… I’m going to do a good job of grinding my ‘iron bar’ today,” he started to ferociously fuck through the tight and smooth hole, “using your cute ass!”

“Yes, you’re doing well…… lick harder with your tongue, open your mouth wider, ah- feels good.”

If the mouth on top wanted to scold, then the mouth below would have to bear the consequences.

Shen Shuyao used the head of his dick to press against Wei Ziqian’s thorat, which was forced to contract, and the rest cruelly rubbed against the other’s sensitive mouth. Although he would occasionally rub against Wei Ziqian’s teeth, it didn’t reduce the great pleasure that he got from it.

Wei Ziqian cried and twisted his waist in an attempt to avoid the fierce weapon grinding against his most sensitive points, but his waist was mercilessly grabbed and he was entered even rougher.

He didn’t know how long it had been, and perhaps it was the entire night. Finally, after his prostate had been rubbed over again and again by Shen Shuyao, Wei Ziqian didn’t know which climax it was as he came, and some sparse cum dripped down from the tip of his cock. His mind couldn’t bear the overwhelmingly wonderful feeling and the overstimulating sensation, and finally Wei Ziqian successfully fainted. His last memory was of a steady stream of hot liquid pouring over his sensitive inner walls, a never-ending ejaculation.

Next,time, he must definitely remind him to bring a condom, Wei Ziqian thought in a daze. As the saying went, prevention was better than a cure, a harmonious sex life, a healthy you and me, and everyone’s a happy family!

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