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Chapter 9 – The ~won~der~ful~ life of being kept

“Keeping me!?”

“En.” Shen Shuyao dragged Wei Ziqian down to sit face to face with him, “after all, it’s better for both parties in these kind of things to be willing on both sides. Initially, I was worried that you would rather die than submit, like a widow faithful to her husband’s memory, but now, it seems like I was too worried.”

Wei Ziqian was bitter. In his past life, when he kept Shen Shuyao, he never expected that he would become reverse kept. Yaoyao, have you forgotten about our lascivious words when we helped each other, and you could actually say such heartbreaking words!

“What? Not willing?”

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Shen Shuyao noticed that Wei Ziqian’s face was filled with unwillingness (not really), and thought, this man really could act. Even he was almost deceived by this cute and slightly dumb performance. He certainly didn’t believe that a man who had placed his career first, and even left him die alone in the hospital, could so easily accept a person who had caused him to fall into such a predicament. Furthermore, the other man was someone who used to be in a high position, and was now forced to lie under another man, it probably was a matter that really hurt his self-esteem.

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Wei Ziqian acutely perceived the displeasure in Shen Shuyao’s tone, and didn’t care about anything else, nodding his head in a kiss-up manner, “willing! Of course I’m willing, sir, as long you’re happy!”

Saying that, he picked up the ‘keeping agreement’ and started to study it.

Shen Shuyao internally sneered, sure, continue to act. I guess you can’t do anything in such a state. Then, he couldn’t help but lament that the other man’s happy appearance was really too realistic, and felt that he really was such a difficult to understand and scheming man. Really, he couldn’t be looked down upon even if he had fallen into such a situation — why, how many tragedies in the world could be avoided if people could communicate normally.

Wei Ziqian looked, and looked, and wilted. Raising his shaking hand up, he looked anxiously towards Shen Shuyao, like a primary school student waiting to be named by a teacher.

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“What’s wrong?”

Wei Ziqian pointed at one of the clauses on the paper, and his voice was sincere, “I don’t know how to cook.”

Shen Shuyao fell silent for a while, took out the agreement, casually took out a pen and crossed out that line about cooking.

“Ah?” So this entire morning was him finding trouble!? But who would go and turn over a pillow? It’s over! This is against human social bottom-line!

“I’ll cook.”

Afterwards, Shen Shuyao just ignored him and sat indifferently at his desk, turning the computer on to start today’s work. Although he had succeeded in seizing Wei Ziqian’s company, he had to solve the mess that he had created before. But just thinking that he had already gotten the man, and this man was in the same office as him, breathing the same air, Shen Shuyao felt that it was a little hard to concentrate, and even his lower body started to stir.

Wei Ziqian instantly felt that his family’s Yaoyao was so sexy in an overbearing manner, that he almost wanted to knee down and call him male god.

Wei Ziqian, who didn’t know that he was almost brought into an office play, slumped into the sofa with book. The book was an adventure book about love, and perhaps because he lacked love and brains as a kid, Wei Ziqian, who looked arrogant and cool, had a special interest for these kind of children’s fantasy reading material. Because of this, in his past life, Shen Shuyao had teased him, and said that he was like a kid that hadn’t grown up.

Then, he continued reading on, and Wei Ziqian held the paper up again, “I also don’t know how to do the laun…..” Shen Shuyao’s expression turned dark, and he quickly changed his words, “…… I’ll learn!”

“This morning, you weren’t there when I returned.”

Shen Shuyao ignored that last uncertain ‘I’ll learn’, then used a pen to strike out the line about laundry again, “I’ll wash.”

“I can try massaging, rubbing shoulders……”

“No need.” Strike out.

“Although I’ve never cleaned up before, I can……”

“I’ll do it.” Strike out, and the paper almost ended up being ripped apart.

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Seeing that Shen Shuyao’s pale face had ever paler, and his long fingers were clenched around the poor pen tightly, with almost crushing force, Wei Ziqian was so scared that he swallowed back his next words and almost fell on his knees, shouting for his life.

Shen Shuyao wanted to grab the other man’s collar and ask him what exactly he knew, but after thinking about it, he sadly realized that even if the other party was a good-for-nothing that had his brain pinched by a door, he was still his family’s good for nothing, and now, when he had neither job nor house, he had no choice but to rely on him for support. So, he simply grabbed the agreement, struck out most of the terms, and left only the most basic ones behind, before he handed it over to Wei Ziqian and asked him to sign.

Wei Ziqian looked at it, and the remaining stuff were things such as he couldn’t leave the villa without the consent of his patron, abide by the three obedience and four virtues, and don’t fool around with people outside. If his patron told him to stand, he couldn’t sit, if he told him to sit, he couldn’t kneel, if he said to do it from the back he could saddle (?), Wei Ziqian didn’t have much objections, only……

“Warm the bed…… every day?”

Thinking of the other man’s body that wouldn’t allow him to carry out some punishment with an Office.avi, otherwise, how could he let this idiot wander around in front of him with clothes on? Holding back the desire in his heart, Shen Shuyao could only give a meaningful look to Wei Ziqian who was carefully selecting books in the bookcase next to him, and began to focus on work.

“Hehe.” Shen Shuyao smiled, but it was only on the surface, “you can say you can’t do it.”

Without anyone talking, there wasn’t any other sound at the dining table other than the sounds of chopsticks and the slight noise made by chewing. Shen Shuyao’s way of eating was very elegant, and he chewed slowly.

“How, how to warm?”

In comparison, the extremely hungry Wei Ziqian was different. He ate like a refugee who was thrown to a backwater country and left to go hungry for a year, with a bowl in one hand as he shovelled rice into his mouth with a pair of chopsticks. With his two bulging cheeks, he looked like a chipmunk.

“Go on, continue playing dumb.”

Shen Shuyao calmly packed up the documents on his desk, and pulled Wei Ziqian who had a silly look on his face into the elevator and went down to the garage. After coldly rejecting the bodyguards and driver who wanted to follow, he tucked the man into the front seat, and even helped him buckled up because of his happy mood.

No! Two words popped up in Wei Ziqian’s heart – counter-attack, but then, he thought about it, bah! Clearly it’s returning to the correct path.

“How can that be, I’m good at warming a bed, and will definitely warm it until you’re comfortable and satisfied!”

When Shen Shuyao heard this, he immediately became angry, and with an ominous look, slammed the table and stood up.

“What!? You’re good at warming it!?”

Wei Ziqian carefully thought over his words, and only felt as if it was snowing in June, and his whole person had a chill rising up through up.

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“I, my warming skills are terrible, and I guarantee that you won’t want a second warming after the first time!” Wei Ziqian immediately changed his words.

Shen Shuyao also felt that he had lost his temper a little, but when he thought about how many times this body had been touched by various men and women, immediately, an anger that made him not know whether to laugh or cry rose, but he simply scolded in an angry tone, “little liar.”

Looking at Shen Shuyao’s thoughtful and gentle moves, Wei Ziqian’s heart couldn’t help but soften, as if the dawn of a Happy End was right in front of his eyes.

Goosebumps appeared all over Wei Ziqian’s body, but he didn’t dare to say anything, lest he offended this great god in front of him who had unpredictable moods, so he picked up the pen, and hesitated on whether to sign his name, his black and round eyes looked over it, and his hand holding the pen stopped.

“Hehehehehe it’s a nice day today!”

“Yaoyao, since this means that you’re supporting me, then what about my compensation?”

But Wei Ziqian was as excited as a dog that licked a lemon or a pig that ate a truffle! A super functioning kidney, with an adrenaline rush, plus an idiot. Thus, a great weapon to destroy the atmosphere was created.

Shen Shuyao pointed impatiently at the agreement, “it’s written, during this period, food and accommodation would be provided, without any additional income, and after five years, half of Wei Corporation’s shares would be returned.”

On the way, Shen Shuyao turned the music on, and let the gentle and slow melody flow in the car, and for a moment, the atmosphere between the two of them became peaceful and calm.

“Then, can I propose some additional conditions?”

“Additional?” Shen Shuyao squinted, and mocked Wei Ziqian, “you haven’t even done anything, yet you want to ask for conditions? Say it, but I can’t promise that I’ll agree.”

Even Wei Ziqian who had such a thick skin couldn’t help but blush.

“Cough, you can’t have any other relationships during this period of keeping me.” Wei Ziqian thought for a bit, and wondered if it was too unsubtle, so he quickly added a sentence, “for safety reasons.”

“Okay.” Shen Shuyao resolutely agreed without even thinking about it, after he was born again, he tried finding several people to try it with, both men and women, but then he realized that if he didn’t think of the face of this idiot in front of him, he couldn’t even get hard, and he, who had some slight obsession with cleanliness, didn’t even want to touch the naked body of anybody else.

“Nothing else?” Seeing that Wei Ziqian didn’t open his mouth for a long time, Shen Shuyao, who thought that the other party would take the opportunity to request more demands, asked.

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Wei Ziqian racked his brains, and forced out a sentence, “don’t want SM. Nothing else.”

Then, Shen Shuyao’s eyes actually lit up, and had a thoughtful look on his face. Wei Ziqian got frightened, did he do something that he shouldn’t have done? The other man’s eyes! Actually! Lit! Up!

“Rejected.” Hearing that sentence, Wei Ziqian cried tears of blood in his heart, “since you’re being kept, you should have the awareness of someone being kept. Your goal is to satisfy your patron, as for playing or not – that’s my business, all you need to do is accept it.”

After checking the agreement again, and not finding any loopholes or traps, with a face of a martyr ready to go to the battle field to block bullets with his chest, Wei Ziqian officially sold himself.

Of course, the quality of the underwear that Shen Shuyao bought was the best, and he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it, only…… from time to time, that string would rub against his swollen chrysanthemum when he walked, and this strange feeling made him feel as if somebody’s finger was rubbing against it. Wei Ziqian’s whole body felt stiff, his family’s Yaoyao could really wear this all day long? Wei Ziqian respected him.

Downstairs, the kitchen was next to the living room, and the only thing that separated them was the transparent door in the middle. Shen Shuyao had already started to place a variety of attractive dishes on the table, and he was even wearing an adorable pale yellow apron with flowers adorning the top. Wei Ziqian looked at it with great pleasure, and almost gave a whistle like some sort of pervert.


The first thing Shen Shuyao did when he saw Wei Ziqian was frown, “why didn’t you dry your hair?”

It was then that Wei Ziqian realised his short black hair was still pressing damply against his ears, so he scratched his face somewhat embarrassedly, and gave a couple of dry laughs, “I was hungry, so I forgot. Why not, I’ll blow dry it after we eat?”

Shen Shuyao, the newly appointed patron, brought his idiot that finally became his up the stairs, and without another word, pulled off the other’s loose pants, and made him lie on his lap. Despite Wei Ziqian’s body lying on his own slender one, he didn’t feel that Wei Ziqian was heavy. With bright eyes, he stared at the thong that he had specifically bought for Wei Ziqian, and asked.

“Like it?”

Seeing that his chrysanthemum was about to fall into another’s hands again, Wei Ziqian wanted to struggle and get up, but then, he thought about the unequal agreement of selling himself that he had just signed, and thought that he still had to cultivate feelings with his family’s Yaoyao. He couldn’t simply ruin such a big event in his life because of a pair of underwear, so he said in a miserable tone, “like……” watching you wear it.

Shen Shuyao raised an eyebrow, and ruthlessly exposed him, “too bad, but even if you don’t like it, you still have to wear it.”

Gently, he took off the other man’s underwear, took an anti-inflammatory ointment, and opened the lid, letting out a hint of light floral scent. Placing some on his fingers, he separated the two cheeks of Wei Ziqian’s buttocks, and applied the cool ointment into his swollen behind. He applied it very seriously, and his long finger was carefully inserted into his back hole, meticulously coating his inner walls. Without a single trace of desire, he didn’t even try to deliberately tease Wei Ziqian, and helped him pull up his pants after applying.

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Wei Ziqian only felt that his back entrance was cool and slippery, and this relieved a lot of pressure, so he couldn’t help but give Shen Shuyao a grateful smile. However, he didn’t know that in the other man’s heart, he was scheming, and that there would be time in the future, so he couldn’t break him today. Good things had to be savoured, and eaten a bit at a time, and he couldn’t be greedy for just a moment’s worth, if not, in the end, the one who would feel bad was him.

After this, Shen Shuyao let Wei Ziqian move about freely in the villa, while he went into the study and start working.

At dinner time, it was still Shen Shuyao who was in charge of cooking, but this time, Wei Ziqian still took his own initiative to help wash the dishes, however, because he squeezed too much soap, he broke a rice bowl and spoon. Shen Shuyao really couldn’t bear to beat that innocent and dumb face up, so he used a deep kiss that almost cause Wei Ziqian to go into shock as punishment.

The day had passed by quickly, and about 11pm, Wei Ziqian washed up and rolled into bed without urging, and obediently slept on the left side of this two-person bed. As for why it was on the left side, it was because left was for men while right was for women! 2男左女右. Left is for men while the right is for women. Chinese tradition, e.g. when placing stone statues (like the stone guardian lions), the male will be on the left while the female one will be on the right. Also with palm reading, right palm for women, left for men. Some also do this for wedding rings. — Wei Ziqian, who had no hope of counterattacking, could only do this.

Shen Shuyao didn’t think as much, and only silently grabbed the other man, opening the blanket to lay down with Wei Ziqian after forcing a cup of hot milk on him.

Suddenly, Wei Ziqian pointed at Shen Shuyao’s underwear with a sad look, “why aren’t you wearing them!?”

Shen Shuyao couldn’t bear to look straight at him. The other man’s hungry manner caused him to feel an inexplicable guilt, so, from time to time, he helped to add some dishes into Wei Ziqian’s bowl. He fed, and fed, became a little addicted, and didn’t bother to eat, but fed Wei Ziqian first.

Firstly, Shen Shuyao was confused, then had a mocking expression, “I originally bought it for you, why should I wear it?”

As he watched Shen Shuyao get up and start to clean up the dishes and utensils on the table, Wei Ziqian suddenly felt that him sitting there and waiting after eating was a little too ‘rich kid’, so he wanted to help. However, he was coldly rejected Shen Shuyao, and told to wait in the living room. Wei Ziqian, who felt like he had been given the cold shoulder could only leave the dining room and stand beside the sofa, to help with his digestion.

“……” Wei Ziqian’s glass heart broke.

By the end of the meal, they could see the bottom of the dishes on the table, and Wei Ziqian recalled the pleasant taste as he patted his round belly and smacked his lips. He felt like he was a duck that had just been stuffed and was waiting to get baked.

“And this size is too tight for me.”

The nerve on Shen Shuyao’s white forehead twitched slightly, and he wished he could just strangle the idiot beside him who really needed something done to him. Thus, he took advantage of the red light, and imbued with an overbearing aura that conquered mountains and lakes and destroyed rivers and boats, worthy of being an overlord, he leaned over in an imposing manner, gripped Wei Ziqian’s nape, and blocked that mouth of his. He bit down on that soft lower lip, leaving behind a neat row of teeth marks.

What, what’s so good about having a big dick!

It was getting late, Shen Shuyao was too lazy to fight with the other man, and after pressing Wei Ziqian’s head back onto the bed, he also turned the lights off and covered the blanket.

Wei Ziqian didn’t like the heat, and didn’t like the cold, and only because he could tolerate and endure the hardships, so he never showed the rest of the world about it, and Shen Shuyao was the only one who knew about this man’s pampered and spoiled constitution. In his previous life, when sleeping together with Wei Ziqian on a summer night, because Wei Ziqian felt that it was too hot, he didn’t sleep near him.

However, in this life, Shen Shuyao thought about the special privilege of a patron that he had gotten today, and silently lowered the temperature of the room by several degrees, and perversely pulled over the other man’s warm and pliable body, crossing one thigh over Wei Ziqian’s legs. Using strength to stop his struggle, he held Wei Ziqian in his arms, smelt the fresh and familiar smell, and steadily sunk into dreamland. The poor Wei Ziqian could only whimper twice, and finally, reached over and hugged him back in resignation, going to sleep with a gentle smile.

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