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Chapter 8 – A Wife Gong, no matter how wife-like he was, he was still a Gong.

Shen Shuyao calmly packed up the documents on his desk, and pulled Wei Ziqian who had a silly look on his face into the elevator and went down to the garage. After coldly rejecting the bodyguards and driver who wanted to follow, he tucked the man into the front seat, and even helped him buckled up because of his happy mood.

Looking at Shen Shuyao’s thoughtful and gentle moves, Wei Ziqian’s heart couldn’t help but soften, as if the dawn of a Happy End was right in front of his eyes.

On the way, Shen Shuyao turned the music on, and let the gentle and slow melody flow in the car, and for a moment, the atmosphere between the two of them became peaceful and calm.

But Wei Ziqian was as excited as a dog that licked a lemon or a pig that ate a truffle! A super functioning kidney, with an adrenaline rush, plus an idiot. Thus, a great weapon to destroy the atmosphere was created.

“Hehehehehe it’s a nice day today!”

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“En.” Shen Shuyao’s expression was unchanged and wasn’t distracted at all.

“The city’s greenification is getting better and better!”

“……En.” So?

“Beauty, come give me a smile~!”

“……” Shen Shuyao grip on the steering wheel tightened.

Wei Ziqian continued to challenge the limits of Shen Shuyao’s patience with unconnected topic. However, Shen Shuyao’s ability to control himself was high enough, and he simply ignored the Wei Ziqian next to him, whose brain circuit wasn’t that right. Wei Ziqian, having noticed that Shen Shuyao was treating him like air, finally obediently shut his mouth for a while.

After a moment, he seemed to have remembered something bad, Wei Ziqian’s mouth twitched, and he let out a profound laugh filled with underlying lecherous meanings.

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The nerve on Shen Shuyao’s white forehead twitched slightly, and he wished he could just strangle the idiot beside him who really needed something done to him. Thus, he took advantage of the red light, and imbued with an overbearing aura that conquered mountains and lakes and destroyed rivers and boats, worthy of being an overlord, he leaned over in an imposing manner, gripped Wei Ziqian’s nape, and blocked that mouth of his. He bit down on that soft lower lip, leaving behind a neat row of teeth marks.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll get someone to buy it.”

“Shut up.” Shen Shuyao’s face darkened as he threatened, “if not, I won’t mind doing you here right now.”

Wei Ziqian, who was caught in the act of peeking felt a little awkward, but immediately came back to his senses. Internally, he thought that it would be waste not to look, anyways, in reality, he couldn’t do anything, so he couldn’t be forbidden to fantasise about it!

Please… Please don’t cause a traffic jam!

He wanted to eat everything! Like braised pork knuckle, steamed carp, sweet and sour pork ribs, stir-fried eggplants, Kung Pao chicken, but of course, what he wanted to eat the most was the beautiful you! Wei Ziqian became excited, then he became perverted, so his IQ went offline again.

Wei Ziqian withered.

So, he turned around without hesitation, and with his eyes bright, studied Shen Shuyao’s face. He looked like he was almost rushing up to take a bite.

Wei Ziqian, who was scared that his chrysanthemum would be ravaged by someone via car sex kept himself in a quiet, reserved, nervous and jittery state, and watched as Shen Shuyao followed a familiar route to a familiar neighbourhood, and park his car into a house so familiar that it might just be his own! — Wasn’t this the villa that had been taken away from him!

In a trance, he followed Shen Shuyao into the familiar house, and Wei Ziqian was somewhat surprised to find that the furniture and layout of the house hadn’t changed at all, and only a few small items and furniture’s that was Shen Shuyao’s style had been added. Having returned to a familiar environment, Wei Ziqian couldn’t help but relax a little, and simply took off his socks and shoes, didn’t bother to get the slippers, and walked barefooted on the cold wooden floor, sighing comfortably.

Behind him, Shen Shuyao, who saw his behaviour, also showed some traces gentleness. He knew that this was Wei Ziqian’s habit, and no matter what season it was, he didn’t like to wear socks or shoes at home. During winter, he would put a thick layer of carpet on the floor, then turned the floor heating on. Just like this, this heartless and fickle man would be as warm as spring while locked up in this house.

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Putting on his indoor slippers, Shen Shuyao ordered Wei Ziqian, “since this used to be your place, I won’t show you around. Go up and take a bath first, there’s pyjamas in the closet. Remember to blow your hair dry before coming down, and just throw your dirty clothes into the laundry basket. I’m going to cook.”

Wei Ziqian, who was so touched by his family’s little white rabbit’s pure heart that he became an absolute mess was extremely happy as he bounced up to the second floor. Walking into his previous room, there was a hint of life in it, and there were still several scattered documents on the oak desk near the bed. Other than the additional scattered items, all the things in the room; the computer, furniture, and even the bedsheets were still the same! Happiness flashed across Wei Ziqian’s eyes.

Beauty Shen, felt so attacked by the other party’s adorkable manner with a side of chunnibyo that his heart trembled, but he still kept his noble and cool look.

Walking to the closet, Wei Ziqian casually took a set of light blue home clothing, and then quickly thought of the fact that his Yaoyao might have even worn this clothing right next to his skin. Just thinking about it made Wei Ziqian feel some excitement in his heart. He opened the drawer below, and found that there were neatly lined rows of T! H! O! N! G! S! — A variety of styles, materials, and colours, feel free to pick and choose. The only thing they had in common was that the part that was supposed to hold the buttocks only had a pitiable thin rope that was swaying in the wind.

Since he was able to get his Yaoyao in his previous life, then he will definitely be able to woo him in this one! Fight until he got the beauty back.

Forgive him, for until now, he didn’t know that his family’s Yaoyao had such a fiery inside heart. But, he couldn’t find any other underwear after looking through the entire wardrobe, so he could only pick a small thong that had a pitiable amount of fabric and walk into the bathroom.

Probably because the environment was too comfortable, and his body was too tired, Wei Ziqian started to feel sleepy just as he was thinking. As he curled up and laid on the soft sofa while his consciousness gradually became hazy, he decided.

After rinsing off in the shower and rolling into the large bathtub to soak until his skin turned red, Wei Ziqian already felt that the fatigue on his body and faded a lot, so he got up and wiped himself clean, very uncomfortably put on the underwear that could be considered an adult product, then wore the clothes. He only felt as if his lower half was so empty, it felt like a vacuum.

According to this setting, if he ran up to his family’s Yaoyao to give a kiss and confess, he would probably be regarded as a shaking M and despised, and wouldn’t the next script be another Scum Gong and a Cheap Shou story! — If you kiss, you missed a chance for a Happy End!

Of course, the quality of the underwear that Shen Shuyao bought was the best, and he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it, only…… from time to time, that string would rub against his swollen chrysanthemum when he walked, and this strange feeling made him feel as if somebody’s finger was rubbing against it. Wei Ziqian’s whole body felt stiff, his family’s Yaoyao could really wear this all day long? Wei Ziqian respected him.

Then, he stretched out with his long arm and pulled the shameless and happy Wei Ziqian into his arms, and blocked his mouth.

Downstairs, the kitchen was next to the living room, and the only thing that separated them was the transparent door in the middle. Shen Shuyao had already started to place a variety of attractive dishes on the table, and he was even wearing an adorable pale yellow apron with flowers adorning the top. Wei Ziqian looked at it with great pleasure, and almost gave a whistle like some sort of pervert.

The first thing Shen Shuyao did when he saw Wei Ziqian was frown, “why didn’t you dry your hair?”

It was then that Wei Ziqian realised his short black hair was still pressing damply against his ears, so he scratched his face somewhat embarrassedly, and gave a couple of dry laughs, “I was hungry, so I forgot. Why not, I’ll blow dry it after we eat?”

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“No.” Shen Shuyao gave a strong refusal, and made Wei Ziqian sit on the sofa while he went to take an electric hair dryer. He intertwined his fingers into the other man’s damp black hair, and skilfully helped Wei Ziqian manage his hair.

Wei Ziqian stared at the meal that was served on the dining table not too far away, which was excluding a seductive scent. His eyes were green, and he impatiently twisted his butt on the sofa, until Shen Shuyao became impatient and gave a slap down on it, and he immediately became obedient.

Wei Ziqian’s hair was quite short, and it only took a short time for it to become dry. His handsome face showed a puppy-like expression as he tried to give a pleasing look towards Shen Shuyao, who was keeping the hair-dryer after combing his hair, until Shen Shuyao felt helpless and signalled that he could eat. Then, he cheered and ran to the dining table.

Holding his chin with his hand and forcing the other party to open his jaw, Shen Shuyao forcefully pushed his tongue into Wei Ziqian’s warm mouth and hooked against the tongue that tried to escape, sucking and stirring about, immersing himself in that sweet taste he couldn’t get enough of.

Shredded meat and mushroom soup, tomato and scrambled eggs, stir-fried green vegetables, green peppers and pork ribs. The dishes were simple, didn’t have a lot of oil and spices, and were all refreshing homemade dishes. Wei Ziqian’s eyes couldn’t help but become a little red. He diligently served himself and Shen Shuyao some rice, and waited until after Shen Shuyao had taken a seat, then spoke in a solemn tone, “thank you.”

When he finally released the other man’s lips that had turned a bright colour, the elevator had also stopped. Wei Ziqian panted as he leaned against Shen Shuyao like he was boneless. After all, he had always been at the top, and now, the one that would kiss someone until they were out of breath, but now, he was being treated in such a manner, he would also have some indescribable awkwardness in his heart.

Shen Shuyao froze, as if he hadn’t expected that the other man would thank him, then said, “no problem, quickly eat it.”

Shen Shuyao thought about this morning, when he had returned to the hotel with porridge and other food, and found out that the man that was supposed to be lying in bed was gone. Thinking that the other man would even want to escape while dragging a body like that, Shen Shuyao was so furious he could almost grind his teeth into dust. Afterwards, when he received a call from his subordinates saying that they found Wei Ziqian in front of the previous Wei Corporation, he hurried over to catch the him.

Without anyone talking, there wasn’t any other sound at the dining table other than the sounds of chopsticks and the slight noise made by chewing. Shen Shuyao’s way of eating was very elegant, and he chewed slowly. In comparison, the extremely hungry Wei Ziqian was different. He ate like a refugee who was thrown to a backwater country and left to go hungry for a year, with a bowl in one hand as he shovelled rice into his mouth with a pair of chopsticks. With his two bulging cheeks, he looked like a chipmunk.

Shen Shuyao couldn’t bear to look straight at him. The other man’s hungry manner caused him to feel an inexplicable guilt, so, from time to time, he helped to add some dishes into Wei Ziqian’s bowl. He fed, and fed, became a little addicted, and didn’t bother to eat, but fed Wei Ziqian first.

By the end of the meal, they could see the bottom of the dishes on the table, and Wei Ziqian recalled the pleasant taste as he patted his round belly and smacked his lips. He felt like he was a duck that had just been stuffed and was waiting to get baked.

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As he watched Shen Shuyao get up and start to clean up the dishes and utensils on the table, Wei Ziqian suddenly felt that him sitting there and waiting after eating was a little too ‘rich kid’, so he wanted to help. However, he was coldly rejected Shen Shuyao, and told to wait in the living room. Wei Ziqian, who felt like he had been given the cold shoulder could only leave the dining room and stand beside the sofa, to help with his digestion.

As if he could tell what Wei Ziqian was thinking, Shen Shuyao sneered, “did you think that you could satisfy me with a single night?”

Looking at the creamy-white wallpaper with the spots of afternoon light left on it, Wei Ziqian, who had eaten his fill, suddenly became all literary. He thought that although his family’s Yaoyao was so cruel and bought over his company, took his house, and burst his chrysanthemum, but right now, he was making food, washing the dishes, and pampering (?) him. The distance between them was so close yet so far, how would their future be, plague with such disasters and until the end……

“Say. Why did you run.”

Until Shen Shuyao, who had finishing packing up, took off his apron and put on a cold a noble air that one couldn’t get close to, approached Wei Ziqian with a tyrant-like aura and slapped a piece of paper in front of him.

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“Now, let’s talk about the matter of me keeping you.”

Yes, I really thought so…… Wei Ziqian’s expression was bitter, generally speaking, shouldn’t he like those beautiful young ones with pale skin, a soft body, who looked easy to push down? How could a big rough man like him be that attractive? Of course, if his family’s Yaoyao really went to find a beautiful boy, he would firstly cry, secondly, throw a tantrum, thirdly, find a rope……

Wei Ziqian, who was still keeping his artistic state of mind, felt as if there was something bright red lingering around and stuck in his throat, barely holding back a mouthful of scalding blood.

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Shen Shuyao: Able to cook and clean, overbearing president.

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